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Abortionis not a moderninventlon.

For mlllannlawotl|a[ hava Utad a

varietyof plantsto prevontor i.rmln.ta pl.Cnancy,

Manyofthe herbs includedhrv6 mythlc r.put on... aphrodlalaca

becauseoftheir associattonswtth tr!.dom rnd ..rorllty, rt.mmlng
from their use In ancl€ntorglaa{c cultt ||a.
as technologicalculturc puts tho powarovar ou?ltvat In tha handa
of a small numberol hl-lochsxport!, $rom.n havo.toppad laalnlng
how to controlthotrown f.rttttty.
HarbatAbonion gathe6 somo of ths tong-knownknowladeaot had.l
abortionand puts it into. stratghtforu.rdand pr.c cat panphlat.

Most olthe substancosmentlonodare r.rdtly .vr[rbl., .nd rll ot

them are known to bo affacllva.

HerbelAbortioncoveB not only herb! but et.o oth.r thlneaauch aa

home pregnancytestlngktts that put Into th. h.nd. of
lhe individuaiwomrr..

HethalAbortionefipowerswomenand gtv6aihom I chrnca lo laaln

howto affectth€ir own reproducilvosyatemt.

HorbalAbodon iz not a pamphlstof n6w.nd rodtc.t td.rt, tt tr

slmply the perFtuatlon ot age-otdknowtodgothat h.. bcan
systematically3uppr€sed by those - from madi€valwltch-bumarr
.nd clergy to modernday doclors and potiticians-who would u.urD
lhe powerof a woman'scontrolovor hor own body.

Jurt becauseh€rbal.bodlon uses hsrbs dos! not mosn tt u/ be

gentleor €asy.Th6reerc certaintyrisks with any ftedlcal keltmont.
Naturaldoes not equalsafe.

Havingreadthis, a womanmay well choosenot to us6 a herbal

methodof abortton.
gul whatevorshe choGes, she $/tttbd makinga,|lore Intormed
choice from a wider rsngeof optton6,and sh6 w t b6tterunderstand
the worktng3of her own ter tity.

a woman's d.i.y. guide

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two pounds

su"ttotJh"n 6
to u," theHerbs" " 8
Howto Uselhe Herbs
WhichHerbsto Tale 11
?iTiliiilJiiiX?" Prun ,',''''''13
unialio ',''',18
PotentialRisks -" - '-' .20
'oiil, ir,'"g.rn"t c-ould-Assist 22

THEHERaALSEcrlox ... . 24
D osa g e s.. .................24
p u r ch a sing .. ......25
Howto Prepare Herus 21
VitaminU... . 30
DongOuai 32
BlueCohosh - 34
Rue.... ..35
pennyroyal. 3T
WildCarrolSeeds .. s'g
Iansy..... .40
I\'4ugwort ........ lt
Juniper'' 42
CottonRootBark .. 1:
Pa.sley..... 44
BlackCol'osh ....
GingerRoot" "

sEcllo{ 3 46
Bibliography" "" " .46
Web sites. "'"' .46
EmailSuPPortGroLrP .47

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since beibrereclded hntiny {omen halc bccnablero con{rotnr.irown tenililt trsirjgpta(c$ it
be for nrcrednrgde ch.Dccs.f.onceiving,conrEceprion, t'bonionor srafiingdeta),edpcril s,wonjen
haveknownh.{ ro lislento theif bodiesdd dilldrnem t1,sonlr iinty .ecerrtr-.
lharwe,vegivenover all
knoaledgeofour b.djes10nredic.lproti$ionals.My aim is to enrpoBe.woment.lake lle peNonat
exle.ence ofaborlionlioin th. handsofdocroB andloiiticians.

UnLilnedievaltiJnes, nidwiles serc the oneslyidrrne infornationabouiaborijveandcontr.cctti\eherbs,

Ink, 2002
Herbal Abortion publishedby Godhaven ed becars ofn rheywcreburnedas $ilchesby the ChrisLian esrabtishnenr.Tte ctera),recognised tlje
posef ot iinililt conirolandiook i( iordremselves.
l,oliricldr inhorired!!d srill wj.tdttis power

Co piledandedjledby A lwen Theresas neverany conradictiorbetwecnl[e role ofthe midwifein chitdbnrha.d herrotc in tisNnsnrg
herbsfor aboaion,it *.s seenasr$o didereniasFedsolrhe samerhinC:partof{he sanre.y.te r Lretievc alionofyor ledilitt trrusiincludebcingableto decirle*hcn to beco e ! nolhor andirhen
Secondedition.liutuLcediiionsNill incl de updatedandcxpanded
Susgeslionsand correctiorls gratefullyrcceivedl
Al1]1o0sh obviouslyan emoLionaltinie,abortloncd be aposirivcerlerience,provingr.0r t!fiitii!,
clar tingrelaLionshipsard erploringyotr.feelinesabournorhedroodlsnolnecessarit) lheomositeof
dodrernood it can be p&( of n
Widespre.dinfomaiion abouLILow to usctheseherbs!.s .ever beenpropertyrecovofed.Idecitedto nrate
jt nt nissionro di{ribure lhis idonnation ater ]'lndingnryselfFcgnanrandnor benrg
ab e to lnrd
accurare,rellableinaorniationabort herbsin timc tr'se6y lo.voidduriig
Godhaven Ink, lregnarcy, but Lhs is r lonCway fron knowinghorvmuchofltFse h.rbs ro rse ro en{trharprgnlrct.
his pan$let shouldLrererd 1,,r g,ri!ry- wlh nnenrionbeiDgpajdiori\ks ad sideeifeds theredrc
Thc CardiganCentre, risl<sinvoh,ed{it[ herbd]abotuonbut r[eserh]rs arc.o reasonnor (oattemprii provtdedyotrarc arned
145-149CardiganRoad, *irl goodnifodnliion aboutall the possibleouromesandare$ilingto rcsorttoltsilnga dootorjl!!u

LS6 1LJ,
Yo! uraydecide.fier rcadingthls p.dphl€t tlat herbalabodionis not for Fu Irs truc. ii wonl luir
trnglmd. everyoncHcfbllabonioncm.Dlt lake!t!ce in very eant pregnmcyandhasaredonabtyhigh cljdnceof
ihilur. Yotrnraynot {isl to go throughiwo weeksoftakitrg srronghetusonly ro havd(o h!!c a ctinical
rYw$.godhn!€n, abodionafterall (aDdit is litd tharlotr do not conrituesilh tlc preg.tuct afteryouve uke lerbs tor
rusons slaiedlaler).Mdyolthese herbsareqnitcioric andcm bc tariJrgonlhe body,irt io rue lo
assLmcrhathdbs oc! lessphysicallyslrelsfulnethodthan. clinicaj.bonion.NaLuraldoesDoi
a u i o n a t i c l l l y . q u a l sa fe .H o R e ve r ,so m co fto !h !) ,b e l i e ve a D ya fi e d p tL o r a ke n a n e n td L o ) o r o {n
hands$ be lvonh n evenillnsuocessful.
."on*- t"u oubrications plpei
tre llNars print'd on recvcred Yo! s[ould i]sole dwarcrhat [erbal.bonion is nol a. esy option,tinvotves dedicaiion.rd tocus.nd
$ rvouldbe besiattemptedifloLrhave some ne onyourhandsaid lrppodile liiendsaroundyou.

AILofthis infornationgodsh d nr handwiu lno$ledge oltourovn ledihl clctc Ilrrolghmaking

sinple obserlationsifs posslbleto detcmrincwhenyou arearl,our nrosttedjle,hd ltrer.forewhedyou arc
Godhlven lnk publications ate rnti-copyright. lnfoDratio!for action tikelyio haveconcelled.This is basicinlomation abontour own bodiesrhatnjoreirdnen shontdknorv.
pait of this famphlelyo! may omil important
lto$ever.ifyou onlr reproduce
delaiha.d serioudyrisk sornebody\heallh. Most ofdre nrfonnalionconrained herchasbednglrtreredflom odrersources, ands.reratiahcs cfop ol)
regularly.I!ll detnilsolall drelrtrblicrLions qloLed€ irth. tstbttognph],theanj.zing
websneb), SkrerZeus*as my rirst nftodrclior tr the iotic a.d is the placewherc0rosiol jny njfomalidr
comesAorn.I sould adyiseanlonewho'srliirkidgofattempiingahc$il abo nrrbvisirdFsebsirelnd
join lne crnail suppo,l eronp.
describes the bodyastenembe ng' blecdingat thislime.I cant expLain this
Whento usethe herbs plenomenonir anyscienliiic\{ay,but I havoruacisuccessful herbalabo ion storicsthat
descr;be the abortionhappening at thislime eventhoughihe herbshadbeengiveDup o.
Iri|stly.a nolcaboutdatingtheprcgnancy. ]'reglranclis usualll talkedaboutin tennsof for at ieasia \\eekbefore 1is.whichwouldsupporrthetheoryofthe body'snatural
weels.l'nr usjngthc startdalcas thc daleof conceprion asdriswill bc theexactnumber cyclesslill havingan effect.
of weeksfor \r'hichyou havebeenpregnanl.Thisis very easy10dererminc jfyou know
)our oxr Dcnstrualcycleandcar teUl\'henyou olulatcd.or you ma-vknowthedateof Theherbscanbe coniinuedu! udil the beginningoflhe 7urweekbut nNstnot bc taken
whenyou hadunprctccLcd sex.lf yox can'tdetefmine the dar of conception thenyou beyondthislimc as anymiscafiiaBe duringor alier the 8th weck(giventlut the herbs
canusethe roughestimalcol two weeksbeforeyour periodis due.Themedical cantakea veek or moreto work) is dangerous. This is beoausetheplacentais fifln1y
professionnunber a pregnancyfrom t|e begiming of your last period so renember ihat embedded in the ulerinewa11byfiis s1age,meaningthaljn thc eventofa miscadagethc
ifyou\c rcadinganynedicailiteratureor havespokcn1(]a doctot tleir date$'ill bc umbilicalcordis iikely to brcakleavingthc placentainsidethe uterxswirenthe lirdlusis
roughLyl*o wecksbeforeyou actuallycorrceived. cxpelled.lhis cancauseprotusebleedine,haclnonhlgcor setuusuterjneinfecrion
whichcouldbe life threatening. lhe chances ofthe hefbsworkingallerihe final wiMo$
As a generalnlle, thc hc$s aresafeLa d moreefectivcthc carlieron in yourpregDanc) ofopportuniiyis exiremelylox andso it is nor *orth theseriousds! 1o)orL|safcry.
the] tjoreis ofthe .sscDcc.Iherearesevefalwiidows of opportunityfor
endinga pregnancy chrringthefirst six seeks(fromthc dalco1concepton).

The b€sltinc to beginis duringthe first lwo wecks.This is d1etime between conccptlor
andthe exp€clcdlinlc ofmenstruaiion. in the first fcw d.tysofpregnancydrefetiliscd
eggcr,.rb€ prclcnlcdlron atlachingitselfro theuall of the$on1b,thisis how the
medicalemergency contra.cptive(tle 'moning afterpiil') vorks. Ifthc eeghasaheady !
implanredthenits 'grjt wi ll b. \'eak as lhc placenta x,il1not havebeeDcsLiblishedand :
so it is stili a very goodtirneto uiiljze thclcrbs, rhisis whenihe pregnanoy is mosi
liagilc rnd casiesrto disruptin lariousways.

Anothcrrcasonwlrr-thisis a time \iren the herbsdc a1theirmostefeotiveis thalman)

oftheseabodivchcfbsareihought1l]be terarogens. Tcralogens causethe developmcnr 01
abnormalstructurcsin an elnblyoLesulting in deformitiesin thefbetus,and|ave bccrl
linkedto conrplications andbith. lcdiliscd eggsareiloughl to aborti1'
exposedto telatogenjcag.nlsdudnglhe lirst t\aoNeeksofpregnanc).

Ifhcrbs arc successfulal this earl] strgcthcnncnstruationis likely 1(roccurat ihe usual
time - bleedirgwon'l startnuch soonertha[ expected becausc a woman'smenstrua]
clcle mustcompleleiiselfbclbreblcedingbegms.

Thencrl slag€,q,hermenstuationis ducorjusl laleis s1i]1a goodlinreto bcsh taklng

uDtiltwo {ecks alicr theusualmenstualion1imc.The
thc hcrlx, anddreyareelTective
chanccsol sircccssaIeihought10diminishafierthisline, althoughsuccesses havcbccn

llo!\'ever,SusarU/eedtalksof a linal rindow of opportunityfor tho horbsto be effecli\e

bJ-beginningio takethemduring$e 5th {eek ofpfcgnancy.lhe reasonshegiveslbt
this is thatJnostD^turalnisoadageshappenduringthe 6t} weekofpregnancy(\ahen
mc struationis abouia monthlate'stren you wouldbleedif not ptegtanr).Shc
Howto Usethe Herbs Which Herbs to Take
Eachherbhasa u iquc aotiononthe bod) audir is xsefut10knowhow eachoueworks
lhe herbscanbelakenaslcr.lincturesor capsules. Theideais lo keepa constanllclel
in ofdcr1oselecttl1edght onesartherighl time.Theherbshalc beencalegorised by
ofherbscirculutirgtlrough],ourbod], so ibr lllis reason you shouldlale theherbsat
theifpropetiesa d somehcrbsappearin lnorethanonecaregoryastheyafiicr the body
regularinlcrvlls throughoul$e day .nd night.Set thealam to wakeyourseuat least
in nore thanone\!ay.Many herbscouldcauloabortionsingte-handedly but a
onceor tlaiccin theright io lakea dose,asa wiolc nigll wjthoutherbscouldundoany
combination ofcomplemenlary herbscouldprovemoreefitcti!e. Choosingherbswiih
progressyodve Dladedudngtheday.
difiercntactionsto eacholher$ould be complemenrar],radrerth usingsevcrulwith
1hesameactlon.Thereis someevjdence lhatusingjusr one!o fbur herbsar a
to suggesr
I wouldreconmendlakingline off whatevereisetou'redoirg jn order1oJbcuson the
time is bctlerlhanq-ingio combinea largdnumbcrofherbs.
laskin land. as it couldprolc dillicult to takeyour hcrbsliequentlyard rogulartyif
,voure tralellirg or verybusy.Herbalabortionis nol easyandrequiresyou 1()be Thesecaiegories coxldbc scenasan oversimpliUcationaslrhotc plantslavc .r va eryof
lbculscd.\'oLrrchances afe inctcased.
of sLrccess in my opiDion,if you Siveyouself
differcntaotionscombiningto nlakeeachonc unique,but nelcdh€lessihesethre. basic
groupmgsarean in\aluableguidelinefor gcuingjt righi.
Discont;nue the hcrbsoncebleedirghasbegun,ifyou only geta liltle spollinsthen
Progesterone Blocking Herbs
cortinueLNil you hareblo( no\l'ingproperl).Hcrbsshouldbe usedfor a maxnnun01
I (r I .i days.l his is because Ne aredcalingwith canbe vet]
rle hcrbsalrddosages
slrcssfLrl on the body.'l.l]e sk ol doingseriousdamageto ),ourseifis too great,.lon'tpxl thesearealsoretlrredto as'inplanlalioninhibitingherbs,asrheyarcthe categoryof
herbs$at areusedasenergencycontaceplionafterfertilisalion.bur theyre e0cctive
JorlLo\ln healthandevenlife al risk (asdamageio thevilal organscalroccurifJou
overdothedosages or corllinucbeyondthe upperlimit of l$'o weeks)I hesehcfbsarc afterthatperiodaswe1l.Tlcy i'ork by imerfcringwirh ihe nomratproductionol thc
stlnngard soyour bodywill fceltaxedbut it'svery importantnot to dsk poisonhg honnoncprogesterone, $ilhour*hich rheliningofthe wolnbbccomesul}Suppofiile to
yoLrrself. Stickio drereconmended dosages. the lerlilisede8g.l,rogesterone
is crucialo Lhecoltinued!iabjlity of a
eeghasnot yet implantedin thewombihenir is prevented ftom doingso nndis expelted
Soneherbsale moretoxic thallothorsandit doesnot follou $al lhe mosttoxic arethc alongrlith thelining.IfdF egghasalreadyimplanrcd, it deracheslioln thexnsupponive
nosl clTcctivein causingabotion.As $iih all medioines,a hcrbcancausedifferent wombliningandthe lining$ill breakdo\\n.
reaclionsin differentpeople.Herbs\hich couldcausevery b.tdsidcefeclsin one CottonRoot Bark
wornancouldbe 1irc lor inoLherso lisrento you| bodyard choosetheoncswhichare W d Carrot Seed
beslfof you.Al anyslgnofpoisoningdisconlinue ihe he$s rhat areustug. Vitamin C
"vou (not a herb,brrtincludedherebecause it's readilyavaitable.effectiveaDdnon{oxic)
,^.llhoughdrismq sounda littlc patronising,you mustensurethalyou startusrng Rue
contraceptivesimmediatclyatuf the abortion. You may find Lhatyou ovulale at an (thisis nol a prcgeslercneblockingherb,ls placedin rhiscatcgoryas it doescause
unexpected time asyourcrclc will takea *lile to scttlcbackinto anykind ofpallem (il theso b linnu to breakdo\{n.It doesthisby decreasing Lhetermeabililyot btood
couldbe earliefor larcr).May wonen havefoundthcmseLves pregnantagainat thc nerl capillades in the womb)
ovulati(lrafLcrlhe aboiion sobe caL€tull
Uterine ContractingHerbs
'Iheseherbscausecontracdons iDthe uierus,whichcanexpelihe enrbrloandarean
idealad.lilionaltef a progestcrone
blockinghefbhasbeenused1bri fc$,dars.Ottcn
theseherbscnnhelpto regohtcandstfengthen ant contractions
rhaLare happenjng
to the uscofolher abortiircients.

DongQuai (Chineseangelica)

Cotton lioot bark
PennlroYal thingto do beforeaitemplinga lrerbalaboriioDis lo conlirmt\'ilha
The moslresponsible
J'rniDer restthatyou actually are presnant. Therearemnnyfcasoisfor dris |irstly. herbslbr
Nlugwort ienninatingprcgnaicyafe sirongandcanbe slresstulfot rhc bod),thercforeifthe]'rc not
Taniy needed theyshouldnot be laken.Anothertason is thatifyou takeherbsandbeginto
ncdr\rl dttl ' c) bleedbut only lighlly or for only a dayyou 1 11necdrokno\\'ifyou *€re pregntlr nr
i u l l l e l \' b' c aus e ulc I n L(o l r o c ri !r' ' b e ' " J ' e l ft) r( o\\r" j rc ' r:5 orderto knowif lhis is a problcm.If pregnancy hasbccnconfimedthis coulltsuggcstan
.r:rl L l ,re I r e f r ' uir . q h o rn . reU \J U ( r' l h i ' ' ' r l ' o r' n" rrethr ni nLl rl cc conl rcrron<
rh('i L L incomplete aborlion$hich wouldrequire redicaiatlention(seerheseciionenlitlcd'whal
u. if- l^'", t,' i"rppre edbr irreooar" T odr riono' prore'erJretor:l couldgo \\rong').However,if you arenot pregnadtbenthcrc'snothinglo wor|y abouL
urr".. _".;."n.1 ()\]loci( hcrh\:( oltonRootBnrk BlucCobo\h
As we havercadilyavailableeaflydetction preenanoy tcstslhereis still timc to cmllov
Sol1re herbscausccontractions because thev conrainthc volalileoil lqiote Tlujone slso
theherbsaftera iest.'lbstsareavailablethatcandetec!prcgnrnc]at 8-12daysaller
;rnnnlalcs thcbraina.d is toxicin laryedoseslhujoncGprcsentinmanvlrerbs..
i""i",iu,r, trr*t to.*'"rt. rvotrni"ooJwhichis usedto nrakethc mind
absinthe;opular ir 19thcerturyI ranoelf usedin a concentraled or in exlremcr)
I'm a$arcLhalthisconlradicts lhe nessageto usctlle herbsasearlyas possibte
h fie
i.,,r"a"" . +'Lr'*.- *u'ed.r'''L n crllucr 'rr'r5 ( ' r\u 'or'drd !r'n \"rrtr pregnancy,and1llilst ir is salcslandmosteffecrilcro beginassoonaslossible.lhis
cn lep'' ser/rres herb' Iru
i.,r rr rri"'.' .'. 1... kro$n o Brgger 'rrd '' mustbe $cighedup againstthcpossibledangersto healthofusing herbswhen
.,,JoiLn'r\r\e.oi,l(-o\llose$r'1eo:lcp') lhe\ herb''rroLrld beL'ed s rl \axror
herbs that are pregrancys1a1usis uncertain. Rcmembetusingdn ea.lydelecrion testonly mcansa
a.sagesslatedl my opinion,lhercaremany oihcr
u"i *;tf'uut delayofa iew days,which lealesyou rvellwirhina salelin1escalefor disruptnrg
"*"""aiog hcrbs: Junipcr'
i"']r"" u*i" . *" u"r",c s;tecringalt fron thiscaregorvThujone pregnancyard to seeka clinical aborlnrnif ihis shouldiail.
Homepregnancy testswork by neasuringthepresencc olthe Lroflnore'h!un D clrorionlc
gonadoirophin(hCG) yoxr urhe. This homroneis produced b] theplacentashortlr-
Oestrogcnic Herbs aner $e enbryo hasinplanled in drc womb lining and begins1obuilci up irpidly,
doublingalmostever,-48 hours xp to thc 60th-goth day ofpregnanc).
i hcseherbscontai a nunberol chemlcals thataresimilarenough10the lemalc
a 1n,-ic iis clTecison thc bodl Oestrogenic herbsarethoughrto be
fr",'"",t" *u-** testsarc theslllne;someafc morusensitive
Not all pregnancy ihanothc$ Ilnlarrunarel-v
lheir eilectileness asabo{ifacients' hui asnost ofthcs!
,.-,"*,". pregnanc)resGrarely pri thcir scrNilivity on the plckging - theyusuallysa] thal lhcy
i" "xllain
catcgories thenir is likel-vto be one ofa nunberof
i",l"r*,1* :t canbe usedliom the firsrdayol a nissed period cr.D thoogh somecanbc
"*;t I'etb' cdu5e de5uufcr e 'iuc ena I' e
I'o.. n .' .o'r lngos"'.c Oe,r-Jger''c 'r Lurar' f' daysbefbre.Thefolloq,ing tablc hasbeen compiled lrom infonnarion gaincdhy
deI'Jrdrn rLl'un lrs yet; reseafoh is still
"rd "c'rrog'n contacting Thetablc
manufaclurers. is b)' no means conplctc
"i'^.".:"""i.irr1;t.rrr.rpn'r.rr' pill i nvoneiaking!he. .
i.* ".0"'u,r,- *u-g1. i$clfas ioundin the contiaceprive ongoingirto olhcrbrands.if ,voululc a test thatyou afe unsure abom it's sensiiivityit's
ot blood pressuLe ncdicatior shoLrld
."',t*""p'ti'" p r, *yi'rrler ocstrogerincdicarion oftenpossibleb galn theinformation by dnging a phone number on the packaging.
* anvone\\ho'sbeenadviscdagairst laklng oestrogenic
(like fic coniraccptiv€
medicatiolr till) Thenost sensitivctesil\€ discorercdis EasisiixI' $hjch is prod cedby lastern
Black Cohosh Pham1aceuticalsr. l,rn1b{unatelyit isn'lone01't}emosr\\ idel"vaYailable,I foundir in my
Bluc Cohosh localchenistlut nor in anyoflhe supennafkets. il's alsopossible
to ordcr it overthe
Wild {hrrot secd internetr.Fun'ily enough.thereis a pubh Derbythar hasa vending nachine thatstocks
thisbrandoftest in the l.adiesioileisr.Ifyou can'llind EasisiixP t|en any ihe tesls
whichcandetect25 mlu ofhcc wouldbe fine. Thc teslsdlat detcclsoDIIUoi lrCGare
not classedasearlydetecdon lestsandshouldbe avoidedunlessmenstruation is ahea.ty
late.Kno$ing lhe date,voulastovulatedis an extremcl)laluable piece ofinfonnationin
thjs sltuaiion so t|rt you cdn detem)ineexlrctLy$hen concepiionoccuncd. Il you h^\'. N The lmportanceof a Back Up plan
fcgular 28-da] cl-clc fier ),ou dn most likeLyto ovulate on da,r'14 or 15 and so you can
lsc thc 25mlU tests3 or i1dals bcforc you period is due. It is ritally inrtortuntihal you,vemadea fimr decisionto ie.minaterhepregnancy beli)re
you altcmprherbalabo i(,r. Herbsarenolarotally..tiable sayto enda pregDancy
(esdnatcdatjrsr undef50%effeclive.bur I don'tknowtrowtlts figureis arrivcdai as
Nameof Test Senstivity How eary you can use jt (onyaeude) no scieDtific rescarch hasbeenlnd.naken oDrhesubjecras fdr asI rn aware).lfyou arc
noi successftlit is l:lfd,rtrl thalrou donl ca||y ihe pfegnancyto iemr.Thect.ect01.
EasslixP 15mlU 8-10daysaflerconcepiion thesehcrhson thedevelopine ernbryois largolylurklo$n. i\1anyolrhcseherbsxre
believcdio bercntogens,\a1ichare$bsranccsihal causeihc development ot.
FirsiResponse 25nrlU '10-12daysafterconcept
on abnonnalilies nr an enbryo,wtich couldresulrin a severet)defomedfoelus..t.hiscrrt!
Rapidselftest 25 mlu '10-12daysafterconceptlon r.r(oi p.rr"'ll) i. s\(n.r J, Lle.r..f45 \.,J o.o. r,rnJ.....-r .. ...r.,,rrr1
[Jnichem 25mlU 10-12daysaflerconceptjon an.lso arehighly!1lhclttbleio danagc.Theseherts couldatsocauseprcblcDrs wirti rhe
Eary Bird 25m'l.J 10-12daysaflerconceplion placenta(causingil to partiattyderachor developabnomauy)whichcoutdnor o,rti.
Reveal 25mlU '10-12daysafterconception damagelhecmbryo/Letusb$t alsoc.ruscdangcroLrs complicadons in tabo,rr.

Bootsown brand 50 mlU Thedayyourperlods due h is therelbredrrofuli,t rract.r/thaiyotrarelreparedto go tlxougha ctinioatabon)n

Predictor 50 mlU Thedayyourperiods due before)ou atrempla herbalone.
CiearBlue 50 mlU Thedayyou.periodls due
Whilstt&|dcally abortioncouldbe rcfused,it is in etlccravailahleon dcmaodii rhe
Thelawestconcentralian of hCGdetectedby eachlestis neasutedi) nili UK. flrc tendssirD ofr$'o docrofsis requircdto approvea ierminarid, dtthongtr often
UnttslnlU). Thelowerthisnunber.the moresensitivethe test. the seconddoctoris sjmpl) a rubberstanp.A doctormusrapprovcan abolion i t they
beliel,ethalthem.ntal or pnysicalhcllth oflhc x.omanwouldbc ar risk ifshe *ere
For morcin{ormatioiror ho\\ 10dclc njne whcn)ou x,erefertileand$'lnt vourrisk oi' forcedLohavelhc baby.Mrny doclorsbelievcthatsimpl,vhavjngan rmnartedbab,v
\ould rhcrolb.ebe see$nmsisterzexs.conriLisk wouldbe enough10prt rhcwomansmenialhcatrharLisk.Othcidodorsnriehtwa;t ro
hearmoreinfonrotion.tbour$ty ha\,inga babyrould bedistressing to yor; nrcntal
Il you hxveiregularperiods:lnegulafp.rn s Dral(e health,sobe trepared.Docrofs lmle a specilicconscicnrtorsobjectionto atorrion
il dillicult ro deteDdne\\'henyou 'yho
arcobligedr{)referyou ro a doctorihaL.loesnoL Visit youf fhni\ pianJLingctntc or E
ovulaledandthcretbfe\rhenio xsea pregnancttcsL.SislcrZcusaadvisesusingthree
Direcrifyou ar. unsureabourtle aritudeofyour dooLor.
trcgnancylestsin ihis silualion.lhc firsttwchc daysafterunprotecred sex,ile second ^\IJS
tlro dayslater.lfbolb lcslsarclcg.rtile thenthechalcesof pregnancy afelos. howc!...
Abonionis ar!ilableon thc \tt\ {nd mnrt somenrcpofl no prohttlnrin ot,taining
a thir{losl is advised,a \\€ek later,1lr uke absolulcl!surc.
one.I]olrever asin all ireasofpubliohealrhoare,budgerary rcstriclionsappl),dndD.jr
aUabotionsarc publicl),lnnded.In Scotland96%oIa aborrions areNUS fL|lrrtcd bLrrjn
FalseNcgativeresults EnglandandWalesthe figureis usua y lowcr.Eighrtnglish bcatthaulhorities havc
admirlcdtlat ihcy setspecillccrire a (overandabo,0e anyouilinc.lin taw)ro prioritise
11)ou gct a negativeresLrltirom your 1cs1lhenthere is srjll a chancevou ale still
lvomenlbr liee aboftionlr's not clearwhetherlhcy fundaborionsfor womcn\}ho do
pregnafi. Ihis is beciusc thcrc is a possibiliry tl]at the lelels of hCG har e nol buill up not corneunderthesecategorics. A fttl Iist of ihe healthaurtrodrjesandtheircalegorics
suftjcientl) i roLrrsyslcrn to be detecledbl rhe test,dris ls especiallya dsk at this eafl) rs jn AppendixL Somcofihesecaiegori€s includebeingon benefits.bcingr,ndcrloruucr
staee.lf lou gcLa ncgative resuh,brt,vou stlll fccl prcgnanl lesi agair .lS hours later (r\ a cena agc,beinga student,atreadyhavingse!.ral children,havnrghad
Iclcls trrltc roughLyevelv 48lourt. Falscl]ositive rcsuhsare Iery rare. trsrjons
abonions.IfyoLrf|calrh aulhorir,yhasrcstricrivecrileriaan.tyon do notnreer rern,Iou
couldconsiderlvilg (althoughtheynrayrequircproofof nrcome)or try noving lo
l. ]]aslcnr l'|amaceulicals lld. {bmb l{ousc, 7 St Johnsltoad, lslewc,|th.N.Iiddx TW7 anotherauthoit) tcmpomrily(e.g.stay!,!ilha tiiendor fetative).Somehe:rtrhauLhoriries
2. \\1la\'.$ esrrr shcal$,lacatalog
I lhc $I,odlal| IIxr. tsridge Slreet.Derb.t-
,1.1\$\.geocilics-com/sisler_zeusof 1!1\1a:sisierzeus.colll
Your clinical options Helplnrc:
NlcdicalAbortion: lfyou areno morctharl7 \4€ekspregnant(or nineveeks fiom vour NHS Direct
lastFriod, whichis how LhemedicalprofessioD datepregnancv) vou canaskfor thc 24 houn a day 7 dals a rveekphone line oltcdng conljdediat mcdical advi.c ar)d
a iablet
to jnduce miscaniage ard ]oul
'abodjonpi]]' calledRU 486- lhis nrrohestaking infom1alion,jnclxding facilities availablein yolu area.Staffedby qualitied nurses.rnd
bocl)expeisdrc cnbryo wjthoullhe useof surgery. The erperience Iill r'ar1ftom healthvisitors. Calls chaBed ar kroal rate.
to \lonran.bxt cortractions3relikcl) 1(]be quickcrandstronger than$idr a 0845 4647
Abortion Larv ReIbrn' Associrtion
Youvill be nornrallrbe underm.dicalsupenisionin a hospilalfor thc few hoursthat Campaignsto enshrincin !K la$, and in pracricea $omans righi ro safe,ticc lnd legll
it's likclt io lake,althoughsonr€hcalthaudn ljes allo\Yjt lo be takcnal home.Al homc aborlion baseduton her own infoflned chojce.
thcrc's le comforLoliarniliar sunoundings ll1ldcontroL;in hospitalthere'sthe colr1folt w$$,
o' nrJ rj fairlille-.luu d \nL I ccJrhem
'lherc arc otherprivate a borli{D provjde$ r\ho do U.ccpregnancy
iesiing (\larie Stopes,
lror nrorei.fomaLidr on ihe derelopment d historyof Rt.486sce i4 lyonun'slloakt)j etc).
(.t?o/ier'byJtebcccaChalkef(nr fie bibliosraphy).
Be arvarc thai some anti-nbortion sroup! oper{te under the guise of free presnancy
bv a docror'
Surgicrl Abortion: This i voiveshavingiJreenlbrvoremovedsurgjcall"! testing and rdvice.lfrlrs logo inciudcsa tbe s or iis an ol'|cr otfree posi_aborrjon
This is u$aLlydoneundergcneralanrcsLhetic, bu1canbe un.tcfa localanacstletic%u counsellinglrom someoncother rhaDthe r,!HS or tocal couDcil.approachwjth c.turion.
dont usually eedto bc nr hospitalfor morethana dav Thc most prcr{lent are Lilc (0t926 3 tt5i1 \l'1\ and
Another anti-aboniongroup is C]\RII (0800 028 2228 1\w\,wirc)
Uselul confacts: operateclinics rudcr the name Aliernarivespregnncy Connse|ing Cenrc. I've gilcn
thei phone numirersand websilcsas sdnclimes they'rc given out $ithouL it bei|g clcal
Frmily PlanningAssociation who th. ofgadsati{rnis.
Charit! offerilg licc helpandadviceif ,\oudor'i wanrto go to vour GP lhev olltr a
very colnpletesenicc jicluding contlaceprion,
noming aftcrpill' pregnancv test'ng'
abortionrefenal,andiniir nationaboul councellirg Bevond abortion' th€irprogressi!c
$ork includescanpaignsto imPLove sexuall1ealihandrcproductivc rightsfof all peoplc
h rheuK.
Itelphre: 0845110 1334(gan1-7pln \{onday-F'rida"1)

British Pregn,ncyAdyiso.] Senice

iestirg andcampaignfor aborlionrights $ hi1sitheyarea I'ilale
l rce pregnano)
orgmisarion.thcy siridentlyandactivelycampaip iar greaterNHS abortionprovjsior'Il
Iou arcreferedfion a Gl' (or fanily plannjrgcljnic))'oun]aybe ableto accesstheir

:1040 3t)
F€rl e @i{allLlid undera mcloscope
Brook AdYisorrSenicc
helpandadviceon all scxualhealthandlresnarcvissuesfor undel
lrce confidcnrial
Whatto expectphysically
Ii:q11r?'.i'&n!:":: l"};lliiii;
ii,lj# ij,',".
reli[ed io hospiratstraightaway.
1nc phlsicalcrpcricnceofa successinl |erbal aborlionvery muchdepends oDhow lone
)ou \ere pregnnnt. lfthe herbsrvereusedbeforethesecordweekofprcgnanctthe It you cxperiencc
anyoflhe 1btlowingsyntxomsyou
bleedtusis likely to bc a bir hcavicrthana nonnalperiod$ith slightly cranrpsihan shoutdseekmedicala cnthu rjShl
'nore a\!"yi

As thepregnanctadlancestheabofion is likel) io be nloreintensewith morepainlr

crlrnting andhealicr bleedi.gfor longer.lflhe pregnanc-v hasadvanced
\t'i1lscc)cllo$,ishtissuc$ith branchlike structues(chorionicvilli).lhis tissucis usuall)
i:ll:in:;itff fi:'.'i:."f
.nclosc.lin a blo l filled sac.lhis is thebeghirg ofthe fLacefiaandsomewhere insid.
is t|e develojringegg.$hich durilg tle firsL5 r'ecks be !s lilile as 1-slnm. r00
i;'i","il;l,iliJi,Il3ll,,iiiJ:i:*:Li- crou
As soonasbleedbgbesjnsherbsshouldbe discontinued lo allowthebodyio do iis
experiercca sharppai,iin rrreabdomcn,
lhing.I\pecr a Ior of bloodbutuatch out for haemordHge. l;,::H':,"::::l:::::,li]oll
ore srde,at anypoinrduringprcgnancyyou nta],harearan.ctopicp.egnanc),
ver] farc bxl extremet).sdlious
You mrst l usetampons, asihe ccni)r is slill lilcly io bc rclarcdandopcrrthusnaklng
the uterusprone10inltclion. Ii s lirr lhc sanc reasonlhal)ou shouldavoidl'aginalser Sympromsof
until ],ouslopblccdillg.l;sing mcnstNalpadsor a cupallowslou 10monitof$c
bleedinganclcxanrnrc{hal co.rcsout. A1lcf thc sachasbccntassetlblccding$i1l slow
dolrn andgradurllystop.Bleediogshouldlastfbr aroundteuda,vs. lf bleedinglastsnrorc
$^utd hEaintodisrr
1:*:l;:;h;,:::'iiriIii'* I:rj,l,::iirlli.
lhaniwo $,eeksthenil nrar be a signofinconlplclcaborliorandshouldbe chccledoxt
br-a doclor.Bl.edingonl,va snrallamouri,sl ling andstoppirgor sfofiry couldalso
be siglls(r1'hcor)rplele
;:lli.,.T:1ff"".r";;i;; .;.;i'i ;
How krrrgn'ill it takc to rvork? beusen,l
;*ffi:ift|ilffiitf $iLtx1f"1iil;,5i*r,i,rrr,\roud
'lhis depcndson many lactors c.g. touf overall hcalth.$c srcngth ofyour reproducdle
th" svsten
syslenr,thc qualit) ol drc hc rs. Thc hcrbal abo ion coul{i lakc as lilrlc as flre da}s bul ;'"1;:1"f;*[:Xi,:lli:;
uslrall) longer.Do nol takc lle hcrbs lof lo ger thrn tourlecn days (as extlaincd carliet)

I Icfbs arc not a totally reliable nreihodof abortionand ,voum a] not be successfirl
if i:!!';ii:?#!t"",#?rx.".T
tr canaisoherp.rr"* g","."i*i.r, ,,#i" -
Spotting spasnb andhasrn orerallhigtrlevet;rri,*,i.-" _a nl;,,"rrir.-"----

I1spotsol bk)odbegin1()appear bur bloodis not let flo$irg properlythenyoure ck)s. Lcartsa xtcrinetonicwrrichcanarsobensei'ur
ni preventins
but notthereyei. \'ou may\\'antto considerincreasirgdosages slightlyat tlis poirt i1' ;ae#ilbal;r'
)ou feelrou re clcvelopins a toldancc.Or tou couldaddanothcrhcrbc.g.DongQuai1,i
nrcre$econtraciions. or parsleyor BlackCohoslrlo sofienandopenxp lhe cer x. sl Joims
;"r.:l:iif:,,9fi',x -t
Jl ) ou'rc|ot sLreif $llat'shappenirgb you is ror a1.orif)ou wanito confinnthat
\oor aborlio|wassuccesslirl lherlyoLrcai go 10thc doctora d saj ihat ]ou'!e
4..The.hetbt kill t|1t athtto hut tlt',ot expet it. B][c.ling trcgnrsbut no Lissue
is expe ..l.
Bleeding na] oDly be slighi or may oDly tasr tbr a tw hou$ or a couple '
I f 1ou hale :rnt medicnlconditionconsultw ith a herbalistbcfor€using t ny of thes( oidays.
Symplomsofprcgnancy will persist,and a prcSnarcy tesris slil going
herbs.This is prrticul{rb inporlant ilyou havcltigh bloodprcssure,epilepsr', to Leadposirive
e.!cnalier a week_Ifyo| sliil hve tinre you can persistwirh rle herUi(emernba
dirbrtcs, liler hcnrt or kidneyproblenls,rn ltrD, or iflou are prone to rllergies. nor to
e.{cedrl .l ,l d.) navnr r r r i , . ' A h( d. cr , r or ct nic$. c, r . . t , , , if
AIsoiflou'\'e hada rcocnlpel!io inllammalorydlsease or ifyou're takinganl olhcr "r , oLr dn. |, 1,
l l . enrt.\. i ..r i l -1i. . r ir er r h. f r . \ . ) o $ir 'nee. t l. "e( k. r ct r r . . t . r , J, . or ,
drxgsasthe herbsmaydangerousiy allcrthc way drcdrugs nonnally$ork, ot
aggmvate fic medicaiconditionbeilg teatedwilh th. drugs."ox1d
5. Echryic?regnancr.lltis is a rarecondition,bnris a riskio beconsidercd\,".iih
pr€gnanc]: norjrist\ h is whenrheeggbeconcsstLrck
Thingsthat could go rwong in rbe
fallopirnrubeandbeginsto grow rereinsleadofin rhe;aerus.this is a lii.erjrfelte
situa&rnasthegrowingeggDrayruUufefie ld|opiantLrbe.Ifyou cxpeLicnce strarppai
The nroslcornDrorfroblcnr siur hcrbrl aborLionis t1l3tit fails to \\ork. Th.rc is no in the abdomenon onc side )ou mrLsrseekjmmediaremerlicalaxenti;n.
certairt) thai the herbs sill work or ereryone. no rrallcr |orv farourable the condilions
arc. lflh.y dor't Nork lar you. thc treg a cr shonld not be cortinued. as thcrc is a
e ri o ,.r : . ' o l. ir I ' de ' c rt.,rr. .' r' . i .. o r' J u i rg l 'est.' tct.

'fhere arc scvcral othcr isks tou shouldbc rware ofbefore decidjng 10do a bcrbal
abo ion. \trhilsl thescrcsulls arc all possible.the,r'areuncommon.Succcsstulabodion is
a inr more tikel) outcome tlranan) ofthe mcdicrl conplicatio s lisied below.

| . Selfpai:on D1g.I his can be sefiousas darnaget() inrpoflantorganslike ihe liver ol

cvcn clca1hoan rcsult lionr o'erdosiirg on someofthese hefbs. Do not cxceeddosages
listed herc unlessdirectedby a herbalist.Rcduccdosagesal an) signs oftoxicity. Do nol
i gestessentialoils as lbey crn b. fatally toisonous, as in dte caseofpenn"rtoyal.
esse|iial oils must orly be usedexlernally.Renlcrrbcf nol to take herbsfo[ nroredran

2. Hdenturhose ftis can be lerl serious,a.d lcllcd ii could be possibleto

blccd 10dcaLlr.Soaki g a lnensiftLalpad iJrone ]rou or lcss is considetedhaemordrag.!'
secknedical aliention.

3 ltuan ctc dho it,t. This happens$her somefoelal tissuc is rclained irside ihe
rr. r.. , J r . ar ' \ a. . . (fe a l .c i o ,r. frn b l e n
a) The tisnr. can putrcl! clusing uLcrincinfcctior which, ifuntreated, can rcsuil in
ste lil) or even death.The ii$r sign ol inlcotion \\ill be leler followed b,vabdomjnal
b) l|c utcrusis un.rblcto rclum ro ils noilnxlsize causiry haemolrllagetu occur. lhis
na) nranilcstas nild blccdiru *licil lastsli'r an abrorlnaily lonS tinrc or rcry healy or

Both ol lhcsc situaliolrsDecdinrncdiale nredicrl alteniion.Mosl oflen a aborliorr

|!ill bc pcrli)rmed to renrcvc thc rchainins tissuc.In lhe caseof haemorrhagea blood
trmsllsioD nny be required.lnlhe caseofinlcclion. antibidics willbe issued.
clrculalion,b waier so hot ihxL it bnms you is ,.)/ dl dll nccessary $omcn buning
Otherthingsthat couldassist -
ihcnrselvesjD desperationis ! conrmonotd wjles rate,rhefc,sno trencfit irLctoingir.

Many oflhc srries ol'successlulhcrbal rbofions lbaLI lale readlalk oflhings )ou car . Medit\tio -11yor
$aclice medihrion then ii wo ld be a good thing tu nse no$l
cioio assistyouf frogrcss, and so l'!e collcclcd dresetils togcther' Jhis list is simpl) a somc women belie\e rhal menta y ibcusing on rcteasingrhe spirit ofihe enbryo can
list ofthirgs thal I'vc hcard alld feel should be hcluded bu1are circlnnst' lial, and $ arc help. also visulisarion rcchniqrcs il]vohing cooceDrrar g on the wonrb ljning breikjng
nor as reliablc rs lhc rcsi on the lnib.rnalion in fiis pamplicl l realiselhat some ofihcsc do\\n and biood flownrg. It is sometinessaid that rhc po$€f ofa focusednrind cin tr.
things are what yoLrleasi feel like dohg in the earlv st{ses ofpregnancv while vou're porcrtul as any nedicinc. E\€n it you don,tpraclice meditarion.focusjng on rhc
tncling nauscolNand tired Ho!\€leL. vou are aiming !o slop the bod) in it's tacks. and fbr ftrt being !rcgnanLcould bc cnrciai duri|g $is time as jr is a dil.Ucuttprocessrhal
so doirrgthirgs lhal thc natural impuls. n) irrctect,vourfregnancv is what is rcquiresdetermnali(rr.
rccluiLcJolyou. Almosr ail ofthc successsioriesI 1€ hcard have mcnlionedusing al
lcasrone of theselips. . M:r:as! ird,,,,s, Massagciechniqucsthar are used ro bring on. ar
assistin childbirth \{ould be uscfrt
.or"sdnn tfhether frorn scx of nastubatron oryasns causeulc ne confiaclronsano
.ranl:wnnen tweaf thal thc) \\'crethe kc) 1()cnsudng a succcsslulaborlion li could . Ac pu cture a d acaple.iirrc - I've heard one sror) ofho$
an acupuDcllfesession
rlsoic rte relaration oL. alrd the improvcd circLrlation1olhe pehic afca associaled$idr i tendcdlo relieve paintul fericds was insrunrentai in a herbalabodi;n. tte woman in
.cx of nasiruhrtion that is also helping There is also evjdcncero suggcslthal Oxvtocilr qucslionreF{ed iecling conlracrionsduring the s.ssion and abortim $,assuccesstult}
(thc hormon€ $hich causesutedrc contuactions)is felcascdduing orgasm lhis lip hcs nnde|!\'ayv.rT soon aRer\r'ards.I've also heardthar accuprcssurepoints can be
bccn LepeatedLrysuoh a iarge rumbor of soxrcesthat I lale io beii$c iheres truth in il sljnulated in sucha way as lo indLrceaborion, but unto uDarelyj trale no dircct

. Ni D Dt es t i t t t iot , T h i s i s rl ro ree l i d c D c cl C )s u g gesi thathal i gl otsofsc)i i sagood

rh;ngio rlo ar rhis tirnc - yon can ol coursedo it dufing nraslurbarionas \rc11 lhe renson . Sitling on $e roiler or squatiiDg.aM pushiog do,vn
wirh your stomaohmuscles
befilrd rhis one seemsto hc the fact that orvtocir is releascduhcn the nipples are
srirmrlatedas rl is a lornolle irhich also has a role in lllilk production .
hunry .dr riles - This is suggcsledon lhe SisterZens wcbsire.and oontd be
ell;cLiae as pal'l oflhe gencralidea thai actiriry and moriorrscndyo|r body tlr messagc
. lqr./..irc - Nlan) sourceslalk o I thc mle of \' igorousejrercise Irn]rrovllrgcirculalion that now is not a good lirne ro be lregninl. I,\ ! hear.rof ore woma *,ho.; trc,l,al
sill u doubtdl) assistthe |erts in thei| $ork, $hilsl $e motion and rnoveJncDr night abordor goi undenvayalier an exLremel)bumpy ride in a.1x.1accrossrough lcrfah.
b. hclpills to dislodgc the embryo (l have heard nurscsadvising a iromn io run up and
fie orrel ol hcr nedical abodnlr (abodion pill)) \bmen hr\c
down rhc stairsto hastcn
rnllelt ol ho$ cxcfcjsc scnls x ressagc to t[e bodv thal Llis is not a good time to bc
pregndnt.(;ercmlly bcing as pljsicalll aclive as possiblc$ou1d assislscndi g this

. .SeDc, - sorrc \\onen beliele lhat dre preseice 01 scrten in the lagina io bc a lirclor rri
their succcss.i'[is couLdbc due to dre fact thal scmencoriains a chenical to sole at'l
oDcnthe cervir Lo hc\r the semencnlct Hoqever.l!c also beenkn'L ftai ihis chcmlcal L\
oirlr prcscurin such small arrrounlsthllits oi reall,Yusclirl for the purtoses ofaborLi(iri
Eirhei rvay,I ,t'll't see how it coold hin.tcrl lrequem ser could also be bcrcllciai fot
nmN rcasoDsincludiDgthosc staiedahole l\'Ia)bc the gereral nolion and slinulxiion ol
fie ccNix durirg pe|!e sexis so'ncho'! uselirl in assisliig the dislodging ofthc

. H.rt B,//,s - this could bc hcltful b) olcning e blood \cssels and pfomding
Rh negativeblood tYPes
Acconpan)hg elctyone'sbloodtypc is a positiveor negativcsrmbolcalledtheltlr
ot an alrigenin the tcd bloodcells(ifvou arcRh+'
firct(rr$hi;h ;enoles1l1e
you havetlc antigen.andifyou arcRh- vou do not).

t he follo\{ingexplalatiotappLies to womcn$bo Lale Rh' bloodiypes'I'm nor al all

ccrtainrrowLiely a scenrrl,iit i' tut * it i' trt"n ""riousl} by the nledicaltrcfessionl
am draNingil1()r"ouratrention
iiile ileir.berl.j
lsoimnunisarion is a ptocess\| herebv$h€n a t o lan { ho is Rh- hasa lbetuswith Rh
bLoodandaminuleamou i oflbclal bloodrdxes $ithhcrown The$omansrn]n1ure
slstemrcactsto thc preserceofdrc antigenin lhe Ii)etalblood,producingantibodics to
aitackfoeLaibloortoells.fhcreis a chanceof rlis bloodmixinghapteningdudng
aboriionormiscarriage.lhis hasimplicarions for an) foturcpregnancies this$omanhas'
bicauseillbe foetusis Rh+ again.her antibodies wouldaltackils bloodccllscausing
severcanacia ir the foetus tf]'ou belie\'cyou may s'a'1110havcchildrenai so'ne
poinl, shouLd consider this possibililv.

Ifyou hrle lth bloodtypc andyou havea successful herbalaboilion,i1\ould bc a good
id;a 1ovisit thedocLorwithin 72 hoursof s1al.ting to bleedas dret cangile vou aD
inieclionto stopyou producirgantibodics
it's !lLeadyproducedthem).
(it do's ihis bv foolingthe bodvillo thlnking

I harercadilal foetalbloodonl]-Froduces it's Rh artjgcnin the 1]th \ieek ofpregnanc!'
dlusat thc earlystagewe aretalkingabouttherewooldbc no risk ofisoimnrrnisalron
Ho,r'everI larle rr{rrconfimredtbis lacrard so\aouldbe vcrr unsureabourdiscolllliing
% l''

How to prepareherbs
\ hter basedpreparations:
I he dos{gesI've gilcn here are as precjsels I can find ]Io$'ele! Lhcrex1eman) factors
lo be 1*cn nlro coNjdcktjon lnearing that dosagcscar nclcr be exacl You must bc hdividual herbs|ave lleir o$n recipesbur .r basic guidc tbr a srandarct
can larv, decociionor
tfcprred to us. )our o\1'rjtrdgcne t and iduition PoEncies ofprcparatjons intusiolr is 500D1of\rarcr to 30g of dried herb. Dosages
but at. slfonger thd1 oLlers lrnd a l)efbs potency dcpendsoD rilcn assrLmcthis tulio Ll]llcls
somc tincirres thal )ou ^rc. plarlis ofthe same
factorssuc| as. qualil), licshness and how i1's bccn siored. DiiTerert
lariei! can also have larying amounts of arl gi\cn chemical |ecause ofnaturallv
\\'hen using the licsh lealcs or tlo{cfs you wi I need r{ruse $fce neasrn.esas oftoscrl
occurirg faclors. lr is for' llris rcasonthal \ ren begirrningaDl herbal heamlenl vou to one ofdried (c.9. rlrlec spoooi'ulsinsrerd ofone) to accouDribr thc cr-'!a ,\dr.f coll.nt
should s;l1 at Lhclonest in dre mn-qcoi$e dosagesgi1en, increasingor decreasingif in dre herb. \Vood! sLe'nsrnd rcots don,t havea laree Nalcr con(cnrl}]rd y) Lhe
ncccssai--a dctcndiu on hoB you r€el. and whctherlou cxferie'ce scvcreside c{Iccts 0()btcIr
lncli\iduals may rcaci very rlilcre tl) 1()eachorhcr and personalcoNjdculion can also
t.\:rf ( ; l- ' J - , e i Pr .r" .r.r)c e \n ' i ri ti \

Purchasingherbs 'I h s is lhe easieslwrly ro prcparea hcrb

and is appro| ale Nhcn usiig tcaves.U,)i\el\
atul non \,!ood] srenlsol rhe herb. Infusionsare also used\rlrrD rhe subslnnces
Ilcrbs ale best boughl fresn. howeler. arc rDucheasicrb find in fieir dried lbnn \\ihcn )ou \!ish
to obtain iom rh. herb are readily sotubtenr waief or boiling ivo td ttcs1Joyifihe
buynrs dried herbs,try-to enstre their ovcrall freshncss llerbs should smell licsh (tol propciics tou n.ed.
musl) or rnouldt) and took ftcsh (flosets alrd lenres slili haling rhcir coiorn) Siore
hcfbs in aitiglrt collairers r$a] ftom direct sunirghl <1
cyR \ s ' i tr e r n . r , , . r r . n. l( . nr t . l) LJ l. . il: nL$Jr . | : d o. . r . r r . , , \ e, r r .
i ,| tA l I' e5.Jr 't ' \ 'n. ^\ Fin, i, d, . in; l. . eet . 1, , . t L, _r i, r n. ! . , . .
First choi(c lbr buyjng hcrbs is an independenthcalrh food shop or h€fballstrDlour' t{tfl ' u' ,.., ic r , . : pcr iodi. . t e. , , . . J or r k, t r e , r . t , : . 1- t . t o\ ; ,
1o$rl Chain st{)resljke CulpcpperardNeal's \-ard usualLvcanf a good u'ge ioo \bu '1. .
a teapotor in a larlejar with a inl fierr sLrairedlnd dnrd,. \b| caDlnake cnoLrghti)l
$iU be able to bur- the eract quarlit) ,vou \!ant aDdle able to check the 'Lua1i$ lf)ou sel,eraldosesiD one go bul intirsioD!deledoraterapidly so rced ro bc nntlc ticsh each
oamot find a suptlier iD,!ouf l)r'11lou could usc mail order or onhe supplie|S Nlakc dav.
surc lbat lbc) have fasr d.lil'ery belbrc yon order' as herbs thar take wecks io arrivc arc
To lnakea strcngerirlusion usc a srong aidiglrl iaf (Iyrcx or lhiok gtassis req0irc.l).
Pour ihe boiline $.trcf inro thcjar ovcr the heLband leave for laur hou ar roon
lherc arc nLrrnemus mail ord€r placcsin thc tlK thal scll someol Lhcrelelnnl dried
rcrper" ,L. l re., . l' r ! ( , , r |. ir r ar . . r f e. er . . , r r t 4 t - . c. r . t . , r o. r t v r h
herbs rncl cven nrofc th.rt se1]liesh herb'i.Hol'ever, wc !e orll lisLctlones1'e knoN do lo make it e.Lsierto take,vourdoses.
"r t d
fast delilcrr' r dlor orgxric sLrpfl'cs
The Orgxnictlcrb liading Cotnpanr_
Tber carry. $ide rareeoll,crbsinacl'ding
SufeLbsuptll.r o a c.uprchcnsiteranec
Don.sQuai,Illue Co|.dr. l'emlroyal. l.ns) r l
ofdrica hcrbs.inchrdinsI)ongQMi, Lllack This is used b extacl the aclivc ingredientsliom
Ruc dcliler ln ibolt 2{ drrs. Tl,cl trardfitrfous maLcriil (e g. rools
Co h o s,u, ueCohot u e .P c n n )ro ri l . and bark9. The heLband wiLcr are placed itl a pan",ood,!,
wrk olt rcasonablyc|cdp,but) ou have10bLI and sinmer.edon a lo* heatido ror
Il !]lvort.luniporandTans).
boii) 1or lcn io fiftcen minurcs,or fof a time tcriod appfopfiarcto that hcfb. A ti(l on
of llneor de ri rs
L :.std .l iv eLa.
rwr'.o|gani.herb1ralling.$m the tan $ill crsure no volatile oils escrpe.Decoclionsmnsr be usedbclbre rhet begh
0 1 8 2 :l 4 01205 i emLr hl i . r.dr b . 'd. r l. o. . r en t iq Lonr , . , . cdr . e! 1. . . r r Jced I
Sl ro f:lr l W al*odht { ( )i dL. o td o n rh< r, a!< . $,
Je[k.'s Ecrb fifn (frsh. organic)
020 7701:,ri0 (9anr5.10n,t,\{on sit) R$w lckkaslle.h inm.corii
ft m@$turfr.corr
0 1 4 ,r.1 1 18878
Syrup (ascotbicacid)
Honeyor sugarca]lbe addedto a decociionto increase the palatabilit)ofthe bre$ and
increase (by $cighr) Inlonmlion aloui thc uscof iitanin C as ar abo{ifacicnthasbeenpassedaror.udihe
the sheulile for up 1osix mondrs.A synlprequjresequalamounts
feninist conrmuiiy sincedrese\enties.lhe Sisterleus websirehasnumerous personal
ofsugalto decoction(e.s.250m1decoction io 2509sugal).Honeyis i$'iceassweeias
sloriesof womcnwho\ e usedvjlaminC successfuil] . sometimes
in combinaliowith
susarandneedshalf a! much(e.s.250n decoctiorr ro 1259lone"v).Add lle sweetener
herbs,to terminaterheir pregnancies.
to thchot iiquid.Increase theheatuntil the brc\\'isainosrbojlingandthcnlakc it offl|e
|eat. I'orLrthehoi syrupinio a sterilizedbottleandcapit. Oncccoolcdthc str'tLpshould
AlthoughvilaminC is nor a herb,il s oneoflhe lessroxicandmosteasilyfoundof
be storedh the ftidge.
an)th g availallcfor temimti g aisohasa goodrateofefectiveness
{hen conparedwith herbsusedlor the samepurpose.
Alcohol based tincture
Vitanrin C can be usedas an implantationinhibitor and as an abotitacienl:
As an implantation inhibiror.r
VitaminC stimulalcsocstrogcn andinhibitsprogcslcrone
Alcoholis generalba bettersohentfbr herbalpropeniesthi r walcl andalsoactsasa whichpLoduces a !cr), Lrnfalourable clinate uilhin ihe ulenrs.Thercsultofthis is thal
pieseraalile.Homemadetinctwesareprobablynot asusefr jn this siluationasrhev ihe egg wjii not inplant itself in the Nonb lining. (see'vitamin C as an emergency
lakeal leasttwo weeksto nmkeGomepeoplethink theyshol d be left for six $eeksor
nrore).but may {ish ro makelinctu€s 1lrkeepfor emergeDcysiluationsas.if slotcd ,,ls o dbo ifucient Alter inplantaiion prcgesteroneis still essentialfor the conrinuing
\aell.dreycanlastseveral)ears. viabilityofthe tregnancy.This is becausc progestcrone is necdedln orderfor fie lining
of theutemsto continuebeingsuppodiveoflhe feniljsedeggandto preventit tionl
ol linclurcsrre thatficy ha\e a long shelllili, ale easierlo cnlTyalound, breakinsdo\an.
aremoreconcentrated(sothai)ou don'tneedto ingestasnuch flujd) andnorc polcnt.
Vitan n C canaDdhasproduocdaborliorr\rjlhoul dlc hclp ofolhcr |erbs.Joy(;adcncl
1br will needto usealcoholof at least30%(e.g.lodka) h older1olare a ligh cnough wrilcs "Dont conblnefiis remedy\r'idrotherreasmentioned Ghe mentions Pcnnyft,yrl
$,aler/alco|ol ratio.5091,
is idcalandwill makea standard tincture(lhe dosages
in this
andBlue Cohosl)because thcy may coudcracleacholher Women\\ho bale uscdbolh
booklclassumca slaDdard iircrureis bcinguscd).Ilighcr perceniages arermrchmorc remedies sjmulianeously lave hadlesstavourable resullsthanihosewho Lrscd only onc
efiectivefor extracringvolatileoils andalkaloids.Use l25g ofdricd hcrbor 2509oi ar a time. lhis mat be becauselitamin C is a powcrfulanli' il could Lrllil')tl)c
fresirherb.lJoxr500rnlalcoholontoihe herbaM closethe coniairertightly(an ail1ight €flcctsoflhc |crbs. Thisis unconfirmed.
conlainershouldbe uscd).Iflhc hcrbandalco|ol don'tall ljli1t Lhejar fien you canlop
it uf the nc\t dayivhensoJneoflbe alcohollas bccns{)akcdup bf theherb. tlne combinaliontharhasbeensuccessfull) usedon sevcraloccasiorsis vitaminClwlth
DoneQxaiandParsle,v. VilaminC stan'esthe uterusofpfogestomrc,andlhcnafler5
Usinsa 500 iar andkeepincit toppedxp is a goodideabecaxse spoilage
is nore daysDons Quaiis added1lrstuergthen alrdexpelthe embryo.
likely iilhere is an air saph fiejar andao) plart materialis I l'arslc)rclaxcsandsoftenstlrecenil.
exposed to il. Kecptbc co ainerin a $'arrnplaceawayliom
slfongsunlightandshake{ell oncea dayfin at lcrst two wccks I lhe besttlpe io useis Ascorbicacid.althoughJoyGardncrwiles thatcalciumascorbale
(althouphsomesayat leastsix weeks).Decantthe bujk ofthe
or sodiumascorbatc arc alsooh. PurevitaminC is best.althoughanyofthe man-y
iiquid andstrainthercsiduedrough n)uslh (wrnrsingont rhelast vitanri. C productswouldbe acceptable. Choosingtheproductrviththefeweradditional
drup).Siorethetincturein a dark,airtighibottlewith a daredlabel ingrcdicnts {ould bc bcst. so thal ou avoid takinglargeamourisofsugar.flalourings
r(iolhcrchcmicalsIt is suspcoted thalbioihrinoidsareaddedto vilaminCrto protect is csscnlialtherelirre10choosea productlhatcontainsno
ltoschipis . hiollirvinoi(l
r'rxldn)ul(lxl$ bervoided.
siopped.Shc auggestsgGdually decreasingdosesover the courseol lhree da,vs.

A range ol dosageshale beensuggestedlion 6 gramsper day lo lwetl,e gnms per day.

lirorn rcadingthe pcKonal accounlsol herbal aborrionoD ihe SislerZ€us websiteil
Vitamin C as an EmergencyContraccptive
seens thal mosl successsioriesinvoh,e the ligher doses.I $,ould adlise hking 10 - 12
hao 500ng tablets(non-chew$le)shouldbe placcdinsidethea.qinainmediatclv
follo\ing unprolcctedsexor coldom rupture andrepcaiediwice a da)' for threedavs.
You should djvide your total gramsfor ihe day into equaldosesequally spaced This increasesthc acidlevelsiD tle vagina\\hich shouldkill of the spenn lhereis no
guaranl€e ihatrhissill be lcr0%efeolivcbut it $ould grcallydecrease thechaoces of
throughourll1eday. ud as ma) limes durnu rhe nighr as you can rnmagc.
spcnnmakingit to thc egg.Thismay cause irritation;
soothe widl Aloe Vcia
Safety du rg thetirne
Vilan1inU canalsobc takeniNernallyasan emergenc) conlraceptive
bet{cen conception andwhenmensiruation is expected. SislcrZ€us does not believeir
Anyon. wilh scnsitivekidneys or an) kind ol kidncy problcms sbould nor use lilarniD C jfyou to uscit
is aseflecrivelrsihe morning-aier but ir can be used are too late
This is bec.luseexcessanounls of vitanin C in the bod) are elhinalcd throughthe vitaminC
(lonserrhaD72 hourssinceconcepiion). l'ollow thc same procedure as lsins
kidncys which can put lhem undcr shain. will
asan abodlfacient asabole.Themenshual cycle has to complele itsell so bleeding
not beginnuch earlierthanusualasa result ol laking vilamin C
|eopl€ $lro takc anli-coagulanls(e.9.aspirin),1\,nohavo sicklc oell anaemia.or have
difticulty metabolisingvitamin C should consuha doclor bolbrc takiDgmcga'dosesof
vilamiD C.

Possibleside effects

Mosl offie seious side enbcls involved wilh suchhigh dosesof\,itlmin C are oDIr-
applic.$le il such dosesitrc suslainedoler a lorg period. The 1,1day usagese are
talking aboul hcrc mean ll1arftcy are unlikcly to occu.

Abdoninalcranps,hot flushes.rashes,conslipalion,
dndkidneyiffilationmay occur

*14a{ have the foLlo$ing infonnation abo the safet} of vitamin C:

' Vilanin C is nontoxic at levelsfar in excessofthe RDA. Soln€individualsdelelop
dianhoeaftonl takingapprox.2,000to 5,000mg perda)',r'hile elen ligher levelsdo
nol bothd otl1crs. High levelsof vnanin C candeplclclhebodyoflhe essellialmincral
coppcr', so lakea coppeFconlaining mullinulricntlbrmulail you'remegadosingon C.
High dosesof vitamin C may also increasethe risk of kidney sionesin sone people.
alihough srxdiesindicarethat thosel\'ho do not have a hisrory of kidney stones,severe
kidne-vdisease or gouiarenor at risk. Because vitaminC ma,vincrease iron absorpdon,
chcckwilh a doctorifyou sullerfionl jron ovcrloadandwantto takehighdosesof
\ilar'lin C."

JoyGardnerexpresses concerns thaihigi dosesof viiaminC makesthekidneysusedto

excrelinglargequaditiesof vitaminC resultingin a deficiency*'henhighdosesare

Do n gQ u a io r C h i n e seAngelica Cdpr,/asrfrom reportson ihe eilecti\'edoscseemsto be

I ,000mgevery lbur hours.
Chinese,AmedcanandEuropeananeelicaaret|ree differcni pla s or fie samevariet-s. Safety
TheChinesevariety,dongquai,is fie nost scientificallt'researched oflhe goup and
reponedto bc Lhebeslfor usein herbalabonion.AmericanandEuropean vafieiies,qhile Peoplewi 1a historl of canceror who are at risk of hcafl anackshouldnt uselhis herb
Ify;u lakeblood-thinning agcntslike aspirindo not usedongquaior otherangelicaas
not aswell researcbcd,borh havereputationsfor haling similar ellecls andhavebeen
thesehavea lendenoyto increa^sebleeding
usedby herbalistslbr generations.
Angelicaroot decoction syrup;s repodedlyusedb-v
somenidwivesto bringoul theplaccntaanerlabour.DongQuai\ namecanbe wntlcn
'dong'or'dang',and quai','quoi'or'gui'. Possiblesideeffects

The root is oflen relened to as 'femaleginseng'and is dcscnbedas havirg an affDity The onethat'smost concerningis the tendencyio inoreasebleeding This misesconcem
qith the femaleconsiiiution.Dong Quai hastwo very ditltre effectsor the uterus;it wben this he$ is usedto end pregnancvas it can increascthe risk lbr haenorhagc lf
hasth€ ability to Jllrrrldre contractions,and also to rela{ fie xterus andtherebyrrrti,} you dccideto usethis h€rb, pay particular attentjonto how much vou are bleeding To
contl"ctions. The effectdependson how you preprre the herb. iecrersetherisk ofhaemorrhage. disconlinue useofdong quai(or otherangclica)once
bleedlngis established
DongQuai'srelaxinseffecton theuteruscornesfrom volatileoils contained in theroot.
Volatile meansrhe oils are easily destroycd.When the aim is to capturetlem, bre$ an Angelicasarephotoroxjc,this meansif voll are exposedto strong sunllght aftef using the
infusion.TherelaxingeffectofDorg Quaiis useltrllbr dysmenoffhoea (pairtul herbyou nay developa rash lnsomniamav alsobe a sideeffect lfvou experience
labouredbreathingoi weak andrapid pulsereducethe dosage Olher possiblcside clTects
are dilatedpupils and stonach pain
Whenthe aim is to stimulale srrongco-ordinated,regularconfactions in orderto bring
on delayedmenstrualion or causemisca iaee/abortion, thcDa decociionis used.lhe
simmeringofthe herbdeslroystheoils,rhusleavingjust the uicrinestimuhnng

Thercis disagreement asro sncthera tinctureis usefulor nol.SisterZeussaysthal a

tincture rr useful as th€ volalile oils are not extacted into it. Uni Tiamat slatesthai
alcohol'bascd prcpararioru (suchastinctures)only lroduccthc urerinerelaxingeffect.1
haventbeenable10resolveihis I'd advisestickingio a decoctionor a
syrupofa decoclion.


Theroot is rhepan uscd.Look lbr qualit) productsconlaininsonly ihe root.Do not use
the fresh|erb, only useit dried.Ioxinspresentin tho ireshroot areeliminatedby the

,ecrcrlofl: Simmerthe choppedddedroot in a coveredpar fbr l5-:10ninures.Ddnt a

250m1cup everyrhreeto fbu| houls.
//rcnl/e. 5-15dropsin a cupofwarm watereveryfour hours(allhoughsomesourcessay
nol to xseit thiswat.
BlueCohosh Pul two labtespoons
olpeppermini (to
of bluecohosh,t{Q tablesNonsof pennvroval
improve the laste,may have somemild cnmenagogue
andnvo inblespoons
qualilics)inio a
(Cau|ophyum thalictroides) largciar.Boil 1% litresof watermd pouro\'erthe herbs,captightlv slee!fof 20
mi;utes.Add honcyifdesjred Drink in 5 to ardosesthroughoul fie day Sheadds'
Blue cohoshis a powefirl berblion Noth America hasa widevarietyofuses. menslruationshould startby the sitth day. Bleeding shouid bc not morethandouble
NativeAmericanChippewa$ise'wontn useda stong decoctionfor conrraceptive your normal anorlnt for the tust da,v or t\\'o ' Shenotesthal American pennvrovalis is famedfor ils abilily 1ordgger andhasienchiidbifih and deiiver dre strongerthan Europ€an.

Susan\Veedgiles thescdoses
Bluecohoshis oftenusedaloneor in conbinationwith otherherbsfor theregulationof Blue cohoshshouldbe takenas a tincrurc. 20 dropsoftincture in a cup or \\ann l\ater
themenstfualcycleandto easepainfulmenstrual cramps.It is alsousedin fornulasto
lrea1endometriosischlamydiaandccrvioaldysplasia. As a ulerinebnic, il nor.rdshes
theuterinetissuein a varietyofcitclnslrnces,inclxdingafterpregnancy,
revitalises pemvrovaliincturc
8B 20 dronseachofblue cohoshlincture,blackcohoshlinctureand
miscar age,abortionor comingoffrne Pill. oil).
(NOT theessential Drink slowlvin a cup ofxarm watcrcveryfoll| hours

lllue cohoshcoDtains tharcausetheuters to contralt;oxylocin(a

at leasttwo substances of ddedblriccohos|root,2 rablcspoons of tansvand3
OB 2 rablespoons 'lded
homoneproducedduing ohildbirth)andcauLosaponin, a uniquesubstancelbundonly in taUlespoors of dried pemyro) al lea\€s Put a liirc of watet in a pan xifi fie bluo cohosh
an.tbring to the boil. Put ihe olher herbs ilno a large srrongiar and pour on theJusc
boilcrlblirecohosh rnix. Tightly screw on thc lid and lcave lbr thidy minutcs' Reheatto
herb,mcaningii containsoeslrogen-like
Il is alsoan oestrogenic subsiancesandcanhave drink.If ) ou wan!to use a tincture jusl miss out boiling thc herb (bur sdll boil the {rater)
oeslrogenlikesideefects(thosewith oeslogen-dependant iumoursshouldnot usethis andadd20 dropsof tincture 1o the cup of tea when rehealcd
he$). lfyou arenot supposedto ussthc Pill fien you shouldnot usethisherbu ess
undefthegxidanceof yourherbalist. Sheadvisesa maximunof five daysof thesctreatnenis.
11is commonlyusedwith pennyroyal (anabonilacicDl)3nd/orblackcohosh*'hich helps
soilenthecervixandrelaxtheos (thcrnuscular
openingofthe cervix).lt alsoencouBges
urednecontraclionsandaccordnrg1osone sources blackcohoshis usedto
Caulosaponin (presenljn bluecohosh)alsohaslhe actionof mr]owingthc arterieslo lhe
tempertheintensilyofblue cohoshscontractibiliry. d strokethcn
heartso ifyou havea his1oryofhigh or low bloodpressurc.
glaucoma ot kidnevdamageshould
Susanweedhasa high opinionofBlue coiroshwh.n il comesto terminating pregnanc] .vousbouldntuscthisherb Anyoncwith diabetes.
andspokeofusing bluecohoshalone,althoughSislerZeusihinksii s beter in
tsluecohoshis an oesttogenic hcrbandhasoeslrogctllikesidcefects'cg abnormal
blood liver
cloiting. problcns and tumoursDo not Ltsciivou've
Dosage no b take the Pill
The rootis thc pal1of ihe plantlo use-Somesoucesstatelhatthe aboiilacied qralities
ofthis herbis bcst.xfacted in alcohol,avoidgl-vcerine

Painin thc 1imbs.vomiling.pound;ngheadachcsReduccdosesif you experrence these

l-hi liamal givesthesedosages: lrerbs,cin be taxingon ihe kidncvs lo
thrce10four timesa day. Bluecohosh,ljke nany ol theabortifacient
Dero.rlor?:Simmerfor 20-30minutes,125m1-250m1 ddnkiig nettlelca aspan oflour abortion
redressthis,Uni Tlamalrcconxnends
Tincture: '/, to 1y, teaspoons,tbreeio fbur times a da).

Jo) cardenerwriresaboutpennyroyal
(uta graveorens)
Rue has beenhisiorically usedas a tea to induce miscariage by wolnen all oler iho American pennyroyal(hedeomapulegoides)
world from the Mediterranean and Europe to Latin America and North America. Rue Europeanpennyroyal(Menthapulegium)
contains t\ao chemicals ihat $'e kno$ have the abiliiy to cause abodion during early
pregnancy.One is phlocarpnE, which is xsed in velednary medicine as an aboniiacicDt
for holses,the other is rutin (or vitanin P) whjch hardensboncs and tcethand DudngAmericancoloniallimesa tablespoorofbrewersveaslwasfrequcndvaddcdto a
slrengthensarleriesand veins.Rulin dccruasescapillary permeabilityin the uterine freshlybre$'edoupofpennyroyaliea10induceaborlion llis conbinarionis meDtioned
lissues,r'hich causcsthe womb lining 1()bcoomcnon,nuhilive to ihe fertilised egg. Itutin in lhe lalc 1800sas'reputed
in King'sI ericanDispensatory 10b€ a safeal]deffectile
is sonelines availablesepa|alclyin capsulclbrln. aboriifacient'.

Dosage Pennyroyal whjchcauseslhe uterinemusclesto contract'il

is a $€ll"knownaborlifacient
is saidto be veryelT€clive combined{iih Blue Cohoshor mugwort
andis sonlerimes
/'y'rrt r: l-3 lcaspoons por cup,3 i{),l timesdaity.Boil the waterfirst thenpour boiled
\yarerover tbe dried herb.Do not boil rhe herb in water as this desirovsthe herbs Europempennyroyal is alsoknownasCrcepingPennyoval,I'uddingGrassor
properties. Steepfor ten minutes. CunniDghan Mint, with thetallcrversionknownasUprightPennvroyalJovGardener
fi?r./r/er5-15drops,3 to 4 iimesa day. notesthaiAmericanpcimyro)alis sirongerthanEuropcan
C'dtuler' 1-,1,I1()4lines a day.
the l€avcsandflo$'criopsarc lhepartused,andare€lleciiveasan irfusion'or asa
Peoplewho have heart, liver or kiilney problemsshouldn'tuse fue. iinclure addcdlo hot water No more than four oups(250m1cach)a dav, for no mote than
file days.Bhc Cohoshcanbe mixed1,Jhelpwith crampingithee recipcsincluding
PossiblesideEffects pcnnlroyalarclistedundertslueCohosh

Rueis a very strongherb,stimulalingtheuierusandncrvoLL! sysleln.RueRulinsbouLd 75nl-200m1even lhreeto lbur hours

l,Asnrrr Stecp15-30mimules,
nol be usedin exccssor on a prolongcdbasisasit cancausekjdneyinitationandliver (r\ e\€ry thrceto four hours.
Tindurc:2O60 .lrcps ta I ieaspoon)
degeneradon. Thc cssentialoil is highlytoxicandshouldneverbe usedinlernaLly.
usingrulin readthc label.Usirg rulin capsulesmaymakeyou feel Iflou haveaccess to the freshpenn)royalherbvou canmakean oil infusionbv soaling
anxiousor iearlulduc1oits etact ofkeepingadrenalirein the rhc freshherbin olive oi]. Thispreparation is alsofor extemaluse'it nav be rubbedinto
bloodstream. Reducedosageifyou experience severesromach the solcsofrhe tcetandinto theabdomcn lhere areuterineirointson thc Achilles
pain,vomitingor convulsions. terdon- massagirgthen wilh pemyroyrl-intused oil mav alsobc helpfulby
encouraging nieriie contractionsTheoil infusion is no1asconoenlrated astheessenlial
oil. ii will nol irritate thc skin and more liberal amornts be usccl


Theessential oil of pennyroyalshouldNIVER be usediitemallv cten n snra]lamounts:

it is a deadly poison andit is not a pleasanlwav to die.The essenlial oil mavbe used
extemall]'oDl), but as il is exiremelypotenril car calse skinilritation lhe teaposes
littlc 1()no fatalityhazald. Uni liamat wdtes.'l havc found pcnnlroval lcafidusion to b€
very eftcciiveandsafein m) osn herbalabortionexpcricnce.
discaseor damageshouldnol use pennyroyal'. ALso,those
Inyone $'ith kidney
wifi ahistoryol kidn€ysiones WildCarrotseeds
shouldavoidFnnFoyal. Shenotesthal ifyou ha\€ not hadrcsulisby oneweekthcn (Daucuscarota)
discontinue,asextended usemay damage ihe centralnervous syslem,kidneysandliver.
canot'the planlis a
WhilsrtheLatin nameis thesamefof lhe $ild aslbr thecultivaGd
canbe taxingor ihe kidneysandliver'Anyonewilh healthproblems,
All abodifacjents tnutco.-on1v gro$s in hedgesand verges all oler theliK' The seeds
ait ..nt
wi$ lho liver andkidneys,shouldconsuli$'ith a herbalislor nidwife befire
especially ".i"rv
.i,r'' lr'. l. g"'rrer(d
fruir $iU or DoJLrhr n plllr supplier'rhuthc !eD.
"ii, "
usingarryofdese herbs. f"fenl lospeci') '" hr/Jcarr'tr'eeJ'tr'lle) arLn'r a\drLblclior herbol\loc\rsl\'ue
seedsupplicrsmay hale treatedthe sceds$iih chcmicals to
Possiblesideeffects i deas€iheir gL'nnjnatron rales.

(ald thcreforein a lot

Nausea,numbncss in extremities,dizzincss, lbo muchis highlyroxicandthe
sweating. the Wlld Carroiis alsokno\\'nasQueenAnnes Lac€in 'qmcrica
oil is deadly.lhe mostconlnonsideeffecrwith this herbseemslo be nausea,
essential ofthe rclerenccs for $'ild canotasa contracepdle andabo{ifacicnt) ln ihe UK Qlteen
repotedlyaffecfirgihe najoriry ofwonen who useit. Soifyou chooseto use Anne'sl.aceis alsosonetimesthecommon namc for CowPatsle)'(dud?rtrcr/s Tlterlrts)
doesnot hal c d1e same pfopedics l hcv are t-oth from tho
pennyroyalrhcnbe awarcofthis, planlo lakeit easyandexpeclnot to feelyour besl. i" . air..""t pr"*
"nd nowers lb garherwild Carrolseedsvotrselivou $'i11
"'rri"rrf"rniry *a fl"i. ti"'tilar
""t" as severalpoisonous look-
r"".it" nna g"oa f*ra g.ide to ensuecorrectideniifioatlon
" dmilv llo\rcrer, thcrc is a reliab]e \\'rv b iell it apad from its
r. [" *"*
"riil "."r' hairs on it's slcm (hence thc old saving as
look alikes,andthalis the disiinctivebrisiiv
sureasthehairson QueeJr Anne'slegs')

Wild carot seedshavebeenusedtbr centuries bv $omcnall orer thc *'orld' andtheir

r**tf" beenlerified bv scientilicstudv Subslances $irhjn-lhesceds
"[".,t'-lt"t" ^f* svnthesisin prcgnart aninralsThc substance(an
hare becnsho$'nio blockprcgeslcrone
h the womb lining' thus
artiDrosesti) blocksthc receptorsitesfor ptogestcrone
J.oii"rie d," *".t thatis needed
thc p;ogcsterone io forma supporiireenviroDne't
to the lcrtilised egg.

wild Caffo1seedshavea reputation asar cfectjveiDp]sntationinhibilorandhale been

,""J *c".*rrrll' * * contaccptiveThe,rareaLsorcnouned6 a lralural..
"--genc)ro sL'"cessfuilvus" rtresecdsasa coftraceptive vou will
Irl;,r,"a l',
"",i'*."i." "rdi. andbe ablcto pfedict wherrvotl $ill o\ulalc'
neeaLomonitorro"r rn"nstrualc,vclcs .
be Lr"' tr"oughouf vour fertilcpedo'l m pregnancv'
prcvent andalthoushI-
"".ra $ho swear
wouldnot regad this asa fail-safcmethodI bavere3drepofs ffom Nomen
\ 'alt r ' / ) o r r r r Fl
r hc$ o rea. p, 'uI ol \ \ ildr dnor \ ced' f Jr oa) $"' r u Jus | $i r
'e $r ll
ch.u \e ted ' r nor or gl't )or r er $''c ! he) |a''lr r oug\ ) our t ) 'enr r lh'{1ber . ] g
Thcy can be used in seleral \aYs:
. Daily throughoutthe menslrualcvcle.
. Thedayafterunprotected
sex- herballoreis lhatllis wouldbe enoughlo prelent
bul modernhcrbalwisdomstalesthai-voushouldcontinucfor 7-10da)s
. Usedthroughout yorl| Iedileperiod(ifyou knowyourcvcLe)andlbf six davs (TanacetumVulgare)
lans) is bestkro\{n for iis insectrcpeuetuqualjtiesbui l1asbecnrepotedsnrce
ft""it g emmenagogual powers lt's a lairly toxlc plant the
Safety .".*a
bu! is alsoa bmin slilnulantwhilsl
"f"t".* tr1"j"."".*r''i.r, *'ses uterinecontracLions
Wonen wifi a hislory ofkidney or gall sronesshould consull a herbalislbelbre using lhjs herbtnustbe usedNith cautio' is safeaslong3sdosesarenot excceded'

su,J.1\\ecJrepo||.;'robc5tcfe"fLrl ar'nol.irPrborr;on'\ens\"'.":"''t'1"' '',

rrlr\"ugh.rncoDfirlr<dl I carrcl
r'rJ'l1n') and! ranrrn
r\rryonelaking rhe contr&eptive pill, any odrer oeslrcgennedicainD shoold aloid thcse .e\fl"1$c<{' i' fo'sihlc
herbs,as should anyoncwho's beenadvisedagain$ laking estrogonicnedlcation (like eachotherout. so lhey shouldn'tbe usedtogether'
the cbntrrcepdve pill).
The anountotthujoneprcsentin lansl is highlvvariableandsome
faces ofit \\irile othersproduceoil up to 95% thujone widr
Therefbfe everynew balch'
Possiblesideeffects walohingcloselvfor sidee ecis'
startout ai a 1owdosei; orderto test)our sensitivii)',
Themajoity ofllome' reporlno sideetfectswjth thisherb,ahhoughif constipation andincrease thedoseifnccessarv
the amountofwatcr tak.'n.As $/ild Carrolis an oestrogenic
occursiincrease hcrbli can
haveoestrogcn e.g abnomalbloodcloiting'
relatedsidceiTects l iver problems,
an'i Dosage
oestogendcpendant nlmours.
$dereit is
Dosageis cofiaincdin oneoflhe rccipesgilcn in the bluecohoshsection
Iiurdrerreadingon Wild Carrctseeds: usedalong \\'irh pennlroyal. Tansycan also f'e usedon ns own
or go ro The WoddCanotMuscun
. http://wcbsite.lineone.nclf-stolarczyk/queen.html
at \lww andfolhr'/ rhelink fbf'\\'ild' lrrstdnr Ste€ptor 30 minutes.Use%-l teaspoon ofdried hcrbp€rcup'threeto lour
. hltp://r\\\-rvaltmture.conigallery'Wild
Canol.htm tinrcsper day,for up to scl'endals
krrrrle: 1/,% teaspoonin wann ltaier, threeto four times a day


A ,toref,one ., cpierricsei/Jles'houldI o u'e ldr'\ u' dn\

otherherbcontainingthLrioneNeveringestessenrial oiLs'
tansyis particularly ioxrc

Possible side effects

Nausca, voniting, intla$mationolstomachlining'dilaled

shoot rlower 6av€s aid seeds pupils,$'cakened or rapidpulse lansyhasbe€nknownto
ia"se tenporarylumpsin heasls lansycancausewomen\tho
usuallv menstruate\er-! leavilv 11lhaenorrhage lr is photohxic'
so the usermay developskin rashor blisiering in strongsuiligbl
I As $ith seleral olher herbsin this palnphlet,h11svcould causebi h
defcctsiflhe pregnanc)$erc ca leo to rcrm-


Mugwort Juniper

Mugwon is a well kno\r aroundthe world as a menstrualpromoler but not muchhas Juriperworksasa co lainsthujoneso it
Like Tansyandjuniler, il conninsihe is r'airl)roxic.It hasa long historyis an rboilfacient- the stereoiypical useofa bonleol'
been${illen aboutirs powen asan abo{il'acient. j
gilr is dcrived fton1the faci of gin bcing a foml of lveek uniper linctrrel
uterinecontaciorchenicalthujone,andso is liirly toxic.
One sourceolaims thaliuriperis bestusedeilhef;n Llt fl|st h{o leeks oftfcsnancy or
in ihe fiISlfe\yda,vsafl.f a missedperiod.Juniperis rcputedlo $ork asan implanhlion
irjibitor aswcll asan abodifacient andhasa rcpulalionasa cort|aceptive-
Thele3vesarethc p3ftofthe planlused.Uni Tianat wriGslhat ifs bestwhenusedtcn
andthatit's oicn combinedwith pennyrovalor
daysprior to theonsc!of menstruation

four to six Limesa dav Soneiinescombinedwith Rue.

-rrtrt n: Sleepfor 15-20minures,lake I leaspoon-itablespoon Thebedes andleavesareuscd.
nncturc 30-6a drcps()L I leaspoon)
four 1osix tines a day.
1nlidio, tipe bedet Steepfor 10-20rniruies.Iake 60-80mls 2-3 iimcsa da)
(leaves)steepfor 10-20instake1-3tablespoons
2-l timesa day
Safety Gipebeffies)5-20drops.2-3iimesa day
Otlj l'3 drops2-l ftnes a daI
N-obodyprone to epiieptic seizuresshould Lrselhis herb or any
other herb coniainingthuione. Thujone is a leratogenand could properties
but I halc no rcference
Thc rootna,vhaveimplantation-inhibiting
cause sevorc birth defecrs il lhe pregnancy lvcre camed to tenn

Possiblcsideeffects ol esscilisloil
Fully grownbut unripebeni€saresaidto containhigherconcentrations
andso dosagesshouldbe rcduccdlfmaking prepafalions
wilh fiem.
I.arye Folonged doscs(over t$o weeks) arc said to iiiure the

& Anyono $,idr an exisdng kidney compiaint or nen'e

da rure JroulJ r Jr Jr Lniper .\ . iuniperf u. , r d'r '
thuioneit should not be usedbt anyoneprone to epilcpric

*r, Possibleside effects

of iron and
Junipermayinterlcrcwilh lheabsorption
minerals.Va) increase
oil1eressential the volumcol
urinclnd givethe udneibe odourofviolets.Hasa
lendencyto irritatethekidner-s(lbllow up wilh nettleLca
to soothckidne)'safterusingJunipcr).

Jtnipenis c.n drnt s

41 braich aid befies

CottonRootBark Parsley
(Gossvqiun crisPum)
(a sdmulalorofmensrruation)lt $'orls iike ,r cha|mfol
Coiton root bark has a long history as 3n abortiiacientamongsrNarive Amcrican a'd l'arsleyis t mitd enmenasogoe
Aliican lvomen.It is thoughtlo havebeenused extensivelvarnolg slaveuonen in sraningnrenstruarion rvhenprcgnancyis not the causelof dela'\"
cotbn plantalionsin thc USA aftcr rape bv slaveowners
To assistherbal abortion
soldin Chinafof its abilitvfu reducethc male
Cortonrootconlainsgos\Tol, a substance
For lennjnaiinga pregnancv, parsl.vis a helpefherb,rekuingthe cerlir io aid in rhc
."i"""" ,le womb w|er usedbv itsclfir will noi causcaborior Ircan
havcfoundthatcottonrooi barkdefinite]vconiainselements \i1h '""ii,ii,"'. (ascorbic acid)
Chnresc rcsearchers be us"c1asa teao. asapcssal'a d combineswcll r'ith vitaminC
theabilily to disNpipregnanc,v lt secms io work in t{o $avs |irsilv it acison the
corpusluteumwhichis a smallyello$ bodv lbrnledi! Lheovarf,lhat secrcles ParsleyPess.ry(vaginalinsert)
progeslcrone n) preparethe $omb ljning for pregnancvColtonrool disruplsthis
proa."Lionorprogesre.o"c. ihe secondetrcolis thaiii increases receltorsi€s on affectstheccrvixsoftening ir' hclpingirtu
Thisis a comnonl-v usednefiod lt directry
orytocin+ensiiive oiherilofds it increases Lhe effect
ofoxvtocin a hormone
o f parslcy and
riDse remore ihe largerpal1oI-
uo"ntu n .p*" toi ,"l.ots. I ake2-1sprigs
$fiich causes utcrmecontrachons
if" a"" *" nrstieafioirliAftcrrinsjDg thempuslther insidci[e vasinaas
ii. i".i y* *", pr*rngthemagain$the cervjx.l hevwill feelbulkval first'but .
Themainproblcn with cotionrool bmk is lhat il's vcrv hardto obtain Cor nefcidllv "' .;".1 r"ar . ca, .r. ,,ge, e!er $er\<r,oL.. r- 'crnn\(,h"
asthe root ;;;:,::r:;*
gro\\r oottonshouldno1be usedasit is sprayedNith lig|lv toxic chemicals, """1"l, r h{ o'er cdlr er f l'n{ r or
onlv organicallv grown collorl oc,.a.r.r.-ch'r . r de"ir n. . "ir f i'r r solr ge''dr d\ coopJr r
is nol intcndedn)r consumplionUse
I.i r'r"'"a.,r..'al".:^a n"placewilhilesh parsle]' 1bu could alsoLiea stringaroundre
siemsbeforeinsedion to assislin renroval
Making tea from Parsley
Dcroclt.rri1009ol driedootlonroot barkro 1 li!|e ofwater Boil for 20-30ninuresuniil
liquidis reducedto halt l'akc2-4 tablespoons in greengmc'n and
whenereralailablc.userhefreshherblt is rcadilyavailable
Itrrlal" 1-4leaspoons elery 30-60 minules sized
litl a sl|afrb mccliunr lan wilh watcra'd bringlo iheboii Remoie
irlimrr,ctearanaaaaa landtuloriso of chopped coloriightlvandlet ii.steep
Possible side eflccts Slrainthcteaandcompost thehcrbmaterialTherusulrng iears
for 20-30minules.
grccnin colour. lf ,voudonrtlikerheiastcvou(:ansseerenit and/oraddniik
sho$nprolonged usecanbehanful (atoph"vof theuterinelining),for the limest\ere Safety
be a pfoblem
talkingabouthere(no nore than14davt this shouldn'L
l'arsleyis noi toxic,bul it shouldnot be us€dby peoplc
ith inflanmatort kjdnel problcmsor other kidnc-r'

Thereareno rcpoicd side effecls

Black Cohosh GingerRoot
(Cimicifugaracemosa) (ZinzibarOfficinalis)
This is an anti-spasmodic
herbolienuscdin conjunction with biuecohosh.Bllck co|osh
This is a helperh€rb.nol potenienoughto causcab(nlionin its own.Its readilyavailable
is unlikely1ocauseabortionunlesscombincdwilh otherlerbs. lt is a lielperhcrb,
asa foodstut dndextrcnrelyetrectiveat bringingon mensl"uation whe nol pregnant
hebingto preparethe ce|vixio rcleasethecontenlsofthe is oftenconbincd
Susan[eed callsit 'onc ofihe sirongestard acting
faslesl enxnenagogucs.
with bluecohosh,andit alsocombincss,cll with vitanin C anddongquai.
cinger is believedto bc verygoodat enhancing ofany oiherherbswith
thc cfectlveness
Blackcohoshis valuablefor treatlngPMI menslrualcramps,homonaltubalancesand
\rhich it is combined.
symploms. lt alsolmsa balancingelltct on hofmoneprodxction,
Dosage 'lhe root is used.
'l he rcot is thepad used. 4-6 timesa day
,ecocrtor: Silnlnerfor 15-10minures.t:*e 2-,1tablcspoons.
It?clr,"j 1-4&ops,4-61imcsa daj.
,rcrdlon: simmer1-4iablespoons for 5'l5 minutes,3-4timesa day.
Zlrcirle: %-1teaspoon, 3-,1tinesa day.
CdpJ?r1err Dosages canbe in thcrangeof 500mg-1,000mg everyfour hou|s. Possible side elTects
1r.,4r.riorrStep 2 teaspoonsin 500m1ofwaler.'lake2-3 tablespoons 6linrcs a day.
in largedoses-
Canbe nauseating

alack cohoshcan delfess heartraie. Anlonc wiLh any i,apeof heart diseaseshoold nol
use tbis herb.Due to ils oestrogenjcpropcrtics,this hcrb shor d not be takenby anyone
\\410has bceDadvisednot to take the l,ill. Black cohoshshould not be conbined wirh

Possibleside effects

Dizzincss,diarhoea, nausea,headaches,shakes,lou pulsc, vomiling. Side effects

possiblcwith pdoneed use llray include xterirc irritaftn, pair. abnormal
blood cldtnrg (which could causeproblenN when usinghcrbs ^bdominal
to cnd pfegnanc).such as
possiblchaemorfhage),ljver problens. BecauseoLits ocstrogenicpropefies, jt may also

l lo$€ver in file di lTcrcntsludiesusingdoseseqr valentto 40 mg/dayof cludcherb

fierc wereno casercponsoftoxic effectsftom theherb,andthercappcars to be no
speciliclo\iciry dssocialcd with anyofils knownconsiiluents.A fe!v sidcellicLswere
noLed;dizzjness. hcadachc andweightgain.

Bibliography thdl llN LheAbili{ lo Letnin.tepregtarcy. A tcfn uscdlo lcscnhc rry
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aie aboriifacicn'..
abonifacrcnhare€ burnortil ernrnenasosues
Anythng r,vegot from it has boen lhrougrroiher sources
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We bS iteS Infnsion - A *arelbasea l,erbalprepdationwhcrerhc waic, is b.,lcd tn$ andllren pouredoler ure
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Si6l€rZeus Fertiity Awafeness,Herbsaffectng lhe ]\4enslrualCyc e HerbalCorhacepton &
ocsiroscn - A fenale hormonc
Herba abodon Th|s is a very comprehensvewebsrieconia.rng huge a.nountsol userll
nformationThere is no olherwebsle like L The secion wherc women gvelheir peBonalaccounls Os - Thc Dnscllar oDenincnJfie ulerus
or herba aboidon (ca ed Sharng our wisdom) s ar nvaluabe .ead lVW sisle.-zeuscom
Oury - ODeoftlr. Fir ofle.rdle reproducdreglards lhat prodlceseg8s

o{viocin- A honnoncrhat
indtces .f LheLtei,tr.
Email Support GrOUp
I'lacent! - Ar orgar $hich c.rnecisrhc foerus10lhe uterus.pssirg routislmenl lo itrtroueh drc
This is fof women go .g lhrolgh herba abod on and women who wafi to supportthese women Th s n'nhili'xl
s an invalabe group prcvd ng slppod on a pracuca and emotionaLevel There are severalwomen

themselves slronglyrecommendjoining ih s group as you willhen have women on hand io

answefany queslionsot concemsyou may have Saccp_'Io soakitr liquid
Ter'logen - A subslircelhat cxlsesmalformalionofan e'rbDo
'rinclure A herbal
- Drepa6tion$lrcrc lhc a.tive i.gredienlsofa! ex$rcledln alcohol.The
tinolLreis giveno. lage 26.
rccipefor a sLandatul

46 lrtcrus _ the roDh (ut€.ine - ol or rlatins Lo llt,roniJ)

.any lvomauunderthe ageof I I years
1999 .agedovei 37 years
Carriedout by the Abortion Law ReformAssociation .historyoidiagnosisof foetalabnormalit
Criteriaset by healthauthoritiesfor NHSabortion .having 3 or moreexislingchiidren
for access
to NHSaborrion:
. .kno\m parental/guardiar/rclatileabuse
. .sratutoryhomeless undefPartI ofthe 1985I{ousing(Homeless
\bmcn aged,lsandovcr
. .other honelessrcsidingin women'said or othershelier
WonrenexperiencinS ps)chological
e)rtren1e trauma
. .in fuU line education
$bmcn victimsof rape
. .in recoiptof incomesuppon
Wome who areespecially \ulnenbteto violence .ha\'ing ouistandingsunmons for debt
. $/omen$,ithmedicalconditions
.haling shorttermcashflow problems
. Womenwith leaning difficulries

Nll. rhesecriteriaarefrequentlynoLadhered SHROPS}]IRE:

ro becausc
ofthe weeklyquotasystem .A norherio be who wouldstiil be mder 17 yearsol ageat tull ie|m
whichoperates al Bamethospital.Appintmentsareallocated on a first comefirst seNed
.,^ mothersilh iwo exisringchildrenuho wouldstill be underthe ageof three
basis.Casesarenot relcrrcdfor clinicaladjudicarion
andappointments arcallocaiedby
lhe telephoneappointmenrs secrelary tlrrougiroulher pregnancl.and$'ho was findnlg it dificult 10cope
who cannorexerciseclinicaldiscrction.
.A mothcr1obe with a personalor familyhisloryof severepsychiairicill healthor
CROYDON: significa1leamingdifiiculties
.l0 weeksmidlnum gestation .A motherwho is alreadyhomeless
.A moiheror fanily inro\r{ich a ncw babywor'd bc exposed risk of
to incrcased
.other facrors$nich would indicatethai the baby nay not be prcperlv nurtured
.girls under16yearsolase
. $b'nen on lo$ income(definedon reieral form to no! NHS asencyasjreceives WAISAI,I,:
inconesupport,familycrcdi!,jobseekers .less thri 18 weeksgestation
allowance or disabilit)benefits)
.has not hadnore thantwo pre\iousterminaiions
. Womenin retugesor victim ofdomesticvidcnoe
.fof fourthor subscqucnt .under20
.the homeless d!finedas:
.ihosewlro arestreethomeless .on incomesuppon
subjecrto saiisi'acln'n
that$eir considcfed
homeis .specilicnedicalreason(rapeelc)
within theIlcallh Authorityboundaries
.thosewho lave beenacoepted asbeingstatutoryhomeless andarecurenily residingin
thefollowingformsoftemporaryaccommodatior WOI,VERTLA.IVII'TONI
- bed& breakfast,
CurrenrNIIS fundingciteria -
.thosewho may be definedas'hiddenhomel€ss'. Thismayreiaieio expecrant f Womcnrequestirga sccondtenninationrbroughthe Prcgnancy
nolhcrs in EXCEPIIONAL oircumstances
an oppressive relaiionship
wheretldrpafner closelliscrLL$rises ,.reNOl acceplcd unless
there are
or heavilyrestricts
financialexpenditure .aireadynloiherof singleparcnifamily
.ihosewo,nen\\'hosecurrenthousingsecurityandsituationis thrcatened .under l8 tcars of ace
asa dircct
resuhof thcif pregnancy. .already had 4 or morepreviouslivc birrhs
.alreadyhas2 ohildrcnunderihe ag€of5 years

rseparaled. divorcedor widowedwithin fie last 12months
.failure ofa consislentlyusedreliableiamily planningnethod
.pregnancyresultingfrom rape
.orer 40 yearsol age
Proposedncw criterin for financialye'r 2000-200r-
ilailuro ofconsislenttyusednethodofconlraception e.g.IUD, NlirenaIntmurerine
system,Depo-Provera (s,ithin1l u€eksoflasr injecrion),Conrraceplive pill, Inplant,
.the pfegnantwonan wouldbe unableto provideapproprjate careandsuppo(for thc
polcnlialchildwith a signilicantriskthatrlroywouldbecomeor remainsociall]
excluded.Someexanples(andthislisr is not exclusive) iDcludeshe:
.is alr€adya singleparent
.is acedunder18years
.is agedoverl8 yearsandin fu11-lilne educaiion
ais unsu4poded by partnersor parents,e-g.rccentlysepamcdor divorced
.suffersfron learninsdimculties,phlsicaldisabilities or nental illness
.the existingchild(ren) of ihe family of the pregnantwomanhave:
.significantphysicalillnessor disability
.significautnenial illnessor disability
.child Folectionissries
the prcgnantwomanhas experiencedl

.severedomesticor socialslress
.there is subslantidlrisk ofthe child beingbon serioustybandjoappede.g.
.the pregnanlwornanhastakenteratogenic drugsin eaflypregnancl
itlere is a risk ofgeneticallyinheriteddisease
.the pregnantwoman'slife is at risk ifshe conrinues with thepregDancy

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