Abortionis not a moderninventlon.For mlllannlawotl|a[ hava Utad a varietyof plantsto prevontor i.rmln.ta pl.

Cnancy, Manyofthe herbs includedhrv6 mythlc r.put on... aphrodlalaca becauseoftheir associattons wtth tr!.dom rnd ..rorllty, rt.mmlng from their use In ancl€ntorglaa{c cultt ||a. as technological culturc puts tho powarovar ou?ltvat In tha handa of a small numberol hl-lochsxport!, $rom.n havo.toppad laalnlng how to controlthotrown f.rttttty. HarbatAbonion gathe6 somo of ths tong-known knowladea had.l ot abortionand puts it into. stratghtforu.rdand pr.c cat panphlat. Most olthe substancos mentlonod r.rdtly .vr[rbl., .nd rll ot are them are known to bo affacllva. HerbelAbortioncoveB not only herb! but et.o oth.r thlneaauch aa home pregnancy testlngktts that put controtb.ck Into th. h.nd. of lhe individuaiwomrr.. HethalAbortionefipowerswomenand gtv6aihom I chrnca lo laaln howto affectth€ir own reproducilvo syatemt. Horbal Abodon iz not a pamphlstof n6w.nd rodtc.t td.rt, tt tr slmply the perFtuatlon ot age-otdknowtodgo that h.. bcan systematically 3uppr€sed by those - from madi€val wltch-bumarr .nd clergy to modernday doclors and potiticians -who would u.urD lhe powerof a woman'scontrolovor hor own body. Jurt becauseh€rbal.bodlon uses hsrbs dos! not mosn tt u/ be gentleor €asy.Th6reerc certaintyrisks with any ftedlcal keltmont. Natural does not equalsafe. Havingreadthis, a womanmay well choosenot to us6 a herbal methodof abortton. gul whatevorshe choGes, she $/tttbd makinga,|lore Intormed choice from a wider rsngeof optton6,and sh6 w t b6tterunderstand the worktng3 her own ter tity. of


a woman's d.i.y. guide
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Howto Uselhe Herbs WhichHerbsto Tale

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SEcrlox THEHERaAL D osa g e s.. Heros p u r ch a sing Herus Prepare Howto U... Vitamin DongOuai BlueCohosh Rue.... pennyroyal. WildCarrolSeeds Iansy..... I

4ugwort Juniper'' RootBark Cotton Pa.sley..... Col'osh Black " Root" Ginger sEcllo{ 3 "" " Bibliography" Web sites. "'"' GroLrP EmailSuPPort "

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since beibrereclded hntiny {omen halc bccnablero con{rotnr.irown tenililt trsirjg pta(c Nh.th$ it be for nrcrednrg ch.Dccs.f.onceiving,conrEceprion, de t'bonionor srafiing pcril s,wonjen deta),ed haveknownh.{ ro lislento theif bodies dilldrnem t1,s dd onlr iinty .ecerrtr-. we,ve givenover all lhar knoaledge ofour b.djes10nredic.lproti$ionals.My aim is to enrpoBe. woment.lake lle peNonat exle.ence ofaborlionlioin th. hands ofdocroB andloiiticians.

Ink, by Herbal Abortion published Godhaven 2002
Co piledandedjledby A lwen information and ediiions Nill incl de updated cxpanded Second edition.liutuLc gratefullyrcceivedl and Susgeslions correctiorls

UnLilnedievaltiJnes, nidwiles serc the oneslyidrrne infornationabouiaborijve contr.cctti\eherbs, and ed becars ofn rheywcreburned $ilchesby the ChrisLian as esrabtishnenr. ctera), Tte recognised tlje posef ot iinililt conirolandiook i( iordremselves. l,oliricldr inhorired srill wj.tdttis power !!d Theresas neverany conradictiorbetwecn role ofthe midwifein chitdbnrh l[e a.d herrotc in tisNnsnrg herbsfor aboaion, *.s seenasr$o didereniasFeds it partof{he sanre.y.te r Lretievc olrhe same rhinC: thatr.gu alionofyor ledilitt trrusi include bcingableto decirle *hcn to beco e ! nolhor andirhen Al1]1o0sh obviously emoLional an tinie,abortlon be aposirivcerlerience, cd provingr.0r t!fiitii!, clar tingrelaLionships erploringyotr.feelines ard abournorhedrood lsnolnecessarit) lheomositeof dodrernood it can be p&( of n Widespre.d infomaiion abouLILow uscthese to herbs !.s .ever beenproperty recovofed.I decitedto nrate jt nt nissionro di{ribure lhis idonnation ater ]'lnding nryselfFcgnanrand benrg e to lnrd nor ab accurare, rellableinaorniation abort herbsin timc tr'se6y roiindatistofhe.bs lo.voidduriig prgnlrct. lregnarcy, but Lhs is r lonCway fron knowinghorvmuchofltFse h.rbs ro rse ro en{trhar his pan$let should rerd 1,,r g,ri!ry- wlh nnenrion Lre pajdiori\ks ad sideeifeds theredrc beiDg risl<s invoh,ed{it[ herbd] abotuonbut r[eserh]rs arc.o reason (oattempr provtded arc arned nor ii yotr *irl goodnifodnliion aboutall the possible ouromesandare$ilingto rcsorttoltsilnga dootorjl!!u Yo! uraydecide .fier rcading thls p.dphl€t tlat herbalabodionis not for Fu Irs truc. ii wonl luir everyoncHcfbllabonioncm.Dlt lake!t!ce in very eant pregnmcyandhasaredonabtyhigh cljdnce of ihilur. Yotrnraynot {isl to go through iwo weeksoftakitrg srrong hetusonly ro havd(o h!!c a ctinical abodionafterall (aDdit is litd tharlotr do not conrituesilh tlc preg.tuct afteryouve uke lerbs tor rusons slaied laler).Mdyolthese herbs qnitcioric andcm bc tariJrgonlhe body,irt io rue lo are assLmc hdbs oc! lessphysicallyslrelsfulnethodthan. clinicaj.bonion.NaLural rhat doesDoi a u i o n a t i c l l l y . q u a l sa fe .H o R e ve r ,so m co fto !h !) ,b e l i e ve a D ya fi e d p tL o r a ke n a n e n td L o ) o r o {n hands be lvonh n evenillnsuocessful. $ Yo! s[ould i]sole dwarc rhat [erbal.bonion is nol a. esy option,tinvotves dedicaiion.rd tocus.nd rvouldbe besiattempted ifloLrhave some ne onyourhandsaid lrppodile liiendsaround you. AILofthis infornationgods d nr handwiu lno$ledge oltourovn ledihl clctc Ilrrolghmaking h sinple obserlations posslble detcmrinc ifs to whenyou arearl,our nrosttedjle,hd ltrer.fore whedyou arc tikelyio haveconcelled. This is basicinlomation abontour own bodiesrhat njoreirdnen shontd knorv. Most ofdre nrfonnalion conrained herchasbednglrtrered flom odrersources, s.reratiahcs cfop ol) and regularly.I!ll detnils olall drelrtrblicrLions rndwebsir.sl qloLed€ irth. tstbttognph],theanj.zing websne SkrerZeus*as my rirst nftodrclior tr the iotic a.d is the placewherc0rosiol jny njfomalidr b), comes Aorn.I sould adyise anlonewho'srliirkidgofattempiing ahc$il abo nrrbvisirdFsebsirelnd join lne crnail suppo,l eronp.


Ink, Godhaven Media, Roolcd Centre, Thc Cardigan Road, 145-149 Cardigan LS6 1LJ, trnglmd. rYw$.godhn!€n,org.uk


plpei tre t"u oubrications llNars print'd on recvcred

Godhlven lnk publications ate rnti-copyright. lnfoDratio!for action pait lto$ever.ifyou onlr reproduce of this famphlelyo! may omil important heallh. delaiha.d serioudy risk sornebody\

Whento usethe herbs
is aboutin tennsof Iri|stly.a nolcaboutdatingtheprcgnancy. ]'reglrancl usualll talked number weels.l'nr usjngthc startdalcas thc daleof conceprion driswill bc theexact as jfyou know pregnanl. Thisis very easy dererminc 10 of weeks \r'hichyou havebeen for knowthedateof cycleandcar teUl

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henyou olulatcd.or you ma-v )our oxr Dcnstrual then sex. the whenyou hadunprctccLcd lf yox can'tdetefmine dar of conception you your periodis due.Themedical ol before canusethe roughestimalc two weeks professionnunber a pregnancyfrom t|e begiming of your last period so renember ihat 1(] ifyou\c rcading nedicailiterature havespokcn a doctot tleir date$'ill bc any or you actually roughLy wecks l*o before corrceived. a As a general nlle, thc hc$s aresafeL d moreefectivcthc carlieron in yourpregDanc) wiidows of opportunity for Iherearesevefal the] arexsed.so tjoreis ofthe .sscDcc. ending pregnancy a chrring first six seeks(fromthc dalco1concepton). the This is d1e time between conccptlor The b€sltinc to beginis duringthe first lwo wecks. dre linlc ofmenstruaiion. the first fcw d.tysofpregnancy fetiliscd in andthe exp€clcd this itselfro theuall of the$on1b, is how the eggcr,.r prclcnlcdlron atlaching b€ (tle contra.cptive 'moning afterpiil') vorks. Ifthc eeghasaheady medical emergency csLiblished and x,il1 implanred thenits 'grjt wi ll b.

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eak as lhc placenta not havebeeD is so it is stili a very goodtirneto uiiljze thclcrbs, rhisis whenihe pregnanoy mosi liagilc rnd casiesr disrupt lariousways. to in dc wlrr-thisis a time \iren the herbs a1theirmostefeotiveis thalman) Anothcrrcason 01 Tcralogens cause developmcnr the 1l] oftheseabodivchcfbsareihought be terarogens. in and in in abnormal structurcs an elnblyoLesulting deformities thefbetus, |ave bccrl are and linkedto conrplications duringpregnancy bith. lcdiliscd eggs iloughl to aborti1' ag.nlsdudnglhe lirst t\aoNeeksofpregnanc). exposed telatogenjc to is occurat ihe usual Ifhcrbs arc successful this earl] strgcthcnncnstruation likely 1(r al menstrua] tha[ expected becausc woman's a time - bleedirgwon'l startnuch sooner iiselfbclbre blceding begms. clcle mustcomplele q,hermenstuation ducorjusl laleis s1i]1 goodlinreto bcsh taklng is a Thencrl slag€, The 1imc. thc hcrlx, anddreyareelTective two {ecks alicr theusualmenstualion uDtil havc successes bccn chanccs sircccss ihought diminish ol aIe 10 afierthisline, although

describes bodyastenembe ng' blecding thislime.I cant expLain the at this plenomenon anyscienliiic ir \{ay,but I havoruaci successful herbal abo ion storics that descr;be abortion the happening thislime eventhough herbs beengiveD o. at ihe had up for at ieasia \eekbefore 1is.whichwouldsupporr theoryofthe body's the natural cyclesslill havingan effect. Theherbscanbe coniinued udil the beginning u! oflhe 7urweekbut nNstnot bc taken beyond limc as anymiscafiiaBe this duringor alier the 8th weck(giventlut the herbs cantakea veek or moreto work) is dangerous. is beoause placenta fifln1y This the is embedded the ulerine in wa11by s1age, fiis meaning jn thc eventofa miscadage thal thc umbilicalcordis iikely to brcakleaving placenta thc inside uterxs the wirenthe lirdlusis cxpelled. lhis cancause protuse bleedine, haclnonhlgc setuusuterjne or infecrion whichcouldbe life threatening. chances lhe ofthe hefbsworkingallerihe final wiMo$ ofopportuniiy exiremely andso it is nor *orth theserious 1o)orL|safcry. is lox ds!

! :

to for llo!

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ever, SusarU/eed talksof a linal rindow of opportunity tho horbs be effecli\e {eek ofpfcgnancy. reason giveslbt lhe she bJ-beginning takethemduring$e 5th io (\ahen D^tural happen duringthe 6t} weekofpregnancy this is thatJnost nisoadages ptegtanr). Shc mc struation abouia monthlate'stren you wouldbleedif not is

Howto Usethe Herbs
lclel or The lhe herbs belakenaslcr.linctures capsules. ideais lo keepa constanl can you reason should lale theherbsat ofherbscirculutirgtlrough],ourbod], so ibr lllis at regular inlcrvlls throughoul day.nd night.Setthealam to wakeyourseu least $e nigll wjthoutherbs couldundoany as onceor tlaiccin theright io lakea dose, a wiolc progress yodve Dlade dudngtheday. on eise I wouldreconmend lakingline off whatever tou'redoirg jn order1oJbcus the if prolc dillicult to takeyour hcrbs liequently rogularty ard laskin land. as it could you be is nol easy requires 1() and Herbalabortion re ,vou tralellirg or verybusy. in if chances sLrccess inctcased. my opiDion, you Siveyouself of afe lbculscd.

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oLrr ifyou only geta liltle spollinsthen the Discont;nue hcrbsoncebleedirghasbegun, Hcrbsshould used a maxnnun01 be for cortinueLNil you hareblo( no\l'ingproperl). (r I .i days.l his is because hcrbsalrddosages aredcaling with canbe vet] rle Ne I 'l.l]e sk ol doingserious .lon'tpxl to is damage ),ourseif too great, slrcssfLrl the body. on calr io o\ln healthandevenlife al risk (asdamage thevilal organs occurifJou JorlL hcfbsarc beyond upper the limit of l$'o weeks)I hese overdo dosages corllinuc the or poisonhg not stlnngard soyour bodywill fceltaxedbut it'svery important to dsk yoLrrself. dosages. Stickio drereconmended and Soneherbs moretoxic thallothors it doesnot follou $al lhe mosttoxic arethc ale different a nosl clTcctive causing in abotion.As $iih all medioines,hcrbcancause people. \hich couldcause very b.tdsidcefeclsin one reaclions different in Herbs the so wornan couldbe 1irc lor inoLher lisrento you| bodyard choose oncswhichare ihe are disconlinue he$s rhat"vou ustug. beslfof you.Al anyslgnofpoisoning you thal ,^.llhough mq sound littlc patronising, mustensure you startusrng dris a you ovulale at an contraceptives immediatclyatuf the abortion. You may find Lhat unexpected asyourcrclc will takea *lile to scttlcbackinto anykind ofpallem (il time pregnant againat thc nerl May wonen havefoundthcmseLves couldbe earliefor larcr). lhe ovulati(lrafLcr aboiion sobe caL€tull

Which Herbs to Take
Eachherbhasa u iquc aotion onthe bod) audir is xsefut10knowhow eachoueworks in ofdcr1oselect dght onesartherighl time.Theherbs tl1e halc been calegorised by theifpropeties d some a hcrbsappear lnorethanonecaregory theyafiicr the body in as in nore thanone\!ay.Many herbs couldcauloabortion singte-handedly a but combination ofcomplemenlary herbs couldprovemoreefitcti!e. Choosing herbs wiih difiercntactions eacholher$ould be complemenrar], to radrer th usingsevcrul with 1hesame actlon.Thereis some jusr one!o fbur herbs a evjdence suggesr using to lhat ar time is bctlerlhanq-ingio combine largdnumbcr a ofherbs. These caiegories coxldbc scenasan oversimpliUcation lrhotc plants as lavc .r va eryof differcnt aotions combining nlakeeachonc unique, nelcdh€less to but ihesethre. basic groupmgs an in\aluable are guideline gcuingjt righi. for Progesterone Blocking Herbs thesearealsoretlrredto as'inplanlalion inhibiting herbs,as rheyarcthe category of herbs $at areusedasenergency contaceplion afterfertilisalion. theyre e0cctive bur afterthatperiodaswe1l. Tlcy i'ork by imerfcring wirh ihe nomrat production thc ol honnonc progesterone, $ilhour*hich rheliningofthe wolnbbccomes ul}Suppofiile to the lerlilised e8g.l,rogesteronecrucialo Lhe is coltinued!iabjlity of a pregm.cy.Ifrhe eeghasnot yet implanted thewombihenir is prevented in ftom doingso nndis expelted alongrlith thelining.IfdF egghasalready implanrcd, deraches it lioln thexnsupponive wombliningandthe lining$ill breakdo\n. CottonRoot Bark W d Carrot Seed Vitamin C (not a herb,brrtincluded herebecause readilyavaitable. it's effective non{oxic) aDd Rue (thisis nol a prcgeslercne blocking herb,ls placed rhiscatcgory it doescause in as theso b linnu to breakdo\{n.It doesthisby decreasing termeabilily btood Lhe ot capillades the womb) in

Uterine ContractingHerbs
'Iheseherbs cause contracdons the uierus, iD whichcanexpelihe enrbrloandarean idealad.lilion altef a progestcrone blocking hefbhasbeen used1bri fc$,dars.Ottcn these herbscnnhelpto regohtcandstfengthen contractions are happenjng ant rhaL drLe to the uscofolher abortiircients. DongQuai (Chinese angelica) BIueCohosh

Cotton lioot bark PennlroYal J'rniDer Nlugwort Taniy ncdr\rl dttl ' c) i u l l l e l

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b' c aus e ulc I n L(o l r o c ri !r' ' b e ' " J ' e l ft) r( o\r" j rc ' r:5 thr ni nLl rl cc conl rcrron< .r:rl L l ,re I r e f r ' uir . q h o rn . reU \J U ( r' l h i ' ' ' r l ' o r' n" rre

Testing Pregnancy
a aboriioD lo conlirmt

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ilha is aitempling lrerbal thingto do before The moslresponsible lbr There mnnyfcasoisfor dris |irstly. herbs are thatyou actually presnant. are rest ifthe]'rc not fot prcgnaicyafe sirongandcanbe slresstul rhc bod),thercfore ienninating andbeginto tason is thatifyou takeherbs not Another needed theyshould be laken. necdrokno\'ifyou *€re pregntlr nr bleedbut only lighlly or for only a dayyou 1 11 an If has orderto knowif lhis is a problcm. pregnancy bccnconfimedthis coulltsuggcst (see enlitlcd'whal atlention rheseciion $hich wouldrequire redicai incomplete aborlion nothing wor|y abouL lo if couldgo \rong').However, you arenot pregnadtbenthcrc's tcsts rcadilyavailable eaflydetction preenanoy lhereis still timc to cmllov As we have prcgnrnc]at 8-12daysaller that theherbsaftera iest.'lbstsareavailable candetec! h as lhe to this I'm a$arcLhal conlradicts nessage usctlle herbs earlyas possibte fie pregnancy, 1llilst ir is salcslandmosteffecrilcro beginassoonaslossible.lhis and when ofusing herbs thc dangers health to mustbe $cighedup against possible a test Rcmembet usingdn ea.lydelecrion only mcans pregrancy s1a1usuncertain. is scale disruptnrg for which lealesyou rvellwirhina salelin1e delayofa iew days, pregnancy ard to seeka clinical aborlnrnif ihis shouldiail. olthe Lroflnore the 'h!un D clrorionlc tests Homepregnancy work by neasuring presencc shortlr(hCG) yoxr urhe. This homrone produced theplacenta is b] gonadoirophin hasinplanled in drc womb lining and begins1obuilci up irpidly, aner $e enbryo day 48 almost ever,- hoursxp to thc 60th-goth ofpregnanc). doubling ihan someafc morusensitive othc$ Ilnlarrunarel-v tests Not all pregnancy arc theslllne; pri thcir scrNilivity theplckging - theyusuallysa] thal lhcy on pregnanc) resG rarely somecanbc usedscvcf.tl canbe usedliom the firsrdayol a nissedperiodcr.D thoogh gaincd hy lrom infonnarion tablchasbeencompiled daysbefbre.Thefolloq,ing is is b)' no means conplctclrsyet;reseafoh still The contacting manufaclurers. tablc it's abomit's sensiiivity if lulc a testthatyou afeunsure ongoing irto olhcrbrands. ,vou number the packaging. on galntheinformation dnginga phone by b oftenpossible is I' tesi Thenost sensitivc l\€ discorercd Easisiix $hjch is prod cedby lastern I 01't}emosr\ idel"v aYailable,foundir in my it Pham1aceuticalsr. l,rn1b{unately isn'lone il's alsopossible ordcrit overthe to localchenistlut nor in anyoflhe supennafkets. nachinethatstocks Fun'ily enough. thereis a pubh Derbytharhasa vending internetr. P ioileisr.Ifyou can'llind Easisiix t|en anyol ihe tesls thisbrandoftest in the l.adies oi dlat detcclsoDIIU lrCGare 25 whichcandetect mlu ofhcc wouldbe fine. Thc tesls is unless menstruation ahea.ty be as lestsandshould avoided not classed earlydetecdon pieceofinfonnationin is last late.Kno$ing lhe date,vou ovulated an extremcl)laluable


tor:lrh('i L L o' erJre ooar T odr rion prore' u. if- l^'", t,' i"rppre edbr irre "
_".;."n.1 ()\]loci( hcrh\:( oltonRootBnrk BlucCobo\h

thc thev because conrain volalileoil lqiote Tlujone slso contractions causc herbs Sol1re doseslhujoncGprcsentinmanvlrerbs.. a.d thcbrain is toxicin larye ;rnnnlalcs al&ringdrinir thc is i""i",iu,r, trr*t to.*'"rt. rvotrni"ooJwhich usedto nrake mind form or in exlremcr) ir absinthe;opular 19thcerturyI ranoelf usedin a concentraled . +'Lr'*.*u'ed.r'''L n crllucr 'rr'r5 ( ' r\u 'or'drd !r'n ###BOT_TEXT###quot;rrtr i.,,r"a"" I herb'Lon.arr u cn rr rri"'.' .'. 1... kro$n o Brgger lep'' ser/rres i.,r 'rrd '' ''. beL'eds rl \axror .,,JoiLn'r\r\e.oi,l(-o\llose$r'1eo:lcp') lhe\ herb''rroLrld that are are slatedl my opinion,lherc manyoihcrherbs a.sages u"i *;tf'uut "*"""aiog hcrbs:Junipcr' Thujone alt i"']r"" u*i" . *" u"r",c s;tecring fron thiscaregorv Mugwort,TansY.

Oestrogcnic Herbs 10 that contai a nunberol chemlcals aresimilarenough the lemalc herbs i hcse to herbsarethoughr be on a 1n,-ic iis clTecis thc bodl Oestrogenic fr",'"",t" *u-** hui asnost ofthcs! as lheir eilectileness abo{ifacients' ,.-,"*,". "iti"-ft -"fa "xllain to then catcgories ir is likel-v be oneofa nunberof rr""A i" i",l"r*,1* "*;t Oe,r-Jger''c de5uufcr:t e 'iuc ena I' e cdu5e I'etb' I'o.. n .' .o'r lngos"'.c 'r rdrn rLl'un Lurar' f' deI'J "rd "c'rrog'n "i'^.".:"""i.irr1;t.rrr.rpn'r.rr' ioundin the contiaceprive i nvone iaking!he. pill . i.* ".0"'u,r,- *u-g1. i$clfas pressuLe ncdicatior shoLrld ot incdicarion blood p r, *yi'rrler ocstroger ."',t*""p'ti'" laklngoestrogenic agairst \ho'sbeenadviscd anvone * ,""iJ**.l.itt, "r,"rld (like till) medicatiolr fic coniraccptiv€ Cohosh Black Bluc Cohosh Wild {hrrot secd

thjs sltuaiion so t|rt you cdn detem)ineexlrctLy $hen concepiionoccuncd. Il you h^

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. N fcgular 28-da] cl-clc fier ),ou dn most likeLyto ovulate on da,r'14 or 15 and so you can lsc thc 25mlU tests3 or i1dals bcforc you period is due.

The lmportanceof a Back Up plan
It is ritally inrtortunt ihal you,ve madea fimr decision ie.minate pregnancy to rhe beli)re you altcmpr herbal abo i(,r. Herbs nolarotally..tiable sayto enda pregDancy are (esdnatcd atjrsr undef50%effeclive. I don'tknowtrowtlts figureis arrivcdai as bur no scieDtific rescarch been has lnd.naken oDrhesubjecr fdr asI rn aware). as lfyou arc noi successftl is l:lfd,rtrl thalrou donl ca||y ihe pfegnancy iemr.Thect.ect01. it to these hcrhson thedevelopine ernbryo largolylurklo$n. iany is olrhcseherbs xre believcd bercntogens, io \a1ich $bsranccs cause development are ihal ihc ot. .t.his abnonnalilies an enbryo,wtich couldresulrin a severet) nr defomedfoelus. crrt! r.r(oi p.rr"'ll) i. s\(n.r J, Lle.r..f45 \.,J o.o. r,rnJ.....-r .. ...r.,,rrr1 1 an.lso arehighly!1lhclttbleio danagc.These herts couldatsocause prcblcDrs rhe wirti placenta (causing to partiatty il derach develop or abnomauy) whichcoutdnor o,rti. damage cmbryo/Letus alsoc.rusc lhe b$t dangcroLrs complicadons tabo,rr. in h is therelbre drrofuli,t rract.r/thaiyotr lrepared go tlxougha ctinioatabon)n are to before)ou atrempl herbal a one. Whilstt&|dcally abortion couldbe rcfused, is in etlccravailahle dcmaod rhe it on ii UK. flrc tendssirD ofr$'o docrofs requircd approve ierminarid, dtthongtr is to a often the second doctor sjmpl) a rubber is stanp.A doctormusrapprovc abolion i t they an beliel,e them.ntal or pnysical thal hcllth oflhc x.oman wouldbc ar risk ifshe *ere forcedLohavelhc baby. Mrny doclors believc thatsimpl,v havjngan rmnarted bab,v wouldbe enough prt rhcwomans 10 menialhcatrh Lisk.Othcidodorsnriehtwa;t ro ar hearmore infonrotion.tbour $ty ha\,ing babyrould bedistressing yor; nrcntal a to health, be trepared. so Docrofs lmle a specilic conscicnrtors objection atorrion to 'yho arcobliged referyou ro a doctor r{) ihaL .loes noL Visit youf fhni\ pianJLing ctntc or E Direcrifyou ar. unsure abour aritudeofyour dooLor. tle ^\IJS Abonionis ar!ilableon thc \tt\ {nd mnrt somenrcpofl no prohttlnr ot,taining in one.I]olrever asin all ireasofpubliohealrh oare, budgerary rcstriclions appl), D.jr dnd aUabotionsarc publicl), lnnded. Scotland In 96%oIa aborrions NUS fL|lrrtcd jn are bLrr England Wales figureis usua y lowcr.Eighrtnglish bcatth and the aulhorities havc admirlcd ihcy setspecillc tlat crire a (overandabo,0e ouilinc.lin taw)ro prioritise any lvomen liee aboftionlr's not clearwhether lbr lhcy fundaborionsfor womcn\}ho do not corne under these categorics. fttl Iist of ihe health A aurtrodrjes theircalegorics and rs jn AppendixL Somc ofihesecaiegori€s include beingon benefits. bcingr,ndcrlor uucr a cena agc,beinga student, atready havingse!.ral children, havnrg trsrjons had abonions. IfyoLrf|calrh aulhorir,y rcstricrive has crileria yon do notnreer rern, an.t Iou couldconsider lvilg (although theynrayrequirc proofof nrcome) try noving lo or another authoit) tcmpomrily (e.g.stay!,!ilha tiiendor fetative).Some he:rtrh auLhoriries alsotirndabodion related counselting.

Nameof Test EasslixP FirsiResponse Rapidselftest [Jnichem Eary Bird Reveal Bootsown brand Predictor Ciear Blue

Sens tivity 15mlU 25nr lU 25 mlu 25mlU 25m'l.J 25mlU 50 mlU 50 mlU 50 mlU

How eary you can use jt (ony eude) a

8-10daysaflerconcepiion '10-12 daysafter concept on '10-12 daysafter conceptlon 10-12 daysaflerconceptjon 10-12 daysaflerconceplion '10-12 daysafterconception Thedayyourperlod due s Thedayyourperiod due s Thedayyou.period due ls

Thelawestconcentralian hCGdetected eachlestis neasutedi) nili of by lnternattonal UnttslnlU). Thelowerthisnunber.the moresensitive test. the For morcin{ormatioir ho\ 10dclc njne whcn)ou x,erefertileand$'lnt vourrisk oi' or pregrancJ' \ould rhcrolb.e see $nmsisterzexs.conriLisk be olprcs Il you hxveiregularperiods: lnegulafp.rn s Dral(e dillicult ro deteDdne \'henyou il ovulaled thcretbfe and \rhenio xsea pregnanct tcsL. SislcrZcusa advises usingthree lestsin ihis silualion. firsttwchc daysafterunprotecred ile second lhc sex, trcgnancy tlro dayslater. lfbolb lcslsarclcg.rtile thenthechalces pregnancy los. howc!... of afe a thir{losl is advised, \€ek later, uke absolulcl! a 1lr surc.

False Ncgative results
11)ou gct a negativeresLrlt irom your 1cs1lhen there is srjll a chancevou ale still pregnafi. Ihis is beciusc thcrc is a possibiliry tl]at the lelels of hCG har e nol buill up suftjcientl) i roLrrsyslcrn to be detecledbl rhe test,dris ls especiallya dsk at this eafl) staee.lf lou gcLa ncgative resuh,brt,vou stlll fccl prcgnanl lesi agair .lS hours later (r\ Iclcls trrltc roughLyevelv 48lourt. Falscl]ositive rcsuhsare Iery rare. l. ]]aslcnr l'|amaceulicals lld. {bmb l{ousc, 7 St Johnsltoad, lslewc,|th.N.Iiddx TW7 (NA 2. \1la

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. esrrr shcal$.co.uk,lacatalog $ I lhc $I,odlal| IIxr. tsridge Slreet.Derb.t,1.1\$\.geocilics-com/sisler_zeus 1!1a:sisierzeus.colll of 12

Your clinical options pregnant nineveeks fiom vour (or NlcdicalAbortion: lfyou areno morctharl7 €eks professioD pregnancv) canaskfor thc date medical vou lastFriod, whichis how Lhe jnduce ard miscaniage ]oul pi]]' 'abodjon calledRU 486- lhis nrrohestakinga iabletto Iill erperience r'ar1ftom The bocl)expeis cnbryo wjthoullhe useof surgery. drc than$idr a be 3re to \lonran.bxt cortractions likcl) 1(] quickcrandstronger 'volnan for in m.dicalsupenision a hospilal thc few hoursthat Youvill be nornrallrbe under jt lo be takcnal home.Al homc hcalthaudn ljes allo\Y sonr€ it's likclt io lake,although there's colr1folt the in ll1ld oliarniliar sunoundings controL; hospital thcrc's le comforL o' nrJ rj fairlille-.luu d \nL I ccJrhem lror nrorei.fomaLidr on ihe derelopment d historyof Rt.486sce i4 lyonun'slloakt)j (.t?o/ier'by Chalkef(nr fie bibliosraphy). Jtebccca bv surgjcall"! a docror' removed enlbrvo Surgicrl Abortion: This i voiveshavingiJre %u bu1 anrcsLhetic, canbe un.tcfa localanacstletic This is u$aLlydoneundergcneral for dont usually eedto bc nr hospital morethana dav Uselul confacts: Frmily PlanningAssociation if Charit! offerilg licc helpandadvice ,\oudor'i wanrto go to vour GP lhev olltr a jicluding contlaceprion, test'ng' noming aftcrpill' pregnancv senicc very colnplete th€irprogressi!c abortion' councellirg Bevond refenal,andiniir nationaboul abortion rightsfof all peoplc l1ealih rcproductivc and sexual to canpaigns imPLove $ork includes h rheuK. ww$'.Sa.org.xk \{onday-F'rida"1) Itelphre: 0845110 1334(gan1-7pln British Pregn,ncyAdyiso.] Senice theyarea I'ilale rights $ hi1si for iestirg andcampaign aborlion l rce pregnano) provjsior'Il NHS abortion campaip iar greater and thcy orgmisarion. siridently actively their plannjrgcljnic))'oun]aybe ableto access fion a Gl' (or fanily Iou arcrefered Ilelplilrei08,157 40 3t) :10

Helplnrc: 0l8s023 0800
NHS Direct 24 houn a day 7 dals a rveekphone line oltcdng conljdediat mcdical advi.c ar)d infom1alion,jnclxding facilities availablein yolu area.Staffedby qualitied nurses.rnd healthvisitors. Calls chaBed ar kroal rate. 0845 4647 Abortion Larv ReIbrn' Associrtion Campaignsto enshrincin !K la$, and in pracricea $omans righi ro safe,ticc lnd legll aborlion baseduton her own infoflned chojce. w$$,.alm.org.uk 'lherc arc otherprivate a borli{D provjde$ r\ho do U.cc pregnancyiesiing (\larie Stopes, etc). Be arvarc thai some anti-nbortion sroup! oper{te under the guise of free presnancy testing and rdvice.lfrlrs logo inciudcsa tbe s or iis an ol'|cr otfree posi_aborrjon counsellinglrom someoncother rhaDthe r,!HS or tocal couDcil.approachwjth c.turion. Thc most prcr{lent are Lilc (0t926 3 tt5i1 \l'1\srtifext.org and www.treghelt.org.nk). Another anti-aboniongroup is C]\RII (0800 028 2228 1\w\ylfegnancy.org.uk), wirc) operateclinics rudcr the name Aliernarivespregnncy Connse|ing Cenrc. I've gilcn thei phone numirersand websilcsas sdnclimes they'rc given out $ithouL it bei|g clcal who th. ofgadsati{rnis.

F€rl e @i{allLlid

undera mcloscope

Brook AdYisorrSenicc for healthandlresnarcvissues undel on help lrce confidcnrial andadvice all scxual 25s.

Whatto expectphysically
1nc phlsicalcrpcricnce successinl ofa |erbal aborlion very muchdepends how lone oD lfthe herbs rvere usedbefore secordweekofprcgnanctthe the )ou \ere pregnnnt. bleedtus likely to bc a bir hcavicr is thana nonnalperiod$ith slightly cranrps ihan 'nore As thepregnanct adlances abofion is likel) io be nloreintense the with morepainlr crlrnting andhealicr bleedi.gfor longer. lflhe pregnanc-v advanced has enougi.you \t'i1lscc)cllo$,ishtissuc $ith branch (chorionic like structues villi).lhis tissucis usuall) .nclosc.lin a blo l filled sac. insid. lhis is thebeghirg ofthe fLacefiaandsomewhere is t|e develojring egg.$hich durilg tle firsL5 r'ecks be !s lilile as 1-slnm. 'rill As soonasbleedbgbesjns herbs should discontinued allowthebodyio do iis be lo lhing.I\pecr a Ior of bloodbutuatch out for haemordHge. You mrst l usetampons, ihe ccni)r is slill lilcly io bc rclarcdandopcrr as thusnaklng prone10inltclion. Ii s lirr lhc sanc reason )ou should the uterus lhal avoidl'aginalser until ],ouslopblccdillg. l;sing mcnstNal padsor a cupallowslou 10monitof$c bleeding cxanrnrc ancl {hal co.rcsout. A1lcf thc sachasbccntassetl $i1l slow blccding dolrn andgradurllystop.Bleediog should fbr around da,vs. bleeding last teu lf lastsnrorc lhaniwo $,eeks thenil nrar be a signofinconlplclc aborliorandshould chccledoxt be br-a doclor. Bl.edingonl,v snrallamouri,sl ling andstoppirgor sfofiry couldalso a be siglls(r1'hcor)rplele rbortio..

T,t::T",:il'JT"i.,;:jliij,',". l"};lliiii; Ii:q11r?'.i'&n!:":: # ii,lj
reli[ed io hospirat straight away.

It you cxperiencc oflhe 1btlowing any syntxomsyou

shoutd seek medical cnthu rjShl a

;it ii,i.til',i,x,iiu,l,ll"li"il*t :Lt:Tii,:lli 1,." i:ll:in: ff fi:'.'i:."f
treated inmediarclt

r00 18" cou,d .,L ne 5' i;'i","il;l,iliJi,Il3ll,,iiiJ:i:*:Li- rr/ crou ,.,velcr
ver] farc bxl extremet). sdlious

experiercc sharp a pai,iin rrre abdomcn, parric,,hrry oll l;,::H':,"::::l:::::,li]oll ore srde, anypoinrduringprcgnancy nta], at you harear an.ctopicp.egnanc), \anioh is

::T: ;'H:1".i; li.,.T:1ff ";; ; .;.;i'i ; H,,:i;, "".r ;:l i,1.- i;
be for usen,l ;*ffi:ift|ilffiitf $iLtx1f"1iil;,5i*r,i,rrr,\roud

rl*;r* *:l iiri * 1: ;:;h;,:::' Iii' I:rj,l,::iirlli.
h"'b ru""r'uirdine th" svsten can use., thal be over -m.nc

Sympromsof pregrarcy $^utd hEain todisrr

How krrrgn'ill it takc to rvork?
'lhis depcndson many lactors c.g. touf overall hcalth.$c srcngth ofyour reproducdle syslenr,thc qualit) ol drc hc rs. Thc hcrbal abo ion coul{i lakc as lilrlc as flre da}s bul uslrall) longer.Do nol takc lle hcrbs lof lo ger thrn tourlecn days (as extlaincd carliet) I Icfbs arc not a totally reliable nreihodof abortionand ,voum a] not be successfirl .

I1spots bk)odbegin1() ol appear bloodis not let flo$irg properly bur thenyoure ck)s. but notthereyei.

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ou may\'antto consider increasirg dosages slightlyat tlis poirt i1' a Or hcrbc.g.DongQuai1,i )ou feelrou re clcvelopins toldancc. tou couldaddanothcr nrcre$econtraciions. parsley BlackCohoslr sofienandopenxp lhe cer x. or or lo Jl ) ou'rc|ot sLreif $llat'shappenirg you is ror a1. b orif)ou wanito confinnthat \oor aborlio|wassuccesslirl yoLr go 10thc doctora d saj ihat ]ou'!e lherl cai

often sr.ess€d dudng herbal aborlion. canaiso tr herp .rr"* g","."i*i.r, ,,#i" -"---spasnb cramping has orerall aDd and rn higtr levet ;rri,*,i.-" _a nl;,,"rrir. ;ae#ilbal;r' Lcartsa xtcrine tonic wrrich arso nsei'ur preventins can be ni

#!t"",#?rx.".T Tl;.'f:l;liii,'JH.i,',,liJ,:,: if i:!!';ii:?
sl Joims isagood urort combinalion row lbranv encrgv, n)ikr

;"r.:l:iif:,,9fi',x -t

I f 1ou hale :rnt medicnlconditionconsultw ith a herbalistbcfor€using t ny of thes( epilepsr', herbs.This is prrticul{rb inporlant ilyou havcltigh bloodprcssure, rn dirbrtcs, liler hcnrt or kidneyproblenls, ltrD, or iflou are prone to rllergies. pel!io inllammalory dlsease ifyou're takinganl olhcr or AIsoiflou'

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e hada rcocnl nonnally$ork, ot drxgsasthe herbsmaydangerousiy thc way drcdrugs allcr "ox1d aggmvate medicai fic condition beilg teatedwilh th. drugs.

4..The.hetbt kill t|1t athtto hut tlt',ot expet it. B][c.ling trcgnrsbut no Lissue is expe ..l. Bleeding na] oDly be slighi or may oDly tasr tbr a tw hou$ or a couple ' oidays. Symplomsofprcgnancy will persist,and a prcSnarcy tesris slil going to Leadposirive e.!cnalier a week_ Ifyo| sliil hve tinre you can persistwirh rle herUi(emernba nor to e.{cedrl .l ,l d.) navnr r r r i , . ' A "r , oLr dn. |, 1, h( d. cr , r or ct nic$. c, r . . t , , , if l l . enrt.\. i ..r i l -1i. . r ir er r h. f r . \ . ) o $ir 'nee. t l. "e( k. r ct r r . . t . r , J, . or ,

Thingsthat could go rwong
The nroslcornDrorfroblcnr siur hcrbrl aborLion t1l3tit fails to \ork. Th.rc is no is certairt) thai the herbs sill work or ereryone. no rrallcr |orv farourable the condilions arc. lflh.y dor't Nork lar you. thc treg a cr shonld not be cortinued. as thcrc is a e ri o ,.r : . ' o l. ir I ' de ' c rt.,rr. .' r' . i .. o r' J u i rg l 'est.' tct. 'fhere arc scvcral othcr isks tou shouldbc rware ofbefore decidjng 10do a bcrbal abo ion. \trhilsl thescrcsulls arc all possible.the,r'areuncommon.Succcsstulabodion is a inr more tikel) outcome tlranan) ofthe mcdicrl conplicatio s lisied below. | . Selfpai:on D1g.I his can be sefiousas darnage ) inrpoflantorganslike ihe liver ol t( cvcn clca1h rcsult lionr o'erdosiirg on someofthese hefbs. Do not cxceeddosages oan al listed herc unlessdirectedby a herbalist.Rcduccdosages an) signs oftoxicity. Do nol i gestessential oils as lbey crn b. fatally toisonous, as in dte caseofpenn"rtoyal. esse|iial oils must orly be usedexlernally.Renlcrrbcf nol to take herbsfo[ nroredran

5. Echryic ?regnancr. lltis is a rarecondition, is a riskio beconsidercd bnr \,".iih pr€gnanc]: norjrist\ h herbat abodior.tr is whenrheeggbeconcs stLrck rbe in fallopirnrubeandbegins grow rereinslead to ofin rhe;aerus. this is a lii.erjrfelte irg situa&rn thegrowingeggDray as ruUufefie ld|opiantLrbe. Ifyou cxpeLicnce strarp pai
in the abdomenon onc side )ou mrLsr seekjmmediaremerlicalaxenti;n.

2. Hdenturhose ftis can be lerl serious,a.d unl.ss lcllcd ii could be possibleto pad iJrone ]rou or lcss is considetedhaemordrag.!' blccd 10dcaLlr. Soaki g a lnensiftLal secknedical aliention. 3 ltuan ctc dho it,t. This happens $her somefoelal tissuc is rclained irside ihe rr. r.. , J r . ar ' \ a. . . (fe a l .c i o ,r. frn b l e n a) The tisnr. can putrcl! clusing uLcrincinfcctior which, ifuntreated, can rcsuil in ste lil) or even death.The ii$r sign ol inlcotion \ill be leler followed b,vabdomjnal pall.. b) l|c utcrusis un.rblcto rclum ro ils noilnxlsize causiry haemolrllagetu occur. lhis na) nranilcstas nild blccdiru *licil lastsli'r an abrorlnaily lonS tinrc or rcry healy or Both ol lhcsc situaliolrsDecdinrncdiale nredicrl alteniion.Mosl oflen a clinio.tl aborliorr |!ill bc pcrli)rmed to renrcvc thc rchainins tissuc.In lhe caseof haemorrhage blood a trmsllsioD nny be required.lnlhe caseofinlcclion. antibidics willbe issued.

Otherthingsthat couldassist
Many oflhc srries ol'successlulhcrbal rbofions lbaLI lale readlalk oflhings )ou car cioio assistyouf frogrcss, and so l'!e collcclcd dresetils togcther' Jhis list is simpl) a list ofthirgs thal I'vc hcard alld feel should be hcluded bu1are circlnnst' lial, and $ arc nor as reliablc rs lhc rcsi on the lnib.rnalion in fiis pamplicl l realiselhat some ofihcsc things are what yoLrleasi feel like dohg in the earlv st{ses ofpregnancv while vou're tncling nauscolNand tired Ho!\€leL. vou are aiming !o slop the bod) in it's tacks. and agai.st thc natural impuls. n) irrctect,vourfregnancv is what is so doirrgthirgs lhal '!ork sioriesI 1€ hcard have mcnlionedusing al rccluiLcJ olyou. Almosr ail ofthc success lcasrone of theselips. .or"sdnn tfhether frorn scx of nastubatron oryasns causeulc ne confiaclronsano .ranl:wnnen tweaf thal thc) \'crethe kc) 1()cnsudng a succcsslulaborlion li could $idr 1o rlsoic rte relaration oL. alrd the improvcd circLrlation lhe pehic afca associaled .cx of nasiruhrtion that is also helping There is also evjdcncero suggcslthal Oxvtocilr is utedrc contuactions) felcascdduing orgasm lhis lip hcs (thc hormon€ $hich causes Lry bccn Lepeated suoh a iarge rumbor of soxrcesthat I lale io beii$c iheres truth in il e l s . Ni D Dt es t i t t t iot , T h i s i s rl ro re l i d c D c c C ) u g gesi thathal i gl otsofsc)i i sagood as rhis tirnc - yon can ol coursedo it dufing nraslurbarion \rc11 lhe renson rh;ngio rlo ar seemsto hc the fact that orvtocir is releascduhcn the nipples are befilrd rhis one as srirmrlated rl is a lornolle irhich also has a role in lllilk production . lqr./..irc - Nlan) sources lalk o I thc mle of

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igorousejrercise Irn]rrovllrgcirculalion night assistthe |erts in thei| $ork, $hilsl $e motion and rnoveJncDr sill u doubtdl) the embryo(l have heard nurscsadvising a iromn io run up and b. hclpills to dislodgc (abodion pill)) \bmen hr\c down rhc stairsto hastcnfie orrel ol hcr nedical abodnlr to x ressagc t[e bodv thal Llis is not a good time to bc rnllelt ol ho$ cxcfcjsc scnls pregndnt.(;ercmlly bcing as pljsicalll aclive as possiblc$ou1d assislscndi g this

clrculalion,b waier so hot ihxL it bnms you is ,.)/ dl dll nccessary $omcn buning jD ihcnrselves desperation ! conrmonotd wjles rate,rhefc,sno trencfit irLctoingir. is . Medit\tio -11yor $aclice medihrion then ii wo ld be a good thing tu nse no$l somc women belie\e rhal menta y ibcusing on rcteasingrhe spirit ofihe enbryo can help. also visulisarion rcchniqrcs il]vohing cooceDrrar g on the wonrb ljning breikjng do\n and biood flownrg. It is sometinessaid that rhc po$€f ofa focusednrind cin tr. as porcrtul as any nedicinc. E\€n it you don,tpraclice meditarion.focusjng on rhc rea$ns fbr ftrt being !rcgnanLcould bc cnrciai duri|g $is time as jr is a dil.Ucuttprocess rhal rcquiresdetermnali(rr. . M:r:as!ry.nu.bwet ird,,,,s, Massagciechniqucsthar are used ro bring on. ar assistin childbirth \{ould be uscfrt . Ac pu cture a d acaple.iirrc - I've heard one sror) ofho$ an acupuDcllfesession i tendcdlo relieve paintul fericds was insrunrentai in a herbalabodi;n. tte woman in qucslionreF{ed iecling conlracrions during the s.ssion and abortim $,assuccesstult} nnde|!

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ayv.rT soon aRer\r'ards. also heardthar accuprcssure I've points can be sljnulated in sucha way as lo indLrce j aborion, but unto uDarely trale no dircct

. Sitling on $e roiler or squatiiDg. aM pushiog do,vn wirh your stomaohmuscles . hunry .dr riles - This is suggcsled lhe SisterZens wcbsire.and oontd be on .Long ell;cLiae as pal'l oflhe gencralidea thai actiriry and moriorrscndyo|r body tlr messagc that now is not a good lirne ro be lregninl. I,\ ! hear.rof ore woma *,ho.; trc,l,al abordor goi undenvayalier an exLremel)bumpy ride in a.1x.1accrossrough lcrfah.

. .SeDc, - sorrc \onen beliele lhat dre preseice 01 scrten in the lagina io bc a lirclor rri i'[is couLdbc due to dre fact thal scmencoriains a chenical to sole at'l their succcss. oDcnthe cervir Lo hc\r the semencnlct Hoqever.l!c also beenkn'L ftai ihis chcmlcal L\ thllits oi reall,Y usclirl for the purtoses ofaborLi(iri oirlr prcscurin such small arrrounls lrequem ser could also be bcrcllciai fot Eirhei rvay,I ,t'll't see how it coold hin.tcrl includiDgthosc staiedahole l

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Ia)bc the gereral nolion and slinulxiion ol nmN rcasoDs fie ccNix durirg pe|elr.li!e sexis so'ncho'! uselirl in assisliig the dislodging ofthc

. H.rt B,//,s - this could bc hcltful b) olcning

e blood \cssels and pfomding

Rh negativeblood tYPes
the srmbolcalled ltlr or bloodtypc is a positive negativc Acconpan)hg elctyone's (ifvou arcRh+' prescnce an alrigenin the tcd bloodcells ot firct(rr$hi;h ;enoles1l1e and you havetlc antigen. ifyou arcRh- vou do not). to t he follo\{ingexplalatiotappLies womcn$bo Lale Rh' bloodiypes'I'm nor al all by the nledical trcfessionl it rrowLiely a scenrrl,i i' tut * it i' trt"n ccrtain ""riousl} il1()r"ouratrention am draNing $h€n a t o lan { ho is Rh- hasa lbetuswith Rh \| is lsoimnunisarion a ptocess herebv and bLood aminuleamou i oflbclal bloodrdxes $ithhcrown The$omansrn]n1ure to antibodics in ofdrc antigen lhe Ii)etalblood,producing to slstemrcacts thc preserce dudng of bloortoells.fhcreis a chance rlis bloodmixinghaptening aitack foeLai this for lhis hasimplicarions an) foturcpregnancies $omanhas' ormiscarriage. aboriion wouldaltackils bloodccllscausing her is illbe foetus Rh+ again. antibodies bicause ai 10 you mays'a'11 havcchildren so'ne thefoetus tf]'ou belie

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c severc anacia ir thispossibililv. consider poinl, shouLd -r'ou i1\ould bc a good herbalaboilion, Ifyou hrle lth bloodtypc andyou havea successful to within 72 hoursof s1al.ting bleedas dret cangile vou aD id;a 1ovisit thedocLor (it do's ihis bv foolingthe bodvillo thlnking to inieclion stopyou producirgantibodics produced them). it's !lLeady it's I harercadilal foetalbloodonl]-Froduces Rh artjgcnin the 1]th \ieek ofpregnanc!' wooldbc no risk ofisoimnrrnisalron we dlusat thc earlystage aretalkingaboutthere discolllliing abour so\aouldbe vcrr unsure tbis confimred lacrard I Ho,r'ever larle rr{rr

iiile ileir.berl.j securioir

.i} w % l''



x1e I he dos{gesI've gilcn here are as precjsels I can find ]Io$'ele! Lhcre man) factors car nclcr be exacl You must bc lo be 1*cn nlro coNjdcktjon lnearing that dosagcs can larv, tfcprred to us. )our o'rjtrdgcne t and iduition PoEncies ofprcparatjons lrnd a l)efbspotencydcpendsoD tincirres thal )ou but at. slfongerthd1 oLlers somc ^rc. factorssuc| as. qualil), licshnessand how i1'sbccn siored.DiiTerert plarlis ofthe same lariei! can also have larying amountsof arl gi\cn chemical|ecause ofnaturallv occurirg faclors. lr is for' llris rcasonthal \ ren begirrningaDl herbal heamlenl vou if gi1en, increasingor decreasing should s;l1 at Lhclonest in dre mn-qcoi$e dosages on hoB you r€el. and whctherlou cxferie'ce scvcreside c{Iccts ncccssai--a dctcndiu lncli\iduals may rcaci very rlilcre tl) 1()eachorhcr and personalcoNjdculion can also ( ; l- ' J - , e i Pr .r" .r.r)c e \n ' i ri ti \ t.\:rf

How to prepareherbs
\ hter basedpreparations:
hdividual herbs|ave lleir o$n recipesbur .r basic guidc tbr a srandarct decociionor intusiolr is 500D1of\rarcr to 30g of dried herb. Dosages assrLmc tulio Ll]llcls this rilcn

\'hen using the licsh lealcs or tlo{cfs you wi I need r{ruse $fce neasrn.es oftoscrl as to one ofdried (c.9. rlrlec spoooi'uls insrerd ofone) to accouDr thc cr-'!a ,\dr.f coll.nt ibr in dre herb. \Vood! sLe'ns rnd rcots don,t havea laree Nalcr con(cnrl}]rd y) Lhe 0()btcIr

and is appro| ale Nhcn usiig tcaves.U,)i\el\ atul non \,!ood] srenlsol rhe herb. Infusionsare also used\rlrrD rhe subslnnces )ou \!ish to obtain iom rh. herb are readily sotubtenr waief or boiling ivo td ttcs1Joy ifihe propciics tou n.ed. \ s ' i tr e r n . r , , . r r . n. l( . nr t . l) LJ l. . il: nL$Jr . | : d o. . r . r r . , , \ e, r r . r I' e5.Jr 't ' \ 'n. ^\ Fin, i, d, . in; l. . eet . 1, , . t L, _r i, r n. ! . , . . u' ,.., ic r , . : pcr iodi. . t e. , , . . J or r k, t r e , r . t , : . 1- t . t o\ ; , '1. . a teapotor in a larlejar with a inl fierr sLrairedlnd dnrd,. \b| caDlnake cnoLrgh ti)l sel,eraldosesiD one go bul intirsioD!deledoraterapidly so rced ro bc nntlc ticsh each cyR i ,| tA l t{tfl ' 'I h s is lhe easieslwrly ro prcparea hcrb

Ilcrbs ale best boughl fresn. howeler. arc rDucheasicrb find in fieir dried lbnn \ihcn buynrs dried herbs,try-to enstre their ovcrall freshncss llerbs should smell licsh (tol musl) or rnouldt) and took ftcsh (flosets alrd lenres slili haling rhcir coiorn) Siore hcfbs in aitiglrt collairers r$a] ftom direct sunirghl hcalrh food shop or h€fballstrDlour' First choi(c lbr buyjng hcrbs is an independent canf a good u'ge ioo \bu ljke CulpcpperardNeal's \-ard usualLv 1o$rl Chain st{)res lf)ou le able to check the $iU be able to bur- the eract quarlit) ,vou \!ant aDd 'Lua1i$ order or onhe supplie|S Nlakc oamot find a suptlier iD,!ouf l)r'11lou could usc mail surc lbat lbc) have fasr d.lil'ery belbrc yon order' as herbs thar take wecks io arrivc arc



mail ord€r placcsin thc tlK thal scll someol Lhcrelelnnl dried lherc arc nLrrnemus herbs rncl cven nrofc th.rt se1]liesh herb'i.Hol'ever, wc !e orll lisLctlones1'e knoN do fast delilcrr' r dlor orgxric sLrpfl'cs The Orgxnictlcrb liading Cotnpanr_ Tber carry. $ide rareeoll,crbsinacl'ding SufeLb suptll.r o a c.uprchcnsiteranec Don.s Quai,Illue Co|.dr. l'emlroyal. l.ns) r l inchrdins I)ongQMi, Lllack ofdrica hcrbs. Ruc arrd.ai dcliler ln ibolt 2{ drrs. Tl,cl lt P Co h o s,u ueCohot h. u e . c n n )ro ri l . , I c|cdp,but) ou have10bL wrk olt rcasonably Il !]lvort.luniporandTans). d of L :.st .l iv eLa. llneor de ri rs rwr'.o|gani.herb1ralling.$m 0 1 8 2 :l 4 01205 salesa0 bdldRits.co.ult . Sl ro f:lr l W al*odht { ( )i dL o td o n Je[k.'s Ecrb fifn (frsh. organic) 020 7701:,ri0 (9anr5.10n,t,\{on sit) inm.corii R$w lckkaslle.h ft m@ jekk.sb.$turfr.corr 0 1 4 ,r.1 1 18878

To lnakea strcngerirlusion usc a srong aidiglrl iaf (Iyrcx or lhiok gtassis req0irc.l). Pour ihe boiline $.trcf inro thcjar ovcr the heLband leave for laur hou ar roon rcrper" ,L. l re., . l' r ! ( , , r |. ir r ar . . r f e. er . . , r r t 4 t - . c. r . t . , r o. r t v r h "r t d lo make it e.Lsier take,vourdoses. to

This is used b extacl the aclivc ingredientsliom trardfitrfous maLcriil (e g. rools ",ood,!, and bark9. The heLband wiLcr are placed itl a pan and sinmer.edon a lo* heat ido ror boii) 1or lcn io fiftcen minurcs,or fof a time tcriod appfopfiarcto that hcfb. A ti(l on the tan $ill crsure no volatile oils escrpe.Decoclionsmnsr be usedbclbre rhet begh to i emLr hl i . r.dr b . 'd. r l. o. . r en t iq Lonr , . , . cdr . e! 1. . . r r Jced I rh< r, a!< . $,

Honeyor sugar be added a decociion increase palatabilit) ca]l to to the ofthe bre$ and (by increase sheulile for up 1osix mondrs.A synlprequjres the equalamounts $cighr) (e.s.250m1 ofsugalto decoction decoction 2509sugal). io Honeyis i$'iceassweei as susar needs and half a! much(e.s.250n decoctiorr 1259lone"v). lle sweetener ro Add to thchot iiquid.Increase heatuntil the brc\'isainosrbojlingandthcnlakc it offl|e the |eat. I'orLr hoi syrupinio a sterilized the bottleandcapit. Oncccoolcd str'tLp thc should be stored the ftidge. h

Vitamin C
passed Inlonmlion aloui thc uscof iitanin C as ar abo{ifacicnt been has aror.ud ihe personal feninist conrmuiiy since se\enties. Sister dre lhe leus websire numerous has slories womcnwho\ e usedvjlaminC successfuil] of in . sometimes combinaliowith herbs,to terminaterheir pregnancies. vilaminC is nor a herb,il s oneoflhe lessroxicandmosteasilyfoundof Although an)th g availallcfor temimti g pregmncy. aisohasa goodrateofefectiveness lt purpose. {hen conpared with herbs usedlor the same Vitanrin C can be usedas an implantationinhibitor and as an abotitacienl: progcslcrone and As an implantation inhibiror.r VitaminC stimulalcs ocstrogcn inhibits whichpLoduces!cr), Lrnfalourable a clinate uilhin ihe ulenrs. Thercsultofthis is thal ihe egg wjii not inplant itself in the Nonb lining. (see'vitamin C as an emergency ,,ls o dbo ifucient Alter inplantaiion prcgesterone still essential the conrinuing is for progestcronenecded orderfor fie lining viabilityofthe tregnancy. This is becausc is ln it of theutems continue to beingsuppodive oflhe feniljsed eggandto prevent tionl breakinsdo\an. Vitan n C canaDd produocd has aborliorr \rjlhoul dlc hclp ofolhcr |erbs.Joy(;adcncl wrilcs "Dont conblnefiis remedy \r'idrotherreas mentioned mentions Pcnnyft,yrl Ghe thcy \ho bale uscdbolh andBlue Cohosl)because may coudcracleacholher Women resulls thanihosewho Lrscd onc only remedies sjmulianeously hadlesstavourable lave litamin C is a powcrfulanli'toxnr. il could Lrllil')tl)c ar a time. lhis mat be because so €flcctsoflhc |crbs. Thisis unconfirmed. occasiors vitaminClwlth is tlne combinalion hasbeen thar successfull) usedon sevcral DoneQxaiandParsle,v. VilaminC stan'es uterus the ofpfogestomrc, lhcnafler5 and daysDons Quaiis added stuergthen 1lr uterine colrtmctions expelthe embryo. alrd l'arslc)rclaxcs softens cenil. and tlre wiles thatcalcium ascorbale lhe besttlpe io useis Ascorbic acid.although Gardncr Joy or sodium ascorbatc alsooh. PurevitaminC is best. arc although ofthe man-y any vitanri. C products Choosing product the rviththefeweradditional wouldbe acceptable. {ould bc bcst.so thal) ou avoidtakinglargeamourisofsugar. flalourings ingrcdicnts r(iolhcrchcmicals is suspcoted bioihrinoidsareadded vilaminCrto protect It thal to trFrinsl miscari.sc.lt is csscnlial therelirre choose product 10 a lhatcontains no bi,)llirvinoids. ltoschip . hiollirvinoi(l dn)ul(l bervoided. is r'rxl xl$

Alcohol based tincture Alcoholis generalba better entfbr herbal propenies r walcl andalsoactsasa soh thi pieseraalile. Homemadetinctwes probably asusefr jn this siluation rhev are not as lakeal least two weeks nmkeGomepeople to think theyshol d be left for six $eeksor nrore).but may {ish ro makelinctu€s 1lrkeepfor emergeDcy siluationsas.if slotcd -vou \aell.dreycanlastseveral )ears. Theadvanlagcs linclurcs thatficy ha\e a long shelllili, ale easier cnlTy ol rre lo alound, (so aremoreconcentrated thai)ou don'tneed ingest nuch flujd) andnorc polcnt. to as 1br will need usealcohol at least30%(e.g.lodka) h older1olare a ligh cnough to of (lhe dosages this in $,aler/alco|ol ratio.5091, idcalandwill makea standard is tincture booklclassumc slaDdard Ilighcr perceniages rmrch are morc a iircrureis bcinguscd). efiective extracring volatileoils andalkaloids. l25g ofdricd hcrbor 2509oi for Use fresir herb.lJoxr500rnlalcoholonto herbaM close coniairer ihe the tightly(an ail1ight jar conlainer should uscd). be Iflhc hcrbandalco|ol don'tall ljli1t Lhe fien you canlop it uf the nc\t dayivhensoJne up oflbe alcohol bccns{)akcd bf theherb. las Usinsa 500 iar andkeepinc topped is a goodideabecaxse it xp spoilage nore is likely iilhere is an air saph fiejar andao) plart material is exposed il. Kecptbc co ainerin a $'arrnplaceawayliom to {ell oncea dayfin at lcrst two wccks slfongsunlight shake and (althouph somesayat leastsix weeks). Decant bujk ofthe the iiquid andstrainthercsidue drough n)uslh (wrnrsing rhelast ont drup).Siorethetincture a dark,airtighibottlewith a dared in label


A range ol dosages hale beensuggested lion 6 gramsper day lo lwetl,e gnms per day. pcKonal accounlsol herbal aborrionoD ihe SislerZ€us websiteil lirorn rcadingthe seens thal mosl success sioriesinvoh,e the ligher doses.I $,ould adlise hking 10 - 12

gGdually decreasing dosesover the courseol lhree da,vs. siopped.Shc auggests

Contraccptive Vitamin C as an Emergency
inside a.qinainmediatclv the (non-chew$le) should placcd be hao 500ng tablets coldom rupture andrepcaiediwice a da)' for threedavs. follo\ing unprolcctedsexor kill \hich should of the spenn lhereis no iD thc This increases acidlevels tle vagina of the but it $ould grcallydecrease chaoces guaranl€e rhissill be lcr0%efeolivc ihat widl Aloe Vcia cause irritation; soothe spcnnmakingit to thc egg.Thismay du conlraceptive rg thetirne iNernallyasan emergenc) Vilan1in canalsobc taken U ir is expected. SislcrZ€usdoesnot believe and bet{cen conception whenmensiruation pi1l.but ir canbe usedjfyou aretoo lateto uscit lrs is aseflecrive ihe morning-aier procedure lsins vitaminC as l'ollow thc same (lonser 72 rhaD hourssinceconcepiion). will itsell so bleeding cyclehasto complele as asan abodlfacient abole.Themenshual ol lakingvilaminC as thanusual a result not beginnuch earlier

You should djvide your total gramsfor ihe day into equaldosesequally spaced throughourll1eday. ud as ma) limes durnu rhe nighr as you can rnmagc.

Anyon. wilh scnsitivekidneys or an) kind ol kidncy problcms sbould nor use lilarniD C This is bec.luse excessanounls of vitanin C in the bod) are elhinalcd throughthe kidncys which can put lhem undcr shain. |eopl€ $lro takc anli-coagulanls (e.9.aspirin),1\,nohavo sicklc oell anaemia. have or difticulty metabolisingvitamin C should consuha doclor bolbrc takiDgmcga'dosesof vilamiD C.

Possibleside effects
Mosl offie seious side enbcls involved wilh suchhigh dosesof\,itlmin C are oDIroler a lorg period. The 1,1day usagese are applic.$le il such dosesitrc suslained talking aboul hcrc mean ll1arftcy are unlikcly to occu.

Abdoninalcranps,hot flushes. rashes, conslipalion, anddiarboca,hcadachc, gas farigue, acidstomaoh kidneyiffilationmay occur dnd *14a{.mothernature.com the foLlo$ing infonnation abo the safet} of vitamin C: have far ofthe RDA. Soln€ individuals delelop ' Vilanin C is nontoxic at levels in excess dianhoeaftonl takingapprox. 2,000to 5,000 perda)',r'hile elen ligher levels mg do nol bothd otl1crs. High levelsof vnanin C candeplclc bodyoflhe essellial mincral lhe mullinulricnt coppcr', lakea coppeFconlaining so lbrmulail you'remegadosing C. on High dosesof vitamin C may also increase risk of kidney sionesin sone people. the alihough srxdiesindicarethat thosel

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