The mission of Rotary is to provide service to others, to promote high ethical standards, and to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.
April 2,2012
President Amy called meeting to order 1200 @Western Pacific Brewery Flag Salute Rotarian Tina Pruit Invocation by Rotarian Gil Boules Table Introductions: Rotarian Rocky Nolan commented on a great table of Rotarians, Rotarian TC Dennis mentioned a missing a faithful member, Rotarian David Pittman introduced each table member, Rotarian Shelton described a table of PP and PDistGov, PP & PDG Dee Fairbanks indicated his table of rotarians were allowing 5 empty chairs for guests, Rotarian Larry Bradley had 3 potential empty seats and no Red badges. President Amy mentioned her budget has funding for this years’ new members community service project of choice and they need to meet and decide the outcome. Recognitions: *Rotarian Ester Dennis recognition an wine $20 Shared her business as been really busy with many new federal and state regulations and happy to make time to return her Granddaughter won Klamath Falls first girl to receive Student Athlete of Month her basketball team has continued it winning success and will be competing in Sacramento. *Rotarian Rocky Nolan recognition bottle of wine $20 option to foundation, She mentioned Pioneer Auto Body and Shipping working new project for the City. The Historic Logging Skidder refurbishing project is in her shop. The item will be placed on the pedestal at the Hwy 70 on ramp at Montgomery Street. Some members suspected Councilman Pittman had something to do with planting such old items about the city an was wondering where he was locating the old (junk) items of historical interest? Sunrise annual golf tournament $85 per person Men a Woman looking for golf tournament players. Sunrise Rotary President Howard Sands also looking for hole sponsors, Upcoming Rotarians At Work Day: President Amy mentioned plans for the Work Day April 28. Sunrise has the following projects planned and you are invited to participate with your At Work T shirts. Please meet at Rescue Mission on Lincoln at 0900 for specific directions to projects: Replacing Awnings, Installing New Metal Letter on St. Thomas School, Cleaning city parking lots on Montgomery, etc. Recology is coordinating with Gridley Rotary and will be doing a painting project at Butte County Fairgrounds. Nancy Ritchie discussed the Secret Bus Trip and due to lower than planned participants needs some firm member commitments to adjust all reservations for the new numbers. So please contact ASAP. Reminder the trip will Leave at 1000am on April 21 and return Oroville by 8:00pm. Announcement on Earth Day April 22 Recology has partnered with Covanta Energy and will be accepting green waste free for you to drop off day as many times as necessary for customers. As the Presidents Bell has returned she called up the following members to achieve Bell Ringer status Eric Almquist, Gil Boules, Lisa Delaby, TC Dennis, Dee Fairbanks, Don Remley, Rick Richenbach, Pat Sands, Mike Smith, Mike Spanfelner, Rich Sutherland, David Pittman. *President Amy mentioned the Official Charter on Las Plumas Interact club has arrived from Rotary International. She asked Rotarian Bruce Spangler to the podium for Charter presentation. President Amy recognized Rotarian Larry Bradley for the almond advertising $20 in the program. Rotarian Bruce Spangler recognized $20 for Interact Charter achievement. PP Rotarian Mike Ramsey was recognized $20 The bell is back! for his past goal of planting Golden Poppys on the face of the Oroville Dam, which he showed pictures of to the membership. PPDG Dee Fairbanks commented Oroville Bruce receives some recognition Noon Rotary received a Presidential Citation for achieving EREY by this club. Reminders on Upcoming Events: Sunrise Rotary is sponsoring a Golf Tournament at Table Mountain Golf Course and is offering Rotary members to participate an looking for business sponsorships. Saturday May 5 Shotgun Start at 0800hrs contact Rotarian David Nielsen for application which is attached to this Newsletter. Calendar: Heads Up District 5180 May 18, 19, 20 at Grand Sierra Resort Reno, Next Meeting: Monday April 16, 2012 Editor: DPittman Mike shows off some Golden Poppys

Club Notes

Regular Meeting 1200 hours


Rotarian Regina Munster, Nutrition Specialist, (e-mail: ramunster@comcast. net) discussed Nutrition and the obesity epidemic we have become “One Nation Overweight”. 1 in 6 adults are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes an its showing up in early childhood. Why do diets fail? Mainly because we increased our portion sizes by spending over 137 billion dollars on fast foods. So many different bad diets including martini diet may have good plans but lack solid evidence of success for the long term. All good diet plans contain a balance of nutrition along with exercise. Breakfast is extremely important to start your metabolism for the day. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Since 1971 portion size has increased to extreme sizes. In example in the 70’s baked muffins were cupcake size with 150-200 calories, New muffins sizes of hamburger buns exceed 500 calories, for instance calories at 8 ounces is 45 calories now popular with the mocha & other tasty additives exceed 350 calories. To compensate you will need at least 20 minutes of exercise to burn off those calories. How can we outsmart ourselves on the fast food? Size down the portions at fast food menu’s from serving size. 1 piece of pizza can be as much as 850 calories will take 2 .5 hours of exercise. Stress the proper size of food portions can be over 400 calories requiring at least 1 hour exercise. She presented examples of food items and the increased calories we now have in today’s food offerings. Avoid “Portion distortion” on food and read the package labels. Be careful “fat free may not be calorie free”. Important ball park serving sizes were offered for us all to use. Consider back side of your fist is easy measure stick for estimating the 3 oz. measure. SEE LESS EAT LESS go for the smaller plate sizes shrink the size of your plate you will reduce the intake of food. Early 70’s four food groups were the standard plan USDA changed to pyramid and finally came up with my “plate program” fruit, grains, vegetables, protein along with dairy drink for each meal. Some evidence indicates 10 almonds a day will cause you to loose belly weight. A weight reduction plan indicates 5 small meals a day with 2 small treats is proving successful at weight management. Many comments on weight management tricks with minor exercise. We must focus on keeping our metabolism active and choose to take the stairwell instead of the elevator as examples of exercise. Sitting has many risk factors and detriment to weight management. Regina answered many question from the membership on particular foods like Pistachios are lower in calories than almonds, soy milk is great substitute with adequate nutrition versus dairy drinks and definition of BMI. BMI will indicate what your Body Mass Index for your weight, age, size factors. Start a new trend for the quality of life, bike to work, park in the distant parts of the parking lot, stand up, walk, 10,000 steps a day average 12,000 steps for weight loss. Membership was truly informed by Regina’s presentation information that has an affect on the health of us all. She was warmly recognized for bringing such a valuable topic to the meeting. Rotarian Charles Plummer had many comments on Regina’s discussion that agreed with the need for us all to include exercise in our daily habits. Further Rotarian Plummer made an offer to each of us that visited the following website he would make a contrition to Foundation.

ROTARY CLUB OF OROVILLE, INC. Almquist, Eric & Judy 02-12-07 Real Estate Investments 532-6406 532-6406 P.O. Box 6227 Bowles, Gil & Kay 10-22-01 Heating & Air Cond. Ret. 533-8754 Oroville, CA 95966 Bradley, Larry & Nancy 02-12-07 Orchardist 893-5347 Website: Brown, Mitch & Sue 11-20-00 Law Enforcement 538-2448 533-2616 Carter, Torrie & Mike 04-18-05 Home Furnishings-Ret. 532-7968 533-8137 Where to Make-Up Locally... Carter, Penny-Chennel. Rick, School Supt. H9899501 W5323000ext. 3001 *P – Castleberry, Clay & Donna 11-21-57 S/A Public Works 533-3674 TUESDAY: P – Cheff, Bill & Grace 09-20-82 Dir.-Public Works 589-4235 Chico........... 12:00 Noon at Elks Club P – Chimento, Sam & Lynn 01/06/03 Elementary School Admin. 533-4842x7 877-3047 Durham ...... 6:00pm at Butte Creek *P – Dahlmeier, John & Linda 07-11-88 Casualty Insurance 533-3424 534-7134 Country Club P – DeLaby, Lisa & Rich 09-16-06 College Public Relations 895-2937 533-2775 Sutter Buttes Sunrise - 7:00am P + – Dennis, Esther & T.C. 08-19-02 Residential Care 534-6495 533-7007 at Hillcrest Catering Plaza * P + – Dennis, T.C. & Esther 05-09-88 Water Service-Retired 533-7007 Room 210 Julie Dr. P – Dunn, Andrea & Barnes, Bob 10-25-06 Education 532-3000x3013 894-1544 Oroville....... Sunrise - 7:00am at Western * P + – Enochs, Shelton & Mary 05-22-95 Weatherization 538-2561 343-9748 Pacific Brewing & Dining Edwards, Tyler & Jennifer Construction 5304039830 Marysville .. 12 Noon at Peach Tree C. C. * P + – PDG Fairbanks, Dee & Donna 05-10-82 S/A General Engineering 533-3114 533-8586 P – Ford, Dustin & Christina 11-28-05 General Contracting 693-0848 533-7596 WEDNESDAY: * P + – Grubbs, Candy & Jay 01-30-89 Clerk/Recorder-County 538-7654 589-4232 Yuba City ... Yuba /Feather River Sunrise P – Hancock, John & Velda 05-07-90 Auto Repair 533-9475 533-0366 7 AM at Gary’s Place * P + – Hutton, Mike & Frances 06-03-91 General Accounting 534-9111 343-0979 130 9th St. Marysville – Hurley, Charles & Leslie Ann 10-19-09 Public Safety THURSDAY: * P + – Jackson, Brad & Bonnie 03-27-97 Glass - Auto/Home 533-3696 533-0417 Chico........... Morning Club - 6:45am at P – Jernigan, Amy & Levi 03-31-08 Recycling Coordinator 693-0045 533-8982 Canyon Oaks Country Club P – Jewett, Phil 12-14-09 Agriculture 308-4573 679-0240 Gridley ....... 12:15 at Community Center P + – Liegmann, Kurt & Carrie 07-10-00 Senior Living 538-8480 538-8200 1561 Hazel Street P – Loewe, John & Martha 04-06-09 Publisher 990-0509 533-6005 Paradise...... 12:00 Noon at Elks Club Klingler, Bryan & Rhonda, Finance Advisor,10-18-2010 Yuba-Feather River Sunrise P + – Mastelotto, Angie 12-18-95 Title & Escrow Services 533-6680 Noon at Hillcrest Catering * P + – Miller, Dave & Patti 07-29-91 Advertising News 533-2170 589-4128 Plaza Room 210 Julie Dr. – Munster, Regina & Ray 3-14-11 Nuitrition Specialist 534-5309 Yuba City *P – Murphy, Frank, 03-11-68 S/A Physician 533-2831 P – Nolind, Racquel & John 07-13-09 Auto Body/Paint 534-8701 589-4439 DIRECTORS: P – Nore, Jim & Amy 03-31-08 Plumbing 533-2900 532-4788 Sectretary ........................Andy Dunn – Perkins, Scott & Holly 07-13-09 Property Development 864-1520 864-1520 Treasurer.........................Rich Sutherlund P – Pittman, DavidRet.Public Safety/Councilman 7-5-2001 530-990-4191 Club Service....................Nancy Ritchie – Plummer, James & Susan 10-19-09 Physical Therapy 533-2233 591-5634 Community Service........Pat Sands Pruit, Tina&Daryl11-1-2011 Paint Contractor 533-3351 W534-3854 Vocational Service ..........Raquel Nolind * P + – Ramsey, Mike & Carroll 01-11-88 Prosecuting Attorney 538-7411 533-9604 Youth Service ..................James Plummer P – Reichenbach, Rick & Martha 02-07-58 RR Transportation 589-0174 Public Relations..............Lisa DeLaby * P + – Remley, Don & Penny 02-10-86 Elem. School Supt./Ret. 532-1257 Service Projects ................Dustin Ford P – Reynolds, Chuck & Sandie 10-19-09 Masonry Contractor 533-8310 532-0893 Foundation/Int. Service .Shelton Enochs * P + – Ritchie, Nancy & Rod 01-04-99 Awards & Advt. Spc. 533-2222 589-0168 Membership ....................Bryan Klingler * P + – PDG Ritchie, Rod & Nancy 12-17-73 Trophies & Bowl 533-2222 589-0168 Training/Orientation......Dee Faribanks – Roberts, Oran & Cathleen 08-19-02 High School Dist. Supt. 538-2300x2 534-9336 Bulletin ............................David Pittman P – Rodgers, Lori 10-19-09 Insurance 534-1927 532-9582 Rodriguez, Sal & Mayte, 3-15-2010 532-1332, Landscape Services, – Ruggle, Toni & Vicki Water Service Manager 533-4034 * P + – Rotar, Lou & Judy 05-10-82 Civil Law 589-1603 P + – Saleh, Saeed 2809 Olive Hwy Pharmacist 533-1545 H990-1495 * P + – Sands, Pat & Howard 04-12-99 Irrigation District 533-4578 533-5690 P – Smith, Jerry & Kathy 04-12-99 Cooperative Extn. 589-0914 Of the things we think, say or do. P – Smith, Mike & Becky 08-29-94 Vinyl Fabrications 532-1236 534-9931 Spangler, Bruce & Sugih Hotel Mgt. H923-7303 W534-5566 1. Is it the TRUTH? P + – Spanfelner, Mike & Amy 09-05-98 Optometry 533-6604 898-9755 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? P – Spencer, Lorinda & Jim 02-04-02 Banking/Loans 532-0800 533-2946 – Steedman,Lonnie & Scott 10-25-2010 Bank Savings 5305380140 cel5307814378 3. Will it build GOODWILL and * P + – Stutznegger, Keith & Susan 11-26-79 General Dentistry 534-8330 533-0219 BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? P – Sutherland, Rich 09-25-06 Fast Food 534-9356 589-1594 * P + – Tracy, Bud & Linda 10-20-03 Real Estate - Commercial 534-1911 343-7273 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all P + – Tracy, Linda & Bud 01-09-06 Photography 893-1909 343-7273 concerned? – Walker, Dena & Donald 11-09-09 Dept. Store Zone Manager 534-1082 570-7745 * Denotes Past Presidents P = Paul Harris Fellows + = Paul Harris Sustaining Members P *P *P * P P – – – – –

MeMbership roster

The Four-Way Test

Oroville Rotary Club Calendar of Events

July, 2011 · A NEW BEGINNING
Mon 11 Club Assembly - goals & committees for 2011-12 - Bud; B-days & Anniv. Thurs 14 Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Mon 18 Regular Meeting - Rocky Nolind re: Collision Repair Industry and Advertising Pioneer; Alexis Bisson Schlorship Rec. Mon 25 Regular Meeting - Conrade Mayer, Dist Chair re: Interact Program and Introducing LP Interact Students

Mon 2 Mon 9 Thurs 12 Sat 14 Mon 16 Mon 23 No Meeting - New Years Regular Meeting -Induct Mike Vinum & Mark Grover Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Mid Year Retreat at Oak Ridge Winery, Lodi No Meeting - Martin Luther King Jr. Regular Meeting - City’s MIDAS Program (Municipal Improvements & Development to Achieve Success) Sat 28 Pre PETS for 2012-13 Program Year Mon 30 Regular meeting - Student of the Month (Central Middle School); Brian Moore re:Wine Tasting-Judging

2011 – 2012

Mon 1 Regular Meeting - Club Meets @ YMCA (Celeste Silva Speaker) to Serve Lunch Thur 4 Oroville Sprts Club - Blood Source Drive, 1 pm to 5 pm Mon 8 Regular Meeting - Kayla Pinson re: Her RYE 2010/2011 Experience in Finland Thurs 11 Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-Pat Sands’ Mon 15 Regular meeting - Sheldon to speaker re: Foundation, BD&A Mon 22 Club Assembly - Bryan to Speak on Membership Program Mon 29 Regular meeting - Skip Lawrence, Dist Chair re: DG Taylor’s Blood Drive Project

Mon 6 Club Assembly - Internat. Services Program - BD&A Thurs 9 Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Mon 13 Regular Meeting - Eric to Finalize Preperation for Rotary Round-up Sat 18 ROTARY ROUNDUP Mon 20 No Meeting - Presidents Day Mon 27 Regular meeting - Speech Contest

Mon 5 Thurs 8 Sat 10 Mon 12 Mon 19 No Meeting - Labor Day Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-David Pittman’s El Medio Building Paint Project Club Assembly - Service Projects, BD&A ROTAR BBQ 6:00pm (no noon meeting) Steve Terry (Oro Mission) to cater Mon 26 Regular meeting - Riverbend Soccer Snack Bar Dedication (Dinner/dessert) @ 5:30

March, 2012 · LITERACY MONTH
Fri 2-4 Mon 5 Thurs 8 Mon 12 Wed 17 Mon 19 Sat 24 Mon 26 PETS for 2012-13 Incoming Presidents Club Assembly - Club Services Program, BD&A, Student of the Month (St. Thomas School) Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Regular Meeting - Judy Croy re: Packing for Conference, Conventions, Vacations/Holidays Semi-Final Speech Contest - Location TBA Regular Meeting - Teacher of the Year District Assembly for 2012-13 Program Year Regular Meeting - Student of the Month (Nelson Avenue School) Penny, Sam & Andy re:Literacy

Mon 3 Club Assembly - Youth Services; BD&A Mon 10 Regular Meeting - Club to Meet @ OFH (OFH Cooking) and Present Fireman of the Year Thurs 13 Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-Nancy Ritchie’s Mon 17 Regular Meeting - Student of the Month (LPHS) Sat 22 National Make a Difference Day, District Blood Drive Week Mon 24 Regular Meeting - World Polio Day - Bob Mutchler (Rotary Club of No. Sac) re: Polio Plus Mon 31 Regular meeting - Chuck Reynolds re: Masonary Options and Student of the Month (OHS)

Mon 2 Mon 9 Thurs 12 Mon 16 Mon 23 Club Assembly - Community Services Program, BD&A Regular Meeting - Penny re: Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Regular Meeting Regular Meeting - Rotar and Ritchie-Program on Chicken Coop Sat 28 Rotarians at Work Day Mon 30 Regular meeting - Student of the Month (Oroville Christian School) and Law Enforcement of the Year

Thurs 10 Board of Directors meeting @ 10.15 with DG @ Western Pacific Brewery Mon 7 Club Assembly - District Governor’s Visit and DG is requesting REY Student Present; BD&A Mon 14 Regular Meeting-VETERANS DAY PROGRAM- Speaker ? Sat 19 Foundation Dinner, Radisson Hotel, Sacramento Mon 21 Regular Meeting - Contact Deakin to see if he will do a program re: Beer Making Mon 28 Regular meeting - Student of the Month (Ishi Middle School)

Mon 6-9 RI Convention, Bangkok Thailand Mon 7 Regular Meeting-Student of the Month (Palermo Middle School) Thurs 10 Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Mon 14 Regular Meeting - GSE Team from Peru Fri 18-20 District 5180 Conference, Grand Sierra Resort, Reno Mon 21 Club Assembly - Review and evaluate programs - BD&A; Toni Ruggle re: Water Awareness Month Mon 28 No Meeting - Memorial Day

Sat 3 Mon 5 Thurs 8 Mon 12 Mon 19 Mon 26 Santa Elv’s Go Shopping Christmas Dinner 6:00pm (no noon meeting) @ Feather Falls Casino/Co-dinner w/Oro Sunrise Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Christmas luncheon with Santa and the kids Annual Meeting - Election of Officers and Directors. BD&A No Meeting - Christmas

Mon 4 Club Assembly - BD&A Mon 11 Regular Meeting - Nancy Ritchie re: What’s New at Jimmy’s Trophy Thurs 14 Board of Directors meeting @ 5:30 location-TBA Mon 18 Regular Meeting Mon 25 Demotion Dinner 6PM - location TBD