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Emma Sorensen October 5, 2011 Guided Reading Lesson Plan Book: Tull, M. (2004). Plains. Washington D.C.

: National Geographic Society. Materials: Paper, books, pencils, white board, markers Objectives/Goals: CLL(Guided Reading): Use a full range of readers tools to search for information (table of contents, glossary, headings, and subheadings, call-outs, pronunciation guides, index, references). Demonstrate the ability to identify how a text is organized. Common Core: R.I.4.2 Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text R.I.4.8 Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text. Introduction: Text walk the book: leave enough time tor comments, discussion, and connections. What do we know about plains? Plains are flat land that appear in all climates like in Iowa. Look for text features o Maps o Table of Contents o Glossary o Photos and captions o Index o Diagrams o Maps in corners o Summary Sentence Have the students look at pages 4-5. Ask them what the diagram is showing them. Ask them about any words they should know about. o Topsoil and plain o Diagram shows different kinds of plains Ask if anyone has been on a plain. Have students skim pages 4 5. What is this section talking about? Can you connect this to something else is in the text walk? Have the students skim pages 6 7. Have them take a closer look at the map. Not the map and the different images and shading. What areas are shaded? Why are they shaded?

Mention how we are going to be skipping some pages for today but will read them another time. We will be skipping pages 8 11. Review with students how to pull out important information from the text. Show them how you want them to record the information and demonstrate using pages 4 7.

Reading Plan: Have students silently read pages 12 13 and 16 19. While students are reading, listen to them read aloud. The students should also be filling in information on their paper. Not the map and summary sentence at the beginning of each section. Check in with students to make sure they understand the reading. Discussion Points: What stood out? What information did you pull out? o Ranchers o Farmers o Herders Processing Strategy: Text structure: main paragraph, supporting ideas Revisit what they found in each section On white board or chart paper, note what the students wrote What is important? How does being able to find what is important helpful as a reader? Extension: Have students make connections from history class and their personal life to the text o Farming o Climate Word Work: Students will use the words in bold from the sections read and write sentences using them correctly. They can use the glossary or the text to find the meaning of the word.