Two conditions with similar symptoms but different nonetheless

There is much confusion surrounding these two conditions, so we will look more into it and try to remove all doubts.
So what is different? In the following slides we will try to eliminate doubts.

Sciatica is a result of irritation of sciatic nerve (makes sense doesn`t it  ) Condition also referred to as “true ” sciatica
It usually originates in the buttock area and can extend to the entire lower leg

Piriformis Syndrome is a painful condition caused by contractions in the actual piriformis muscle itself
It know also as “pseudo-sciatica” or “false” sciatica

Piriformis muscle attaches itself to upper femur and runs back across the pelvis to the outside edge of the sacrum

As mentioned earlier, both conditions have similar symptoms and those are: Pain Tingling Burning

And/or numbness of the leg

There are two simple maneuvers that we can use will distinguish sciatica from piriformis syndrome in the majority of cases.

From a seated position, patient straightens the knee on the side of sciatic pain, holding the leg out straight and parallel to the floor, and if this position causes an increas in symptoms, it is a good indicator of true sciatica.

The second maneuver is done in two parts. First, from the sitting position one bends the leg and pulls the knee on the painful side towards the same-side shoulder. There usually is no major increase in pain except in severe cases of true sciatica in this position. The second part of the maneuver is to pull the knee toward the opposite side shoulder. An increase in the sciatica-like symptoms is a strong indication of piriformis syndrome.

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