Resume Checklist – Finance/ Other Sector Jobs

Title Headings: - Make sure that local and permanent addresses are included - Recommended using uwaterloo email rather than another email - Be consistent with the name on resume and the name on Jobmine (ie. name on Quest) Job Objective: Do not include, everyone has the same Skills Summary: - Should always be included, this is the most important part of resume - Include only 4 to 6 points: Rank points in skill summary in order of importance/ relevance to job - Make sure all points can be related to later parts of resume (ie. work experience, performance/technical skills) Education: - Include expected graduation and specialization - If applying to a financial services firm/ firm of other sector: offer a brief description of your program, the skills and behaviours you are honing from it, and how it is uniquely preparing you for coop and your career; consider including relevant courses/ relevant assignments - If applying to a major chartered bank: include a general description of your program as it relates to the nurturing of tomorrow’s business professionals; consider including relevant courses/ projects - List relevant academic awards and scholarships (explain these clearly) if less than 3 items - If you have completed additional industry training courses (i.e. Canadian Securities Course, Investment Funds in Canada Course), consider calling this section “Education and Professional Training” Job experiences: - Ensure job durations specified to the month, especially for summer/seasonal employment - Use reverse chronological order unless very good reason to use functional format - Make sure verb tense does not change when describing job experiences - Do not describe every job ever worked, explaining 3-4 jobs in detail is more than sufficient - If your work experience is not directly related, emphasize transferable skills - Use specific numbers, “sold $xxx” “completed xxx contracts” - Begin each bullet with strong verbs like “prepared, wrote, presented”; not weak ones like “helped, assisted, participated” - Make sure to have no ambiguity about what was done on job, but still keep concise - Each bullet point on job experiences should never exceed 2 lines - Do not use personal pronouns ("my" and "their") or definite and indefinite articles ("a," "an," or "the") - For work and extra-curricular/ volunteer experiences, use 3-5 bullet points to outline the following: (CAR statements) 1) Use the 1st bullet point to describe the contribution you made or challenge you conquered 2) Use the next 1-3 bullet points to describe the ways you put your transferable technical sills, performance skills, personal values and/or motivators to work to carry out the tasks/actions that made you successful 3) Use the last bullet point to summarize your overall performance, special achievements and/or the key skills developed or learning outcomes you realized as the result of the job or volunteer experience Extra-Curricular Involvement: - May be separated into volunteering and Activities and interests - Do not list too many club memberships, rather explain a few key ones in fuller detail - Include any certifications (scouts, first aid) - Use specific numbers, “raised $xxx in funds”

Actual body of cover letter should not exceed half a page . not on Jobmine) Cover Letter Checklist .Body: 1) Demonstrate performance skills. no more than 8 lines for ease of reading . incorporate person met if possible .Make paragraphs short.Page 2 for resumes submitted externally (ie.Include a full signature which contains year.If met someone at info-session.Recommend chronological resume: present most recent activity first and show associated start/end dates .program.Ensure that details in cover letter corroborate with resume. phone number and email . use maximum of 2 at once .Make sure to control for dangling lines in page breaks . not what employer has to offer to students . these are the most common mistakes! .Formatting . but don’t need to tell recruiter to read your resume List of Action Verbs acted adapted addressed adjusted administered advised altered analyzed appraised arbitrated arranged assembled assessed audited balanced broadened budgeted built calculated calibrated catalogued categorized chaired classified co-ordinated coached collected combined communicated compared compiled completed composed computed conducted configured consolidated constructed contracted contrasted controlled converted corrected corresponded counselled created critiqued decided decreased defined delegated delivered demonstrated described designed determined developed devised diagnosed directed discovered dispensed displayed dissected distributed documented doubled drafted drew edited eliminated encouraged enforced enhanced enlarged ensured established estimated evaluated examined expanded expedited explained expressed fabricated facilitated financed finalized fixed forecasted formulated founded generated guided hired hosted identified illustrated implemented improved improvised incorporated increased informed initiated inspected installed instituted instructed integrated interpreted interviewed introduced invented investigated itemized launched led learned lectured liaised listed located maintained managed marked marketed measured mediated minimized modelled moderated modernized modified monitored motivated narrated navigated negotiated observed obtained ordered organized oriented performed persuaded piloted planned predicted prepared prescribed presented produced programmed projected promoted proofread proposed protected provided publicized published purchased raised received recommended reconciled recorded recruited redesigned reduced referred refined rehabilitated rendered reorganized repaired reported represented researched resolved restored restructured retrieved reviewed revised revitalized saved scheduled searched secured serviced selected separated served shaped shared simplified sketched sold solved specified spoke started streamlined strengthened summarized supervised supplied talked taught tended tested traced trained transcribed transformed translated travelled treated trimmed troubleshot tutored uncovered unified updated upgraded utilized verified weighed welded widened wrote .Make sure all bullet points. 2) Outline suitability to the job requirements .Be careful of large gaps in white space which are visually unappealing . 2) Highlight purpose of communication (I am applying for. mention this .Keep headings consistent .2nd page header: Name .Do not excessively combine italics.Make sure addresses and dates are correct..Write in terms of what student has to offer to employer. specialization).If you know of specific interest. university.. and underlining. and margins line up exactly .) . program.Intro: 1) Identify yourself (year. such as working in the audit of financial services. bold.

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