Gender Pay Gap, Total Justification As you may know, there is a Gender Pay Gap between men and

women. There are many valid reasons for this occurring, the most prominent being that women do it to themselves by putting in fewer hours and focusing more on their family. Due to this fact, they are going to make less on average since they are working fewer hours than their male counterparts. Since most data does not take actual hours worked into account, rather just salary; there ends up being a bias. If it were normalized, it would be seen that the pay gap is much smaller than people are shouting about. It could also be said that women cluster in lower paying occupations, such as teaching or clerical work; while men tend to deal more in technical work, managerial duties and more. These distinct occupational differences contribute to the gap, since, for example, engineering an aerospace engine is much more demanding than corralling some preschoolers. At present, the norm is men are more educated as you increase with age, leading to an increasingly wide skill gap, which leads to a pay gap. If we observe data from the present, we see that the pay gap is closing as women catch up in education. Following this, unmarried women educated women below 30 are actually making more than their male counterparts. This is most likely due to the fact that these women are willing to negotiate for their salary and don’t have the distractions of childcare. The gender pay gap exists for many of the previous reasons, and much can not be done without women pushing forward to fix it. They have the equal pay act on their side, but it is up to them to reduce the amount of time they spend on their families and increase the amount of hours they are willing to work.