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Board blames Measure

E tax hike on unrealized

projections, interest rates
The Board of Education announced last
week it is considering more than doubling
the bond tax rate from $49.71 to $114 per
$100,000 assessed value, and is citing unre-
alized property value projections and higher
than estimated interest rates on the shortcom-
ings of the Measure E program as justification
for raising the rates.
Although at the time Measure E passed in
2008 the Board of Education promised the
bond would be funded at the existing tax
rate of $49.71, Board of Education President
Brian Goldberg said last week the board does
not plan to put the tax hike on the ballot for
voters to decide. He cited the importance of
addressing safety concerns at the campuses as
quickly as possible.
The $114 tax rate the Board of Education
is considering also reflects an increase in the
rate of past bonds, Measures K (2002) and S
Tony Hsieh, managing director of Keygent
Advisors, the BHUSDs bond financial con-
sultant, explained the scenario would allow
BHUSD to set Measure Es tax rate at the
maximum of $60 per $100,000 assessed
value. In addition, the tax rate for Measures
K and S would be $54 per $100,000 assessed
value, but would decline over time until the
bonds are paid off in 2030. Residents would
continue paying for Measure E until 2055.
Hsieh explained the increase in Measure K
and S tax rates is due to the weak real estate
market since tax rates were estimated based
on property value growth projections.
Per California Education Code 15270, the
maximum tax rate levied on bonds at a
single election by a school district is $60 per
$100,000 when property value is projected
by the district to increase in accordance with
Article XIIIA of the California Constitution.
Regardless of its legality, raising the tax rate
would break a promise made to voters in the
ballot statement and in campaign materials in
2008 that existing taxes would not increase.
A presentation Keygent made to the Board
of Education last August showed BHUSDs
tax rate was in the bottom 25 percent of uni-
fied school district tax rates in Los Angeles
County based on 2010-2011 tax rates. The
increase to $114 would place BHUSD in
the top 25 percent, and if the average rate of
$75 estimated by Hsieh is realized, BHUSD
would still be in the top 50 percent.
Metro EIR targets Beverly Hills
buildings for demolition [Issue #652]
Metro needs to forget about Beverly
High. I do believe a tunnel under BHHS
would not be dangerous as Metro has said.
However, I also believe a tunnel under the
school would mean the land would not be
as safe as it was before. Also, the school
may need to build, rebuild or expand in the
future to meet the needs of the school, its
students and the city. A tunnel would make
those future endeavors much harder if not
impossible. Because our children come
first, the tunnel needs to be built elsewhere.
George Vreeland Hill
Beverly Hills
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