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Healthcare and Alcoholism in Russia 2/13/07 12:28 PM

Soviet healthcare was called cradle to the grave and the right to health
•the ministry of health was in charge of building and maintaing
it had its problems
•physicians and nurses not being paid equally
•the big problems:
olack of incentive not enough development or progression
as of 1994 healthcare institutions were determined to be
5o years behind that of the west
opoor facility management people were not kicked out of beds
quickly enough
osupplies would be scarce
opoor personnel management 30 people per a nurse
non professionalized nursing, didn’t go to nursing school,
you would learn most of your skills on the job
ono patient rights
othis leads to general apathy
othere is also a lack of preventative care
oyou end up wth a culture of acute care
oenvironmental problems
o hospitals as prisons
during the soviet era if you were a dissedent you could
me sent toa mental institution
General results of societ healthcare
•Infant mortality rates very high 100 deaths per 1000
•old ailments stil remain a problem
•uteran distress also resulting from multiple abortions
•certan populations tend o get ignored: the elderly, pensioners, and
•the best and the brightesy minds just stay away from medicine
•a living wage is barely attainable being a doctor
•population decline a fertility index is .9
•as a result of this you end up with a two tier system
othe people who have the money get a completely better
healthcare that what people w/o do
Alcoholism a chronic problem
•Prince Vladimir during the 11th century and decided to convert his
people to Christianity
•when peterthe freat came to power he established the “vodka order”
•vodka becomes a unique part of what it meant to be Russian
•drinking persists under communism
•if you were drunk on the job you couldn’t get fired
•lots of driking under khrushchev and Brezhnev
•vodka fuctions as a stable currency rather than the ruble
Prohivition in the 1990’s
oCivilized drinking under gorbechecv
•At first Russia was in shock with prohibition
•it was estimated that 600,000 lives were saved during this short
period of time
•the prohibition actually provided Russians with 2 bottles of vodka
•Samogen moonshine bootlegging
•the prohibition also had dire economic consequences
•alcohol sales represented 35% of the state revenue
•dire social consequences due to samogen
•drinking just takes off after the fall of communism
•the new era of drinking became very popular under yeltsin
odrinkers loved yeltsin
•until 1997 the import of alcohol was managed by the Russian sports
•constant efforts have been made to re-monopolize alcohol production
Uses for alcohol in Russia
•A form of subversion
•female drinking i a very interesting form subversion
•alcohol als serves as an escape
•drikig also is a form of masculinity
•declining alcohol is also a ign of disrespect
few statistics on 11 million alcoholics
•te people who if you offe alcohol will say yes
•18 liters of alcohol per year
•more thn halfis bootleg codka
2/13/07 12:28 PM
2/13/07 12:28 PM