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Calculate Arc Length

Calculate Arc Length Here we are going to learn about Arc length and formula to find the Arc Length. Arc Length is nothing but length or an arc. Arc is a curve. We can also call it as arc length of a curve. Arc length is defined as the measure of the distance along the curved line making up an arc. The arc length is longer than the straight line distance between its end points. We can consider an segment in a circle, which is an arc. In the figure shown above, the arc length is the blue coloured portion indicated by s. Let be the angle made by the end points with the center of the circle. The distance from one end point of the curve or arc to the center is called as radius. If we know the radius and value we can find out the arc length using the below formula. Arc Length Formula Formula in Degrees : Arc length = ( *2 r)/360 where, is the central angle of the arc in degrees. r is the radius of the circle. is pi, approximately, =3.142. Formula in Radians: If the central angle is in radians, then this formula is used. Know More About Linear Combination

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Arc length = R * C where, C is the central angle in radians. R is the radius of the circle. Finding Arc Length Below are the examples on finding arc length Example 1 : Determine the arc length of the circle with radius and central angle is 600 . Solution : We have the formula for arc length as, Step 1: We have the radius and the central angle from the problem.Now simply substitute the given values in the above formula. Step 2: arc length = 5.2365 cm Step 3: The arc length of the circle is . Example 2 : Calculate the arc length of a circle with circumference and the the central angle is given by 450 . Solution : Step 1: As the circumference of the circle is given, the radius of the circle can be calculated as mentioned in the above formula table. circumference, Step 2 : The radius of the circle is Step 3: Now we have the radius and central angle. we can find the arc length, arc length= The arc length of a circle is . Learn More Factor Theorem

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Alternate Interior Angle

Alternate Interior Angle Alternate interior angles are angles formed inside the pair of parallel or non parallel lines. Alternate interior angles are formed inside the two parallel lines and on the opposite sides of the transversals. Consider the following diagram. L1 and L2 is a pair of alternate interior angle. La and Lb is a pair of alternate interior angle. Properties of Alternate Interior Angles L1 and L2 are congruent La and Lb are congruent When we add the angles on the same side of the interior angles, we get 180 So, L1 + Lb = 180 L2 + La = 180 Sum of the angles formed inside the same parallel lines on either side of the transversal is 180

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That is, L1 + La = 180 L2 + Lb = 180 Alternate interior angles formed in non - parallel lines has no specific properties. Alternate Interior Angles are CongruentBack to Top If a transversal cuts a pair of parallel lines, then the alternate interior angles are congruent. Given : The parallel lines are "l" and "m" and line 't' is the transversal. Proof: S.No. Statement Reasons 1 l and m are parallel lines and line 't' is the transversal. Given 2 b and f are congruent Corresponding angles are congruent 3 b and c are congruent Vertically opposite angles are congruent 4 c and f are congruent From 2 and 3. Use transitive property Alternate Interior Angles Examples Below are some examples based on alternate interior angles Example Probem 1 Find the value of angle a and b in the figure given below. Solution : As 76 and b are alternate interior angles, they are congruent. So, b = 76 As 104 and a are alternate interior angles, they are congruent. So, a = 104 Read More About Mixture Problems

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