LAW501 - Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business Assignment

Issues Addressed by this Act
The election results in Pakistan have never reflected the true will of the Pakistani people. The voting system is a myth and only selected people get the electoral seats. The bitter truth is the fact that the elections in Pakistan have never been free and fair. The feudal lords, bureaucrats and the rich have dominated the commoners and used unfair means to get elected and come to the power. They have exploited the poor and illiterate masses and even used force to get their votes. There have been bogus votes scandals in the past almost every time with the current voting system. The elections have always been rigged by the party in power. And most importantly the voter turnout in elections has always been drastically low, primarily because people don't believe in the system. This act will safeguard the interests of the people of Pakistan by empowering the intellectuals, educated and responsible citizens. It will ensure free and fair elections in Pakistan by revamping the existing infrastructure and introducing checks and balances that will eliminate the possibility of bogus votes scandal and election vote rigging. It will also grant rights to the overseas citizens of Pakistan to exercise their voting rights.

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. direct that provisions of this Act shall.000 in taxes and donations per year (2) If a subject has not completed the sentence and a waiting period for any criminal charges. extent and commencement. (4) Voting Booths would be setup in Pakistani Embassies where overseas citizens would cast their votes.. for the purposes of removing any difficulty or for bringing the provisions of this Act into effective operation. Voting Shares.(1) Every eligible individual will be assigned a unit weight.. 2011. 2. during such period as may be specified in the order. Infrastructure. by order.(1) The voting rights can only be exercised by citizens of Pakistan who are of age and:a) have been awarded a Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from a registered secondary board in Pakistan or equivalent.(1) This Act may be called the General Elections Act. he/she will be ineligible to vote. 5. (3) Overseas Pakistanis can cast their votes.100. Removal of difficulties. (2) Additional weights are to be assigned to the votes of eligible individual based on:a) the academic qualification of the voter b) contribution of the voter to the state in form of taxes and donations c) medals or any honors awarded by the state to the voter. (3) This section shall come into force in the next general elections. to the electorates of the constituencies where they belong to in Pakistan. if they are eligible. 4.Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business Assignment AN ACT to provide guidelines on voting shares and policies for voting in general elections.(1) Voting lists are to be finalized a week before the elections (2) Computerized booths are to be setup and preparation to be completed a month before the elections (3) NIC and thumb impression of the voters would be scanned at the voting booths to eliminate the chance of any unlawful activities. have effect subject to such adaptations whether by way of modification or addition or omission as it may deem to be necessary or expedient. Page 2 of 3 . 3. (2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan. It is hereby enacted as follow:1.LAW501 . or b) pay over Rs.. Eligibility. Short title..The Federal Government may.

Page 3 of 3 .  The overseas citizens that represent the educated and more aware masses of the nation and are over 5 million in number will be able to exercise their voting right.LAW501 .  This would result in free and fair elections and selection of a better government.  People might argue that this act discriminates between the rich and poor.Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business Assignment Advantages  The policies enforced by this act will empower the responsible and educated massed of the country.  The feudal lords and those whose vote bank constitutes mostly of the illiterate and poor masses will strong oppose this act. and the literate and illiterate people. Disadvantages  There is a significant cost to setup the infrastructure and machinery for such a system.  Better checks and balances would eliminate any possibility of bogus votes and election rigging.  Qualified committee and teams need to be formed to carry out these duties effectively.

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