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VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 15 •1111 King St. •Charleston, SC 29403• December 10, 2008 • .50

“‘Graffiti Terrorists” Invade The Lowcountry Howard Heights Homeowners Being Shortchanged?
Charlestonians show for and work very hard to maintain By Barney Blakeney insure the city com-
By Hakim Abdul-Ali pensates them fairly.
care about their homes and and keep their properties look-
properties. It’s evidenced by ing good and neat. It’s the Residents of The city has offered
Charleston, South Carolina, Brown $80,000 for
is considered to be one of the the fact that this city is one of sense of community pride that Howard Heights are
the most visited by thousands makes any city or town feel just beginning to the four bedroom,
South’s most charming cities. one-story wooden
It’s full of history and stately upon thousands of tourists very positive about itself and negotiate with
every year from throughout its image. North Charleston home he occupies
eloquence. No one would next door to his par-
deny that. the nation and world. Unfortunately, some criminal officials about their
Charleston’s property owners minded elements are running homes and property ents’ home where he
There’s a lot of pride that was born.
rezoned from resi-
See pg 3 dential to industrial N o r t h
some two years ago Charleston Planning
as part of an agree- D e p a r t m e n t
ment with the S.C. Director Bill Gore
State Port said the city formed
Authority. The city an agreement with
has offered to buy the SPA several
the properties of the years ago to rezone
neighborhood’s 13 the Howard Heights
residents, but the community for
offers are too low, industrial use, but
said Rev. Bernard halted the process
Brown whose family when it became
has lived in the area aware many home-
more than 50 years. owners in the area
On the grounds of the former Albermarle Elem. School Ultimately, had no knowledge of
Brown said he feels the agreement
in West Ashley. Howard Heights despite previous
residents will be dis- public meetings.
placed. Their best The process was on
alternative, he said, hold until two home-
is to stick together to See pg 3 Rev. Bernard Brown

Ghanaian Beauty Tapped as 'Face of Africa'

Special to the NNPA from GIN
(GIN) - This year’s prized “Face of Africa” award goes to the stunning
23-year-old Kate Tachie-Menson of Ghana. The competition was held in
Sun City, South Africa on Nov. 29.
The very first Face of Africa winner and now global model icon and busi-
nesswoman, Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi, announced the award of a mod-
eling contract valued at $50,000 with Oluchi’s OModel Africa agency.
M-Net (originally an abbreviation for Electronic Media Network) is a
subscription-funded television channel in South Africa, established in
1986 by a consortium of newspaper companies.
Today, M-Net boasts an array of general entertainment and niche chan-
The rear of The Chronicle Bldg. in Upper Fields Place in the North Central Community. nels and broadcasts to over 1.23 million subscribers in 41 countries across
Africa. Kate Tachie-Menson

Court: No Churches
Losing Seat May Celebrate
Colin Powell Delivers $1 Million to MLK Memorial
Review of
Obama's Also Have Cost the Inauguration By: Brett Zongker,
Associated Press
Eligibility to Jefferson His of the First
Serve African American
Bargaining Chip President-Elect
Colin Powell helped deliver a
$1 million gift Monday for the
planned Martin Luther King
By: Kevin McGill, Associated Jr. Memorial and called on all
Press WASHINGTON,PRNew Americans to donate to the
swire - The leaders of National Mall project.
NEW ORLEANS - Indicted African American churches The foundation building the
U.S. Rep. William Jefferson's will commemorate one of memorial has raised $102 mil-
election loss may have cost the most extraordinary lion of the $120 million needed
him more than just his con- events in American history to complete the project slated
gressional seat. - the inauguration of the for the Tidal Basin between
Jefferson, a Louisiana country's first President of the Lincoln and Jefferson
Democrat who likely faces a African descent - with a memorials.
trial next year on bribery and gala celebration. The Powell delivered a $1 million
money laundering charges, African American Church check on behalf of
Pesident-Elect Obama can no longer offer his resigna- Inaugural Ball will be held UnitedHealth Group Inc.
tion as part of a plea deal with on Sunday, January 18, The Minnetonka, Minn.-
By: Associated Press prosecutors. Jefferson has 2009 at 6 pm at the Grand based company has paid him
pleaded not guilty in the case, H y a t t in the past to be a speaker at memorial to the slain civil civil war," Powell told The
WASHINGTON - The which started in 2005 when rights leader. A spokeswoman Associated Press. "He
Supreme Court has turned Washington,Washington, some of its functions. Powell
federal agents found $90,000 DC. The event is shaping said he has been involved with said the former secretary of changed America in a very sig-
down an emergency appeal state personally donated nificant way."
from a New Jersey man who in alleged bribe money stashed up to be a star-studded numerous Washington memo-
affair with representation rials, including the Vietnam $10,000 last year. The memorial's design, with a
says President-elect Barack "MLK is a little different - it's towering statue of King and
Obama is ineligible to be pres- from the religious, busi- Veterans Memorial because "it
ness, arts and entertain- was my war." not a president, it's not a war. quotes from his famous
ident because he was a British It's a man who fought a war of
subject at birth. The court did ment communities. The Since leaving office, Powell speeches, will not be "some-
not comment on its order collective membership of has helped raise funds for the peace and fought the second thing that you just go and
Monday rejecting the call by African American
Leo Donofrio of East See pg 3
Churches, and others, is
Brunswick, N.J., to intervene invited to gather to honor
in the presidential election.
Donofrio says that since
the 44th President-Elect,
Barack Obama, and the
Kilpatrick Aide Pleads Guilty in Text Scandal
Obama had dual nationality at great history and strength
birth - his mother was By: Ed White, Associated
of the African American Press
American and his Kenyan church and its community.
father at the time was a British Rep. William Jefferson
subject - he cannot possibly be DETROIT - Stoic and
The Ball's theme, "We publicly silent through
a "natural born citizen," one of in the freezer of his Have Come This Far By months of a sex scandal,
the requirements the Washington home. Faith," will be upheld as 25 the woman whose relation-
Constitution lists for eligibility That led to last year's indict-
to be president. extraordinary leaders are ship with former Mayor
ment on charges that he took
Donofrio also contends that honored with the "Keepers Kwame Kilpatrick led to
bribes, laundered money and
two other candidates, of the Flame" Award. The his downfall broke her
misused his congressional
Republican John McCain and recipients are individuals silence Monday, shedding
office for business dealings in
Socialist Workers candidate who have an unshakable tears as she pleaded guilty.
Africa. Jefferson has promised
Roger Calero, also are not nat- commitment to our future Christine Beatty, a former
there is an "honorable explana-
ural-born citizens and thus and an undeniable place in aide to Kilpatrick, accept-
tion" for the money in the
ineligible to be president. the African American book ed a four-month jail sen-
freezer, although he has yet to
At least one other appeal over of history. Confirmed hon- tence in exchange for
make it public. His campaign
Obama's citizenship remains orees include: Bishop John admitting to obstruction of
did not return a call for com-
at the court. Philip J. Berg of Hurst Adams, Ms. Donna justice charges for her
ment Monday.
Lafayette Hill, Pa., argues that Brazile, Mr. Robert J. actions in a lawsuit Christine Beatty former aide to Kilpatrick
Obama was born in Kenya, He lost Saturday's hurricane- Brown, Dr. Marion brought by two police offi-
not Hawaii as Obama says delayed election to Republican Wright Edelman, Bishop cers. The officers claimed ing guilty to two felonies. it goes on and on."
and Hawaii officials have con- Anh "Joseph" Cao, who will Barbara Harris, Dr. Kilpatrick retaliated Beatty, 38, initially was Later Monday, Beatty told
firmed. become the first Vietnamese- Dorothy I. Height, Mr. against them when they unable to choke back tears. reporters that she decided
Berg says Obama also may be American in Congress. Earl Graves, Sr., The suspected wrongdoing by Wayne County Circuit to end her "ordeal" to spare
a citizen of Indonesia, where Jefferson faces up to 235 years Honorable Alexis Herman, members of his inner cir- Judge Timothy Kenny gave her children from a long
he lived as a boy. Federal in prison if convicted on all Congressman John Lewis, cle. her a moment to compose trial and possible prison
courts in Pennsylvania have charges. Rev. Joseph Lowery, Rev. Sexually explicit text mes- herself. sentence.
dismissed Berg's lawsuit. "That was a huge bargaining Al Sharpton, Rev. Gardner sages between Kilpatrick "I am extremely sorry to all
Federal courts in Ohio and chip: 'I'll plead, I'll resign.'" Taylor, Rev. Wyatt Tee and Beatty, published in Beatty's jail sentence will the people that were
Washington state have reject- said Ed Chervenak, political Walker, Sr. January by the Detroit begin Jan. 5. With credit harmed," including the
ed similar lawsuits. science professor at the
Allegations raised on the University of New Orleans. Free Press, contradicted for good behavior, she Kilpatrick family, she said.
Internet say the birth certifi- "We must honor this time witness-stand denials they could be free in 100 days. She declined to take ques-
The loss also could also lessen
cate, showing that Obama was in our great history, strug- were having an affair. Both Beatty, the mother of two tions.
the nine-term congressman's
born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, gles and strength as well as were married at the time. young daughters who has
ability to get a deal for mem-
1961, is a fake. make a commitment to the "I lied under oath," Beatty since gotten divorced, had "We live in an age where
bers of his family who face
But Hawaii Health future of our community," told the judge, echoing the vigorously fought her case greed and protecting one's
charges in separate cases,
Department Director Dr. said Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn words Kilpatrick used dur- until Monday. secrets is glorified and
Chervenak said.
Chiyome Fukino and the Richardson, II, Inaugural ing his own guilty plea in accepted. I am very pleased
"I'll resign, don't indict my
state's registrar of vital statis- Ball Chair and pastor of September. "It was time to get it over that this defendant admit-
family? That's gone now," he
tics, Alvin Onaka, say they Grace Baptist Church,Mt. "I did so with the intent to with, get on with her life, ted her guilt," county
checked health department Vernon, NY. mislead the court and jury get it out of her children's Prosecutor Kym Worthy
records and have determined While the congressman was
indicted in Virginia, his broth- and to impede and obstruct lives," defense lawyer said later.
there's no doubt Obama was Other leaders of the event the fair administration of Mayer Morganroth said
born in Hawaii. See pg 3 See pg 3 justice," she said in plead- outside court. "Otherwise
2-December 10, 2008 The Chronicle
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The Chronicle December 12, 2008- 3

Jesse Jackson: African-Americans Not Distribution of Condoms Behind Bars will

Decrease Spread of HIV, Experts Say
Exempt from International Terrorism By Glenn Townes Prisons in Washington, of these agencies have
Special to the AmNews D.C. “Condoms are not found reason to reverse or
By. Hazel Trice Edney distributed at any of the repeal its condom distribu-
NNPA Editor-in-Chief In recent months, Federal Bureau of Prisons tion policies,” she said.
advocates of what some facilities across the coun- “Internationally, condom
LONDON (NNPA) – In deem as controversial and try.” When asked whether distribution in prison is
the wake of the terrorist even radical measures to it is due to previously pub- widely accepted and con-
killings of nearly 300 peo- combat the transmission of lished reasons by other cor- sidered a public health
ple at the Taj Mahal Hotel HIV/AIDS among the rectional officials—includ- measure.” For example, in
in Mumbai, India early this prison population fre- ing the assertion that such California, Gov. Arnold
month, Black leaders are quently promote the distri- a practice would lead to or Schwarzenegger twice
pressing for more informa- bution of condoms in promote rampant sexual vetoed legislation that
tion and cautioning prison. behavior among inmates— would have provided con-
African-Americans to be “The spread of Ponce said she would have doms in state prisons.
clear that they are not HIV behind bars is exacer- to review the specifics of However, a one-year pilot
exempt as targets at home bated by the lack of con- the rule with a health serv- distribution program was
or abroad. doms in U.S. prisons and ices coordinator at the launched in September
jails,” said Lovisa bureau. 2008 at California State
“Terrorism must not be Stannow, executive direc- Stannow dismissed Prison-Solano.,
seen in Black-White terms. tor of Just Detention the argument and noted
There is no safe haven for Jesse Jackson I n t e r n a t i o n a l — a tha a number of jails in “Public health
Blacks when terror California-based non-prof- Vermont and in some agencies including the
strikes,” says the Rev. Jesse it group that, among other major cities across the National Commission on
Jackson during an NNPA explosives to go after peo- things, counsels current nation, including New Correctional Health have
interview as he toured Mumbai attack as the
“most savage and the most ple shooting point blank in and former offenders who York, Los Angeles, San consistently endorsed con-
London, Birmingham and restaurants, railway sta- have contracted HIV as a Francisco, Philadelphia dom distribution as a
Liverpool this week. “For viscous we’ve seen in India
so far. And we’ve been sub- tions, and even hospitals.” result of being raped while and the District of harm-reduction strategy,”
example, Al-Qaida struck Norton said when incarcerated. Stannow says Columbia, distribute con- Stannow concluded.
Kenya before it struck ject to terrorism quite fre-
quently over the past few Congress reconvened this a condom provision behind doms to offenders. “None
New York…When the ter- week for the last of a lame- bars is a legal obligation
ror attacks hit New York, years, more frequently than
perhaps any other part of duck session, she would under federal and interna-
there were no reserve spots seek information on tional laws to protect the
for Blacks. It’s deeply ideo- the world.”
American intelligence con- health of all detainees. For
logical.” cerning the emergence of example, inmates in coer-
No one should jump to
conclusions, MuKherjee new groups in new areas cive or protective pairings
Early news reports said the that might focus on contend that they would be
attackers were trained in said.
“It is really for the investi- American targets. able to negotiate the use of
Pakistan and appeared to condoms were they avail-
be seeking to kill gation to show exactly the
details of this operation, “The attacks in India are able. Protective pairings,
Americans, British and more genuinely terrorist whereby a vulnerable
Israelis. who planned it, who exe-
cuted it, where they got the and more frightening than inmate receives protection
Outgoing Secretary of what we have seen because from a stronger inmate in
State Condoleezza Rice, support from, the weapon-
ry, the planning, the execu- they appear to be focused exchange for sex are com-
also in London on even more indiscriminately mon in prison. On the fed-
Monday, called on full tion,” MuKherjee said.
After a private briefing on simply spreading fear eral lefel and at some state
Pakistani cooperation with and confusion wherever correctional facilities, sex
the investigation. Headed with MuKherjee, Jackson
said it would be wise for people tend to gather with- in prison is prohibited.
to India, she urged its gov- out regard to the targets,” Officials argue that the
ernment to focus on the the governments of
Pakistan and India to she said, “Beyond seeking random distribution of
investigation of the Americans and people of prophylactics to offenders
attacks, and to avoid troop quickly assure that it was
independent regimes – not particular nationalities, would promote sex and
maneuvers or other actions and Jews, it is difficult to jeopardize prison security.
that could cause “unintend- the governments them-
selves – which are responsi- know the messages these “Sex in prison is
ed consequences,” accord- terrorists meant to so forbidden,” said Felecia
ing to the news website ble for the activities.
send.” Ponce, a spokesperson for
Guardian.Co.UK. the Federal Bureau of
Meanwhile, in the U. S.,
Congresswoman Eleanor
Jackson is in the UK on a Holmes Norton (D-D.C.),
whirlwind tour of Black a member of the Homeland
churches, community cen- Security Committee,
ters and universities, lec- released a statement warn-
turing and sermonizing on ing the U. S. that it must
his economic justice pro- learn lessons from the
gram, called Mumbai attack.
“Equanomics”. Blacks in “The attacks in Mumbai,
the United Kingdom, India on multiple soft tar-
which include Black peo- gets aimed at Americans
ple as well as Indians, are and people of British and
often victims of unequal Jewish origin call for a re-
justice economically and evaluation of security pre-
socially. Just as Jackson cautions at home and
has worked to inspire abroad,” she said.
African-Americans to rise
up and fight for equality In January this year,
through his Chicago-based Norton stayed at the Taj
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Mahal Hotel as part of the
in America, his Congressional delegation,
Equanomics program in led by House Speaker
the UK is spreading hope Nancy Pelosi on a mission
among thousands. to discuss climate change
But, terrorism has added strategies the peaceful use
another level of injustice of nuclear power.
regardless of race.
Last week’s attacks harken
Among his UK meetings to the horror of Sept. 11,
on Sunday, Jackson con- 2001, but the ground-style
ferred privately with Shiv attacks on individuals
MuKherjee, the Indian opens a whole new area of
High Commissioner to the security needs.
United Kingdom. “We have focused on Al
Speaking briefly to Queda, which has a pro-
reporters, including the nounced and well-known
NNPA News Service, modus operandi that is
which was covering known for big bang tar-
Jackson on the tour, gets, such as airlines in
MuKherjee referred to the flight and sites with official
or symbolic standing, such
as the World Trade
HIV/AIDS Rates Center,” Norton says.
Increase in Latino “[This] group traveled to
Communities its destination over water
by boat, and used guns and
By Glenn Townes
Special to the AmNews
Second only to
African Americans, Latinos
are the second most-affected
community to suffer the devas-
tating effects of HIV/AIDS,
according to a report released
this summer by the Latino
Commission on AIDS. The
New York-based advocacy
group estimates that more
than 200,000 Latino individu-
als have been diagnosed with
“HIV/AIDS in the
Latino communities has
reached a crisis level,” said
Dennis de Leon, president of
the Latino Commission on
AIDS. “Latinos now consti-
tute 22 percent of hte
HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed
in 2006. De Leon siad lack of
access to care, lack of funding,
ignorance, stigmatizaton and
denial all play a major role in
the rapid spread of
HIV/AIDS in the Latino
community. Latinos currently
represent about 15 percent of
the total population of the
U.S. and its territories.
“The prevention and
access to care needs of Latinos
are complex and diverse,” he
said. “We need leadership in
this fight and hope the next
president of the U.S. will take
actions in formulating a robust
domestic AIDS agenda,” he
said. De Leon made his com-
ments in late July, just prior to
the opening of the
International AIDS
Conference in Mexico City.
4-December 12, 2008 The Chronicle

We Are Asking Schools To Do Newsflash! Who

What Schools Cannot Do! ''We are in a Asked
Contributed by Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of the Recession.'' Me?
Black Star Project in Chicago

Schools cannot eliminate the racial academic achievement By. James Clingman
NNPA Columnist by Beverly Gadson-Birch
gap because schools do not create the gap.This gap must
be eliminated at the source--at home, in the family and in
the community. However, schools can and do aggravate
the gap. Studies show that this gap comes to the school Blackonomics AFTER THANKSGIVING REFLECTIONS
with the child from thehome, family and community.
Thanks, Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke, for letting us Well, we made it through the election and Thanksgiving
The gap, which is well established before kindergarten, know. Whew! If it weren’t for you we probably never . And would you believe I actually had some food left as well as
widens during the first three years of schooling. And from would have found out about this. some ‘luminum foil. Can y’all believe that? This is the first time
thirdgrade through high school graduation, the academic Thanks, guys! We almost missed this one; we never even that I had enough foil for everyone. Generally I run out of
achievement gap between white and black students is rela- saw it coming. It sure is a good thing to have the two of ‘luminum foil, waxed paper, plastic wrap and even plastic bags,
tivelysteady.According to recent statistics from the you in Washington watching our backs. brown bags and napkins. Yes, when all else fails, they will take
National Assessment of Educational Progress, the average With your combined Wall Street experience, your financial four or five napkins and cover their take home plates. I tell you this
12th grade blackstudent has the reading and math scores of acumen, your Ph.D.’s from MIT, and all of your knowl- must be the first time they didn’t have to walk out of the door with
the average 8th grade white student. edge of economics, you have guided us along this treacher- grease stained napkins covering their food. I don’t mind folks tak-
ous economic path, protecting us and calling out the pit- ing leftovers home; but here’s where I draw the line. You can’t
Schools and teachers in America usually do a good job. falls everyday, and we certainly thank you for your assis- bring your own foil, plastic bags or box to cart off enough food to
They have made the American educational system, gener- tance. What would we do without leaders like you? feed your family or take lunch to work for the week. Don’t y’all
ally,competitive with other international education sys- How are things going for you and your families? We trust think that is a little presumptuous? While I was thanking God
tems, as shown by the "Progress in International Reading everything is fine. We know you have tucked a little some- for the harvest and His many blessings, I am sure my guests were
thing away for the dark days ahead. We are sure your mort-
Literacy Study."This study also shows, however, that most
gages will be paid, you will have plenty of food to eat, and thanking him for the abundance of ‘luminum foil. I was sure glad
black and Latino students in American schools get an edu- they did not announce the Recession until before now. Lord
cation similar to thatof students in third world, underde- your children and grandchildren will be all right as they
“struggle” through this economic crisis. Don’t worry. knows had they made that announcement sooner, those rascals
veloped countries. Good teachers and administrators are would have raided my freezer and pantry before leaving.
critical to the educational process, but they are not miracle Things will be tough, but keep your heads up; you’ll get
workers.Very few teachers can compensate for years, and by.
Why is it that every Thanksgiving we promise not to pig
sometimes decades, of educational deficiencies in homes, out but we never adjust our menu? We prepare the collards with
families and communities. And what about your friends and associates? How are they
faring? We know they may miss out on their bonuses this pig feet, pig tail and neckbones. Y’all know I am telling the truth.
year and will not be able to purchase all those cars, jewel- Now, I didn’t cook any collards but sistah girl did. It doesn’t get
Education, like wealth, is generational. It is something any better. That’s the first time I have seen a pot of collards that
that is accumulated and enhanced by one generation and ry, condos, and summer homes they were planning to
obtain. But, not to worry; with the two of you still at the had more meat than collards. Now, don’t y’all go back and tell sis-
passed on to the next generation. There is an intrinsic rela- tah I told y’all dat been some tongue biting, finger licking collards.
tionship between the education and learning of parents, helm, even though the ship is going down, they can be con-
fident that you have at least a couple more tricks up your I am just like many of you, I don’t eat pork. Well, as long as the
the education and learning levels of communities, and the pork doesn’t sneak on my plate. And y’all got to admit, you just
education and learning of students. sleeves. How did Ben put it? “We have a few more cards
to play,” or “we have not used all the tools in our toolbox can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without the macaroni & cheese
yet.” Man, are we happy to hear that good news. casserole, candied yams and sweet potato pies.
In a real sense, schools do not educate children; they sim-
ply reinforce and expand what children already know when While we don’t understand all those nouveau finance terms
like “collateralized debt obligations,” and “credit default Thanksgiving!! it’s a good time for family, friends foot-
they come to school. Parents, families, communities, soci- ball. Many of us welcome the four day weekend and early bird
etal structures, value systems, peer groups, networks, cul- swaps,” we are confident that with all of your knowledge of
banking, credit, and the stock market, you will continue to sales. Thank goodness Thanksgiving only comes once a year. As
tures and institutions educate children. I mature, it becomes increasingly difficult for me to be selective on
protect us from the horrors of a Wall Street collapse.
After all, aren’t a lot of your friends working there? special occasions. It’s funny how we can stick to our diets for 357
Good schools seldom create good communities; but good days and on July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we just lose it.
communities usually create good schools. In many of the So, enough said. I will talk more with y’all when I run into you at
best schools in the country, principals are almost inter- Even though we are struggling to pay our bills, rents, and
changeable. Teachers are usually in a child's life for one or mortgages, trying to avoid the increased credit card fees the health food store.
two years. Without involved, invested and engaged par- levied by the banks, and give our children a gift or two for
ents, supportive families and effective community institu- Christmas; even though we are working hard to put food Every holiday brings with it some sadness. There were
tions and structures, even the best schools will struggle to on our tables and hold on to our jobs; and even though several tragic auto accidents. There are three victims here--the
educate children. many of us have already been laid off; we are comforted driver of the car, who will no doubt lose her driving privileges and
just knowing that you have our best interests at heart. her freedom, the bicyclist who lost his life and the families who are
For schools to succeed, they must have students with basic You know, we were well aware of this recession months left behind to grieve. The driver had several driving under sus-
skills who want to learn; parents who are active, engaged ago, at least in our households and in our communities, so pension to her credit. She panicked and left the scene. She told
and involved in their child's life; and teachers and adminis- pardon our sarcasm at the beginning of this note. But we the officers she was driving her roommate’s car. I hate to be in her
trators who are skilled and passionate about their profes- understand that until it hits the upper echelon of our soci- roommate’s shoes. That should teach us a very valuable lesson—
sion. ety it’s really not a true recession. After all, the economic stop loaning out your car. You assume a great risk every time you
condition of Black and poor people is not nearly as impor- do so. Parents, be sure to share this story with your teenage driv-
For decades, we have been asking schools to do what tant as that of the Wall Streeters, the CEO’s, the Bankers, ers. You buy them a car and what do they do, loan it out. I am sure
schools cannot do! We are asking schools to substitute for the politicians, and all the rest who keep this country run- you have had the very same encounter with your teenage that I had
broken family structures and decimated communities; to ning so smoothly. with mine when you handed over the keys to them for the first
give moral and spiritual values to children; to teach chil- time. When I handed over the keys I said, “I bought this car for
dren discipline and self-control; to teach children to want Not trying to take anything away from your expertise or your convenience and for me to get some rest from having to drive
to learn and to inspire them to succeed; and to teach chil- knowledge of financial matters, but sometimes grassroots you everywhere; it is not for you to loan out or haul folks around.”
dren to make positive and proper life choices. people just know certain things. Some call it intuition; we Then I said, “do I make myself clear”? Another fatal accident
call it “mother wit.” As we began to see gas exceed $4.00 occurred on the James Island Connector where the driver was
Schools do not do any of these things well. Schools are per gallon and our food costs rise to a point where we had driving in the wrong lane. And a Charleston County nurse was
best when they are responsible for teaching reading and to return to the good old days of pinto beans and corn- killed in Beaufort County in what officials there called it one of the
math,history and science, not discipline and self-control, bread for an entire week, we knew we were in for a rough worst accidents there. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the fam-
and notions of right and wrong. And because schools ride. ilies.
spend so much time trying to teach things that they cannot
teach, many times they fail at teaching the things that they But now, just when we thought we had reached the bot-
tom, the worst has happened; there can now be no doubt Now, I wish to share a story about the joys of
ought to be teaching. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for families. It’s time for
about our terrible situation. With all due respect to your
prognostications and recent announcement on the reces- Debbie’s Kids donations and the Salvation Army. I am beginning
Parents must be the first, best and most important teach- to see how President- Elect Obama’s message is bringing about
ers for their children. Government and schools also have sion, Mickey D’s has raised the price of a double cheese-
burger from $1.00 to $1.19! change in one of my family members. If you will recall, President
important responsibilities for educating children; howev- Elect Obama said government can’t do it all. He said we need to
er, they have failed miserably at one of their most impor- They even took one slice of cheese, which cost them 6
cents, off our favorite sandwich, and now call it the turn the televisions off and work with our children. We need to
tantresponsibilities: Getting parents involved in the edu- make sure they are doing their homework and we need to know
cational lives of their children. McDouble. That’s it; ball game over. Time to start look-
ing for a window to jump out of; now we really know how where they are at nights. He said as men we need to be fathers to
bad things are. our children. I am very happy that my nephew beat the odds and
Effective parents, families and communities can do what kicked his drug dependency. My nephew lives on the west coast
no school can do - create the structure, lay the foundation, with his new wife. With the Instability of the housing and job
setthe trajectory and start the momentum for learning and Sorry for boring you with our problems; you have more
important things to consider. We just wanted to say how markets, he found his hours being cut on his job but that did not
educational success for all children in the every communi- keep him from coming home to see about his son. And, what he
ty. much we appreciate you, Ben and “Hank,” for all you have
done to us – er, I meant to say, “for us;” and let us not for- did next brought tears to my eyes. My nephew had to hit rock bot-
get about your predecessors, John Snow and Alan tom before he pulled himself together. He was ashamed of his
Greenspan. drug involvement because he came from a good Christian home.
We owe a debt of gratitude to all you guys for the work you He is partly responsible for my sister’s grey hairs. Old folks used
have done. to say, you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water but let me
tell you my sister was tempted on more than one occasion to throw
As we look across this country and see millions of people the baby out, the water and the tub. Well, thank goodness our eld-
sinking further into debt they cannot handle, we can thank ers had faith in us. That’s what we have to do for our children. We
the politicians who passed the bankruptcy bill that makes need to have faith in them. We need to listen and encourage them
it even more difficult for individuals to file, despite being to be all that they can be. We need to return to our role as parents.
forced to because of medical catastrophes and the like. We
can thank the greedy CEO’s with their cavalier attitudes My challenge today to the absentee fathers and mothers
toward our plight, as they continue to take home their mil- is to come home and get your children and be the parents that you
lions in salaries and bonuses. were meant to be. Come home and get your children. It is time to
give grandparents a rest. Come home and get your children off
We can thank the bankers and financiers who have already the streets. If you can save just one from the streets, think of the
received billions of dollars, some of which went to parties, ripple down affect.
vacations, and to purchase other banks.
We thank you, Ben, for your ability to create money “out of Our time has come. Are you ready to meet the challenge? Yes,
thin air” as they say. And we thank you, “Hank,” for get- you are!!
ting Congress to give you sole control of $700 billion to
dole out to whomever you choose. You guys are so smart!
Reflecting on all that has happened in the past few
months, we know that with all your credentials and all of Sitting at the table doesn't make you a
your compassion for us, just as you have given the corpora-
tions their welfare checks, we know you will get around to diner, unless you eat some of what's on
us soon. Keep up the good work, guys.
that plate. Being here in America doesn't
make you an American. Being born here
Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where
ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to
in America doesn't make you an
feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, American.
rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will
be safe. Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965
Frederick Douglass, Speech, April 1886

For detailed information,

or call 843.574.6201.

Full-time Faculty Anthropology Information Systems Full-time Staff

Biological Sciences Marketing Engineer/Associate Engineer II
Developmental Math CNC Machining Multimedia and Web Site Design
Electrical Line Worker Cosmetology Music Temporary Staff
Program Coordinator Criminal Justice Nail Technology St. Paul’s Parish Site Student
Nursing Economics Nursing Services Coordinator
Physics/Astronomy Paralegal
Electrical Facility Maintenance
Part-time Faculty English
Aircraft Maintenance Technology Graphic Design
Animation Industrial Mechanics
The Chronicle December 10, 2008-5
Jesse Jackson: African-Americans Not Exempt from
I International Terrorism
See It its destination over water
by boat, and used guns and
week for the last of a lame-
duck session, she would
Hakim Abdul-Ali explosives to go after peo- seek information on
ple shooting point blank in American intelligence con-
restaurants, railway sta- cerning the emergence of
Go tions, and even hospitals.”
Norton said when
new groups in new areas
that might focus on
“Go” is a very evasive word but it says a lot to me. Today, I’m in Congress reconvened this American targets.
another one of my somber frames of mind and this word is flicker-
ing around within my head. REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR
As I think earnestly about what I typing now I feel a pressing
urgency to do some things in my world of existences that need to
be done. They have to be done. ARCHITECTURAL AND
Simply put and said, I have to get busy and “go” about doing what ENGINEERING SERVICES
has to be done to complete my tasks for this moment and in the
future. Time waits for no one. The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston
When I think of doing something, I’m always thinking about 550 Meeting Street Charleston, South Carolina 29403
being on the “go.” The very nature of producing something while Jesse Jackson
being on the “go” signifies that I must get up and do it, hence, I’ve The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston (CHA)
got to “go” and do it. will receive qualifying documentation from Architect and
To me, the word “go” in many ways says that I’ve got to get busy By. Hazel Trice Edney selves – which are responsi- Engineer firms interested in Indefinite
in order to accomplish my expressed goals, intentions and ideas. NNPA Editor-in-Chief ble for the activities. Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts to provide
It’s as plain as plain can be, because I believe that nothing comes engineering and architectural services at various CHA
to a lazy brother or sister of soul who don’t get up and “go” get it LONDON (NNPA) – In Meanwhile, in the U. S., locations. Term will be for twenty-four base months from
(done). the wake of the terrorist Congresswoman Eleanor award and up to two renewal options of twenty-four
Some “hue-mans” know the distinct difference between action killings of nearly 300 peo- Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), months each. Multiple IDIQ contracts may be awarded.
and inaction. While one clearly is about doing nothing, the other ple at the Taj Mahal Hotel a member of the Homeland
is about doing something on the positive spin of things. It’s “go”ing in Mumbai, India early this Security Committee, The selected firms will be required to provide profession-
ahead and doing what you’ve got to do. month, Black leaders are released a statement warn- al services to support the design and construction of new
Are you a person is a “go” person, or are you a being of procrasti- pressing for more informa- ing the U. S. that it must
tion and cautioning facilities as well as extensive renovations of single and
nation and retreat from taking care of business (TCB)? Think learn lessons from the multi-family residences. Engineering requirements
before you speak because the reality of “go” thinking is also a African-Americans to be Mumbai attack.
clear that they are not includes electrical, mechanical, structural, and civil appli-
reflection of where you take your mind in doing things in creative cations.
and productive modes of “Go.” exempt as targets at home “The attacks in Mumbai,
or abroad. India on multiple soft tar-
Remembering that putting off for tomorrow what you can do gets aimed at Americans The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston admin-
today is a basic premise in describing those individuals in “hue- “Terrorism must not be and people of British and isters private and federal funds for various comprehensive
manity” who aren’t “go” people, I’m challenging you at this moment seen in Black-White terms. Jewish origin call for a re- grant programs that come under the jurisdiction of the
in time to be all that you can be and to become a active “go” person There is no safe haven for evaluation of security pre- U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
of courage and accomplishment, ready to do now what you have Blacks when terror cautions at home and
to do now rather than later. strikes,” says the Rev. Jesse abroad,” she said. An agency selection committee will evaluate each submit-
My discussion, or down-to-earth rap, today is meant to boost your Jackson during an NNPA tal on the basis of (a) qualifications and expertise of per-
thinking cells about the positivity of TCBing. The message of interview as he toured In January this year, sonnel, (b) ability to meet time and budget requirements,
“Go” is for everyone, but I hope that people of color clue into what London, Birmingham and Norton stayed at the Taj (c) experience on similar projects, and (d) current and pro-
I’m saying because the aspects of bigotry and racism are all too real Liverpool this week. “For Mahal Hotel as part of the jected workload of the firms.
in the land of the separate and unequal. example, Al-Qaida struck Congressional delegation,
For those of us who are aware and mentally conscious of life’s real- Kenya before it struck led by House Speaker Interested firms are invited to submit 4 copies of a
ties, we know that in order to move forward, we must look back New York…When the ter- Nancy Pelosi on a mission Standard Form 330, Architect-Engineer Qualifications,
into and at “our-story.” As I attempt to do that, I think about all the ror attacks hit New York, to discuss climate change Part I & II not later than 2:00 p.m. local time on January
noble ancestors who were legendary “go” folks, striving for the best there were no reserve spots strategies the peaceful use 8, 2009. Qualifications should be submitted to:
for themselves and their future generations. for Blacks. It’s deeply ideo- of nuclear power.
Are you a descendant of a “go” ancestor? I was and am, and I know logical.” Mr. W. Keith Brown, Purchasing/Contracts Manager
the price that my ancestors paid for me and you to be where we are Last week’s attacks harken 550 Meeting Street, Room 114
today. They showed us what sweat, blood and tears was about Early news reports said the to the horror of Sept. 11, Charleston, South Carolina 29403
along the “go” survival paths that led from the horrors of “The attackers were trained in 2001, but the ground-style
Middle Passage” to the board rooms of the glass ceilings of corpo- Pakistan and appeared to attacks on individuals
be seeking to kill opens a whole new area of Late responses will not be accepted.
rate America.
From the “his-storical”disappearing invisible shores of Africa’s Americans, British and security needs.
Israelis. This contract is Federally assisted; therefore, contracts
academic coastlines to the mysteries of the actual, factual numbers for work under this bid will obligate the contractor and
of the tens of millions of the Motherland’s lost, stolen, and strayed, “We have focused on Al
some of Africa’s ebony brave souls fought with limb and soul to be Outgoing Secretary of Queda, which has a pro- subcontractors not to discriminate in employment prac-
free of mental oppression and foreign confinement. State Condoleezza Rice, nounced and well-known tices as mandated by the Davis-Bacon Act and Section 3
They knew, and you should, that only knowing the real truth can also in London on modus operandi that is of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.
and will set you free. The initial “go” freedom strugglers of yester- Monday, called on full known for big bang tar-
year had to deal with so much as they suffered the indignities of Pakistani cooperation with gets, such as airlines in The Housing Authority reserves the right to wave irregu-
slave ship room service, which wasn’t meant for intelligent peace the investigation. Headed flight and sites with official larities and to reject any and all proposals.
loving souls on the “go, ” that they are beacons of strength in my to India, she urged its gov- or symbolic standing, such
heart and mind.. ernment to focus on the as the World Trade Donald J. Cameron
Just thinking about what they had to deal with makes me sick to investigation of the Center,” Norton says. President and Chief Executive Officer
my mind until this day. The voyage to hell and back couldn’t have attacks, and to avoid troop “[This] group traveled to
been any worst for these innocent captives traveling the colonial maneuvers or other actions
racist’s Atlantic Ocean’s economy tortued cruise route. that could cause “unintend-
I’m a descenadant of “go” thinkers and doers, and as such, I’m into ed consequences,” accord-
what is expected of me as I try to comprehend the enormity of slav- ing to the news website
ery and its poisonous aftermath. “Go” people know that to whom Guardian.Co.UK.
much is given, much is expected. Do you?
I hope that you do know that the truth shall set you free, and that
you and I’ve been given much to be thankful for by the God Alone. Jackson is in the UK on a
The ultimate truth is that we must not forget what made the whirlwind tour of Black
heroes and sheroes in “our-storical” mind-sets of remembrances churches, community cen-
great and golden. ters and universities, lec-
turing and sermonizing on
They were monumental icons of examples of “go” folks, who knew his economic justice pro-
what prices had to be paid in order to attain freedom, justice and gram, called
equality for the masses of “colored hue-mans” lingering in the wilds “Equanomics”. Blacks in
of colonialism gone crazy. It must be called barbaric and crazy if the United Kingdom,
it’s about the destruction of one’s mind, body and soul. which include Black peo-
I honestly can say that I never have forgotten that the largest ple as well as Indians, are
holocaust actually occurred on the world’s second largest conti- often victims of unequal
nent. Have you? I pray that you haven’t because an uniformed justice economically and
mind is a terrible thing to lose, even if you didn’t know that Africa socially. Just as Jackson
is not a country, but rather a wondrous continent of beauty, cul- has worked to inspire
ture and immense heritage. African-Americans to rise
I must remind you that Africa is not an accident of coincidence as up and fight for equality
some “his-storical” teachers and so-called researchers would lead through his Chicago-based
some of us to think. It’s the birthplace of civilization, and the home Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
of the original “go” people. in America, his
As I write, or more correctly, as I type today, I’m thinking about Equanomics program in
that thought about the original “go” people of the known universe. the UK is spreading hope
These ancestors demonstrated what the word “go” meant and per- among thousands.
sonified in their life’s episodes. But, terrorism has added
They never gave up to doubt, misery and disbelief. They were another level of injustice
“hue-mans” who knew what courage and scholarship meant and regardless of race.
required. Do you as you know ponder another question from me?
These sheroes and heroes knew that the word “go” meant to move Among his UK meetings
along and to proceed progressively forward. They also knew that on Sunday, Jackson con-
this word meant to work properly in unison and operate smooth- ferred privately with Shiv
ly, with respect, as they passed from one moment in time to anoth- MuKherjee, the Indian
er. High Commissioner to the
They Knew that what you are helps you know what you are United Kingdom.
about. That’s a vital key in opening the door to relief from the Speaking briefly to
onslaught of a racist environment of persistent myths, lies and reporters, including the
falsehoods galore. “Go” succeeders know the secrets of how to act NNPA News Service,
and sound as they harmonize with the fact that life is what you which was covering
make it. Jackson on the tour,
Be a student of authentic, sound and correct learning as much as MuKherjee referred to the
you can and learn about the golden secrets of “go” people who’ve Mumbai attack as the
made something out of themselves, even amidst the worst of cir- “most savage and the most
cumstances and ordeals. One of these “go”lden secrets from the viscous we’ve seen in India
Motherland of today’s wisdom, in a somewhat modern interpreta- so far. And we’ve been sub-
tion and break down, is that “it’s not how you fall down, but you ject to terrorism quite fre-
get up.” quently over the past few
Remember this “Go” thought as you attempt to deal with your years, more frequently than
struggles and challenges in your worlds of existences. Be a “go” perhaps any other part of
soul and gravitate toward being the best that you can be. the world.”
Please forgive my early departure today, but I’ve got to “go” now.
Keep the faith and remain “go”lden in your thoughts and actions. No one should jump to
For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.” conclusions, MuKherjee
“It is really for the investi-
gation to show exactly the
details of this operation,
who planned it, who exe-
cuted it, where they got the
support from, the weapon-
ry, the planning, the execu-
tion,” MuKherjee said.
After a private briefing
with MuKherjee, Jackson
said it would be wise for
the governments of
Pakistan and India to
quickly assure that it was
independent regimes – not
the governments them-
6- December 10, 2008 The Chronicle

WALLINGFORD Holy Spirit Bible College begins its Spring Semester on
PRESBYTERIAN THE LUCAS SISTERS January 25th, 2009. At HSBC students can study God’s
CHURCH, Invites You 1544 EastMontague Ave. Word and earn college credit at the same time. HSBC
To COME, SHARE and North Charleston, SC 29405 offers an Associate of Theology Program and a Bachelor
FELLOWSHIP with of Theology Program.
You are cordially invited to the Annual Concert of the Lucas
The Seniors Activities
Sisters. Registration for the Spring Semester will begin December
Bible Study, Physical 15th, 2008. You may register for classes Monday through
Fitness, Arts & Craft This celebration of praise thru song will be held on the 3rd Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You are invited to
Projects, Health Sunday in December, the 21st at 5:00 PM at Charity Baptist visit our website at Click on the HSB
Education, Enrichment Church 1544 College link on the left panel. Once at the intro page, you
Programs, Speakers, East Montague Avenue, North Charleston, SC. may find a link to forms and semester information on the
REV. CHARLES GREEN Community Resources, upper right panel.
Trips, Recreation, We look forward to worshipping with you as we give God praise
HOLY ROCK Nutritional Lunch and for another year. At Holy Spirit Bible College we are “Equipping the Saints
MISSIONARY lots more fun . . .When: Yours in Christ, for the Work of the Ministry.”
BAPTIST Every Thursday, Where: The Lucas Sisters
705 King Street, Time: If you have any questions call (843) 553-8740, or you may
CHURCH 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. also email HSBC at
Cost: NO “O Lord, Our Lord,
SUNDAY SERVICE - 11:00 AM (843) 723-9929 Is The Name Love is patient, love is kind,
WED. NITE PRAYER - 7:00 PM In All the Earth” Love does not insist on its own way.
WED. NITE BIBLE STUDY - 7:00 PM Love bears all things, believes all things,
Faithworks The Charity Baptist Church Deaconess Ministry Hopes all things, endures all things.
2111 RONDO ST. International cordially invites you to join them as they celebrate Love never fails.
CHARLESTON, SC Ministries, their 80th Anniversary on the 2nd Sunday, December
at 721 King Street 14, 2008 at 4:30 PM at the church. - I Corinthians 13:4-8
(843) 763-1005 The speaker for this occassion will be the Reverend
is sponsoring a
Sidney Melvin, Pastor of Long Point Missionary
a Rewarding (6) day
Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant.
experience held during the
CHURCH school’s Christmas holiday LIFE CHANGING FRIENDSHIP
and Let’s Keep Your BAPTIST CHURCH-
THE ROAD WHERE join us...and watch your
Children Safe and Happy.
life change" - Sunday School - 10:00 AM-
EVERYBODY Dedicated and Qualified
1852 Wallace School Rd.
Caretakers, Breakfast and Sunday Service -11:00 AM
IS SOMEBODY & GOD Chas., SC 29407 Thursday Night Bible
Lunch, Ministry Approved
Curriculum, Supplies and (Road that runs directly Study and Prayer Service-
Gifts. behind the 6:00 PM-
Except ye become as little Marshalls/T.J. Maxx The church is located at 75
children, ye will not enter Registration Fee: shopping center) America Street, Charleston,
the Kingdom of Heaven. $5.00 Per Child South Carolina
Registration Deadline: Sunday service- We are the church where
Matthew 18:3 December 8, 2008 10:00 a.m. Christians are at work!
Hosted by: Faithworks Bible study-
Women’s Ministries
Wednesdays The Honorable L.B. Fyall-
Pastor Doris Haynes,
@7:00 p.m. Publicity Committee
Program Coordinator Reverend Leroy Fyall –
The FIM Christian Center Pastor
Glenn Scott, Pastor

-…œ« œÃV…iÀ½Ã ‡ 9œÕÀ ˜`i«i˜`i˜Ì ÀœViÀ

/…ˆÃ 7iiŽ½Ã -«iVˆ>Ã "˜ /…i ÕÌV…iÀ œVŽ
 6i}iÌ>Li "ˆ ÀiÅ *œÀŽ +Õ>ÀÌiÀ
œˆ˜ *œÀŽ
œ˜iiÃà >“ˆÞ *>VŽ

…ÕVŽ ,œ>ÃÌ
£ }>°
ș™ f
£È™ L°
Óș L°
œ˜iiÃà iiv
-ÌiÜ œÀ iiv

*ˆ˜Ž *Àˆ`i *ˆ˜Ž ->“œ˜
…ÕVŽ -Ìi>Ž
ÕLi` -Ìi>Ž

ÎÉfxää f
Ó n™
L° Ó
f ™™
ә™ L°
£{ ÎÉ{ œâ° ˆ“ˆÌ Î ÜÉfÓä œÀ`iÀ ää
*œÀŽ -«>Ài ,ˆLà i} +Õ>ÀÌiÀà >“ˆÞ *>VŽ
*Àœ`ÕVi Ó Ìœ ̅i «>VŽ
£ ș {™ Z
>À“ ÀiÅ Àii˜
ˆ˜}iÀ ,ˆLÃ
ˆ“ˆÌ Ó° -œ` ˆ˜ £ä L° L>}

f {™
-«ˆÌ Ài>ÃÌ
f ™™
>Àœˆ˜> -ÜiiÌ *œÌ>̜iÃ

™™Z L°
7ˆ˜}à L°

œi ->Ü
ÀœViÀÞ -«iVˆ>Ã
£ L° ÓÉ Î
f ää
>“LÕÀ}iÀ i«iÀ
>ˆÀÞ >˜` Àœâi˜ œœ` -iiVÌi` 6>ÀˆïiÃ
 + ->ÕVi

Larry J. Ferguson, D.M.D

ÕÞ "˜i iÌ "˜i , x°ÈÉÇ°™ œâ° xÉfxää £n œâ° xÉ x
f ää

Î L° -՘˜Þ>˜` -«Ài>`

“Anxiety iÃÕiÕÀ *i>Ã
ÀÃÌ>ˆ˜i Àˆ˜ŽÃ
xÉ x f ää
/Àœ«ˆV>˜> *ÕÀi *Ài“ˆÕ“
£x œâ°
• Relaxed, comfortable environment "À>˜}i ՈVi Î Ì°
• Skilled dental care
>L Ó8 ˆµÕˆ`
• Safe, comfortable, “one-hour” in-office
È{ œâ°
• Nitrous oxide gas-
>՘`ÀÞ iÌiÀ}i˜Ì 6>Õ /ˆ“i i>V…
• One pill conscious sedation
• Same day emergency care Àii˜ ˆ>˜Ì ˆLiÌ
f {™ £ }>° {Éfxää
• Dental care credit financing available
• Free Initial Consultation Appointment £ä œâ° {Éfxää xä œâ°

œŽi] ˆiÌ
• Exceptional Service Since 1980
Õ` œÀ Õ` ˆ}…Ì -«ÀˆÌi] iœ 9iœ
œÝ *ˆââ>
• Graduate of MUSC School of
ÎÉf£ä ää
£äÉ Ç Ç
f ™™ £Ó «Ž° V>˜Ã
Dental Medicine
f ää
Larry J. Ferguson, DMD
1812 Wallace Rd. - Ste. 400
È°x œâ° £Ó «Ž° V>˜Ã Ó Ì° LœÌ̏ià ÎÉf{ää
Charleston, SC 29407
(843-) 571-4411 
50% off in office whitening with

Crown and Bridge work

­ i“LiÀ œv ̅i ˜`i«i˜`i˜Ì ÀœViÀà ÃÜVˆ>̈œ˜®
(located West Ashley- directly behind
7i ,iÃiÀÛi /…i ,ˆ}…Ì /œ ˆ“ˆÌ +Õ>˜ÌˆÌˆià ˜` /œ
œÀÀiVÌ *Àˆ˜ÌiÀ½Ã ÀÀœÀð 7i >`Þ ,i`ii“ 1-  œœ` -Ì>“«Ã° *ÀˆVià vviV̈Ûi £ÓÉnÉän‡£ÓÉ£{Éän°
Office Depot & Barnes & Noble Bookstore)
££ÎÎ ->Û>˜˜>… ÜÞ°]
…>ÀiÃ̜˜] -
U £Çxä ,i“œÕ˜Ì ,`°] >˜>…>˜] -

8-December 10, 2008 The Chronicle

Burke High School Foundation’s “Christmas Extravaganza” Launch of Foundation Set for December 27, 2008 To my Native
Graduates tion on the December 27th Foundation, Inc., PO Box
Brothers and
talent show contact. Food
of Burke High School (BHS)
will host a “Christmas vendors may register for $50 to activities and/or register for 20926, Charleston, SC 29413. Sisters
sell food during the event. “tours of the campus” (every 30
Extravaganza” Saturday, minutes beginning at 1:30pm), Questions and/or concerns for
December 27th from 1:00- Elease Amos-Goodwin, By Gerald W. Deas,
( contact Emily Brown at the Planning Committee may M.D.
5:00pm at the 244 President ( be sent to Elease Amos-
Street campus. Persons grad- s) is the food vendor contact.
The Women’s Resource Persons interested in joining Goodwin, co-chair of the event “It makes no difference as to the name of the God, since
uating from all high schools in foundation may send a check (
Charleston County, past and Project has partnered with the Love is the real God of all the world.”— Apache saying
BHS Foundation and will in the amount of $10 to BHS s).
present, are invited to support
the official launch of the BHS present two local writers, In 1854, Chief Sealth’s (Seattle), purportedly sent a mes-
Foundation, with a ceremony Katie Catalon and Arnold sage to President Franklin Pierce in December of that
to be held at 3:30pm on the Powell, who will autograph ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES
year, in the form of the following letter entitled, How Can
BHS Plaza. and sell their books. Barbara You Buy Or Sell The Earth?:
All persons having claims against the following estates are
G a t h e r s required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal
Reunion classes from the 40s ( is the Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on “The great chief in Washington sends word that he wishes
through the 90s and those in contact for the book signing Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston to buy our land. The Great Chief also sends us words of
2000 and beyond are encour- segment. County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401 before the expi- friendship and good will. This is kind of him, since we
ration of 8 months after the date of the first publication on his know he has little need of our friendship in return. But, we
aged to sponsor their annual
reunion meetings during the Other activities scheduled Notice to Creditors or else thereafter such claims shall be and are will consider your offer.
December 27th holiday week- include, a “Kiddie Land” with forever barred.
end. E-mail addresses of con- games and events for children, Estate of: MOLLIE T. SMITH “How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land?
tact persons for each event ages 3-12. Contact Harriet 2008-ES-10-1004 The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of
have been provided to encour- Allen ( for DOD: 8/22/07 the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy
age BHS alumni to have any this segment. Prizes will be Pers. Rep: MICHAEL L. SMITH them?
questions answered about the awarded for persons partici- 1852 CHESSHIRE DR. CHARLESTON, SC
upcoming events. pating in “line dancing” (such 29412 “Every part of this earth is sacred to my people. Every shin-
as, the Madison, fox trot, ing pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark
Elease Amos-Goodwin and bunny hop, the ‘Electric Slide,” woods, every clearing, and every humming insect is holy in
Barbara Dilligard, co-chairs of etc.). Tracey Singleton 2008-ES-10-1011 the memory and experience of my people. The sap which
the event, have provided the ( is the DOD: 10/15/06 courses through the trees carries the memories of the red
following outline of several contact for classes interested Pers. Rep: ARTHURINE RIVERS man. So, when the great chief in Washington sends word
planned activities. A “talent in space to display memorabil- 117 BELLPOINT LN.DANIEL ISLAND, SC 29492 that he wishes to buy our land, he asks much of us…
show” performed by individu- ia from their high schools.
als and/or groups will be pre- Foundation memorabilia will Be content with what you have, for God has said, "Never “This we know: All things are connected. Whatever
sented. Prizes will be awarded be available for sale at the will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So say with befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not
for the best talent displayed. event. confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid." weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever
Johnnie Mae Major he does to the web, he does to himself. But we will consid-
( is the To receive up-to-date informa- er your offer to go to the reservation you have for my peo-
- Hebrews 13:5,6
ple. We will live apart and in peace.
“One thing we know, which the white man one day will dis-
cover— our God is the same God. You may think now that
Week of 12/10/08 thru 12/16/08 you own Him as you wish to own our land; but you cannot.
“He is the God of man; and his compassion is equal for the
red man and the white. This earth is precious to Him and
to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its Creator. The
whites too shall pass; perhaps sooner than the other tribes.
Continue to contaminate your bed, and you will one night
suffocate in your own waste.
“But in your perishing you will shine brightly, fired by the
strength of the God who brought you to this land and for
some special purpose gave you dominion over this land
and over the red man. That destiny is a mystery to us, for
we do not understand when the buffalo are all slaughtered,
the wild horses are tamed, and the view of the ripe hill
blotted by talking wires. Where is the thicket? Gone.
Where is the eagle? Gone. And what is it to say goodbye to
the swift pony and the hunt? The end of living and the
beginning of survival. So we will consider your offer to buy
the land.
“If we agree, it will be to secure the reservation you have
promised. There perhaps, we may live out our brief days as
we wish. When the last red man has vanished from the
earth, and his memory is only the shadow of a cloud mov-
Grade A

69 ¢
ing across the prairie, these shores and forests will still
Whole hold the spirit of my people.”
We shall see…

Value Pack
$ 99 Without MVP Card Regular Retail
Regular or Brown Sugar
Limit 2
Jerry and Jenny Reves Diversity
Scholarship Endownment
$ 57
lb. Spiral

99 ¢lb.
Whole Without
MVP Card Sliced
Without MVP Card Regular Retail Cut-Up Fryers Regular Retail Hams lb.

Rest Of Week and Without

MVP Card Regular Retail

(Left-right: Raymond Greenberg MD- PHD President of MUSC- Dr. Debra

Deas- Senior Assoc. Dean Strategic Diversity Initiatives, Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Reves
Vice Pres. and Dean of the MUSC Dr. John Feussner Chairman of the Dept. of
Dr. Jerry Reves is a native of Charleston, South
Carolina and a graduate of the Medical University of
Frozen Limit 2 Breasts South Carolina (Class of 1969). Prior to returning home,
Turkey he served as Chairman of the Department of

Anesthesiology at Duke University for 10 years. During his
¢ tenure at Duke University, he also served as Director of
Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Director of the Duke
lb. Heart Center.
Dr. Reves is a “Champion of Diversity” and a “Model for

5 Lb. Box Boston
$ 37
$ 99
Sweet Rest Of Week and Without Change”. When he joined the Medical University of South
& Seedless Butt MVP Card Regular Retail Carolina, College of Medicine in 2001, he immediately rec-
ognized the need to enhance diversity within the College
Spanish Pork and the University. In 2001, there was a paucity of under-
Clementines Roast lb. represented in medicine individuals (African-Americans,
Native-Americans and Hispanics) among the student
body, house-staff and faculty at MUSC. Among the 800
faculty members within the College of Medicine, there
Without MVP Card $7.99 Without MVP Card Regular Retail were 23 under-represented in medicine individuals, 16
under-represented in medicine individuals among the 500
house-staff physicians, and under-represented in medicine
2.5-3 Lb. Bag
individuals represented less than 10% of the College of
Individually Quick Medicine student body. According to Dr. Reves, “ we can-
Frozen not be a world-class institution unless we have diversity;
Limit 2
Food Lion Large Dozen everyone benefits from diversity, and it makes the whole
Chicken Breast Food Lion greater”.

88 ¢
Halves or Eggs Towards that end, diversity became a pivotal part of the
Tenders College of Medicine. Dr. Reves appointed a College of
Medicine Diversity committee, launched a 5-year COM
Limit 2 Free diversity plan, and charged all department chairmen with
the development of departmental diversity plans. He held
Rest Of Week and Without forums with the minority students, house-staff and faculty
16 Ounce MVP Card Regular Retail to hear their concerns and enlist their support of the
16/20 Count
College’s diversity plan. The diversity committee assisted
Food Lion Extra the departments with their diversity plans and developed
Jumbo Raw strategies to improve the environment at MUSC by mak-
Shrimp Limit 2 Free
ing it more inclusive and welcoming. Diversity became a
Without MVP Card $12.99 Each Without MVP Card $14.99 Each part of the quality pillar within MUSC Excellence.
The results of Dr. Reves’ efforts are unprecedented. By
Fall 2007, the College of Medicine had increased the num-
26-32 Loads ber of minority faculty by more than 100% (23 to 57), almost
50 Ounce 9 Mega, 12 Double quadrupled the number of minority house-staff (16 to 58)
Wisk 2X or 24 Single Rolls 11-15.25 Ounce and minorities account for 17% of the COM student body.
Select Varieties
Liquid Select Varieties Equally striking, among the 30 minority student matricu-
Detergent Angel Soft Green Limit 6
lants in COM during Fall 2006, eleven (11) were African-
Bath Tissue Giant American males. Ten (10) African-American males matric-
14 -24.5 Ounce
Select Varieties Vegetables ulated during Fall 2007. The College of Medicine matric-
Gorton's Value ulated 11 African-American males at a time when majority
Pack Fish Limit 2 Free
3/ medical schools matriculated an average of 1.5 African-
American males.
Without MVP Card $5.99
Without MVP Card $6.99 Each
Without MVP Card $7.44
99 Without MVP Card Regular Retail

Rest Of Week 89¢

The University Medical Associates (UMA) honor Dr.
Jerry Reves for his outstanding leadership and trailblazing
efforts in the area of diversity with the Jerry Reves
Diversity Scholarship Endowment. The purpose of the
endowment is two fold: minority recruitment and scholar-
ly activities, which address health care disparities.
We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct typographical and photographic errors. Rainchecks unavailable on alcohol and tobacco products. All Stores Accept “ As a College Medicine we are committed to making
diversity a hallmark of our medical education at all levels--
-faculty, residents and medical students. Our state will
reap the benefits in the coming years”-----Jerry Reves,
Good neighbors. Great prices. M.D.
The Chronicle December 10, 2008- 9
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

CP0245C2 White Point Garden Bandstand

Invitation for bids to renovate the bandstand (CDL - Commercial Driver’s License Required)
at White Point Garden Solicitation Number: 08-B038CS Ammunition For The City
of Charleston Police Department *MVR required w/application*
The City of Charleston, Department of Parks The City of Charleston is accepting Invitation for Bids for Salary: $10.99 per hr.
will be receiving bids for the renovation and lowering Ammunition For The City of Charleston Police Department. DRIVER –SIDE LOADER
of the bandstand in historic White Point Garden in The City will receive bids until December 23, 2008 @ 11:00 (CDL - Commercial Driver’s License Required)
downtown Charleston. The project will consist of a.m. at 288 Meeting Street, Suite 310 Charleston, SC. *MVR required w/application*
demolition of the exiting bandstand base, construc- Salary: $13.73 per hr.
tion of a new, lower base, and resetting of the origi- The solicitation will be available upon request and may Send resumes to
nal bandstand. The estimated construction cost is beobtained by submitting a written request to: Chenette L. Phone: 843-724-7388 Fax: 579-7505
between $200,000 - $400,000. Singleton by fax (843-720-3872), by phone (843-724-7312)
or mailing to the above address. You may also obtain a
•Bid documents will be available for review after To apply for positions in the Police Department Call:
copy of thesolicitation by going to our website:
December 3rd at the Department of Parks at 823 and then click on the Bidline link. 843-720-2489
Meeting Street, AGC, or the Dodge Plan Room.

•Copies of the bid documents will be available at Fax (843) 225-2009

A&E Digital Printing, 517 King Street, Charleston SC
for purchase, or for review with a $100 deposit. STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA
•Sealed bids will be accepted until 2:00 pm on CHARLESTON
December 18th, at 823 Meeting Street. Solicitation Number: 08-Q037B Charleston, South Carolina
August 29, 2008
Interested parties please contact Dustin Clemens, The City of Charleston is accepting Request for NATIONAL
Project Manager at 843-724-7322 Qualifications for BENEFITS CONSULTANT. The City will ASSOCIATION, AS NOTICE OF FILING
receive bids until January 16, 2009 @ 11:00 a.m. in the TRUSTEE OF THE DEFICIENCY DEMANDED
Conference Room at 288 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC SECURITY NATIONAL
29401. The solicitation will be available upon request and MORTGAGE LOAN BY GIVEN that the
TRUST 2005-1, Amended Lis Pendens,
may be obtained by submitting a written request to: Robin
Amended Civil Cover
D. Barrett, CPPB by fax (843-720-3872) or mailing to the Plaintiff, Sheet, Amended Summons
above address. The solicitation may also be obtained by and Amended Complaint in
clicking on the “Bidline” link at v. this action were filed in the
Office of the Clerk of Court
for Common Pleas for
ANNABELLE S. FRAZIER Charleston County, South
Carolina on September 18,
A battle lost or won is easily described, under- HEIRS, PERSONAL
stood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of CESSORS, ASSIGNS, P.O. Box 30547
SPOUSES AND CREDI- Charleston, South Carolina
a great nation requires reflection, as well as TORS, AND ALL OTH- 29417
observation, to appreciate it. RIGHT, TITLE OR INTER- Tel. (843) 225-4445
Fax (843) 225-2009
Frederick Douglass DRIVE, C H A R L E S T O N , ATTORNEY FOR THE
LOAN ASSOCIATION OF Charleston, South Carolina
STATE OF SOUTH CAR- All persons having claims against the following estates
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal ING AND ECONOM- NOTICE OF ORDER
COURT OF Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston APPOINTING GUARDIAN
JUDICIAL CIRCUIT County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the AD LITEM NISI
COUNTY OF expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this
CHARLESTON Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and are Defendants. TO: THE DEFEN-
forever barred. DANTS HEREIN, NAMES
WHITFIELD JOHNSON DOD: 10/30/08 Case No. 2008-CP-10-4804
under the age of Eleven On or about Monday 17 November 2008, plans and specifications for SPA Main Office, TEE, OR OTHERWISE,
Installation of 5 Liebert Challenger Units and Removal of Two Existing Liebert Units, 176 YOU ARE HEREBY WITH WHOM THEY MAY
Concord Street, State Pier # 2, Charleston, South Carolina. will be available for distribu- SUMMONED and required RESIDE, IF ANY THERE
TO THE DEFENDANTS to appear and defend by
ABOVE NAMED: tion to qualified contractors by the South Carolina State Ports Authority. BE:
answering the Amended
Complaint in this action, of PLEASE TAKE
YOU ARE HERE- which a copy is herewith
BY SUMMONED AND A Mandatory pre-bid will be held on Wednesday, December 3, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. at the NOTICE that a Motion for
served upon you, and to an order appointing Mason
REQUIRED to Answer the Main Office Building 341, 176 Concord Street, Charleston, South Carolina. Contractors serve a copy of your
Complaint in this action, a D. Salisbury, Esquire, as
must attend Pre-Bid to be qualified to Bid on the above project. Answer to the Amended Guardian ad Litem Nisi, for
copy of which is herewith Complaint upon the sub-
served upon you, and to all persons whomsoever
scriber at his address, herein collectively desig-
serve a copy of your Bids will be received at the Maintenance Department, Building 160, Columbus Street Larry D. Cohen, LLC,
Answer thereto on the sub- nated as Richard Roe or
Terminal, 838 Morrison Drive, Charleston, South Carolina until 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box John Doe, defendants here-
scriber, Charlie L. Whirl, December 16, 2008, at which time there will be a public opening of bids at the Port of 30547, Charleston, South
Esquire, at his office, 2112 in, names and addresses
Carolina 29417, within thir- unknown, including any
Commander Road, North Charleston Operation Center Office, Building 160, Columbus Street Terminal. ty (30) days after the serv-
Charleston, South Carolina thereof who may be minors,
ice hereof, exclusive of the imprisoned persons, incom-
29405, within thirty (30) The work consists of Installation of Five New Liebert 5-ton Challenger Units Owner sup- day of such service; except
days after the date of serv- petent persons, in the mili-
that the United States of tary service or under other
ice upon you, exclusive of plied in computer room and server room, reworking of electrical controls and refrigerant America, if named, shall legal disability, whether
the day of such service; lines, and all miscellaneous items to insure proper installation, and any items that are have sixty (60) days to residents or non-residents
and if you fail to Answer specified in specification or drawings. answer after the service of South Carolina, was filed
the Complaint within the hereof, exclusive of the day in the Office of the Clerk of
time aforesaid, the Plaintiff Work also includes the removal of Two Liebert one-10 ton and one 7 ? ton units this include of such service; and if you Court for Charleston
in this action will apply to all electrical work and controls. Contractor will be responsible for disassembly, removal fail to Answer the Amended County.
the Court for the relief and disposal of both units. Complaint within the time
demanded in the Complaint specified above, or other-
wise appear and defend, YOU WILL FUR-
and judgment by default THER TAKE NOTICE that
may be entered against Requests for Contract Documents from parties interested in bidding on this work should be the Plaintiff in this action
will apply to the Court for unless the said minors or
you. filed promptly with the Maintenance Department, South Carolina State Ports Authority. persons under other legal
the relief demanded in the
Cost for Contract Documents, Plans and Specifications are $25.00 per set. Make check Amended Complaint, and disability, if any, or some-
YOU ARE HERE- one in their behalf or in
BY GIVEN NOTICE FUR- payable to South Carolina State Ports Authority. Edward W. Piggott, Project Manager, judgment by default will be
rendered against you for behalf of any of them, shall
THER that if you fail to Telephone Number (843) 577-8703 or (843) 577-8660, Fax (843) 577-8690. South within thirty (30) days after
appear and defend and the relief demanded in the
Carolina State Ports Authorities consultant engineering service Owens & Associates Inc. Amended Complaint. service of notice of this
filed to answer the order upon them by publi-
Complaint as required by Bidding materials will be forwarded as soon as possible.
R E S P E C T F U L LY cation, exclusive of the day
this Summons within thirty of such service, procure to
(30) days after the service SUBMITTED,
One hundred percent (100%) labor and material bond and one hundred percent (100%) be appointed for them, or
hereof, exclusive of the either of them, a Guardian
day of such service, judg- performance bond will be required. The bidder shall have a current’s bidder’s license and Larry D. Cohen, LLC
Attorney at Law ad Litem to represent them
ment by default will be contractor’s license for the state of South Carolina for the purposes of this
entered against you or the P.O. Box 30547
Charleston, South Carolina action, the appointment of
relief demanded in the said Guardian ad Litem Nisi
Complaint. The South Carolina State Ports Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to 29417
shall be made absolute.
accept any bid if considered best for its interest.
PLEASE TAKE Tel. (843) 225-4445
Larry D. Cohen
NOTICE: The Summons
and Complaint in the Larry D. Cohen, LLC
above-entitled action were P.O. Box 30547

Your Guide to Success

filed in the Office of the Charleston, SC 29417
Clerk of Court of
Charleston County Family
Court, Charleston, South Tel. (843) 225-4445
Carolina on September 26, Fax (843) 225-2009
2008. The Final Hearing Attorney for the Plaintiff
scheduled for December September 19, 2008
19, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. on /HDUQIRUWKHIXQRILW7ULGHQW7HFKQLFDO&ROOHJH¶VContinuing Education Charleston,
Broad Street, Charleston
Family Court, Charleston,
South Carolina.
A man can't ride your
Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 566-9705-Office RUYLVLW Martin Luther King, Jr.
Attorney for Plaintiffs
10-December 10, 2008 The Chronicle
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine
will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under

the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

dream. Call now! 877-289- Charleston, South Carolina, 189, in the Charleston County
AUCTIONS/SHOWS 2045 serve a copy of your 17, 2008, at the Charleston within thirty (30) days after the R.M.C. Office.
Answer thereto on the sub- County Courthouse, 100 Broad service hereof, exclusive of the
ANNOUNCE YOUR AUCTION MISCELLANEOUS scriber, Charlie L. Whirl, Street, Charleston, South day of such service, and if you TMS #712-00-00-109
IN 107 S.C. newspapers for Esquire, at his office, 2112 Carolina. fail to answer the Complaint
only $375. Your 25-word clas- ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE Commander Road, North within time aforesaid, the (PARCEL-B)
sified ad will reach more than from Home. *Medical, Charleston, South Carolina Plaintiff in this action will apply
2.9 million readers. Call *Business, *Paralegal, 29405, within thirty (30) to the Court for relief demand- ALL that certain
Jimmie Haynes at the S.C. *Computers, *Criminal justice. days after the date of serv- Martin Law Firm ed in the Complaint and a judg- piece, part and parcel of land,
Newspaper Network at 1-888- Job placement assistance. ice upon you, exclusive of s/Brian G. Burke_____ ment by default shall be ren- situate, lying and being in
727-7377. Computer available. Financial the day of such service; Brian G. Burke dered against you. Santee Parish No. 1, in the
Aid if qualified. Call 866-858- and if you fail to Answer the Martin Law Firm County of Charleston, State of
AUTOMOBILE DONATIONS 2121 Complaint within the time 113 Wappoo Creek Drive YOU WILL ALSO South Carolina, measuring an
; aforesaid, the Plaintiff in Charleston, SC 29412 TAKE NOTICE that should you containing 0.72 acre, more or
Donate Your Vehicle, receive this action will apply to the fail to Answer the foregoing less, and being bounded on
Court for the relief demand- 843-762-2121 Summons and Complaint, the
$1000 grocery coupon. United AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train 843-762-2333 fax the Northern side by a parcel
Breast Cancer Foundation. for high paying Aviation ed in the Complaint and Plaintiff will move for a general of land assigned Charleston
Free Mammograms, breast Maintenance Career. FAA judgment by default may be Order of Reference in this case County TMS #712-00-00-109;
entered against you. Charleston, South Carolina to the Master-in-Equity or
cancer info approved program. Financial on the Eastern side by a parcel
Free towing, tax deductible, aid if qualified- Job placement Special Referee for this of land assigned Charleston
non-runners accepted, 1-888- assistance. CALL Aviation YOU ARE HEREBY County; which Order shall, pur- County TMS #712-00-00-121;
468-5964. Institute of Maintenance (888) GIVEN NOTICE FURTHER suant to Rule 53(e) of the on the Southern side by a par-
349-5387. that if you fail to appear STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina Rules of Civil cel of land assigned
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY and defend and filed to COUNTY OF CHARLESTON Procedure, specifically provide Charleston County TMS #712-
A NEW COMPUTER NOW!!! answer the Complaint as that the said Master-in-Equity 00-00-151; and on the Western
ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE. required by this Summons BETTY MYERS, or Special Referee is author-
Do you earn $800 in a day? Brand name laptops & desk- side by a fifty feet wide road
tops. Bad or NO credit- No within thirty (30) days after ized and empowered to enter a right of way.
Your own local candy route. the service hereof, exclu- Plaintiff, Final Judgment in this case.
Includes 30 Machines and Problem. Smallest weekly pay-
ments avail. It’s yours NOW - sive of the day of such This being a parcel of
Candy. All for $9,995. 1-888- service, judgment by -versus- PLEASE TAKE FUR-
771-3501. S.S. REG#664 Call 800-816-2375. land conveyed in a deed of
default will be entered THER NOTICE that the Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS against you or the relief PEGGY MOSLEY, Auditor for Amended Lis Pendens, Myers, dated June 24, 2005
COMPUTERS demanded in the Charleston County and suc- Amended Summons and and recorded on August 11,
A NEW COMPUTER NOW!!! DIVORCE without children Complaint. cessor in Office to John C. Amended Complaint in this 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
Brand name laptops & desk- $95.00, DIVORCE with chil- Mehrtens and Henry action were filed on November 189, in the Charleston County
tops. Bad or NO credit- No dren $95.00. With FREE name PLEASE TAKE Tecklenberg; D. MICHAEL _____, 2008, at the Charleston R.M.C. Office
Problem. Smallest weekly pay- change documents (wife only) NOTICE: The Summons HUGGINS, Assessor for County Courthouse, 100 Broad
ments avail. It’s yours NOW - and marital settlement agree- and Complaint in the Charleston County and suc- Street, Charleston, South TMS #712-00-00-110
Call NOW 800-805-1525. ment. Fast, easy and profes- above-entitled action were cessor in Office to John R. Carolina 29401.
sional. Call 1-888-789-0198. filed in the Office of the Lindsey; Andrew C. Smith, (PARCEL-C)
EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Clerk of Court, Charleston Treasurer for Charleston Dated at Charleston,
VACATION/TRAVEL County Family Court, County and successor in Office South Carolina, this 10 day of ALL that certain
$600 Weekly Potential$$$ Charleston, South Carolina to William J. Leonard, J. November, 2008. piece, part and parcel of land,
Processing HUD Refunds, PT. NEED RENTERS? ADVER- on September 26, 2008. Riddick and William O.
TISE your vacation home to situate, lying and being in
No Experience. No Selling. The Final Hearing date for Thomas, Jr., and MORT FAR- DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR., Santee Parish No. 1, in the
Call: 1-888-213-5225 Ad Code: more than 2.9 million South the Adoption is scheduled RIS, Delinquent Tax Collector ESQUIRE
Carolina newspaper readers. County of Charleston, State of
M18 for December 19, 2008 at for Charleston County and 61 MORRIS STREET South Carolina, measuring and
HELP WANTED Your 25-word classified ad will 9:30 a.m. on the second successor in Office to Joseph CHARLESTON, S.C. 29413-
appear in 107 S.C. newspa- containing 1.12 acre, more or
floor, 100 Broad Street, M. Poulnot, Sheriff and the for- 1830 less, and being bounded on
JOB OPPORTUNITIES NOW pers for only $375. Call Jimmie Charleston County Judicial mer Delinquent Tax Collector (843) 723-1686
Haynes at the South Carolina the Northern by a parcel of
HIRING No exp needed. Good Center, Family Court, for Charleston County; JOHN land assigned Charleston
pay and benefits, paid training, Newspaper Network at 1-888- Charleston, South Carolina. DOE, adults, and RICHARD ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAIN-
727-7377. County TMS #712-00-00-121;
promotions, regular raises. HS ROE, infants, insane persons TIFF on the Eastern side by a parcel
grads ages 17-34. Call Mon-Fri CHARLIE L. WHIRL and incompetents, being ficti- of land assigned Charleston
800-662-7419 for local inter- 2112 Commander Rd. tious names, designating as a Charleston, South Carolina County TMS #712-00-00-111;
view. 2009 Professional Services Charleston, SC 29405 class any person who may be on the Southern side by a par-
The City of Charleston is (843) 566-9705-Office an heir, distribute, devisee, November 10, 2008. cel of land assigned
HELP WANTED – DRIVERS updating its list of Greater Attorney for Plaintiff legatee, widow, widower, Charleston County TMS #712-
Charleston area A/E firms assignee, administrator, 00-00-11; and on the Western
Get rolling in your new career! executor, personal representa- AMENDED LIS PENDENS
Call Xtra Mile to enroll for CDL interested for consideration side partially by a fifty feet wide
for potential design contracts tive, creditor, successor, issue road right of way and a parcel
Class A training. Financial aid and alienee of Samuel Bash, TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOV
available. 15 locations to serve not-to-exceed $50,000. Firms of land assigned Charleston
Julia Myers and Charles Case, NAMED: County TMS #712-00-00-111.
you. 1-866-484-6313 that offer professional servic- deceased; and Thelma Myers,
es in the fields of architecture, STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Richard Cash, Lemark Cash NOTICE IS HEREBY
DRIVERS-ASAP! Sign-On landscape architecture, sur- This being a parcel of
COUNTY OF CHARLESTON a/k/a Lamar Cash, Mary Lee given that an action has been land conveyed in a deed of
Bonus 35-41cpm Earn over veying, civil, environmental, Singleton and Charlie Cash, commenced and is now pend-
$1000 weekly. Excellent Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
mechanical, electrical, struc- George Herbert Roper, Kurline ing in the Court of Common Myers, dated June 24, 2005
Benefits. Need CDL-A & 3 mos tural engineering, archaeolo- White, Gracie Roper Grant, Defendants. Pleas for Charleston County,
recent OTR. 877-258-8782 and recorded on August 11,
gy, interior design and histori- and Carolyn Gibbs, pursuant: 2005, in Book X-548, at Page IN THE COURT OF COM-
cal restoration are invited to 196, in the Charleston County
Plaintiffs, MON PLEAS the provisions of Title 12, R.M.C. Office
50c/Loaded-25c/Empty to submit a resume and current Chapter 49, South Carolina
qualified OTR FB drivers. 800- Standard Form 254 or similar CASE NUMBER: 06-CP-10-2043 Code of Laws for 1976, as
information. If your firm is a TMS #712-00-00-151
845-4932 ext# 231 www.bull- The Estate of Isiah Roper, The amended, as to the Plaintiff’s certified Minority or Woman- NOTICE NISI First Cause of Action for the
Estate of Maggie (PARCEL-D)
Owned Business Enterprise entry of judgment declaring the
Attention OTR Drivers *5% Roper, The Estate of Sadie tax sale of the subject was ALL that certain
(MBE/WBE) please indicate Roper, The Estate of PLEASE TAKE
More Paid Miles *Choice of its status on the submittal let- NOTICE that there has been valid. piece, part and parcel of land,
Fleets *Affordable Benefits Hutchinson Roper, The situate, lying and being in
ter. Firms that have previous- Estate Idella Roper, The Estate filed in the Office of the Clerk of
ROEHL, Experience The Court for Charleston County, the provisions of Title 15, Santee Parish No. 1, in the
ly submitted and do not need of Melvin Roper, The County of Charleston, State of
Power of Red. Over 46 Years State of South Carolina, an Chapters 53 and 67, South
and Still Growing. Class A to update their data are not Estate of James Roper, The Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina, measuring and
Order appointing for you as
req’d. FREE CDL training for required to resubmit. There is Estate of Alla Mae Roper, The Guardian Ad Litem, KELVIN M. for 1976, as amended, with containing 9.03 acre, more or
qualified Military Vets. AA/EOE no deadline, you may submit Estate of Emily Roper HUGER, whose business respect to the Second Cause less, and being bounded on
888-867-6345 . at any time. Gibbs, The Estate of Arthur address is 27 Gamecok of action for the purpose of the Northern side by a parcel
SUBMISSION DOES NOT Gibbs, Arthur Gibbs, Jr., Henry Avenue, Charleston, South obtaining the judgment of this of land assigned Charleston
DRIVERS ~ CDL-A: Home GUARANTEE A CONTRACT Gibbs, Ronald Lee Gibbs, Carolina, 29407, which Court declaring that the County TMS #712-00-00-151
WILL BE AWARDED Bernard Gibbs, George appointment shall become Plaintiff is the owner of the and a fifty feet wide road of
Weekends & Great Pay! way; on the Eastern side by a
Company & L/P available. Paid Forward resumes and Herbert Roper, Kurline Roper absolute upon the expiration of parcels of land described here-
White, Gracie Roper Grant, thirty (30) days after the last in, the contents of which are portion of a parcel of land
Vacation, Benefits & More. 3 Standard Form 254 to: assigned Charleston County
The Estate of Herman Roper, day of publication of a copy of being fully incorporated herein
months OTR req’d. 800-441- City of Charleston Margaret Roper, J Doe adults and made apart hereof, with TMS #712-00-00-121; on the
the Summons and Lis
4271 x SC-100. Dept. of Parks/Capital and M Roe infants, insane Pendens herein unless you or fee simple title thereto, free Southern side by the marshes
Projects persons, incompetents someone on your behalf, on or and clear of any adverse of an extending to the
Driver- PTL Needs Company Attn: Kate Capps being fictious names designat- before the last mentioned date, claims of each and every one Intercoastal Waterway; and a
Drivers- CDL-A earn up to 823 Meeting St. ing a class of persons shall produce someone to be of the Defendants who are parcel of land assigned
40cpm. 1/2cpm increase every Charleston, SC 29403 appointed as Guardian Ad joined in the above entitled Charleston County TMS #712-
known or unknown who may 00-00-122; and on the Western
60K miles. Average 2,800 be heirs, distributees, Litem to represent you in this action, and to declare that
miles/week. action. each and every one of them to side by the parcel of land
devisees, legatees, widow, assigned Charleston County
Call 877-853-3311. STATE OF SOUTH CAR- widower, assignees executor, be forever barred from assert-
OLINA IN THE FAMILY DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR. ing or claiming any right, title TMS #712-00-00-_____and
HELP WANTED – SALES administrators, creditors, suc- TMS #712-00-00-122.
COURT OF THE NINTH cessor, issue and alieness Attorney for Plaintiff and interest therein or thereto,
JUDICIAL of the Estate of Isiah Roper 61 Morris Street and pursuant to the provisions
COLONIAL LIFE is seeking CIRCUIT COUNTY Charleston, S.C. 29403 of Title _____, Chapter ____, This being a parcel of
business to business sales and Maggie Roper, and all South Carolina Code land conveyed by Mary W.
OF CHARLESTON other persons known or (843) 723-1686
representatives and managers Code of Law for 1976, as Witherspoon to Betty Myers, in
to market insurance products unknown claiming any right, amended for the purpose of a deed dated June 24, 2005
CASE NO.: title, Estate, interest in or lien CHARLESTON, SOUTH
and services. Commissions 2008-DR-10-3534 CAROLINA obtaining the judgment of the and recorded on August 11,
average $56K+/yr. Training & upon the real property June 6, 2006. Court declaring that the 2005, in Book X-458, at Page
leads. Call Natalie at 803-917- CYNTHIA DENISE LLOYD, described in the complaint, Defendants Thelma Myers, 196, in the Charleston County
8846. adverse to the Plaintiff’s AMENDED NOTICE Richard Cash, Lemark Cash R.M.C. Office
HOMES FOR RENT Plaintiff, ownership, or any claim on a/k/a Lamar Cash, Mary Lee
v. Plaintiff’s title, YOU ARE HEREBY Singleton and Charlie Cash be TMS #712-00-00-111
3 Bed 2 Bath only $340/mo! NOTIFIED that the Civil Action ejected from Parcels “A”, “B”,
Own a Home! Bank Owned! RANEISHA MITCHELL, Defendants. Cover Sheets Amended Lis “C”, and “D” that are described (PARCEL-E)
(5% dn, 20 yrs @ 8.5% APR!) Defendant. Pendens, Amended Summons herein, and the contents there-
For Listings 800-508-8176 ext. _______________________ and Amended Notice, of are being incorporated here- ALL that certain
1241. IN THE INTEREST OF: Complaint, Petitions for in by reference. piece, part and parcel of land,
XAVIAR DAVEON LLOYD, IN THE COURT OF Appointment of Guardian Ad situate, lying and being in
a minor child under the age COMMON PLEAS Litem, Order for Appointment THE BELOW Santee Parish No. 1, in the
***Bank Repos*** 3 bd. 2 ba. of Guardian Ad Litem, Notice
$215/mo. 4 bd. 3 ba. $226/mo. of Eleven (11). DESCRIBED parcel of real County of Charleston, State of
NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Nisi, Affidavit of Publication, estate was at the time of the fil- South Carolina, measuring and
Call Now! Great Deals! 5% dn, Order of Publication, and
15 yrs @ 8.5%. For Listings TO THE DEFENDANTS ing of this Lis Pendens, and at containing 0.69 acre, more or
CASE NO.: 07-CP-10-4227 Notice of Intention to Refer to less, and being bounded on
800-391-5228 x T967. ABOVE NAMED: the time of the commencement
Master-in-Equity for Final of this action, situated, lying the Northern side by lands of
SUMMONS AS A NOTICE Determination were filed with __________; on the Eastern
BY SUMMONED AND the Clerk of Court for Charleston, State of South side by a parcel of land now or
REQUIRED to Answer the Charleston County on Carolina, and is more particu- formerly owned by the Estate
1 ACRE STEAL. 1 ac river TO THE ABOVE NAMED November 12, 2008.
access for only $29,900. It’s a Complaint in this action, a larly described as follows: of March Washington; on the
DEFENDANTS: Southern side by lands now or
steal at under $200 per month. copy of which is herewith
served upon you, and to The purpose of this (PARCEL –A) formerly of Jerry L. Middleton,
River, pool, ballfields, great YOU ARE HEREBY action is to clear the title to the
schools, and more. A families and on the Western side by the
SUMMONED and required to subject of real estate property. ALL that certain parcel of land now or formerly
answer the Complaint in this piece, part and parcel of land, owned by the Estate of Mose
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES action, a copy of which is here- DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR. situate, lying and being in and Stephney McNeal.
All persons having claims against the following estates with served upon you, and to Attorney for Plaintiff Santee Parish No. 1, in the
serve a copy of your Answer to 61 Morris Street County of Charleston, State of This being a parcel of
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal the said Complaint on the Charleston, S.C. 29403 land conveyed in a deed Mary
South Carolina, measuring an W, Witherspoon to the Grantee
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on Plaintiff, or on Plaintiff’s attor- (843) 723-1686 containing 0.69 acre, more or
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston Betty Myers, dated June 24,
ney, Brian G. Burke, at his less, and being bounded on 2005 and recorded on August
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the office, 113 Wappoo Creek CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAR- the Northern side by U.S. 11, 2005, in Book X-548, at
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of Drive, Charleston, South OLINA Highway 17 North; on the Page 189, in the Charleston
Carolina 29412, within thirty November 12, 2008. Eastern side by a parcel of County R.M.C. Office.
this Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be
and are forever barred. (30) days after service hereof, AMENDED SUMMONS land assigned Charleston
exclusive of the day of such County TMS #712-00-00-121; TMS #712-00-00-180
service, and if you fail to TO: THE DEFENDANTS on the Southern side by a par-
Estate of: KING DAVID GRAHAM answer the Complaint within ABOVE NAMED: cel of land assigned DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR.,
2008-ES-10-1456 the time aforesaid, the Plaintiff Charleston County TMS #712- ESQUIRE
DOD: 09/04/08 in this action will apply to Court YOU ARE HEREBY 00-00-110; and on the Western 61 MORRIS STREET
for the relief demanded in the SUMMONED and required to side by a fifty feet wide road POST OFFICE BOX 21830
Pers. Rep: EDNA K. GRAHAM right of way. CHARLESTON, S.C. 29403-
2144 MIDLAND PARK RD., NORTH Complaint and a judgment by answer the Complaint in this
default may be rendered action, a copy of which is here- 1830
CHARLESTON, SC 29406 against you. with served upon you, and to This being a parcel of (843) 723-1686
Atty: EDUARDO K. CURRY, ESQ. PLEASE TAKE FUR- serve a copy of your Answer land conveyed in a deed of ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF
PO BOX 42270, NORTH CHARLESTON, SC THER NOTICE that the on the Plaintiff or her attorney, Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
Myers, dated June 24. 2005 Charleston, South Carolina
29423 Summons and Complaint in Daniel E. Martin, Jr., at his
this action were filed on June office, No. 61 Morris Street, and recorded on August 11, November 10, 2008.
************************************************************************* 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
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