Title JAM Town Director

Purpose Partnering with families to raise children in faith is a vital ministry of the church.

Responsible to Executive Pastor

Description of duties • Study and understand the spiritual and other developmental needs of children within the church. • Coordinate ideas into a plan to provide ministries to children. • Administrate children’s and family programs and ministries. • Represent children, families and JAM Town volunteers and bring their needs and concerns before the XP Team and the congregation. • Work with the XP Team to determine short-term and long-term goals for the JAM Town. • Recruit and retain a willing and enthusiastic staff of volunteers. • Provide training and support for volunteers in JAM Town. • Mentor and develop other potential leaders for various aspects of ministry to children. • Ensure that JAM Town runs smoothly and excellently. • Prepare and administrate the annual JAM Town budget. • Assess and recommend and/or purchase curriculum for JAM Town programs. • Develop and maintain appropriate safety and security guidelines for children’s ministry programs, including criminal background checks for staff and volunteers and implementing training on child protection, health issues, and other procedures to ensure the safety and security of children participating in the church’s ministries. This involves working with Volunteer Central to ensure that all active and new volunteers have had the proper screening. • Remain current on trends, teaching methods, materials, promotional ideas, administrative methods, and other children’s ministry techniques, and implement these as appropriate. • Contact families of new children the week after they visit the church to ask about the children’s experiences in Sunday school classes or other programs. Also, contact families who have missed service(s) to care for them. • Assist with planning and conducting special projects and activities for families such as family outings, retreats etc. • Direct (or delegate direction of) related children’s ministries, such as Vacation Bible School, Fam JAM, Fall Festival, and special children's programs. • Coordinate childcare for special church events (musical programs, community outreach events, etc.). • To establish and continue to build upon relationships with the families in JAM Town. • To ensure that volunteers are receiving ongoing training.

• Outgoing. Time requirements This is a full time paid position. and inviting unchurched children to commit their lives to Jesus. • Has a heart and passion for children. Connectors. Qualifications. • Organized. fellowships etc. volunteer workers. children. • Self-starting—able to work independently. • Team-oriented—able to work with a large team of volunteers. skills.• • To coordinate fellowships for JAM Town and to ensure that volunteers are connected with (through phone calls. To ensure that services run smoothly and excellently. • Excellent communication skills. • Able to work with a wide variety of “constituents”: pastoral staff. parents and grandparents. helping others develop the gifts of teaching and learning. • Complies with a background check. . • Loves children and demonstrates patience in dealing with them. Benefits to the Worker Satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the spiritual growth of children in the church. and beliefs of the church.). • Has a burning desire to share the life of Jesus with children and see them begin and grow in Christian faith. • Demonstrates evidence of a Christ-like attitude in words and actions. • Committed to vision. and gifts • Supportive of other church staff and volunteers. cards. values.

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