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Strategist  Business & Process Analyst  Project & Change Manager

Leveraging Project & Change Management to Improve Enterprise Business Performance Profile: Kenneth’s core skills are in business analysis; business process analysis, design, & re-engineering; business and e-business strategy development; project feasibility; organisation change; and project & change management. He has considerable experience in assisting enterprises and individuals improve their business performance in Australia and New Zealand. He seeks to identify potential impacts on the enterprise brought about information & knowledge change and devise change management strategies. Relevant Skills and Experience 1. Good practical experience in project management including issues management, risk & mitigation management, project planning and schedule development, and change control when procuring ICT solutions.  Managed a team of up to 15 people during the $10.5 million health information systems implementation at the New Zealand Department of Health and have recently finished quality assuring for the whole of Government finance business requirements and business processes from a team of over twenty at the IT arm of the Queensland Treasury;  Led ICT procurement teams at Bank of New Zealand, Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, Department of Conservation, Beeline Technologies, Television New Zealand, and Blue Star Consumer Retailing projects; Developed project charters/plans for projects for ICT Procurement assignments at Logan City Council, Brisbane City Council, Queensland Rail, and system implementation projects such as Department of Health, Audit New Zealand, and Bank of New Zealand, and has managed to these plans. Developed change control processes within the framework of Project Charters ensuring changes are implemented in a controlled manner and communicated effectively.

1. Highly developed communication skills including providing information to key stakeholders and business representatives, demonstrated experience in facilitation of workshops, ability to elicit information in a timely manner, and presentations to stakeholders 20 years facilitating workshops, identifying key stakeholders, presenting road shows, and knowledge sessions:  Facilitated workshops during process documentation information gathering sessions, issue resolution sessions and system design workshops;  Presented information sessions in his role as the Process team lead at Telecom New Zealand, during his E-Business Strategy role at Queensland Rail and his quality assurance role at CorpTech of the Queensland Government; and  Written change strategies which identified key stakeholders for both communication and training and determined the key communication mediums required to impart information. He has planned and carried out these communication strategies. Kenneth has performed this work at Brisbane City Council and Queensland Rail. 2. Highly developed interpersonal skills including negotiation, conflict resolution and the ability to develop / maintain effective stakeholder relationships 21 years experience developing interpersonal skills:  Worked as a team leader and as a team member and in all situations achieved the planned outcomes;  Negotiated required business and system outcomes on behalf of key business stakeholders as part of his roles at Bank of New Zealand, Department of Conservation, Brisbane City Council, Queensland Rail, Australian Taxation Office, Child Support Agency; and  Facilitating meetings between conflicting parties achieving a mutually agreeable outcome. 3. Technology alignment with multilevel business needs leveraging innovation 18 years experience aligning technology innovation with business creating technology ‘1st’ deployments
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and change management. Facilitate through workshops the determination of a new business model enabling significant business transformation incorporating functions such as an enhanced. Determine a program of work ensuring the creation of business processes and business rules for finance and accounting reporting for one of three mines and the overall Wesfarmers Coal month-end reporting to Wesfarmers Ltd in Perth.  Government department (Conservation) slashed costs by nearly half of its national network of telecommunications’ assets yet retain comparable bandwidth 1990. & shout-down circuits for currency trading 1987.Strategist  Business & Process Analyst  Project & Change Manager Leveraging Project & Change Management to Improve Enterprise Business Performance  Aussat-B satellite of an integrated commercial transaction network based on IBM SNA and voice networks for BNZ Australia 1987. release. Investigate and prioritise the areas where the most significant gaps may be found in the processes for the new customer care and billing system’ Work focused on three of the 11 business domains of the 11 domains defined by Aurora as having highest priority for the CC&B solution being Billing The time savings were estimated at $2 million annually on the then annual budget of $48 million 1991. and  Internet portal deployed in local government (Brisbane City Council) in Australasia 1999.  Rationalising and streamlining Bank of New Zealand’s global network of computing and telecommunications’ assets and Telco relationships stretching from New York and London across to Singapore. IBM SNA networks. Hong Kong and Tokyo 1988.  New Zealand Parliament (Office of the Auditor-General) in to link business processes of substantive audit and parliamentary investigations to the deployment of a national switched network integrated with a range of office automation applications. Page 2 . regulation and Federal Court decisions: and Identify core recommendations of “What the future looks like” including the transfer of manually oriented transactions into an online portal. Decompose & distil IP legislation. and Develop a Project Charter to acquire an ERP & CRM aligned with the business processes and business rules of the mapped business processes. supply chain and additional processes from the basis of the Current State networking and computing requiring the marketplace to form consortia to provide the total solution required 1989. incident. Customer Acquisition. systems.performance-improvement.mortimer@performance-improvement. Identify Pain Points. New Farm QLD 4005 Australia Website www.  In the public or private sectors in New Zealand Department of Conservation to publish an RFI integrating the enterprise’s requirements of telephony. & federal court precedents to identify business rules (BRs). Develop with SMEs in workshops the Future State business process model with updated BRs to create an online future where the staff of Intellectual Property Australia only intervene with customer transactions when such transactions do not comply with the integrated business rules distilled from legislation. Complete an end-to-end Future State process and encompassing Healthcare. & people. TAS 35 12 2008 Queensland Transport 34 10-12 2008 Intellectual Property Australia (an agency within the Department of Innovation) 33 11 2007 6 2008 Intouch 32 11 2007 1 2008 Wesfarmers Resources Telephone (07) 3358 6749 Fax (07) 3358 6758 Mobile (0416) 035 467 Email Address 1/10 Oxlade Drive. and Facilitate a workshop to confirm the business processes and business rules of the Bengalla Mine and assess the applicability of the process for the Premier and Curragh Mines. 37 5-6 2009 Queensland Transport 36 1-2 2009 Aurora Energy.  2 Mb/s digital pipe for the Bank of New Zealand linking PABXs in Wellington and Auckland. online presence to support health-funding/purchasing/provider. Completed Projects No Period Enterprise Project Activity Project/Change Management Component Description Model the Current State business processes and business rules of QT’s correspondence and record’s management business units with the objective of identifying improvements in their processes. Facilitate the Future State business processes and business rules through a stakeholder workshop including the Customer values that require process support. & Customer Management Provide Business Process Management Framework for the IT Service Management business processes of configuration.

Map the AS IS Business Processes and Business Rules map the AS IS Consular Management System based on IBM Lotus Page 3 . ASIC. SSIO. governance. eDRMS. CorpTech (finance. Create a Business Process Framework providing a common approach to the creation of robust business processes. and action Address 1/10 Oxlade Drive. & enterprise architecture alignment Telephone (07) 3358 6749 Fax (07) 3358 6758 Mobile (0416) 035 467 Email showing links describing policy. and more or less common business rules.performance-improvement. & operations’ content. sustainable. an extra $111 million had been collected from errant parents. and Streamline the AS IS processes encompassing Customer Care & Supply Where processes are similar maybe sharing inputs and outputs. Develop governance arrangements relationships map with all the stakeholders that DChS has dealings with related to the Shared Services Initiative. and repeatable.Strategist  Business & Process Analyst  Project & Change Manager Leveraging Project & Change Management to Improve Enterprise Business Performance No Period Enterprise Project Activity Project/Change Management Component Description Analyse provided documents to identify possible process components and business rules for all business units. 31 4-7 2007 Intouch Local Government. and repeatable. i. sustainable. activities. initiators & inputs.  Overseeing and mentoring the work of other designers in the team. For each process component identify the business rules that govern the execution of each process component. Develop and confirm with stakeholders through one-to-one meetings an end-to-end TO BE process starting with the reception of a correspondence item through to Minister/D-G approved response delivery. & CDPP Child Safety 26 2-3 2006 Strategy & policy analysis. Interview all key stakeholders and document findings. SIS. sustainable. Develop in-house training & coaching for small groups (Business Improvement & Business Analysis teams of Business Solutions) for Process Modelling and Business Rules Development. and Create analysis of issues. Recreation & Sport 30 3 2007 Consulting Business & Process Analyst Review & recommend a strategy of improvements to Ministerial & correspondence processes Child Support Agency (CSA) 29 9 2006 1 2007 Consulting Business & Process Analyst Assist with the building of a better CSA Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) Consulting Business Analyst 28 8-9 2006 Assist with the creation of a RFT to replace the current system last used to evacuate Australians from Lebanon Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Process Architect 27 6-7 2006 Devise a process framework enabling multiagency attack on internationally promoted tax schemes Participating agencies AFP. New Farm QLD 4005 Australia Website www. facilities management). HR.e. knowledge and information processing. recommendations. CorporateLink. Planning. In December 2008. For each process component identify the business rules that govern the execution of each process component. Create the TO BE Business Processes and Business Rules for the new Consular Management System that retains the best of the current system and incorporates comprehensive input from overseas Posts and DFAT’s Consular Services professionals in Canberra to be consistent.mortimer@performance-improvement. The results are designed to be consistent. Validating completed designs against overall design architecture principles and directions. This included mapping and documentation of processes. CSA reported that since the new processes implemented in January 2007. information. outputs & receivers. Review the ISC governance process and generate advisory paper. Generate a situational assessment based on the GEA tools from OGICT. APRA. Develop and confirm with stakeholders through workshops and one-to-one meetings an end-to-end AS IS processes for each of the processes. knowledge. & tasks that encompass business rules (tacit & explicit knowledge). shared services. and  Managing the relationships between all stakeholders to ensure the integrity and intent of design. and Combine the TO BE model with functional specifications of the new Consular Management System that enable the processes of the TO BE model to deliver the improved productivity desired by DFAT. Review of the MCT to identify impact of system functionality on staff and the end-toend process. variants will be established and re-engineering recommended. sub-processes. and event trigger points. ACC. Analyse procedures and new legislation relating to the capacity-to-pay process assessing parents’ contribution to their child’s upbringing creating an end-to-end process. Processes will be automated with scripts based on business rules to deliver consistent.  Facilitating the resolution of design issues. etc.

 Co-Author Metadata and a Glossary for the New Process Framework. Logan Water. Align with Network Infrastructure Framework & ITIL framework. Workshop City Works.  Identify process owners. Devise a process glossary to assist the information capture teams. & Correctional Services that form the Public Safety cluster. HR. Assess infrastructure “points of pain” and KPIs and modify project charter. and Devise a Finance Process selection framework including process harmonisation that will select finance processes for the “whole of government” finance standard offering. Queensland State Government Gap analysis for “whole of Government change Ergon Energy 20 9-12 2004 19 5-6 2004 18 3-8 2003 Establishment of Address 1/10 Oxlade Drive. Assist with the design of and transition to a new Business Process Framework:  Co-Author of "New Process Framework". and document & records management pages would operate. Identify gaps in business requirements and process maps. Central to the planning is the delineation of roles and responsibilities as related to content management. Glossary & metadata Tool development 1 A "straw-man proposal" is a simple draft proposal intended to generate discussion of advantages and disadvantages and to provoke the generation of consensus and improved proposals. New Farm QLD 4005 Australia Website www.  Promotion of a content management structure ‘straw-man1’ based on but not limited to the content structure created by Portfolio Services of Queensland Treasury and Department of Employment & Training. process owners and process experts with the form of information required.  Development of Publishing Rules to be linked with the delineation of roles and responsibilities as related to content management. roles & responsibilities. and Community Infrastructure to select essential system functionality and related measurable benefits Prepare terms of reference for the teams to perform process and information capture for assets. and Draft service level agreements (SLAs) & process interface agreements. Public Safety Network Process Architect 10/2005 1/2006 25 Network management process analysis & design.  Co-develop implementation for the New Process Framework.Strategist  Business & Process Analyst  Project & Change Manager Leveraging Project & Change Management to Improve Enterprise Business Performance No Period Enterprise Project Activity Project/Change Management Component Description Assist in transforming existing processes and creating new processes needed for managing the Public Safety Network:  Develop or use reengineering techniques and tools to transform existing processes or create new processes needed for managing the PSN network for Queensland Police. Further re-engineer WAN & LAN to ITIL network cabling business processes including those to telecommunications carriers to create an end-to-end process. and document & records management on a CSQ Intranet linking back to customer agency Intranets via hyperlinks: Brisbane City Council 23 6-7 2005 22 5-6 2005 Analyse & re-engineer processes. and revenue. Queensland State Government Quality Assure for “whole of Government change CorpTech. expenses & procurement. Telephone (07) 3358 6749 Fax (07) 3358 6758 Mobile (0416) 035 467 Email kenneth. e.  Joint planning sessions between CSQ and its clients to agree the nature of the content that CSQ will publish and manage and the process. success measures. Justice & Attorney. and risk management & mitigation Brisbane City Council 24 9 2005 Process analysis Process re-engineering Corporate Solutions Queensland (A shared services provider of the Queensland government) For the publishing and management of CSQ content relating to content publishing and management for whole-ofGovernment (woG) finance. Draft project charter. HR. and Recommend process approach. HR. and  Coordinate and implement these new ideas and innovations regarding approaches within as new formal processes. and document & records management in line with the vision of the Shared Services Initiative. Analyse & re-engineer WAN & LAN network cabling business processes including those to telecommunications carriers to create an end-to-end process.performance-improvement. the proposed site would be the ‘engine room’ of the for Page 4 .  Enable and support each process owner during the reengineering process.  Assist with the risks and benefits and development of the $100 million business case.mortimer@performance-improvement. accountabilities.  Development of the Modus Operandi of the single CSQ site for finance.g. interface agreements. Service Customer Initiation-to-Deployment A CSQ Content Management Strategy comprising:  A Content Management Framework addressing issues such as but not limited to governance. and provide glossary and metadata tools. Service Customer Initiation-to-Deployment.  Develop innovation regarding approaches and plans to transform the teams and individuals to support and undertake network management for PSN cluster. Review finance business requirements and business processes for “whole of government” shared services initiative. process management & governance framework. & define SLAs & IAs Logan City Council 21 2-4 2005 Assess the need for change in Asset Management CorpTech.

Enabled a transformation of customer service and process delivery to engage and attract neighbours. simplifying internal business processes.  Deliver electronic information to Page 5 . Investigated the aging process extracting revenue and cost data enabling sectors and routes profitability reporting through an EIS. to raise the profile of Brisbane’s stakeholders in southeast Queensland.g. and Facilitated workshops. This change generated additional revenue of $1 million monthly because of faster solution deployment. The electronic commerce component that wrought the change encompassed four deliverables:  Deliver and accept electronic information and transactions to and from taxpayers and social policy Address 1/10 Oxlade Drive. key performance indicators (KPIs). and champions needed to provide driving force)  Portal governance.Strategist  Business & Process Analyst  Project & Change Manager Leveraging Project & Change Management to Improve Enterprise Business Performance No Period Enterprise Project Activity Project/Change Management Component Description Completed an audit of the Ergon Energy web site to ensure that it and back-end processes align with National Privacy Principles. Design a change service delivery strategy leveraging electronic commerce. Australia and the world. Up to seventeen iterations needed to finalise reports of a quality to table in parliament. coaching the team to draft the strategy. businesses to access actionable content. Applied public sector experience to re-engineer account management strategy. and the Crown. infrastructure and effective mixes of collaboration and competition. e. investors. Analysed & re-engineered Parliamentary Investigations process for Parliamentary questions to report to the Speaker of the House enabling speedier reports. Developed a governance process for the implementation of a common Intranet. Kenneth devised a process designed to reduce the process time by over a third. The hilltop sites used for telecommunications’ purposes had ad hoc arrangements for lease renewal across all fourteen conservancies. FBT & PAYE returns and childcare & student loan payments. integrating business processes with the Queensland State Government and other local authorities. and Identified key result areas (KRAs). Transformed Telecom from being an utility to a value-added business partner. Telecom needed to reduce by half their strategy-to-market process time of three years. Using a combination of business process re-engineering and supporting for taxpayers. GST. Using digital microwave radio and state of the art building cabling system delivered flexible data and voice communications for current needs and the linking of Head and Wellington offices into a single “virtual office. and recommended the alignment of these business measures with the EIS. The CEO identified electronic commerce as an essential enabler of improving customer services. Telecom expected to see a further reduction in the second year of operation.  Deliver electronic information to the Minister of Revenue and the senior management team. New Farm QLD 4005 Australia Website www. The change plan encompassed specific issues such as:  Cost effective strategies to get excellent businesses online (enrolment strategy required. and lowering the costs of doing business with Council. and  Deliver lower costs of compliance to businesses. the iterations and consequently the cost and time reduced significantly. tourists. and portal ownership options  Links to supporting industries. Designed a business case template that measured selected expenditure classes to enable the corporate services support to support the revamped Department. social policy customers. Ergon Energy 17 2-7 2002 Assisting with Several eCommerce-related Issues Wellington City Council 16 10-12 1999 Implementation Plan for an Internet Portal for Wellington’s Economic Style Sectors Brisbane City Council 15 8/1998 2/1999 Develop Enterprise and Regional E-Business Strategy Department of Labour 14 4-6 1998 Enable Business Change through financial analysis Air New Zealand 3 2-4 1998 Replace Route/Sector Profitability Management Reporting Analysis Telecom Corporation NZ 121 6/1996 3/1997 Network Development Division Process analysis Process re-engineering Telecom Corporation NZ 11 5/1996 Transform from a Utility to a Value-added Business Partner Inland Revenue Department 10 2-6/1996 Develop 5-year Strategic Information Technology Plan Audit Office 1990 Process analysis Process re-engineering Audit Office 1990 Communications Facilities for Head & Wellington Regional Offices Department of Conservation Improve Hill Top Resource Management 1990 Telephone (07) 3358 6749 Fax (07) 3358 6758 Mobile (0416) 035 467 Email kenneth. and Designed the resulting solution based on an analysis of the processes and the outcomes sought by the Department and Government. Assisted with scoping several eCommerce-related projects including B2C and B2E strategies.

fax and four different data communication protocols into a process with common outlets able to be configured using software for a comprehensive range of data. Conducted a global review of telecommunications facilities.mortimer@performance-improvement. main New Zealand centres and implemented a redesign that treated all three city’s’ operations as if it were one location. unified and common procedures and practices through appropriate business application software and telephone systems. and Implement for both centres. 1988 Devised an Integrated building cabling plan for Head Office including all voice. Project/Change Management Component Description The dioceses sought modern technology to support a centralisation of all administrative functions spread over multiple locations. satellite network with flexible configuration.Strategist  Business & Process Analyst  Project & Change Manager Leveraging Project & Change Management to Improve Enterprise Business Performance No Period Enterprise Project Activity Catholic Dioceses of Auckland & Hamilton 1990 Implement New Systems to Support Organisation Centralisation Electricity Corporation of New Zealand Review & Implement Head Office Voice and Data Communication Requirements Bank of New Zealand 1988 Aligning telephony operations to meet customer needs Bank of New Zealand Reorganising New Zealand telephone operations in the three. and national telephony operations to create a Page 6 . New Farm QLD 4005 Australia Website Address 1/10 Oxlade Drive.performance-improvement. international payment systems and retail banking operations. voice and integrated devices. and Created a standard operating environment in telephony and data communications for all overseas branches. Analysed BNZ Australia’s bank treasury systems. Telephone (07) 3358 6749 Fax (07) 3358 6758 Mobile (0416) 035 467 Email kenneth. 1987/88 Analysed telephone operations of over fifty locations in the three. costs and the tariffs of the telecommunication companies used by the Bank. main centres Bank of New Zealand in Australia 1987 Rationalising and integrating computing and telecommunications Bank of New Zealand 1985/87 Rationalising global communications Designed the telephony operations of BNZ’s largest branch to align with customers’ needs to improve customer service rather than with the branch management hierarchy.