Reality - Ultimate,Real & Alternate

What can be possibly wrong with a person who things about all this nonsense?right. Well ..How many of you know what reality is abstract kind of thing..yah.80% of the people say reality is things i can see and feel.17% dont know what you are talking about and 3% say mix oif real and unreal.. We ,if you can see..are always learning ...from the time of birth like all are like an unformatted floppy disk...with nothing on ...Then our parents make it bootable..means breath there philosophy into us..I am your dad and thats your mom....and no you can't call that nurse babe. Fixed code of conducts and beliefs evolved through ages along with knowledge make us behave like we do today.As thoughts do not feed us we always find working out most of the time .And in this chaos we have no time to think about us /ourself "aham". Reality according to me from the point of view of a third party is the presence of you and me and all those around me. Fixed code of conducts and roles are not assumed real because somebody from outside cannot see it or know that it exists unless someone tells him .It can also be called unreal because there is no individual existence for it.It is also assumed real because multiple people see it and support it as essential.Concepts of friends ,enemies ,parents ,brother hood ,monogamy are all assumed real and essential over the ages just because others say it is there or you think its there at some point of tme. Alternate reality fills the vaccum created by reality.For example reality does not have any fixed style of getting out of troubles.Reality shows whats there and nothing more.A person trapped in debt finds in reality a prosecution and life in crossroads .He somehow hopes to get out of it.Hope which is not real in the sense it has not happened.when you hope u tend to visualise things for atleast a second.Alternate reality lives in few seconds like this. Since what he saw was not real it is not reality .but what he saw was defenitly things he knew in reality.Since he can explain things to someone of what he saw we can exclude fantasising .Since we don't think what we saw was real we can exclude it from hallucination too. Alternate reality with roles can be power-tools in the hand of a good player of mind games.But beware don't get trapped in the roles you play in reality and alternate reality. Ultimate Reality Hindiu sages tells us that the essence of all things is brahman.What is brahman?The chandogya upanishad 6-8 explains.a story. "Brings a fruit from the banyan tree"says the father . The son ,brings it . "Break it " "It is broken ,revered sir". "What do you see in this ." "Tiny little seeds ". "Break one ". "What do you see now ."

"Nothing sir". "My dear child from the subtle essence you percieve,stands the mighty banyan tree.That subtle essence is the root and ground of all these.That subtle essence is brahman.That which is tiny is the atman of all. According to the view,the ultimate-reality(brahman)can be viewe from two aspects.transcendantal and immanent(personal)..In its its transcendal aspect reality is called nirguna brahman,that is brahman without is concieved as of oneand undifferentiated,both static and dynamic ,as the ultimate principle underlying the universe."Brahman is whom speech cannot express,and from whom the moind unable to reach him ,comes away baffled."states the taittriya upanishad. Nirguna brahman is not and object of prayer ,but of meditation and knowlwdge.It cannot be described and the most one can sayit is absolute existence,absolute knowledge,and absolute bliss(sat chit anada).It is unborn,self- existent ,all pervading,and the ground and essence of all thingsand beings in the universe.According to maitri upanishad brahman is beyond conception,immeasurable,unapproachable,beyond borth,reasoningand thought.