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MAR15 2012

Mr. Erik Larson


1-02056 No. Appeal AP-201 No. Request I160194 JGM:MWH

DearMr. Larson: for on Bureauof Investigation your request from the actionof the Federal You appealed FBI concerning FileNo. 203A-WF-210023. to access records records' At the of of The Freedom InformationAct providesfor disclosure manyagency that from disclosure provide includedin the FOIA nine exemptions time, Congress same and privacy,privilegedcommunications, suchaspersonal protection importantinterests for is to responsive your request activities. All of the information Lertainlaw enforcement this information of the I classified. am affirming,on partlymodifiedgrounds, FBI'swithholding I from disclosure. am, information classified whichprotects pursuant 5 U.S.C.$ 552(bX1), to Review Department of ho*.u.r, referringthis informationto the Department Justice's under if (DRC) so that it may determine this informationshouldremainclassified Committee its review,this Officewill informyou if OrderNo. 13,526.OncetheDRC completes Executive any informationis declassified. was decision madeonly aftera fullreview of this that Please advised this Offrce's be with this Office who thoroughlyreviewedand to wasassigned an attomey matter. Your appeal to of and your underlyingrequest, the actions the FBI in response your your appeal, analyzed request. the with my actionon your appeal, FOIA permitsyou to file a If you aredissatisfied with 5 U.S.C.$ 552(aXa)(B). districtcourtin accordance lawsuitin federal (OGIS)offers InformationServices the For your information, Office of Government as agencies a nonandFederal FOIA requesters between disputes to services resolve mediation doesnot affectyour right to pursue to alternative litigation. Using OGIS services exclusive Information is asfollows: Office of Government litigation. The contactinformationfor OGIS AdelphiRoad, Room2510,8601 Administration, NationalArchivesandRecords Services.

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Sincerely,, 9t' \ !1 o" \-

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JaniceGalli Mcleod AssociateDirector