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Dongyong (

Xiao Gan Tian Di (Yu Gang) phorus mountain,” said gypsum geological reserves of 249 million tons of rock salt geological reserves of 280 billion tons of phosphate rock geological reserves of 172 million tons.

Bie Mount ( ty, set Hanchuan. In August 2000, Guangzhou City, was placed under the the Suizhou hosting the newly established ground level. Since then, Xiaogan has adopted City Management to this day.

City Compendium
Xiaogan City is located in the northeast of Hubei Province, north of the Yangtze River, Han River east of the south thoroughfare of nine provinces “Wuhan City, the southern gate of Xinyang City, Henan Province, north, east, Huanggang, west Suizhou, Jingmen, doors, Bristolother cities. Filial son Dong sell their bodies buried in the Eastern Han Dynasty parent, OK Xiaogan the days of moving to its name. Jurisdiction over Xiaonan, Wenchuan, the city should, the Anlu three county-level cities and Yunmeng, Dawu, Xiaochang three counties. Area of 8941 square kilometers with a total population of 5.28 million, Xiaogan City urban population of 300,000. Xiaogan landscape from south to north as the plains, hills, mountains, climate, both north and south of excellent, fertile land, is an important cotton and edible oil production bases. The rich geological deposits, the “cream” salt sea “phos-

The Xiaogan history goes back to ancient times. This Xiaaogan City in the counties and urban areas, Xia and Shang era of ancient Jingzhou; vassal state of Zhou Chu Yun, Zhen separatism, the Zhen country Yun country capital; Qin belong Nelson; after Han of Jingzhou Jiangxia County; Southern and Northern Dynasties after the case of the Anlu county; Tang genus security state; after Song of Tak House; clear belong Tak House, Hanyang House; Republic of China, Hubei Province, the third, fourth, fifth Chief Inspector belong. Xiaogan as municipal organic Administrative Region (SAR), set in May 1949. In June 1951, the the Xiaogan agency jurisdiction Xiaogan, Yesan, Ying Shan, Anlu, Yunmeng, the city should Huangpi, Huang (now Hong’an), with the county (now Suizhou), 9 counties. March 1997, the revocation of Wenchuan Coun-

Wuhan Optical Valley Xiaogan Industrial Park, Shenzhen Industrial Park Shanghai Industrial Park, laborers Technology Xiaogan Industrial Park, Sanjiang Aerospace Industrial Park industrial transfer Demonstration Garden, an interactive development has taken shape. The city attracted a total of nearly 400 foreign-funded enterprises, the cumulative $ 1.2 billion to attract foreign investment. Germany’s Siemens, Japan’s Matsushita, the world’s top 500 enterprises and Bright Food, Yinlu Group, Ocean Motor and other famous enterprises have settled in Xiaogan. Enterprises in coastal areas get together rendered in Xiaogan development,fission strong momentum of development.

Located in China’s economic and geographic center of Wuhan “1 +8” city circle distance Wuhan medium-sized city [away from the Wuhan City (Wuhan Plaza) 1 hour]. Beijing-Guangzhou, Han Yu, Wu Jing, Han-Danfour railway, Beijing-Zhuhai, Han X. Hu-Rong highway 3, 107,316 two National Road runs through the whole territory. The Han Hyo intercity rail, Xiao Han Avenue, three Qiaokou filial highway road network completion of the project after the opening of Xiaogan and Wuhan full docking traffic pattern will make Xiaogan integrated transport hub is more prominent. It is regarded as the central region the best investment city.

Satellite City
The Xiaogan are to seize the “twooriented” society construction comprehensive reform pilot area of opportunity, insist on the great opening for the pilot to test innovative as the focal point to build Wuhan industrial cooperation in the supply of agricultural products, commodities logistics and distribution, tourism and leisure scientific and technological achievements, the six bases of human resources training, early 2010, the municipal government has also proposed a new development plan based on the actual situation, and strive to three years, the GDP of over 100 billion, while increasing the urban construction efforts, accelerate Min set of Milky Way Aviation City Construction, the construction of Dongcheng District, of the cities of the Central region with the greatest potential and competitive advantage.

Xiao Gan Mini-Wiki
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chinese name: foreign name:

Welcome to Xiao Gan

Xiaogan Specialty
» Matang: Xiaogan Sesame Chips the Xiaogan card, “Matang is famous for the fragrant, sweet, thin, crisp unique flavor, its significant features are: fragrant but not brilliant, sweet but not greasy food for thought. Raw materials without any chemical contamination, the product without any additives, is a natural green food. Maltose as the main raw material, both the function of the lungs and cure asthma, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases can reduce the disease, but no harm. Won the National Silver Medal in 1981, 1994,. » Rice wine: Xiaogan rice wine Xiaogan rice wine is a millennium-old local Cuisines, choice of materials, a unique method for making it Xiaogan produced quality rice as raw materials, the Xiaogan historical heritage phoenix nest koji brewed from fermented. Xiaogan rice wine, in many various honorary test named the most popular consumer products, and access to the previous China International Food Fair Gold Medal, 1999 eight rice wine industry in the country designated as a green food. In addition to rice, I also developed a fruit and vegetable series of drinks.

孝感 Xiaogan


a d m i n i s t r at i v e c at e g o r y : prefecture-level cities area:

Central China
Autumn Scene (Gu Ming)

jurisdiction of district:

X iaochang / Anlu / City / the Hanchuan / Yunmeng / Dawu
government resident: telephone area c o d e :0712 l o c at i o n : p o s ta l c o d e :432000

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Xiaonan Town Station Road

Northern Hubei Jianghan Plain, the middle of the Han River to the east
a r e a :8941

» » » » »

kilometers (2010)

square 528

Dongyong Garden (Xie Guguo)

p o p u l at i o n : dialect:

Fu River (Gu Ming)

JAC official - HUANG Xiao-chip
climatic conditions: famous attractions:

subtropical monsoon climate Shuangfengshan Scenic Area, white trillion Mountain Scenic Area, “Lady Tangchi” Spa
r a i lway s tat i o n :


People Square (Qing Wang)

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