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FACET FILTER PRODUCTS DIVISION 8439 TRIAD DRIVE GREENSBORO, NC 27409-9621 PHONE: (910) 668-4444 FAX: (910) 668-4452



General Information: The purpose of the Facet scavenge oil filter system is to clean the engine oil to a much finer degree than the factory equipped strainers. The filter has a 10 micrometre nominal, 25 micrometre absolute filter element. Located in the line from the engine to the oil cooler, the filter prevents particles from contaminating the oil cooler and supply tank and it also prevents contamination from recirculating through the engine. The filter is designed to keep the engine oil clean enough to fly 200 hours between oil changes @DA CSL-1093). In addition, several inspection and cleaning operations associated with the oil system need maintenance every 200 hours instead of every 100 hours @DA CSL-1098). The benefits obtained from the installation of a scavenge oil filter system can amount to a substantial savings in oil, reduced labor cost, downtime and engine overhauls. Facets scavenge oil filters are equipped with a red bypass indicator button which provides an impending filter bypass warning when the differential pressure on the element is above 7*1 PSID. The bypass indicator is inoperative below 100+15F. The filter is also equipped with a bypass valve that opens at ltil PSID.

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Facet Kit No. 1741490

For Installation On Hughes - McDonnell Douglas OH6A

Registration No.:

Flight Hours: Installation Date:

It is recommended that this manual be included in the permanent records of the modified helicopter to comply with airworthiness requirements and also to be retained for service references.

At the time of installation, please fill out the enclosed warranty card and return to Facet

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Important Information For Facet Kit No. 1741490

Hughes OH6A

Weight Change:

+3.7 Lbs.

Moment Arm:

124.0 In.

Preflight Inspection Procedure Change: 1. Check red bypass indicator on external scavenge oil filter. A B. C. Inspect red button on bottom of filter bowl for indication of filter bypass. Ifred button is not showing, proceed with pretlight. Ifred button is showing, reset button once and run engine until oil reaches normal operating temperature. Ifred button reappears, discontinue operation and investigate reason for filter bypass indication.



Red impending bypass indicator reset. A. Press the red indicator bypass button in while rotating.

Scheduled Maintenance: 1. Scavenge oil filter element change: A Replace the filter element (p/n: 038088-08) whenever the engine oil is changed. This is a maximum of 200 hours or 6 months, whichever comes first. When the filter is serviced after a bypass indication, a new filter element should be installed.



Bypass indicator functional test: A The bypass indicator should be tested every 600 hours as part of the oil change procedure. Remove safety wire from the filter bowl to the tiher head, unscrew bowl and remove and discard installed filter element.


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Install Facet test tool part number 1741145 and reinstall bowl (do not safety wire at this time). Leave cowling locked open or removed for visual access to the tilter assembly. Start engine and operate at ground idle until normal operating temperatures have been reached and the filter bypass indicator button extends. Note: The bypass indicator must reach lOOi15F to operate. Ifthe bypass indicator extends, it is fImctioning properly. Secure the engine and remove the filter bowl and test tool. Install a new seal kit p/n: 1741125 and filter element p/n: 038088-08. Reinstall and safety wire the filter bowl to the filter head. Reset the bypass indicator button by pressing in and rotating. Drain and reservice the engine oil system. Should the bypass indicator fail to extend or will not reset, contact Facet Filter Products Division of Purolator Products Company. Do not attempt to adjust or replace the bypass indicator.



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Facet Filter Assembly Part Number: 1740001-03


Inlet & Outlet Ports Per MS33656-10



Red Bypass Indicator Button

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Replacement Parts For Facet Filter Assembly Part Number: 1740001-03

Item: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Part Number:

Description: Element Assembly Seal ISit Bowl & Indicator Assembly Head Assembly Fitting - Reducer O-Ring, FLBN-9 12

1741125 1740839-04 1742161-03 1740235 040373

Filter Element Change Instructions: A.

Remove head to bowl safety wire and unscrew bowl, Remove dii filter element,

B. C. D.

Install new filter element. Hand tighten filter bowl until tight against head and safety wire,
Note: Only Facet authorized replacementparts may be used to maintain warranty. Differentialpressure bypass indicator and bowl are matched assemblies andfactory set. Do not attempt to repair or replace indicator.

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Installation Schematic Filter kit Part Number: 1741490 Figure 2

STATION 124.00



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Installation Schematic Filter tit Part Number: 1741490 Figure 3


Oil Diverter

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Material List For Facet Kit Number: 1741490 For Installation On Hughes OH6A Helicopters

Item No.: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Part Number: 1741110-14 1741056 033708 1741110-60 1741055 1743866 MS21042-L3 AN960- IOL 1741051-01 1741111-01 AN3-3A 1741120 AN4-31A AN960-416 MS21 042-L4 1740001-03 1741145 E- 1032

Description: Hose Assembly - Inlet Reducer O-Ring, FLBN-908 Hose Assembly - Outlet Frame Mounting Bracket Warning Tag Nut, Self Locking Washer Filter Mounting Bracket Spacer Bolt #10-32x.46 Label, Indicator Reset Bolt, X-28 Washer Nut, Self Locking Filter Assembly Indicator Test Tool Installation Manual

Quantity Required: 1 1 1 1 2 1 6 18 1 3 12 1 3 6 3 1 1 1

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Installation Instructions For Facet Filter Kit Number: 1741490

This installation will be made easier if attempted during an inspection when the engine oil is completely drained fkom the oil cooler and oil tank. The filter assembly (p/n: 1740001-03) was factory tested and shipped wet with M&L-7808, aircraft turbine engine lubricating oil. It is recommended that the installer read through these instructions completely before starting the installation to insure that there will be no problems with completing this installation.


1. 2. 3. 4.

Disconnect battery. Open engine compartment doors and secure open. Drain oil cooler. Locate center line of helicopter in engine compartment. Locate vertical stringer 8.5 in. to the right of center line of helicopter stringer no. 1 (ref.). Ref. Figure 2 Locate vertical stringer 15.250 in. to the right of center line of helicopter stringer no. 2 (ref.). Ref. Figure 2 Locate shelf in forward right-hand corner of engine compartment on which the cut out for the reverse current relay is mounted. Locate horizontal flange that lays between the center line of the helicopter and vertical stringer no. I (ref.) found in step 4. This flange is approximately at water line station no. 24.750. NOTE: These are reference points that will help with the installation.




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Installation: A. Removal of Components: 1. Remove the electrical plug from the chip detector in the forward engine gear case and remove the chip detector. Retain the chip detector for installation later. Remove scavenge oil line (p/n: 369A4747-5) from the OUT port gear case and remove union from port, discard union.


the forward


Remove scavenge oil line (p/n: 369A4747-5) from oil diverter valve (p/n: 369A4730) IN port. Discard hose. Loosen Adel clamp securing wire bundle to stringer no. 2 (ref.) and retain clamp for installation latter. Remove insulation from the aft side of 124 bulkhead, between stringer no. 1 (ref.) and stringer no. 2 (ref.) beginning at a point level with the bottom of the shelf holding cut out reverse relay and going down to the flange between the stringers, an area of approximately 8. Retain insulation for installation later.



CAUTION ! Care should be taken when cutting and removing insulation so as not to scratch or damage stringers, bulkhead or electrical wires in this area. B. Installation of Filter:

Flanges on both frame mounting brackets (item 5, p/n: 1741055) are to the inboard side. Critical dimension is mounting the brackets too low on strineers so hoses cannot reach filter assemhlv uorts. Check this location before drilling holes in stringers. Ref. Figure 2. Locate frame mounting brackets (item 5, p/n: 1741055) on stringer no. 1 (ref) just below the horizontal flanges at approximately waterline 24.75. Place the frame mounting flange as close to the horizontal flange as possible with the frame mounting bracket flange inboard. Be sure that mounting brucketj7ange does not interfere with fuel lines andjittings installed in thefirewall Also confirm that


with the installation of thejilter mounting bracket (item 9, p/n: 1741051-01) there is adequate clearance betweenfirel line fittings and hoses. Ref. Figure 2.
2. Drill three holes through the frame mounting bracket (item 5, p/n: 1741055) and stringer using a new or sharpened no. 12 drill (0.189 Dia.), using the best drilling techniques.

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Installation 3.

of Filter Continued:

Locate frame mounting bracket (item 5, p/n: 1741055) on stringer no. 2 (ref.) at the same level as the Frame mounting bracket on stringer no. 1 (ref.). Double check placement and then drill three no. 12 (0.189 Dia.) holes through the frame mounting bracket and stringer using the best drilling techniques. Mount securely both frame mounting brackets (item 5, p/n: 1741055) to the stringers with flanges inboard using 6 bolts (item 11, p/n: AN3-3A), 12 washers (item 8, p/n: AN960-1OL) and 6 nuts (item 7, p/n: MS21042-L3). Ref. Figure 2. Glue insulation (removed earlier) to bulkhead. Install an O-Ring (item 3, p/n: 033708) on the small end of reducer (item 2, p/n: 1741056). Install reducer securely into engine oil OUT port. Ref. Figure 3. Mount filter assembly (item 16, p/n: 1740001-03) to filter mounting bracket (item 9, p/n: 1741051-01) with the flanges facing the filter. Use 3 bolts (item 13, p/n: AN4-3 lA), 3 nuts (item 15, p/n: MS21042-L4), 6 washers (item 14, p/n: AN960416) with 3 spacers (item 10, p/n: 174111 l-01) located between the filter assembly and the mounting bracket. Torque nuts to 50 -55 in. Ibs. Ref Figure 3. Mount filter with filter mounting bracket installed to the frame mounting brackets (item 5, p/n: 1741055) loosely using 6 bolts (item 11, p/n: AN3-3A) and 6 washers (item 8, p/n: AN960-1OL). Ref. Figure 3. FLLTERASSEMBLYBOWLSHOULD POINTDOW. INSIDE OF FILTER MUST CONNECT BY HOSE TO THE ENGINE OIL OUT PORT. Install hose assembly (item 1, p/n: 17411 lo-14), 90 end to filter assembly IN port and the other end to reducer (item 2, p/n: 1741056) installed the engine oil OUT port. Ref. Figure 3. Install hose assembly (item 4, p/n: 17411 lo-60), 126 fitting end to filter assembly OUT port and the other end to the oil diverter valve (p/n: 369A4730 ref.) IN port. Ref. Figure 3. Route electrical wiring over frame and filter mounting brackets and with clamp removed in step A. l,, secure under upper right hand bolt of filter mounting bracket.


5. 6.







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Installation of Filter Continued: 12. Tighten securely all hose fittings and bracket bolts. Check all fittings, bolts, clamp and components for security, proper fit and clearances. Check hoses for clearance and possible chafing on engine and structure. Install chip detector and electrical connector. Inspect engine compartment to insure it is clear of tools, rags, etc. Place label (item 12, p/n: 1741120) for indicator reset, on right-hand engine compartment door in upper left-hand comer, in clear view of pilot during preflight inspection. Activate the adhesive with a solvent such as Methyl-Ethyl Ketone WK). CONDUCT FINAL CONFIRMATION THAT THE OIL LINE FROM THE ENGINE OIL OUTLET PORT IS CONNECTED TO THE FILTER IN PORT AND THE LINE FROM THE FTLTER OUT PORT IS CONNECTED TO THE OIL DIVERTER IN PORT. Reservice oil system and prepare helicopter for engine run-up and leak test. Connect battery. After final inspection and no leaks exist, prepare helicopter for flight.

13. 14. 15.



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Warranty: Seller warrants that at the time of delivery, products delivered under this order will conform to applicable drawings and specifications and will be bee Tom defects in material and workmanship. Any claim for defective material or workmanship must be made within a period of ninety (90) days from the date of delivery to Buyer. Upon prompt notice of any claimed nonconformity or defect, Sellers obligation under this warranty is limited, at its option, to repairing or replacing at this plant, with transportation charges prepaid by Buyer, the product or components parts thereof that is proved to be other than as herein warranted. This warranty does not extend to any of the Sellers products that have been subject to misuse, accident or improper installation, maintenance or application, nor does it extend to products which have been repaired or altered outside of the Sellers plant unless authorized in writing by Seller or unless such installation, repair or alteration is performed by Seller, nor does this warranty extend to any labor charges for removal and/or replacement of the nonconforming of effective product or part thereof THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANT IES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ARISING BY OPERATION OF LOW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF h4ERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In no event shall Seller be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages for any breach of warranty of this contract, including but not limited to, costs of removal and reinstallation of goods, loss of goodwill or loss of profits and loss of use. Only authorized Facet approved replacement parts may be used to maintain this warranty. PUROLATOR PRODUCTS COMPANY

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Purolator Products Company Facet Filter Products Division 8439 Triad Drive Greensboro, NC 27409



REG. NO. SERIAL NO. This supplement must be attached to the aircrafts Rotorcraft Flight Manual when an engine scavenge oil filter is installed in accordance with this installation manual. The information herein supplements the information of the basic Rotorcraft Flight Manual only in those areas listed herein. For limitations, procedures and performance information not contained in this supplement, consult the basic Rotorcraft Flight Manual. SECTION I - LIMITATIONS: Placard to be located adjacent to the scavenge oil filter assembly to read as follows: Pretlight Inspection of Scavenge Oil Filter: A B. C. D. Inspect red button on bottom of filter bowl for indication of filter bypass. Ifred button is not showing, proceed with preflight. Red button showing, reset button once and run engine. Ifred button reappears, discontinue operations and investigate reason for filter bypass indication.

SECTION II - PROCEDURES: During pretlight inspection, to reset the red impending bypass indicator button: A Rotate button while pushing in.

No change.

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