CULTURAL STUDIES Course Outline of Semester System

Date_21 Sep 2010_ to _7 Jan 2011_ Course Code Year/Semester Name of Course Credit Hours Pre Requisites Category Aim and Objective CS 390 Course Instructor Kyla Pasha Fall 2010 E-Mail CS Practicum in History: Readings in South Asian History 4 CS 200 History of Ideas or consent of the instructor Introductory ___ Intermediate ___ Research ___ Practicum __ Advanced ___ Other ___ To submerge the student in key topics of South Asian history while teaching historical method through a semester-long research project and a class-wide archiving project in Lahore city. By the end of the course, the student will be trained in historical method and well-versed in aspects of South Asian history. 21/9/10 Tu – Introduction to the course: class discussion of versions of history 23/9/10 Th – Sources of historical information, primary and secondary. Introduction to the semester-long research projects. Week 2 Unheard Histories 28/9/20 Tu – Venkatachalapathy, A.R. “Introduction: History, Literature, Language.” In Those Days There Was No Coffee. New Delhi: Yoda Press, 2006. pp. 1-8 30/9/10 Th – Eaton, Richard Maxwell. “Introduction.” Chatterjee, Indrani & Richard Maxwell Eaton Eds. Slavery and South Asian History. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006. pp. 1-16 (Also on EBRARY) 5/10/10 Tu – Ludden, David. “Introduction.” Agrarian History of South Asia. Port Chester, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 1999. pp. 1-5 (Also on EBRARY) 7/10/10 Th –
1 CS 390 – CS Practicum in History: Readings in South Asian History

Week 1 Introduction

Week 3 Alternative Perspectives

1885-1947. “Colonisation. 146-201 26/10/10 Tu – Thapar. pp. “The Perceptions of Yet Others. Week 6 Colonial Punjab PRACTICUM Week 7 SITE REPORT 2 CS 390 – CS Practicum in History: Readings in South Asian History . “The Turko-Persian Narratives. 1998. pp.Ludden. New Jersey: Princeton University Press. 20/10/10 W 11:56 PM via email – 1st Site Report Due: Reflection on findings at Model Town Graveyard.” and “Biographies.” Somanatha: The Many Voices of a History.” Somanatha.” Somanatha. pp. New Delhi: Penguin Books. pp. 18-37 14/10/10 Th – Thapar. typed.” Journal of Punjab Studies. pp.” Somanatha.” Somanatha. “Territory. 21/10/10 Th – Thapar. Limit : 500 words. “Sanskrit Inscriptions from Somanatha and its Vicinity. 8-61 30/10/10 Sa – Second Practicum Trip to Model Town Graveyard 1/11/10 M – 2nd Site Report Due: Collated and transcribed findings from Model Town Graveyard.” Somanatha. double-spaced. Romila. Imran.” and “Colonial Interpretations and Nationalist Reactions. Narrative 12/10/10 Tu – Thapar. Pens and Pencils!! 19/10/10 Tu – Thapar. Narrative SITE REPORT 1 16/10/10 Sa – First Practicum Trip to Model Town Graveyard BRING: Digital Cameras. 1-18 28/10/10 Th – Ali. pp. Notebooks. 202-233 Grewal. 76-145. 2:1 (Spring 2004). Times New Roman 12pt font. 1-17 Thapar. “The Context. J. S. Chronicles and Epics. “Constructing Memory. pp. “Historical Geography of the Punjab.” The Punjab Under Imperialism. “The Setting. 60-112 (Also on EBRARY) Week 4 Fact vs. 2004. pp. pp.3876 PRACTICUM Week 5 Fact vs.” Agrarian History. Writing Histories.

2007.” Making Lahore Modern. pp. pp. 3-11 Gilmartin. Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali. 43:4 (2006). Provincial Practices: Colonial Language Policy in Nineteenth-century India. 125 _____. “Introduction.” Empire and Islam: Punjab and the Making of Pakistan. 2758 18/11/10 Th – Eid Holidays 23/11/10 Tu – Zamindar.B. David.2 2/11/10 Tu – Talbot. William. 11/11/10 Th – In-class presentation & conference of mid-term research 16/11/10 Tu – Glover. “Imperial Policy.” Empire and Islam. Histories. “Punjab.” Journal of Punjab Studies. 14:1 (Spring 2007) pp. pp. London: I. 1-44 Colonial Punjab Urdu and Punjabi Week 8 Iqbal Day MID-TERM PAPER DUE PRESENATATI ON Week 9 Lahore Eid Holidays Week 10 Partition and People 3 CS 390 – CS Practicum in History: Readings in South Asian History . 1988.” Journal of Punjabi Studies. 1038 4/11/10 Th – Mir. pp. 395-427 Kamran.” The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees. Tahir. Tauris. “A Colonial Spatial Imagination: British Knowledge of the City and Its Environs. the Question of Displaced Identity: A Historical Appraisal. New York: Columbia University Press. “The Punjab under Colonialism: Order and Transformation in British India. Farina. Ian A. 14:1 (Spring 2007) pp. pp.” Indian Economic and Social History Review. Punjabi and Urdu.” Making Lahore Modern: Constructing and Imagining a Colonial City. “The British Imperial State. pp. “The Place of Partition” and “Muslim Exodus from Delhi. 2007. Boundaries. 1-9 _____. “An Urban Palimpsest: The Precolonial Development of Lahore. 11-39 9/11/10 Tu – Iqbal Day – holiday 10/11/10 W – Mid-term Paper due via email to the entire class by 11:59 PM.

“Performing Partition in Lahore. “Partition and the North West Frontier: Memories of Some Khudai Khidmatgars.” The Partitions of Memory: The Afterlife of the Division of India. 229240 9/12/10 Th – Banerjee.Week 11 25/11/10 Th – Zamindar.” The Long Partition. Suvir Kaul. 119-160 2/12/10 Th – Zamindar. 161-228 PRACTICUM Week 12 4/12/10 Sat – Third Practicum Trip: Model Town Graveyard 7/12/10 Tu – Zamindar. “Hindu Exodus from Karachi” “Refugees. pp. “Moving Boundaries.” The Long Partition. “Economies of Displacement. 45-119 30/11/10 Tu – Zamindar. pp.” and “The Phantasm of Passports. pp. 183-207 16/12/10 Th – Class Discussion: Archiving Project Assessment 21/12/10 Tu – Presentation: Individual findings from the Archiving Practicum 23/12/10 Th – In-class archiving processing and collation Week 13 PRACTICUM Week 14 PRESENATATI ON Weeks 15 & 16 FINAL PAPER DUE Teaching Strategy Archive finalization 7/1/11 – Fri Final Paper Due ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Lecture Discussion Seminar Field Research Presentation Conferencing 4 CS 390 – CS Practicum in History: Readings in South Asian History .” The Partitions of Memory. 2001. 30-73 14/12/10 Tu – Murphy. pp. Citizens. “Passports and Boundaries. Boundaries. pp. Delhi: Permanent Black. Richard McGill.” The Long Partition.” The Long Partition. pp. Mukulika. Ed.

Assessment First Second Mid-term Final Total 100% Class Participati on Quiz 5% Site Repo rt 5% 10% Presentati on Paper 10% 10% 10% 30% 10% 20% 30% 50% 5 CS 390 – CS Practicum in History: Readings in South Asian History .

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