The Vision by: D.L.

Wood 19 December 2011

I am standing here, in a labyrinth. I think it is within my mind. I hear voices of women so long ago, Mostly forgotten by now by many men. They guide me through the twists and turns. “This vision, this dream… is it real?” I think to myself, pondering as I walk in the darkness. “He has killed many men this week…” I hear the women chant to me…laughing almost in their tone… but all the same they are serious. The Bacchae are calling me, silently inviting me deeper within the darkness with their energy. I go forth unafraid, but knowing any sane person would be. At this point I only know it is Him who calls me here. The Son of Persephone… The Son of Zeus…The bearer of the Thrysos and Drinker of endless wine. “He is very upset. He has castrated a few men this week too.” The Bacchae say to me again. “…Come deeper. “ I feel the women leading me without bodies. I cannot see them except in flashes…Like animals in the woods they are all around me. Like moments you barely remember from childhood. Surrounding me and yet, I am unafraid of them. They are my sisters. They are detached from me and also close to me, as a wolf pack, as close as a mother to its womb…enveloping me in this journey. “ They are my guardians. “ I think to myself. “They are searching for Him.. He who is called Dionysus…” The Bacchae speak again. “But He will find them first…” They are unconcerned with this outcome. Only warning me of what is inevitable. I keep walking. I Hear His voice… He is laughing madly… I do not see Him yet I feel His presence getting closer. It is lucid and intense. His energy is overbearing and very dark. But I am not afraid of it., it is almost like a kind of clarity I have never experienced. “I am almost to Him now” I think in my dream. And yet all the while I keep contemplating, “Why am I unafraid? This is madness to go to Dionysus in this vision and be so unafraid. Yet I cannot stop it, as He wills it so. So I keep walking I guess.” I see the Bacchae again, and then two women, following the path ahead of me. They are not initiated. They do not belong here. “Why are they here?” I ask myself strangely. “They are not supposed to be here... He will kill them.” But I am not very concerned about this matter, only mildly. I keep looking at the two women. One has blonde hair… one has brown hair. “The colors of my aunt and mother’s hair in real life… “ I think to myself again. “Is it them? Are these my relatives?” As if in reply I simply suddenly know it is them. I feel Dionysus again as if he is reaching out to me with every fiber, if one could call it that, in His Being. He is angry. He is angry with my family. “Oh shit.” I think, “This cannot be good. If He is this mad… this deranged… and they are here… He will kill them.” and yet again, I feel nothing. I feel nothing for

them except an anger I cannot explain… I am angry with my mother and my aunt… for trespassing on Dionysus’ Sacred Space. I am angry with the ones who raised me for defying Dionysus. I am angry with them for holding me back from Him, for trying to separate us. I only know anger… but it is Sacred anger. Something I have never felt before. Like a new sweater… comfortable... but rough because it has not been worn much yet. I take in this feeling in my dream and I keep walking. One of the women has a magnifying glass. She is looking for clues… on the ground and the walls… one of them has a light. She is helping the other one. Like dogs, they search for Him, hot on a trail of scent. Going until they die… ‘till their heart simply stops from the effort of the chase. They keep going because the instinct of the hunt defies all logic. “They are mad to search for Him,” I think to myself, “If only they know what they were doing. What they were weaving for themselves… what fate they have brought upon themselves.” I feel a little sad at this… but mostly I feel pity, and disappointment. “This is a new feeling. I think it is good.” I keep walking. “Where is He?” I hear them say… “We need to find Him” Deep within the labyrinth I hear Dionysus once more. He is laughing still, and sounds excited and even more insane. “Oh don’t worry… you will find me.” He says, coolly and sarcastically. “If I don’t find you first…” He states this as a matter of fact; something to be known and not pondered, something to be revealed and not cared for. Like an arbitrary card in a deck. I don’t see Him yet… I am getting worried. Almost. But still, the anger I feel for Dionysus’ slight is more so. I keep walking behind them, the Bacchae all around me. They seem to be swirling now… like a kaleidoscope… They are protecting me. Flashes of clothing… white dresses and almost tattered skirts. Hair flowing by me like the wind… faces passing by with the speed of Mercury. Finally I see Him. He is standing before me. He is skinny but not emaciated, He has long hair, which is straight and brown, but it is unwashed and tangled a bit. It is stringy almost, as if He hadn’t showered for a while. His muscles are apparent. He is slightly built amidst the appearance of insanity. His eyes are intense, almost red, like a bull that had just been taunted by a matador. He looks deranged. He looks more psychotic than any man I have ever seen on this earth. He smiles at me, He is in a state of frenzy. He looks straight into my eyes, as He is holding a butcher knife. It is pointed towards the ground, dangling from His nimble fingers, as if He does not even exert effort to hold it. It has blood dripping from it. He speaks to me: “I am angry with your mother. I am angry with your aunt. How dare they try to keep you from me! You are my maenad. You belong to Me and Hermes. They cannot keep you from us. No matter how hard they try.. ….” He pauses slightly, looking at me once more. His serious face has turned now into a slight smirk. A look of knowing. “They are coming for Me Dorothy. They are going to try and kill Me…” He laughs once more as if we were sharing an inside joke. He comes closer to me in my vision, His face is clearer now and I can see His anger pouring out of Him. I

can feel His breath on my face. I can sense His intensity pouring into me like lifeblood. “But I will kill them first.” He is not concerned about how this affects me. He knows I am angry too. He knows I am His now. He knows it is time for me to accept my place with Him. I cannot see myself in this vision, only what I would see if I were there looking through my own eyes. He adds coolly, “No one will keep you from us.” I see the two women come into a clearing. It is the middle of the maze. “They have found Him.” I think, almost hopelessly. Yet there is no sympathy in my body, no emotion that I can muster that is akin to anything but disdain for these women. Who were once so close to my heart…at least I thought so at one time. “Were they ever really good for me?” I think to myself. “I guess I will find out. …Now is definitely not the time for questions.” I keep watching this play unfold before me. “We found Him!” I hear the blonde say excitedly. “Let’s kill Him!” I hear the brunette chirp in, with an unhinged mirthfulness to her voice. Suddenly one of the women pulls out a knife. It is the blonde. She proceeds to try to murder Dionysus. She takes a tentative step towards Him, and her hesitation fails her like He knew it would. He reacts with the grace and skill of a mighty panther, in an instant Dionysus is upon the blonde. My mother. He has put a sword through her stomach. She is dying, but not dead. He made sure of that. He holds her, not lovingly, but as if she were a thing. He holds her as if she were a prop in a play. Something to be removed coarsely after the show is over. He is looking into her eyes. She is crying, looking up at Him. Frightened out of her mind. “So you found me.” He says to her, playfully, yet seriously at the same time. He is taking in her every breath and movement with His eyes as if it were His deepest pleasure to see her this way. As if this justice were the only thing He lived to see in my life. “I didn’t know!” my mother screams out to Dionysus, crying absurdly. “I didn’t know! What is it that you want me to know!?!” Dionysus stares at her, with inconceivable contempt and fury in His endless gaze. “You are missing the point.” He says indifferently, holding the sword in her stomach, pressing it through her and pulling her body close to His simultaneously. Breathing angrily on her neck and face, His hair is all around her, falling like fine drapery. He cannot contain Himself anymore. “He looks beautiful.” That is all I can think as I am watching this. And I don’t care. “What is the point?” she asks Dionysus desperately, as if the answer may somehow save her life. But it won’t. She knows that too… but she grasps for it anyway, like He knows she would. Like He was hoping she would. Just so He could tell her the answer and watch her die without remorse.

“The point is that your daughter is meant to live an honorable life, in service to the Gods. By taking her away from us, from me… you are depriving her soul of much honor, of much dignity and her true purpose on this earth. She is a beautiful and graceful being. She is Mine. I am angry with you for oppressing your daughter. I will not withstand this. You must go now, away from here. You are not her keeper any more. You must pay for your offense to the Gods and your daughter with your life.” He looks at my mother, as her blood spills out onto the cold ground. The earth is seeping it up, and her are tears streaming down her face, the salted droplets watering the ground. Then… she just dies. She fades away like time itself. No more… no more. I wake up. I am in my room. I am confused, yet a strange feeling of comfort has not left me. “Holy shit”. I say to myself. “I love you Dionysus”.

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