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Human Rights Alert

12-04-13 Battle of Athens, TN (1946) Landmark event in Human Rights and constitutional history of the United States. The attached Wikipedia entry originally included only what is now NARRATIVE 1. It also included a comment that data was missing regarding the battle and its aftermath. Overall, the entry was incomprehensible, and appeared as a violent eruption by drunk veterans. NARRATIVE 2 and Significance were added by this writer. The former section was verbatim copied from the JPFO web site. The Wikipedia entry is likely to be again vandalized by the editors to its original incomprehensible form, since none of the elements of this story is acceptable to the current US government.
The JPFO entry on the same subject presents an entirely different perspective, and it has sufficient external references, particularly to the US Congressional Record, to make it credible. Given the similarities between conditions in Athens, TN in the 1930s and 1940s, and conditions prevailing throughout the United States today, the case has major implications: 1) Then and now core part of the corruption was a system, where individual financially benefit from false convictions and false imprisonment. 2) The US Constitution was not upheld by the US Government and the US DOJ then, and is not upheld by them now. 3) The general draft and the coming home of the WWII veterans were key to the restoration of the Human Rights of the oppressed People of McKinn County, TN, and the veterans may increasingly influential today as well. 4) Winning honest election under conditions of government fraud, corruption, intimidation and racketeering was impossible both then and now.

# 1 2 Record JPFO: Battle of Athens, TN (1946) Wikipedia: Battle of Athens, TN (1946) Page 2 23


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