20/3 site no-1,Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur

Mob - 91-9336276020 E Mail: - ___________________________________________________________________________ Career objective:Looking for a challenging assignment in I.T. industry as a Network administrator and to keep upgrading my skills for the continual growth of the esteemed organization.

Core Competencies
Cisco Routing Cisco switching Linux Server Wan Network Network Management Clint Services Technical Skill troubleshooting skill Problem Solving skill

Key Responsibilities  Generating leads and ensuring set targets are achieved in sync with the organization standards  Involved in work allied with PC/Network Troubleshooting , PC Network TCP/IP configuration, and web browser basics  Straight-through, Crossover and rollover cable construction, cable testing, cabling LAN WANS, building peer to peer network, building hub based, and switch-based network.  Establishing and verifying Telnet connection, connectivity test –ping, trace route, troubleshooting IP address issues.  Responsible for handling Cisco IOS Software, configuration file, IOS images with TFTP, Password recovery procedure.  Configuring static routes, RIP ,IGRP,EIGRP,OSPF,ISIS,BGP, ACL,  Knowledge of MPLS  Configure VLAN, Inter-VLAN routing, NAT, PAT, Static NAT address, DHCP, DHCP relay, VLAN TRUCKING PROTOCOL.

Category Cisco Routers Software /Tool /Technology Cisco Router IOS / Cisco Routers /SDM/ Frame Relay /ISDN /NAT/PAT / ACL /DHCP /Relay-agent /TFTP /RIP/IGRP /EIGRP /OSPF /BGP /VOIP / PPP /AAA /TFTP /MPLS /IDSM /FWSM Cisco Switch IOS / VLAN /VTP /STP /RSTP / INTER VLAN ROUTING / TFTP Ether channel / HSRP. Red hat LINUX / YUM / FTP / SQUID / SAMBA / DHCP/ DNS / NIS / APACHE / SENDMAIL / NFS / RAID / LVM / DISK QUATA

Cisco Switches


Network Administration
Troubleshooting all network related problems... Operating System:

Windows 98/ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003.Windows Vista Professional Qualification:-

  

Cisco certified Network Associate

HCL CDC Certified Academic Qualification:  

B.Sc CSJM University Intermediate from U.P. Board , Allahabad High School from U.P. Board , Allahabad

Personal Information:Father’s Name Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Shri D.K SRIVASTAVA 23th March 1985 Male. Single.

Nationality Language known Permanent Address

Indian Hindi, English 20/3 site no-1,Kidwai Nagar,Kanpur

DECLARATION:I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Date: Place: Kanpur.

(Saurabh Srivastava)

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