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ATTAIN SUSTAINABLE DATA PROTECTION Traditional data center RAID-based storage architectures and data protection regimes cannot effectively and efficiently maintain the availability for fast-growth Big Data repositories. The EMC Isilon OneFS operating environment provides scale-out data protection through FlexProtect, which delivers redundancy and availability capabilities far beyond those of traditional RAID. FlexProtect creates an N-way, redundant fabric that scales with the cluster, providing 100% data availability even with multiple simultaneous node failures ensuring vital archive data is always safe and available. SAFEGUARD DATA FROM ALTERATION OR DELETION Isilon SmartLock helps your business meet internal governance and external compliance requirements with policybased automated data retention and protection processes to prevent accidental, premature or malicious alteration or deletion. SmartLocks tight integration with Isilon OneFS makes it easy to use, and it works seamlessly with other OneFS infrastructure applications like SmartPools automated storage tiering, SnapshotIQ and SyncIQ for local and remote data replication and disaster recovery. CONSOLIDATE ACTIVE ONLINE AND ARCHIVE DATA A single Isilon cluster can start small and be easily scaled to over 15 petabytes (PB) with the system self-managing and provisioning capacity, monitoring system health and self-healing any failures within the system. Through the clustered use of Isilons high-performance S- and X-Series platform nodes and high-capacity NL-Series platform nodes, a single Isilon NAS cluster can simultaneously be utilized for a mix of workloads, including home directories, virtualized file stores and archive repositories without sacrificing application performance or the specialized data protection required for long-term data retention eliminating the added cost and complexity of multiple hardware platforms. ELIMINATE THE RISK OF DATA MIGRATIONS Data migrations to a new archive storage platform, prompted by a number of factors are costly in terms of system resources, staff resources, and exposure to disruption and error especially for large-scale archives. Isilons OneFS single file system, single volume simplicity solves the biggest pain point in archives the risk, time and cost of platform migrations. Isilon simplifies long-term storage evolution through the coexistence of generations of Isilon nodes. This enables petabyte scale, long-term online archives and eliminates the problems of tape media obsolescence as well as complex and risky data migration schemes. ACHIEVE SIMPLE, EFFICIENT AUTOMATED TIERING SmartPools automated tiering moves file data between multiple tiers of Isilon NAS nodes within a single namespace, file-system and volume without the need for time consuming, manual processes or complex links or stubs. SmartPools is policy-driven, so you can define the value of the data and SmartPools will automatically align the data to the optimal price, performance and protection tier to ensure that data is stored in the most effective tier for maximum availability and cost savings.

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