Never shall I forget the time I spent with you.

Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours. - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Friendships are fragile things and require as much care in handling as any other fragile and precious thing. - Randolph S. Bourne

What is a Friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. - Frank Crane

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day. - Dalai Lama

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. - Anais Nin

I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just idiots. I've learned. . . that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I've learnedP that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. - Unknown

The friends who grew up with you deserve a special respect. The ones who stuck by you shoulder to shoulder, in a time where nothing was certain, all life lay ahead, and every road led home. - The Wonder Years

At home one relies on parents; away from home one relies on friends.

- Chinese Proverb

Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you. - Yassir Arafat

Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends and family. - Barbara Bush

Memories last forever, never do they die, Friends stick together and never really say Goodbye - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don't flatter yourself that friendship authorizes you to say disagreeable things to your intimates. The nearer you come into relation with a person, the more necessary do tact and courtesy become. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

friends are like everything else a matter of course. When we are young. most people enjoy the inferiority of their best friends. . .Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.Sicilian Proverb Interiorly. . but indeed it is still more so when you are getting old. if it rushes to it. . In the old days we know what it means to have them.Apocrypha It is great to have friends when one is young.Lord Chesterfeild We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.Edvard Grieg Let friendship creep gently to a height.Thucydides A faithful friend is the medicine of life. . .

Friendship is a blessing because it teaches the way to live.Crowell Friendship is a treasure that always help us overcome any kind of difficulty. somehow which always understand worries and emotions. seen plainest when all around is dark. .Fuller The light of friendship is like light of phosphorus. .it may soon run itself out of breath.Unknown You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.Ann Landers A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg . . Friendship is a comfort for. .

Karen Sue Magee Friendship is precious. You will know Them from the smiles upon their face. . not only in the shade. the greater part of life is sunshine.even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. but in the sunshine of life. and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things. Sent to you from the Lord God above! . .Erich Segal True Friendship never dies A true friend is there always Through good times and bad Through sorrow and grief A true friend will never walk away They are here to stay They are heaven sent from above God's Special Angels full of love And such Grace.

people get so used to their image — they grow attached to their masks.Zig Ziglar Friends can help each other. they hate you for it — they feel . A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself — and especially to feel. Most people love you for who you pretend to be. You get to love your pretense.Thomas Jefferson If you go looking for a friend. we're locked in an image. If you go out to be a friend. That's what real love amounts to — letting a person be what he really is. It's true. . To keep their love. you're going to find they're very scarce. They forget all about who they really are. you'll find them everywhere. you keep pretending — performing.. Or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. an act — and the sad thing is. And if you try to remind them. They love their chains.

the comfort.R. . the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person. having neither to weigh thoughts nor to measure words but to pour them all out. knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them. chaff and grain together. .like you're trying to steal their most precious possession. . keeping what is worth keeping.George Elliot The only service a friend can really render is to keep your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself. with the breath of kindness. and then.Jim Morrison Love your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards.George Bernard Shaw . . blow the rest away. Dickson Oh. A. just as it is.

in time of adversity not one in twenty. a wild beast may wound your body. . even in jest. we must love friends for their sake rather than for our own. . but an evil friend will wound your mind. I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.E.Marcus Tullius Cicero In times of prosperity friends will be plenty.Bronte Charlotte An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast. M. . Forster If we would build on a sure foundation in friendship.Buddha Never injure a friend. .If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend. .

Alice Walker . .as we bend with the wind.Gordon Preiser . and change with the times..English Proverb No man can be happy without a friend. We will always have our friendship.. nor be sure of his friend until he is unhappy.Unknown You can bank on any friendship where interest is paid.Thomas Fuller It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.. or denies your right to grow.. .William Blake No person is your friend who demands your silence. . . ..

.Aristotle A faithful friend is a strong defense: and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure. and yet more personal liking.Don Williams To betray a friend is worse than to be betrayed by one. much disputation. .Unknown Wishing to be friends is quick work. but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit. .Volunteers are caring friends .Ecclesiasticus 6:14 Perhaps the most delightful friendships are those in which there is much agreement. .George Eliot .

Byrnes If I'm not good enough to be a friend Than.Traci Brown Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life. take your friend's hand and hold on forever .Marjorie Holmes I chose a friend because I needed a friend. so catch a shining one. . if I had wanted .Magee The man who treasures his friends is usually solid gold himself.Karen S.James F. .Dreams are wishes cast upon stars. . you need to like your self first Cause there is nothing wrong with me.

. .Jennie Jerome Churchill .a knife I would have bought one. . and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious. and place them in their best light. and remembering what one receives.Unknown Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures.Isabelle Norton Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives. Thomas Aquinas In a friend you find a second self.Dumas The Younger Treat your friends as you do your pictures. .St. .

. .Ralph Waldo Emerson .Stand By Me Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity. as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter. Jesus. . as the confidence of their help.Henry James I never had better friends than the friends I had when I was twelve. does anyone? . it is your own friends who make your world. .James Fenimore Cooper The only way to have a friend is to be one.Epicurus Wherever you are.It is not so much our friend's help that helps us.

Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts. and sympathizes with your troubles even when they're not so bad. . . who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life. .Anonymous Our best friends are those who know their faults well enough to forgive us ours.Anonymous Friends are as companions on a journey.Ann Landers A true friend laughs at your stories even when they're not so good. .Pythagoras (582BC-507BC) Greek mathemetician.Friends with benefits? More than friends? Don't sample the goodies unless you're willing to risk addiction and withdrawal. philosopher Silence makes the real conversation between friends. .

. . .an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly. you are too busy. Glasow The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.Moulton H. . never an opportunity.Elisabeth Foley Friendship is always a sweet responsibility.Antisthenes When you are too busy for friends. . Farnham There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself .Unknown A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.Arnold H. .

Ralph Waldo Emerson I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world. knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it. and with a breath of kindness.Thomas Edison A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of ones heart. blow and rest away. . chaff and grain together. . . .Kahlil Gibran The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it..George Eliot It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.Ralph Waldo Emerson . keep what is worth keeping.

Milne I get by with a little help from my friends. -John Lennon Two may talk together under the same roof for many years. .A.A true friend is somebody who can make us do what we can. then I ain't nothing.Ralph Waldo Emerson If I don't have friends.Winnie the Pooh A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside. . yet never really meet.A. and two others at first speech are old friends.Billie Holiday We will be friends until forever. . -Mary Catherwood . just you wait and see. .

like art. S. rather is one of those things that give value to survival. -Logan Pearsall Smith The better part of one's life consists of his friendships. Lewis I might give my life for my friend. but he had better not ask me to do up a parcel. It has no survival value. like philosophy. -Cher Friendship is one mind in two bodies.. -C..Friendship is unnecessary. -Abraham Lincoln I can trust my friends. -Mencius . encourage me to grow. These people force me to examine.

-Marlene Dietrick A friend is a gift you give yourself. -Robert Louis Stevenson Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend. -Aristotle . but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend's success.True friendship is never serene. -Oscar Wilde The best mirror is an old friend. -George Herbert What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies. -Mariede Svign It's the friends you can call up at 4am that matter.

-John Donne Too late we learn. raw when new. more than kisses. trusted to the end. ripened with age. thus friends absent speak. the true old man's milk and restorative cordial. accepted. -Saint Jerome I count myselt in nothing else so happy As in a soul rememb'ring my good friends. -John Boyle O'Reilly . For. letters. a man must hold his friend Unjudged. mingle souls.The friendship that can cease has never been real. -Thomas Jefferson Sir. -William Shakespeare I find friendship to be like wine.

friendship. -Henry Ford It is a sweet thing. A happy and auspicious bird of calm.Friends have all things in common. -Shelly The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away. -Wilson Mizner A friend is one who believes in you when you have . -Plato Without friends no one would choose to live. though he had all other goods... -Artistotle My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. a dear balm.

time may heal the anguish of the wound.Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) English writer. it's the competition. .Robert Southey (1774-1843) From quiet homes and first beginning. Out to the undiscovered ends.ceased to believe in yourself. Jr. But laughter and the love of friends. . . but the loss cannot be repaired. poet Winning has always meant much to me. . (1962-) US auto racer .Babe Didrikson Zaharias (1914-1956) US women's golfer Besides winning. but winning friends has meant the most. [the most fun thing is] getting out there and mixing it up with friends. .Unknown The loss of a friend is like that of a limb.Al Unser. There's nothing worth the wear of winning.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) A friend is one who knows us. he that loseth friends. but he that loseth his spirit loseth all.A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. loseth more.Doug Larson He that loseth wealth.Fr. . -Spanish Maxim . . loseth much. but loves us anyway. I may think aloud. .Walter Winchell A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your successes. . Before him. Jerome Cummings A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

-Muhammad Ali Friendships. -Marcus Tullius Cicero Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. Illusions . MacDonald Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years. It's not something you learn in school.The shifts of Fortune test the reliability of friends. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship. like marriages.Richard Bach. . are dependent on avoiding the unforgivable. -John D. you haven't really learned anything.

and your friend. -Christopher Allen Weller My friends are my estate. Real friends help you move bodies. they are your roots to life. -Bumper Sticker Never forget your friends.. your word. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Friends help you move.Be true to your work. While he who has one enemy Shall meet him everywhere. ..Emily Dickinson Friendship is an arrangement by which we undertake to exchange small favors for big ones. . you will just blow in the wind. and with the memories lost. .Henry David Thoreau He who has a thousand friends Has not a friend to spare.

-Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755) He who seeks a friend without fault remains without. -Old Turkish Proverb Friendship consists of only one soul. . .Euripides There's something beautiful about finding one's innermost thoughts in another. . prosperity is full of friends. inhabiting two bodies. .Aristotle Real friendship is shown in times of trouble.Aristotle My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.Oliver Schreiner .

I may not follow.If you live to be a hundred.Charles Caleb Colton Don't walk in front of me. . so I never have to live without you. Walk beside me and be my friend. . -Unknown Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of Life. Don't walk behind me. I want to live to be a hundred minus one day.Winnie the Pooh True friendship is like sound health. -Unknown . .Albert Camus Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. I may not lead. the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

ask if you could bring a friend. I wouldn't jump with them. -Stone Temple Pilots I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay. but no matter where we go. Best friends listen to what you don't say. Friends listen to what you say. I'd be at the bottom to catch them. -Unknown Everyone hears what you say. -Dave Matthews Band If all my friends were to jump off a bridge.Friends are God's way of taking care of us. -Unknown We all take different paths in life. we take a little of each other everywhere. -Unknown If you should die before me. .

if you've got five real friends. then you've had a great life.Anonymous Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for. -Nigerian Proverb A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. . -Unknown Count your age with friends but not with years. Oliver Goldsmith ..Tim McGraw My father always used to say that when you die. Socrates People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy. -Lee Iacocca Hold a true friend with both your hands.

for we cannot remain stationary.Let us strive to improve ourselves. Immanuel Kant Many only learns in two ways. Du Deffand The safest principle through life. Portugese Proverb What you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself. Mme. Frederich Leopold von Hardenberg In this world man must either be anvil or hammer. and the other by association with smarter people. the happiness of others. is to set about perfecting yourself. Henry W. instead of reforming others. one either progresses or retrogrades. R. Thomas Sprat The highest purpose of intellectual cultivation is to give a man a perfect knowledge and mastery of his own inner self. B. one by reading. Will Rogers . to render our consciousness its own light and its own mirror. Haydon Change yourself and fortune will change with you. Longfellow What are the aims which are at the same time duties? They are perfecting of ourselves.

I should say. in individuals and nations. Advance with it! Mazzini The greatest of faults. Proverb . Thomas Carlyle Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. and your merits will take care of themselves. Berthold Auerbach Slumber not in the tents of your fathers! The world is advancing. Never excuse yourself. is to be conscious of none. Stephen Discontent is the source of all trouble. Edward Bulwer-Lytton Look within. but also of all progress. Sir William Jones Remedy your deficiencies.Every man has in himself a continent of undiscovered character. Happy is he who acts as the Columbus to his own soul. Henry Ward Beecher Never neglect an opportunity for improvement. which will not cease flowing. if you cease not from digging. for within is the wellspring of virtue. Sir J. Marcus Aurelius Everyone has naturally the power of excelling in some one thing.

Sir Joshua Reynolds There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. Longfellow Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself. and thence proceed to greater. Nothing is denied to well-directed labor: nothing is ever to be attained without it. mercy in greatness. industry will improve them. Hitopadesa Practice yourself in little things. industry will supply their deficiencies. Theodore T. Epictetus If you have great talents. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self. If moderate abilities. Saint Augustine Live up to the best that is in you: Live noble lives. the more he is inspired to glory. if you would attain to that which you are not. Henry W. as you all may. fortitude in adversity: these are the self-attained perfections of great souls. good speeches in assemblies. and the better a man is. Cicero .Circumspection in calamity. in whatever condition you may find yourselves. Hunger We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise. Hindu Proverb What you are must always displease you.

Vince Lombardi .The thing always happens that you really believe in. Richard Brinsley Sheridan A failure is a man who has blundered. Christopher Morley Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats. but is not able to cash in on the experience. Elbert Hubbard There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way. not a lack of knowledge. Owen Feltham Failures do what is tension relieving. Branson Alcott The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows. These may for the most part be summed in these two: common-sense and perseverance. Dennis Waitley The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength. while winners do what is goal achieving. but rather a lack in will. and the belief in a thing makes it happen. Frank Loyd Wright The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. Aristotle Onassis The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. A.

well. Jeremy Collier I cannot give you the formula for success. William Shakespeare . experience your wise counselor. caution your elder brother. but I can give you the formula for failure--which is: Try to please everybody. but in never making the same one a second time. Josh Billings The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Evan Esar If you wish success in life. and hope your guardian genius. Herbert Bayard Swope Success does not consist in never making blunders. Earl of Beaconsfield Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration. make perseverance your bosom friend.Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases. Chapin The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do. desperation. Henry W. perspiration and inspiration. Edwin H. Jospeph Addison Impatience never commanded success. Longfellow To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized. Anyone can fail. W. try. Nothing important was ever done but the greater number consulted previously doubted the try again. The public admires the man who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. He strikes out for himself. Albert Einstein The man who makes a success of an important venture never wails for the crowd. Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can't be done. It takes nerve.inspirational-quotes.C. These chances are the main things after all. Fields http://www. but the man that succeeds has both. V.html . There's no use being a damn fool about it. it takes a great lot of grit. C.Try not to become a man of success but a man of value. White If at first you don't succeed. Then quit.

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