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Early Childhood Centre Learning Support Team Leader

The International School of Brussels is a dynamic learning organization committed to developing independent learners and international citizens. The school is a vibrant community in which students, teachers, staff and parents work together towards the achievement of our mission and goals. All ISB employees contribute to the schools success in their individual way. The faculty is directly involved in the student learning process. The staff supports that learning process by providing a range of services that ensure that high quality learning takes place. Assistants are valuable members of our Special Education department. They enable us to maintain a high ratio of skilled adults to children and to provide our students with the support they need to promote growth and inclusion into our school community. General Responsibilities The Learning Support Team Leader reports to the Head of the Early Childhood Center in coordination with the Head of Learning Support. Primarily, the Team Leader is a Learning Leader, with responsibility for facilitating both the development of the ISB curriculum for the grade level and the implementation of that curriculum. Specific areas of responsibility include: In terms of leadership, the Learning Support Team Leader is responsible for: Developing a deep, enduring understanding of the ISB curriculum Being an advocate for the ISB curriculum Keeping abreast of developments in the ISB curriculum Keeping abreast of research and other developments in related approaches to learning e.g. Project Zero, Understanding by Design, and in the field of early childhood exceptionality

Collaborating with teachers through unit plan writing to support differentiation by helping teachers create multiple access points for all learners in all units of study Supporting colleagues in using differentiation strategies for student readiness, interest, and learning profiles Supporting the professional development of Team members Understanding and supporting the process of changing to new ways of working Ensuring the effective integration of new Team members Ensuring the coordination of systems of reporting on learning to all stakeholders Leading the Team in developing and adhering to Essential Agreements Articulating to the whole ECC the purpose, procedures of learning support In terms of management, the Grade Level Team Leader is responsible for ensuring effective: Preparation of materials and information for Learning Support Team meetings Liaison with the ECC Head, Assistant Head, Head of Learning Support about team matters Apply departmental policies and procedures established for LS school wide Input into the processes of budget preparation and control Maintain secure confidential student files for the LS Team Communication with Team members Student case management allocation within the department Coordination of child study meetings Participation in student screening at intake Implementation of other agreed responsibilities of Team Leaders Specific Qualifications and Skills Our Learning Support Team Leaders: Have a demonstrated capacity for leadership Embody the schools core dispositions of respect, responsibility, reflection Wish to work in a changing, multicultural environment. Ensure open and effective communication Work proactively and with initiative and innovation. Provide an example to others in terms of commitment, empowerment and drive Are systems thinkers and problem solvers

Are collaborative team-players Are literate in IT skills Are flexible and adaptable Are able to motivate their colleagues Are efficient organizers Are committed to their own learning Have sufficient experience to speak with confidence and authority to colleagues and parents about students with who learn differently Have a demonstrated interest in curriculum differentiation Have an in depth knowledge of early intervention strategies for students who need learning support