school environment such as social communication and topic vocabulary Our SLT’s typically work with students with

: Speech difficulties, Language difficulties, Social Communication, Voice and resonance difficulties Oral-Motor, feeding and swallowing disorders Administrative Repsonsiblities Minimum of 1200 minutes of student contact time Attendance of relevant faculty meetings relevant child study or ILP meetings Learning Support team meetings Management of spread sheet sent for billing purposes Regularly scheduled meeting with Head of Learning Support to review new systems, progress, and make adjustments to our developing program Management of waiting list will be jointly maintained with the head of LS and the SLT Supervision of a caseload between 25-30 students at one time

Speech Language Therapist
Department: Reporting to: Overview Whole School Head of Learning Support

The International School of Brussels is one of Europe’s longest established, largest, finest international schools. It is a dynamic school with high expectations. More fundamentally, it is a school shaped by a focus on learning, and on improving learning, for all students. It is a school driven by a Mission and Enduring Goals which commit us to developing independent learners and international citizens in a school in which everyone is included, challenged and successful. This mission therefore commits us to a range of teaching practices, including differentiated learning, integrated technology, collaborative teamwork and service learning. Responsibilities The role of a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) is to identify, evaluate and treat speech, language and communication disorders in students of all ages to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. As team member they promote greater understanding of communication difficulties in teachers, other professionals, and parents. Supporting Learning – Individually and through curriculum and community

Faculty Liaison/Resource/Support Advising, and supporting teachers, students and parents in alignment with student needs and the school mission Supporting teachers with classroom strategies in inclusive classrooms Acting as a resource for the school on language and communication issues Liaising as a core member of the multidisciplinary learning support team Providing professional development with a focus on speech and language related field work Communicating topical issues and resources relevant to SLT

Acting as a core member of our learning support team Managing a caseload of students who need direct and indirect therapeutic services ranging from mild to intensive needs Evaluating and providing therapy to students in a variety of ways (individual, pair, group, collaboratively with teachers) Bringing innovation in the field to the team Collaboratively setting goals and writing learning plans for students on the caseload Working with the curriculum to integrate relevant topics/therapy that support students in the wider

Given the importance of this position to the school, we look for someone with: Intellectual Purpose Developing an understanding of student learning and strategies. Advocating for students. Possessing a strong sense of ethics and equity.

Understanding Change Understanding and supporting best practice Keeping abreast of developments and innovations in the field of SLT and learning strategies Facilitating the integration of SLT into a multidisciplinary team Relationship Building Skills Collaborating with multiple teachers to support student learning and teacher professional development school-wide Building trusting relationships with families and colleagues Sharing pedagogical ideas to support students with learning needs (for colleagues, students and parents) General Qualifications Our SLT will: be qualified and certified/licensed by a recognized national body in the field of speech language therapy embody the school’s core dispositions of respect, responsibility, reflection wish to work in a dynamic, multicultural environment ensure open and effective communication build rapport easily work proactively and with initiative and innovation provide an example to others in terms of commitment, empowerment and drive be a systems thinker and problem solver be a collaborative team-player be literate in IT skills be flexible and adaptable be committed to her/his own learning We offer: The opportunity to work collaboratively with another SLT as a team which is supportive and enriching professionally The chance to be a part of a growing and dynamic SLT service which is keen to develop and offers flexible working style in terms of managing the caseload The opportunity to work in a dynamic, challenging, motivating and multicultural environment with the possibility of adding value to an ambitious organization. We offer a competitive salary package with attractive benefits.

Recruitment Policy The International School of Brussels is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or marital status.

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