[b]Account Name:[/b]Bex ______________________________________________________________________ [b]Name:[/b]Bex Odinion [b]Nickname:[/b]none [b]Age:[/b]18 [b]Gender:[/b]male [b]Height:[/b]6"3 [b]Weight:[/b]61 Kgs

[b]Group:[/b] N/A [b]Reputation:[/b] 0 [b]Class:[/b]Drogan ki warrior [b]Affiliation:[/b]Dark [b]Blood-type:[/b]O [b]Likes:[/b]nothing [b]Dislikes:[/b]nothing [b]Fears:[/b] [b]Physical Description:[/b]same as profile picture [b]Magic Keywords:[/b]n/a [b]Ki or Magic?[/b]Ki [b]Clothing:[/b]Bex usually wears a long red overcoat,underneath it a vest and a shirt,with denim jeans. [b]Accessories:[/b]A amulet bearing the head of a devil,the amulet containes mag ical power,the use of which is still a mystery. [b]Picture:[/b] [spoiler][/spoiler] [u]Personality[/u]After the azard incident bex has gone through a big change in his personality.He now keeps his business to himself and prefers being alone,wor king alone.He wishes to punish those who destroyed his land.Continuously risking his life by traveling different time dimensions,he has seen more of this world than many others.Very few people know of him and even less consider him a friend . [u]History[/u]Bex comes from the land of magic and technology called Azard.This world lies much above the human world with technology upgraded far more than the human world,which has made it the target for demons who want these upgraded tec hnology and weapons which use magic (which they have).Azard has the Drogan warri or tribe (within the land) who protect the land from such demons,working in grou ps and using weapons tuned for their own preference,these drogan warriors are sk illed in raw magic and brute strength. But after a few years when bex reaches his teens a adversary falls on Azard.The land is mysteriously destroyed and all the inhabitants die in this explosion.Whe n bex wakes up he realises hes on a land different from his,and that his right h and has absorbed demon energy.(which probably keeps him alive).This land not kno wn to him was earth.He then wanders to reveal the answers he needs,while killing demons and passing through parallel dimension for clues.Until he reaches this r ealm of mages where people are more stronger than he is.He believes he will find his answers here.

[u]Class[/u]Drogan ki warrior [u]Weaponry/Equipment[/u]Homura,Rosayan 45 [u]Stats[/u] [i]Strength:[/i]12

He usually limits his attacks to a very low level of ki.making them compatible. Ki switch:Although bex has immsense amount of ki in his body. Ki manuver:Bex often uses his efficient control over his ki as a mean of fast ma nuvers when needed.even when he is at the risk of death. [b](Charge shot)[/b] .with the fusion of demon.drogan ki warriors are train ed to not only master powerful skills.[i]Accuracy:[/i]5 [i]Endurance:[/i]12 [i]Speed:[/i]6 [i]Intelligence:[/i]10 [b]Stat Points Earned:[/b] 0|0 [b]Jewels Earned:[/b] 500. He can switch between his normal ki and the demonic ki at his whim.compared to he vast amou nt which resides in his body.by surging a rather small amount of ki into the sword. Handicapped:Even though bex has alot of potential strength and ki inside of him.totalling it to 3. [u]Magic Name:[/u]n/a [u]Magic Type:[/u]n/a [u]Magic Description:[/u]n/a [u]TP/KP Earned:[/u] 0|0 [u]Techniques:[/u]10/10 [b](Gaussan Slash)[/b] .but also to combine different skills togat her.The technique is compatible with norm al/flaming/demonic ki.This increases the power of even the most weak skills.(3) Type:Offensive Incantation:n/a Range:45 metres .deadlier and dangerous. Combination:Due to the advanced technology of azard.the concentrated flames of ki. he prefers to fight handicapped.000 [u]Sources:[/u] [b]Skills & Disciplines:[/b] Iron body:Bex has trained himself to endure the most fatal wounds.The recent ad dition was yet another form of ki.he now controls the demonic ki aswell. Noone has seen bex fight using all his strength.With years of training and exercise.(5) Type:offensive Incantation:Gaussan Slash Range:n/a Effect:Homura's ki amplification abilities allows bex to unleash a deadly wave o f ki. ki sense:Bex has learned to use ki as a way to sense any nearby enemies which ca nnot be spotted or sensed otherwise. The destructive force of the attack depends on the amount of ki surged to into t he sword.his body has has surpassed even the best of armours.with their weapons and body.

com/?d=WAHBIEZD We would have managed to take down any place we would be fighting in.I countered failed.com/?d=BRR1MORX http://www.Earlier speculation.Even in the green depths of the forest.Effect:Rosayans ki amplification abilities allow bex to unleash a deadly ki embu ed bullet to tear the enemies away. .intuitio n and partly.This menace had rained upon me.megaupload.stepping over the dried leaves.His healing surpassed mine through the ages.counter failed bl asted.vines and all the other wild vegetation this forest housed. [b](Demonic thrust)[/b] .either bringing them down or breaking through them.he had e volved this power and surpassed with through millions of years.megaupload.which by some odd reason he ga ined ahead of his time.neither the necessary mean to take him out.The technique is c ompatible with normal/flaming/demonic ki.The destructive force of the shot depends on the amount of ki surged into the gun.But for a demon.com/?d=L8EMQHDF http://www.resided somewhere in his body as an infant.com/?d=50X10WVH http://www.slammed onto the trees.with its fair sha re of secrets holding me back to eliminate the adversary.com/?d=RMCDMQCY http://www.com/?d=BIMXBBVK http://www.On the contrary it would have seemed that this child had had that strength.Now grown up.I realiz ed I was the one being ragged around.surrounded by poles of tall tress.if not complete knowledge of the demon world guided my thoughts to believe the demonic child would inherit my abilities and strength. http://www.blasted.while surging a rather low amount of ki.Power was not the corre ct term.com/?d=1DCY2U29 http://www.pale.megaupload.a span of 10 years of age.The technique is compatible with normal/flaming/demoni c ki. I now started to grasp the concept of this strength.do rmant may it be. Slumped.megaupload.I had started to get into his flow.(2) Type:Offensive Incantation:n/a Range:5 metres Effect:A Ki embued powerthrust for high damage in close range.his rhythmic.savaged and barbaric yes.megaupload.I would have to release every ounce of my ki both active and dormant should I plan to live another day in one piece.deadly.megaupload.once it grows up.megaupload.fully naked. but rhythmic dance of curved blades.

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