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In consideration of the Comprehensive Professional Services rendered by the Architect, he shall be paid a professional fee and other charges in accordance with the Scale of Charges as prescribed by the Council of Architecture. The fees paid to the Architect are for: 1. The efforts involved in preparing designs, 2. The cost involved in making drawings and other documents, 3. The cost of supervision in terms of time of the Architect, 4. The fees paid to the different Consultants appointed by the Architect, and 5. Adequate compensation for responsibilities undertaken by the Architect. ON WHAT BASIS ARE THE FEES OF AN ARCHITECT CALCULATED? 1. The fees payable to the Architect shall be computed as a percentage ( see Scale of Charges chart) of the Actual Cost of the project works, as on completion. 2. The Actual cost of the project shall be the actual cost of the completed building work as calculated on the accepted tenders, including the cost of Structural, Sanitary, Plumbing and Electrical work, Sanitary and Electrical fittings & fixtures, lifts, escalators and all items on which the Architect has rendered professional services, but shall exclude the cost of the Clients site office, cost of land and cost of supervisory staff at the site. 3. The fees listed in the Scale of Charges is the minimum payable for the Architects services. However, depending on the requirement of the Client, the Architect may be willing to provide you with advice and ideas for a reduced fee or taper services to suit the Clients budget. However, quoting less fees and then furnishing partial or incomplete service would be detrimental to the project and not in the interest of the Client. HOW MUCH DO ONLY DESIGNS OF AN ARCHITECT COST? 1. Roughly speaking, an Architects work is broken into 3 stages. The first stage is design and planning. The second stage is detailed working drawings, tender drawings and tendering. The third stage is construction administration and supervision. 2. So if a Client wants only designs and planning only, the fees will be approximatelyone third of the full fees. 3. If the Client wants only the design and working drawings necessary for his Contractor to construct (and does not require the Architects supervision), then the fees will be approximately half of the full fees.

CAN THE FEES OF AN ARCHITECT BE MADE LUMP-SUM INSTEAD OF A PERCENTAGE? The fees can become Lump-Sum Fees, if it is the intention and desire of the Architect and Client that the fees be frozen at the time of award of the Contract. DO THE ARCHITECTS FEES CHANGE IF THE PROJECT COST CHANGES?

If there are substantial changes to the project, there will be additional work for the Architect. To cover that contingency, the fees should be renegotiated if the Project Cost substantially changes or increases. Alternatively, the fees may be set as a percentage of the actual cost, so it will automatically change if the project cost goes up. WHO PAYS FOR THE CONSULTANTS FEES THE ARCHITECT OR THE CLIENT?

The fees of the Consultants appointed by the Architect, shall be paid by the Architectin accordance with the Conditions of Engagement and Scale of Fees prescribed by the respective professional Institutions. IS SERVICE TAX INCLUDED IN THE ARCHITECTS FEES?

Any tax levied by law, such as Service Tax, etc contingent to professional services rendered by the Architect, shall be payable by the Client, over and above the gross fees charged by the Architect. WHAT ARE THE REIMBURSIBLE EXPENSES TO BE PAID TO AN ARCHITECT?

In addition to the fees payable, the Client will reimburse the Architect towards actual expenses of the following: 1. Return air fare or first class A.C. train fare for any out-station visits made by the Architect or his professional staff and first class train fare for non-professional staff to the out-station site in connection with the execution of work. 2. Actual lodging and boarding and local transport costs.

3. Cost of Presentation Drawings, Perspectives, models, computer simulation etc., if required by the Client.