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Heat pump sizing form

Correspondence address; Name Address Postcode Tel. mobile Email Project address; (if different) Name Address Postcode Tel.

Please note:- This form should be completed with reference to the accompanying guidance notes and only after the suitability of a heat pump for the property has been confirmed. Enquirer details; homeowner self build merchant Project timescale; installer developer architect 0 - 6 months 6 - 12 months 12 - 24 months
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1. Project details; Heat loss to BS EN 12831 / SAP report worksheet provided (If yes, go to section 2) New build

Yes - No


Existing build (Please complete fields marked*) *Year of construction (or year last fully renovated) *Double glazing *Loft insulation to 250mm *Cavity wall insulation *Floor insulation Yes - No Yes - No Yes - No Yes - No

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2. Property details; Dwelling type Detatched Semi-detatched Terraced Apartment complex Other 3. Energy consumption; Heating requirement Property heat loss co-efficient (W/K) Electricity price (/kWh) Desired room temp. (C)

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Layout and dimensions Number of floors Heated floor area (m) Room height (m) Open flues / chimneys Hot water requirement (DHW) Number of occupants Low usage (less than 40 litres/person/day) Average usage (40-75 litres/person/day) High usage (greater than 75 litres/person/day) or Calculated hot water energy (kWh/year)

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4. Type of heat pump; Ground source Air source 5. Ground conditions; (ground source only) Ground conditions for borehole Yes - No Borehole prognosis completed (if yes, enter the conductivity value below and provide prognosis report) Thermal conductivity value (W/m.K)

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Solar panels to be fitted (suitable for system ground source only) Ground conditions for horizontal collectors Ground type at 1-2 metres depth; Dry sand

Yes - No



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Dry clay / silt Wet clay / silt Wet sand Unknown 32mm

Unknown Collector pipe size; 40mm (recommended) 6. Heating system; Radiators





Underfloor heating


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Please return this completed form to: Renewable Support Team, Worcester Bosch Group, Cotswold Way, Warndon, Worcester, WR4 9SW. Tel: 0844 892 4010 Email: SD04 (2012/02)