The second issue

Southern Innovator comes packed with stories, images and contact details about a new generation of pioneering innovators across the global South.

Rich infographics
Complex data and trends are transformed into clear graphics for ease of understanding.

Global reach
SI is distributed around the world, from the buzzing new urban megacities of the South to the poorest places on earth.

Eye-catching illustrations and graphics
Concepts are reinforced through visual images to aid understanding.

Getting connected
Southern Innovator is packed with resources and is backed up with a website and monthly e-newsletter. Each issue is intended to provide inspiration and practical information to get started on the journey to being a Southern Innovator!

Stories to learn from
There isn’t a better way to learn than from others in the same situation. SI’s stories share details on success and innovation and have links to resources - so readers can get down to work.

Southern Innovator is a global magazine celebrating creativity and innovation emerging from the global South. It explores entrepreneurial solutions to development challenges and uncovers the trends and events shaping the rise of the South in order to spur action on ending extreme poverty and toward reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The second issue is out now, profiling innovators focused on youth and entrepreneurship. Download the magazine's PDF from its hosted site on the Scribd platform here:

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