March 14, 2012 Executive Committee Saskia Sawyer, President, Saskia.sawyer@du.edu, x12704 Ashley Beaudry, Vice President, ashley.beaudry@du.edu, x16068 Nicky Bruckhart, Past President, nbruckha@du.edu, x14241 Kathy Aliaga, Treasurer, kaliaga@du.edu, x13284 Lisa Cox, Secretary, Lisa.Cox@du.edu, x12366 Jordan Ames, Webmaster, jordan.ames@du.edu, x12781 Members in attendance: Aderhold, Jonathan Aliaga, Kathy Ames, Jordan Beaudry, Ashley Bruckhart, Nicky Cox, Lisa Dye, Jodi Gonzalez, Becky Gross, Anne Harris, Crystal Hower, Don Kyner, Michelle Pinnock, Ken Raeburn, Kelly Rossi, David Rundle, Steve Sawyer, Saskia Shrader, Carrie

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Volunteers and Guests in Attendance: Brower, Gary University Chaplain Cerrone, Christy Housing & Residential Education Gabel, Sharon Human Resources King, Amy Human Resources Marshall, Megan Student Neary, Marty Bookstore Shell, Mariah Student Wilhelm, Brittany University Advancement


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The meeting was called to order. 1) Introduction of the Council Members. 2) Approval of minutes. 3) Introduction of the Sustainability Council by Brittany Wilhelm a) The Council is made up individuals with full-time jobs and/or class schedules. b) The definition of sustainability is living your life without jeopardizing your kids or grandkids ability to do so. c) There are eight sub-committees for the Council. d) Handout of the Council’s newsletter and a committee list were circulated. e) Projects established by the Council i) Pete’s List- furniture sharing program that started on February 15, 2012 ii) Transportation options that are easy to use. Sign up to become a member and simply swipe your card and off you go. (1) WeCar- $7.50 per hour or $55 a day (2) Bcycle f) Sharon Gabel indicated that the University is creating a new green office plan. There is a star certification system and DU received a gold star last year. For this new office plan pilot, Saskia Sawyer put together a green educator’s handbook. The goal is for every department to have a copy of the handbook for reference. The kick-off for the program is going to be March 27, 2012 and Aimee Neu in Human Resources will be talking to people about what can be done. In April, there will be a sustainability panel for earth month. g) Megan Marshall, a student then addressed the Council to discuss a poster that she created that shows what can be recycled. The poster has been a success and can be checked out for display in departments. h) April is considered Earth Month. DU is hosting the Earth Summit on April 20, 2012 in HRTM and staff and faculty are welcome to attend. i) Christy Cerrone from Housing & Residential Education then presented a draft resolution regarding the sale of water bottles on campus. The goal of the resolution is to reduce and eventually eliminate the sale of bottled water on campus. Currently, all residence halls have water filling stations which encourages the use of reusable bottles. This is a student driven initiative. The Sustainability Council wants SAC to endorse the resolution. 4) Human Resources Updates by Amy King a) Retirement changes- The University engaged with Multnomah Group over a year ago to complete a comprehensive review of our retirement plans. As a result of this review, several changes will be made to our defined contribution and tax-deferred annuity plans effective May 1. These changes reflect trends we see in the marketplace and will enable us to more effectively comply with evolving plan regulations and our fiduciary responsibilities. i) What stays the same: (1) There will be no change to the current contribution rates (2) There will be no change to the eligibility requirements (3) There will be no change to the vesting of the plan ii) What is changing: Minutes Page 2

(1) There will only be one plan provider- TIAA-CREF- that will provide all retirement services for the plan. Fidelity Investments, American Century and MetLife will no longer be active providers. If you are currently participating in the plan, you will receive a Transition Guide from TIAACREF in early March. Your guide will provide specific information about the changes to the plan and investment menu, including details that show how your existing assets and/or future contributions to the plan will be automatically transferred to the new investment menu. Or, after reviewing the information in the transition guide, you may choose to actively redirect your future contributions to the new investment options. The guide will also include details regarding upcoming on-campus events during which you can ask questions about the new plan enhancements and schedule an individual counseling session with a TIAA-CREF Financial Consultant to discuss your specific needs. There will be a TIAA-CREF representative on campus every day in April so that employees can have discussions and ask questions. b) Wellness Initiative- The University had to take a step back to see what has to be done in order to sustain costs associated with providing healthcare to employees. This assessment resulted in the University’s Wellness Initiative. As part of this initiative, the University is providing access to bio-metric screening and a total health assessment. i) Bio-metric screening- Kaiser will be on campus administering the bio-metric screening. It is a simple pin prick and within minutes you will know your cholesterol, BMI, etc. DU will not be privy to your information. It is protected under HIPAA and maintained by Kaiser. After compiling all of the information, Kaiser will only inform the University of what needs to be done on campus to have a successful wellness plan. The screening is only available to Kaiser members and will be administered in the Renaissance Room in Mary Reed. Appointments are preferred, but you can also walk-in. ii) Total Health Assessment- Complete the online questionnaire which will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, in addition to the bio-metric screening and you will receive a $150 discount off of your annual health policy premium. If your spouse/partner also completes it, a $300 discount will be provided. Results of the online assessment will not impact health care premiums; it is simply being done to make individuals aware. A letter will be sent out to all deans and division heads to indicate the importance of the screening and asking that they allow employees to participate without having to use vacation or sick time. The letter will be endorsed by Craig and Gregg. 5) Update on Professional Development by Sharon Gabel- Idea sessions have been held and a lot of good ideas received. Moving forward with how to build programs around those ideas. 6) Charitable Giving Update by Ken Pinnock- The campaign is going on right now and ends on March 16, 2012. The University is looking for participation. Donations can be deducted via payroll. 7) Committee Reports a) Coat Drive Committee- 42 bags of coast collected b) Egg Hunt Committee- egg stuffing on March 23rd from 8am-1pm in the DuPont conference room Minutes Page 3

in Mary Reed. Breakfast and lunch will be served. c) Bring your Kid to Work Committee- donations go towards food, room rentals, stipends, giveaways Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: April 11, 2012, 12 – 1 pm in the Dupont Conference Room Respectfully submitted, Lisa Cox Secretary


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