Two Sheets to Follow
From - Robert Quinn 18 Lakeview Drive South Haines City, Fla. 33844 To - My US House Rep. Dennis Ross Finally, I have your attention. The nice gentleman I spoke with from the Capitol Police had no difficulty understanding my questions to you and seemed to be quite well informed as to Sheriff Arpaio' s law enforcement verified evidence probable cause exists that Obama's so called birth certificate and selective service registration form are both forgeries. However, he could give me no answer as to why you are such a coward that you will not carry out your Constitutional Oversight Responsibility and resolve this Critical National Security Issue once and for all. Now that I have finally gained your attention, I respectfully request that you provide me with an intelligent response to the points I made to you in my letter of 4/6/12.


me~en< ·"I/1g,,~Wt,..lil...th_YOU to discuss this matter at your earliest convenience.

Rotert Quinn

Robert Quinn Realtor, 863-439-3212, rlqretired@aoI.com 18 Lakeview Drive South, Haines City, FI. 33844 4/6/12 US Representative Dennis Ross 404 HOB Washington, DC 20515 Dear Representative Ross; Mr. Ross, your actions, as my Florida Representative, has proven you have joined together with the Democrats and the media, as collaborators with Obama in his plan to fundamentally change our form of government from our Constitution based Republic into a Marxist/Socialist regime, by totally surrendering your constitutional duty to defend and protect this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic by abandoning your congressional oversight authority and instead protecting Obama by refusing to acknowledge and investigate the law enforcement verified evidence probable cause exists that Obama's birth certificate and selective service registration card are forgeries. Under these circumstances I am going to speak to you as I would speak to a corrupt fully armed on duty police officer cowering in fear while watching a person he fears as his intellectual superior sexually molest and rape a helpless child. You sir, are a total and complete treasonous coward and traitor to your country by showing total and complete disregard for your duty as a member of the US House to exercise your Constitutional oversight authority in this critical national security matter. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Az. has produced a report with video clips, that cannot be disproved, detailing the process they used and concludes probable cause exists that Obama's birth certificate and selective service registration card are both forgeries and you, Mr. Ross, cannot point to one authentic document that proves he is even a citizen of this country. http://www.westernjournalism.com/sheriff-joe-arpaio-obamaeligibility-investigation-results-live-streaml As you well know, the corrupt Eric Holder will never allow anyone under his jurisdiction to investigate this matter and if a special prosecutor to conduct such an investigation is designated by him it will just become another issue for the Justice Dept. to sweep under the rug, just like they have done with the Fast and Furious scandal and their deathly silence while the New Back Panther Party openly broadcasts of their bounty for the kidnapping of Mr. Zimmerman right here in Florida who fears for his life. Mr. Ross, under these circumstances, it is only Congress that has the Constitutional subpoena power to immediately resolve this critical national security matter and if you prefer you can do this under the guise that you are going to prove Obama's birth certificate and selective service registration form are truly authentic (as your actions up to now indicate) by opening the sealed files wherein the authentic documents lay. Under these circumstances, only Congress has the constitutional power to open these files sealed by Obama and protected by the tremendous power of his corrupt Justice Department and an equally corrupt media.

Robert Quinn Realtor, 863-439-3212, rlqretired@aol.com 18 Lakeview Drive South, Haines City, Fl. 33844 I, and thousands others like me, view this situation as a silent coup d'etat in which we have a probable usurper who sits as President and Commander in Chief of our Military Forces running for reelection, with a totally corrupt Justice Department and media to protect him and a shit pot full of Republicans in congress functioning as treasonous cowards totally willing to let the Obama coup complete the promised transformation of our Republic by factually gambling away this country's future and its sovereignty in the hope that he will not be re-elected. Can you cowards not see the similarity to Hitler's rise to power?? Can you not see his total disrespect for yourself and the rest of congress and our Constitution?? Can you not see the worldwide forces supporting this man's rise to absolute total control of this country are not going to give up that power gracefully?? Do you not question the need for Obama's latest executive order authorizing the preparation for the implementation of his new Peacetime Version of Martial Law upon which crisis he alone will decide when to fully implement with total disregard for the Constitution and Congress?? Mr. Ross, Obama knows damn well, that if you cowards won't challenge him on his forged eligibility documents, you will challenge him on nothing and he views you as nothing more than a coward and co-conspirator that has already surrendered. Must we patriots degrade our belief in our Historical Rule of Law down into that which the Obama Justice Department now openly accepts as lawful?? Must someone put a bounty on you or perhaps one of your family members in order to force you to realize the treasonous and destructive path you have been following by surrendering your Constitutional duty over to a man whose eligibility documents are very likely forgeries?? Mr. Ross, it is not yet to late. There is still time for you to redeem your integrity for the history books by demanding an immediate hearing and invite Sheriff Arpaio and his investigators to present the evidence they have developed. Only Congress has the subpoena power and constitutional authority to open the files wherein the authentic documents are located, if they factually exist at all and resolve this critical national security issue before it is to late. I pray God will give you the courage to shake off your cowardly fear of Obama, the media and of being called a racist if you defy political correctness and willful ignorance and carry out your Constitutional duty. If you fail, you are not only a traitorous coward but a fool as well and you will go down in the history books as a man who could have saved the Republic but chose instead to capitulate to the new political leader, just as the remaining government in Germany surrendered its power to Hitler back in the 1930's.

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