Assignment # 1

English level 6 Assignment # 1

Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success

a. What is the topic? Richard makes a small-PRESENTATION summarizing in 8 steps and be successful

b. What is the main idea of the conference? How we can be successful c. What were the most interesting ideas? Why? Minimum3 I think how he do the 8 steps because it took them many years The 8 steps are interesting d. Do you agree with the ideas stated by the lecturer? Why? Yes, because the steps are very simple but very important

The fifth step is push yourself physically and mentally. He condenses years of interviews in a small presentation on how to have success. if you are not good you need practice end practice hard to be good. The fourth is focus in only one thing. you need push you through shyness end self-debut because sometimes we think that we can´t end don´t try it. John's 8 secrets of success Richard talks about his 8 steps that he created. I think it´s important because some time´s we want to do many things at the same time end we can´t do it´s very difficult.Richard St. . He start to talk about the story of the 8 steps when he was on a plane talking whit a high school student end she asked him how she can be success. The sixth steps is serve Richard say if you serve others with something of value. Maybe if we try we can make it. he could answer that moment but he was interesting in that question so he decided to study successful people. I thing many people just look money end do whatever even they don´t like it end they finish do it worst. do it for love. it´s the way that the people become rich. The third step is do something that you can be good. He did many interviews and summarized in 8 steps The first step is have passion. don´t do it for money because he say if you do something that you love the money comes anyway. The second step is hard work because nothing is easily and good advice he gives is to have a fun job if your work is fun you work harder and better.

Freeman Thomas. assholes end pressure. End the eighth step is persist that is the number one reason for our success. rejection.The seventh step is have an idea end I thing it´s very difficult have a good idea but Richard gives some good advices. are listen. observe end be curios. criticism. etc. . start with small things and be happy with the things we done. and they followed any of these steps so I think it´s important know them and apply in the daily life. All this steps are very bell because Richard interviewed many successful people like Bill Gates. you have to persist through failure.

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