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Essential Reference Books for the Library on Product Design and Manufacturing and Industrial Design Engineering

Complied by Prof Sulik Suleiman Salleh M DesRCA UK.

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The Innovators Solution Boston: Harvard Business School Books Cooper R., Press M., (1995) The Design Agenda: a guide to successful design management John Wiley & Sons, UK. Cooper R.G., (1993) Winning at new products: accelerating the process from idea to launch 2nd edition. Perseus Book Publishing, USA Cooper R. G., Edgett, S. J. and Klienschmidt, E. J.,(1998) Portfolio Management for new products Addison Wesley Cutherell D., (1996) Product Architecture, The PDMA handbook of New Product Development p217-235 Doz, Y. and Hamel, G., (1998) Alliance advantage: The art of creating value through patnering Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press. Duarte, D. and Synder, N., (2001) Mastering Virtual Teams 2nd edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Dussauge, P. and Garette, B., (1999) Cooperative Strategy: Competing successfully through strategic alliances Chichester: Wiley Foster, Richard N., (1986) Innovation: the attackers advantage. London, Macmillan Galworth, (1995) Smart Simple Design: Using variety Effectiveness to Reduce Total cost and maximise Customer Selection John Wiley & Sons Hague P., (1992)

The industrial market research handbook 3rd edition, Kogan Page, UK. Henderson R., (1995) Of Life-cycles real and imaginary the unexpectedly long oldage of optical lithgraphy Reasearch Policy 24 (4): 631-643 Jordan P. W., (2000) Designing pleasurable products: an introduction to the new human factors Taylor & Francis, London. Kelly T., (2001) The art of innovation Harper Collins Business, London Lamming, R., (1993) Beyond partnership: strategies for innovation and lean supply New York; London: Prentice Hall Macbeth, D. and Ferguson, N., (1994) Partnership sourcing: an integrated supply chain management approach London: Financial Times: Pitman Publishing McGrath M.E., (1996) Setting the PACE in product development: a guide to product and cycle time excellence Butterworth-Heinemann, USA Meyer & Lehnard, (1997) The power of product platforms Free Press, USA Moore, G.A. (1991) Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and selling high-tech goods to mainstream customers New York Harper Business Norman D. A., (1998) The Design of everyday things MIT Press, UK.

Otto & Wood (2000)

Product Design Prentice Hall Pugh S., (1996) Creating innovative products using total design: the living legecy of Stuart Pugh Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, USA Reinertsen, (1997) Managing the design factory Simon & Schuster Rogers, E. (1993) Diffusion of innovations 3rd edition, New York Free Press; London: Collier Macmillan Teece, D. (1986) Profiting from technological innovation: implications for integration, collaboration, licensing and public policy, Research Policy 15(6): 285-305 Teece, D. (2000) Managing intellectual capital Oxford University Press Thackara J., (1997) Winner: how todays successful companies innovate by design Gower Publishing, UK. Tidd, J., Bessant, J. and Pavitt, K. (2001) Managing innovation: Integration technological, market and organisational change 2nd edition Chichester: Wiley Ulrich Karl T. & Eppinger Steven D., (2003) Product design and development 3rd edition McGraw Hill, London Urban G. L., Hauser J. R., (1993) Design and marketing of new product 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, USA.

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