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Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA) Sri Lanka International Buddhis academy (SIBA) is a unique liberal arts

higher educational institution set up within a monastic and eco-friendly environment. It is the Higher Education Institution of Sri Dalada Maligawa, The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in the holy city of Kandy. SIBA is both national and international in scope, grounded on Buddhist principles and, designed to produce local, national, and international religious, social, and political leaders who are simultaneously Dhamma practitioners and disseminators. The Diploma In Buddhist Counselling is offered to both attending and distance learning students from our beautiful campus in Palekelle, near Kandy, Sri Lanka. VISION : To be the International Buddhist University in Sri Lanka providing guidance to leadership, based on the development of wisdom and inculcation of Buddhist values. MISSION : Providing and promoting education and training to interested laypersons and members of the monastic community, in Sri Lanka and

This year it begins on April 29th 2012 and continues through to mid March . social and health care contexts. psychotherapy or clinical psychology practice who are interested in working with Buddhists. The attending course takes place at the SIBA campus all day on Sunday. Students are introduced to the study of Buddhism as an ancient system of psychological healing that has much to offer contemporary psychology and psychological therapy practice. plus contemporary psychological appplications of mindfulness and meditation outside a religious context.abroad. The skills and knowledge acquired can be usefully applied to counselling work in a range of educational. vitality and freedom. by creating opportunities and facilities to learn. Kundasale 20168. or wish to be informed from a Buddhist perspective. It can also enrich the perspective of those with an established counselling. Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy Pallekele. ● an introduction to Buddhist models of psychological therapy. Areas covered include: teachings on the pervasiveness of psychological suffering and its causes. ● counselling skills. Course Structure The Diploma course is of one year duration across two semesters. teach and apply the knowledge acquired. +94 81 2423975-77 Buddhist Counselling in SIBA – A New Approach This one year Diploma course equips students with ● a foundation in Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practice. and by distance learning. that scientific evidence shows have led many to increased peace. This will enable SIBA graduates to create such understanding in others and thereby serve humanity in general. ● a knowledge of key Dhamma texts (Suttas). practical applications of healing techniques taught by the Buddha. There are two modes of study available: by attendance at the SIBA campus one day a week. ● an introduction to the Buddhist theory of mind (Abhidhamma). for realizing for oneself the validity and veracity of the teaching of the Buddha. Sri Lanka Tel: +94 81 2421693.

Sri Lanka. Distance learning course students will begin with an orientation and practice retreat from 6th to the 12th August 2012. Distance learning students will be expected to attend the course online each week and participate in online forums.There is additional self directed study required together with daily meditation and mindfulness practice. practice based learning journals.15 weeks . application forms and a reading list will soon be available for download here. Online Modules: August 15th to May 20th 2013 1. the Brahmaviharras and the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness. Assessment takes place though essay assignments.4 hours daily. Sutta Studies (August 13th to November 19th 2012). There is a break in December over the Christmas and New Year period. oral presentations in class. Online studies will then commence on 15th August 2012 through to the following July. . with interactive online learning from your desk study skills session on keeping a mindfulness practice and meditation blog/ journal. Or contact info@buddhistcounselling. collaborative online presentations/projects and examination of dissertation at SIBA during the final retreat in June. chat rooms and collaborative assignments.Skills /Theory workshops from Core Staff and Guest Speakers ● Mindfulness Training: Emotional Literacy. Net Distance learning From August 2012 you can study from anywhere in the world by combining practice based retreats at the SIBA campus near Kandy. and oral examination of a final dissertation at SIBA. COURSE STRUCTURE: ONLINE DIPLOMA Training Retreat: August 6th to 12th 2012: ● Introduction to Buddhist Counselling.2013. Further course details. maintenance of a practice based learning journal/blog. ● Meditation theory and practice . as well as maintain a learning journal or blog reflecting on daily meditation and mindfulness practice. Assessment takes place through essay assignments.

500 LKR Diploma course tuition fee plus 3.15 weeks 4. Ethics and Boundaries in Counselling. Buddhist Family Counselling. near Kandy. from the retreat onwards. . Dissertation supervision: May 20th to July 15th 2013 . tuition fees): TOTAL $1100. Buddhist Pre-Marital Counselling. Maintaining Mind Training Practices. counselling skills and mindfulness training. food. Listening and Responding with Awareness.Brahamviharas and the 4 Foundations . . in Palekelle.500 LKR retreat fee (covers accommodation. ● Mindfulness Training: Emotional Literacy.2.Counselling Theory and Practice (February 4th 2013 to May 27th 2013). the Brahmaviharas and the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness. Validation and Invalidation. food. Online Meditation Journals about developing mindfulness and meditation practice running all year round.Skills and Theory workshops from Core Staff and Guest Speakers: including the Healing Practice of Sutta Reading. Training Retreat: August 6th to 12th 2012 ● Introduction to Buddhist Counselling. Applied Buddhist Psychology. Sri Lanka. tuition fees): TOTAL 20. Areas covered in retreats will include meditation practice. Students are expected to attend for a week long retreat at the beginning of the year long Diploma course.000 LKR Distance learners will be invited to participate in comprehensive training retreats at the beautiful SIBA campus. ● Meditation Theory and Practice . Introductory Abhidhamma Studies (November 26th to January 30th 2013).8 weeks 3. Core Competencies in Buddhist Counselling.8 weeks Final written and oral exam on a closing retreat at SIBA: July 22nd to 25th 2013 Fees: Foreign students: $950 Diploma course tuition fee plus $150 retreat fee (covers accommodation. and for 3 days for graduate assessment purposes at the end.00 Home students: 16.

Abhidhamma Studies Visiting Professors. .of Mindfulness with Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita 4 hours practice daily.Somaratne. available by podcast for e-learning students.Meditation instruction/ supervision and Abhidhamma Studies Professor G.Abhidhamma Studies Dr Venerable Vaskaduve Suvimalee Bhikkuni . STAFF Course Leader: Dr Sarath Chandrasekera: Head of Department of Buddhist Studies.Meditation instruction and supervision Additional course contributors includeVenerable Kusala Derangala . Clinicians and Meditation Teachers will also deliver additional study skills session on keeping a mindfulness and meditation blog/ journal. Scholars. plus workshops on retreats and guest online tuition.Sutta Studies and Buddhist Family Counselling Dr Jo Nash .A.Mindfulness-Based Interventions and Psychotherapy Studies Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita.SIBA Core course team includes: Dr Sarath Chandrasekera .