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Malayan keeps me assured that whatever hurdles life gives me, I am safe and secured.


Malayan guarantees to provide its policyholders the best non-life insurance protection and fair and prompt settlement of valid claims at all times.

The Malayan Vision Malayan equals Non-Life Insurance

Our Core Values Passion for Excellence Striving to be great and not just good; continuously improving results. Sense of Urgency Doing things fast; taking the initiative to respond to the needs of various stakeholders. Professional Discipline With strong work ethic; deserving of others trust and respect; using company resources prudently; acting with fairness and objectivity; being accountable for ones actions. Teamwork Actively tapping areas of synergy; communicating and collaborating towards common goals. Loyalty A good corporate citizen; pursuing corporate interests as ones own; speaking well of the company and taking pride in its achievements. OTHER INFORMATION: Malayan Insurance, the leading non-life insurer in the country for 41 straight years, has recently received its Certificate of Authority from the Insurance Commission. The Certificate attests that Malayan Insurance complies with the commission's strict requirements, among which is the capacity to exceed the minimum capitalization and net worth to indicate its solid fiscal standing and capability to meet its obligations to its policyholders. Shown in photo receiving the certificates from Insurance Commissioner Emmanuel F. Dooc (2nd from left) are Malayan Insurance President Yvonne S. Yuchengco and Executive Vice President Antonio M. Rubin (3rd and 4thfrom left, respectively). With them is Deputy Insurance Commissioner Vida T. Chiong. Malayan Insurance is currently celebrating 81 years of service excellence, strength and stability. Founded in 1930, Malayan Insurance is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. Malayan reached the no. 1 spot in 1970 and has consistently stayed on top up to the present. As the countrys leader in non-life insurance, it has provided world-class property, casualty, motorcar, accident and marine insurance, as well as surety bonds, to Filipino businesses and families for more

than 8 decades already. Together with Bankers Assurance Corporation (BAC) and the First Nationwide Insurance Corporation (FNAC), the company forms the Malayan Group of Insurance companies, the largest non-life insurance group in the country. Though its own legacy is already secure, Malayan Insurance and its employees remain ever vigilant and committed to serve and maintain the excellence it has honed through the years.

Q & A: Tell me about yourself. The first common job interview question. Most interviewers use this as their first question. Since this question is your introduction you have to give a good impression. If you will think possible answers on this question, its easy right? But no matter how many answers that you can give you don't know how to begin and when to end it. I'm gonna give you the BASIC format on answering this question. 1. Name - First, mention your name. You don't have to mention your full name, just mention your first name and follow it up with your nickname. Example:

"Good Morning, I'm Christian but you can call me Chris."

2. Educational Attainment - Mention first your course then the name of your school or university and the year you graduated. Remember, avoid abbreviations. Example:

"I've finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Finance from University of the Philippines <year you graduated>"
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"I'm a very flexible person, I can work day shifts and night shifts. I am adaptable from different working schedule because I used to work on day shifts and night shifts when I am still working as Audit Executive. I'm a team player. I used to work in a team and I am really enjoying it but I can also work alone."
You can think of any other good qualities just make sure to give examples.