The modern World

“the right of spring Igor Stravinsky” The fantasia Europeans are anxious because society is changing very rapidly, and to an extent people embrace this, but it is also very disconcerting Frankenstein is actually and interesting window into this- Victor frankenstein goes to school and figures out how to create life and creates life from death; creature comes to life and is uncontrollable Mary Shelly Sciences of the mind Freud 1856-1939 Id, Ego, Superego & Psychoanalysis Other scientific advances Mostly studied women who were suffering from Hysteria

People are very uptight in the victorian age; it is inappropriate for women to think or even talk about sec; freud says that society is forcing women to suppress their sexual nature, and if you repress enough your body will suppress in some way Freud believes that dreams are windows into areas of the unconscious mind This is troubling; he also concludes that all beings are sexual beings- so in a society that even in a society where women shouldn’t be sexual beings- its is very troubling. It is very hard to discount his conclusions because they are based on rational ad scientific thinking- it reflects the anxiety of the age. Discovery of radioactivity, Marie Curie is working to isolate polonium, determine not only that atoms can change but that atoms are not the smallest piece also that atoms are not solid, they are empty space. Max Plunk-quantum theory energy is emitted in clumpy packets not steady streams, and Einstien comes up with the theory of relatively Modern Art Not very organized, but alot of challenges t tradition

In 1899 Geugin paints native women in no clothes, not very clothed Tolouse Letrec - paints cabaret dancers, very risqué All trying to challenge the observer and trying to take them into a new place

The modern World
It’s tapping into something that people want something other than the factory life Music and dance ‘astonish me’ Stravinsky, and Bartók’ makes very nationalistic and inspired music

Women Demand and reform By the end f the 19th century women are filling a wide variety of un-traditional roles; increasingly work is taking place outside of the household What’s different about the nineteenth century is that women are leving the home to make money Should women want the vote? Women were divided on this, for some women if they got the vote they thought that they would start to act like men, the concern is if we start to act like men the we start to lose our persuasive voice when it comes to Women’s issues Suffrage in finland in 1906 Emmeline Pankhurst- militant english suffrage

Ant semitism is going to be justified in terms of social Darwinism Ghettos and Pogroms In western europe we tend to see a different pattern we tend to see jews integrating better into society Dreyfus Affair- exiled and the spying doesn’t stop J’accuse… Dreyfus is fired in 1882 - doesn’t work out very well for dreyfus Herzl 1896- say we the jews need some land of our own , the zionist movement a jewish state that recognizes Jewish nationalism