Western kingdoms Merovingian society under clovis Clovis converts to Christianity and is able to gain his control through

annointing clovis, one of the fundamental struggles in mideval society, the power of the church and the power of the state this merovingian society is centered in gaul (france) and very roman in a lot of ways people continue to speak latin , but in isolation of rome- it gradually changes to french we start to see new centers of populations and relics a recognition of people who are holy St. Martin, a monk and a bishop of tour st martin is from france these relic sites also become centers of commerce it is a world where most people live on the edge of survival when th weather cools down it is a regular occurance Christianity AND Classical Culture in ireland in the fifth century patrick was born in england, idnapped and sold into slaver, converts to christianity in ireland trained as a priest ireland was never part f rome so they don’t speak latin irish begin preserving the perfect form of latin ireland also doesn’t hav cities, its not an urban place ireland is a clan society benadictine way of life in ireland these monks are not going to be so moderate, they are overtly concerned of sin they do something to prevent themselves from sinning as communication gets better the irish an the english reconcile and have some difficulties reconciling their versions of christianity the irish are very committed to the idea of cnfession, the english were not once reconciled the english and the irish begin prosteletyzin Visgoths and lombards from 711 to 1492 we have portions of spain and portugal dominated by muslims, it is tolerant of all religions though another source of tension is going to be tension between the east and the west the byzantines consider themselves the heirs of the roman empires, the patriarch claims authority over all christians The pope in rome sees himself as the heir of st peteer and the ruler of all christians the pope is a relatively weak charater the carolongians come after the marovingians as a frankish aristocracy

the name comes from charle Martel, he is the wone who defeats the muslim forces in 732 @ portier around 750 the carolingian empire is founded and charlemagne comes to power in 768 who represents the height of carolinigian power and he is seen as the model roman empire he conquered a lot of land taking over militarily ad conversions that were forced, make them christians and will educate them later tries to unify kingdom by sending out Missi which are beareaucrats and make sure people are following the law one of the principle features of a government is to administer law, but it fails the papacy is also struggling, they are trying to establish themselves as a legitimate authority they use a forged document called the donation of constantine, that supposedly ceeded all of constantine’s land and pwer to the church at the same timee the church still does not have an army pope leo has himself in a bit of trouble he is an adulturer and liar so pope leo turns to charlemagne for help charlemagne comes into rome also in 799. on christmas day i the tyear 800, charlemagne the pope crowns him as the ruler of the franks and lobards this is very symbolic of the church and the state the pope needs charlemagne because he needs to control all of the hristians and he can’t even protect his own tongue.. in cahrlemagne’s coronation it is divine, and therefore its legitimacy cannot be questioned this is the beginning of the early holy roman empire charlemagne also oversees the carolingian renaissance he wants to complete old texts and did a lot of ork in terms of supporting people what happens is that it doesn’t last that long there is tradition among the franks that land should be divided equally among three eldest mails crummy idea eventually it gets divided and weakened one of the consequences is that that law is changed we also have other forces of dissentegration are vikings who go everywhere and rape pillage and steal and they are an incredible source of instability and carolingians are discredited. in the 9th century we see a group of vikiings who want to settle in france, the present king cnnot protect his people, they strike a deal to protect parisans. “Normans” culturally distinct from the other inhabitants of france things get really bad again after the fall of the carolingians comes the dark ages 875-975 people are reduced to thinking about very basic needs, no sense of security or real control people are forced to find way to organixe ife

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