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MCSO PUBLISHED PRESS RELEASES 2011 9/29/2011 9/29/2011 9/28/2011 9/20/2011 9/2/2011 9/1/2011 9/1/2011 8/31/2011 8/30/2011 8/29/2011 8/24/2011 8/23/2011 8/19/2011 8/18/2011 8/15/2011 8/12/2011 8/8/2011 8/8/2011 8/5/2011 8/4/2011 8/4/2011 8/2/2011 7/19/2011 7/14/2011 7/14/2011 7/14/2011 7/13/2011 7/13/2011 7/13/2011 7/13/2011 6/21/2011 6/10/2011 6/7/2011 5/20/2011 5/13/2011 5/7/2011 4/29/2011 4/26/2011 4/18/2011 4/15/2011 4/13/2011 Sheriff To Confront Protestors Manager of Days Inn Arrested, President's Comments against Arpaio will not deter his Illegal Enforcement Crackdown Sheriff Responds to President Sheriff's Office Arrests Three Sheriff's Deputies Raid 2 East Valley Restaurants Sheriff Arpaio and Steven Seagal Lawsuit 29 More Illegal Aliens arrested YOU WON’T BE GETTING YOUR POT BACK Detention Officers Assaulted Alvarez Case Dismissed 51st Employer Sanction/Immigration Operation 3 Suspects Arrested, $200,000 and Assault Weapons Seized Obama Birth Certificate Queen Remembered Today with Inmate Drawing DELETED FROM SITE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Jamaican National Arrested Sheriff Arpaio to memorialize "Queen" SB1070 Activists Convicted Zero Tolerance on Civil Disobedience SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES ARREST MAN FOR MAKING THREATS TO SHERIFF ARPAIO DOJ DISMISSES LAWSUIT Tent City Celebrates 18th Year Anniversary U.S. MARSHALS DEPUTIZED BY SHERIFF ARPAIO Sheriff Conducts 48th Employer Sanction/Illegal Immigration Operation Illegal immigrant working a nuclear power plant Deputies Arrest Illegal Immigrant Working at Palo Verde Nuclear Plant Smugglers Avoid Maricopa County All Star Chain Gang Sizzling Temperatures Vamos Jose Boxers Exceptional Year For Sheriff Sheriff Serves Warrant at Old Spaghetti Factory Nine Illegal Aliens Arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Memorial Walk 2011 Desert Sky Final Results Deadbeat Parent Roundup Twenty More Illegal Aliens Arrested Arpaio Conducts 45th Workplace Raid Mugshot of the day 12 More Illegal Aliens Arrested Sheriff Arpaio's Statement Regarding Budget Meeting


4/13/2011 4/8/2011 4/6/2011 4/1/2011 3/31/2011 3/29/2011 3/23/2011 3/22/2011 3/22/2011 3/15/2011 3/15/2011 3/11/2011 3/8/2011 3/4/2011 3/2/2011 2/28/2011 2/16/2011 2/16/2011 2/10/2011 2/9/2011 2/7/2011 2/4/2011 2/4/2011 2/2/2011 1/31/2011 1/29/2011 1/27/2011 1/24/2011 1/19/2011 1/19/2011 1/19/2011 1/18/2011 1/17/2011

Employer Raid in Mesa 38 More Arrested in Operation Desert Sky Seven More Arrests Made in Operation Desert Sky Sheriff Arpaio Wins in Court Operation Desert Sky Update Sheriff Arpaio Launches Operation Desert Sky Sheriff's Office Arrests 279 Illegal Aliens Chinese National Arrested by Sheriff's Human Smuggling Unit Sheriff Arpaio Reaches Out To Over 110,000 Fans Using Social Networking Sheriff Arpaio Asks Craig's List to Clean Up Their Act Arpaio's Letter to Craig's List CEO Sheriff Arpaio Orders Jail Shakedown Deputies Still Seeking Pei Wei Employees Pei Wei Restaurants Raided by Sheriff's Deputies Tear Gas Forces Illegal Aliens Out of Drop House Barricade Situation Sheriff Arpaio Denied Opportunity Reading to Children Sheriff Arpaio Gears Up For Another Crime Suppression Operation Arpaio reaches out for the 10,000th inmate volunteer to donate organs Humane Society Foster Parents Arrested for Animal Cruelty Sheriff Arpaio Forms New Medical Marijuana Enforcement Unit Sheriff Arpaio to Speak at Richard Nixon Presidential Library Sheriff Arpaio Sends Letter to 20/20's John Quinones Sheriff Arpaio Warns Uniformed Officers About Eating at McDonald's Restaurants Tent City Inmates and Detention Officers Suffer Th U.S. citizen arrested last night on smuggling charges Sheriff's Operation results in arrests of large number of illegal aliens New Immigration Enforcement Posse Operational for 18th Crime Suppression Operation Surprise High School Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse Sheriff Joe Arpaio #6 Most Desired Talk Show Guest in the Nation Sheriff Arpaio to Appear in San Diego Despite Planned Protests Sheriff Arpaio to Offer Extra Security to Public O Gilbert Woman Arrested For Animal Cruelty of Shih Tzu Illegal Alien Suspect Shot and Killed by Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies

MCSO PUBLISHED PRESS RELEASES 2010 12/23/2010 Sheriff's Office Recovers Bodies

12/21/2010 12/16/2010 12/9/2010 12/9/2010 12/7/2010 12/6/2010 11/29/2010 11/25/2010 11/24/2010 11/24/2010 11/17/2010 11/15/2010 10/29/2010 10/27/2010 10/18/2010 10/18/2010 10/13/2010 10/6/2010 9/30/2010 9/24/2010 9/22/2010 9/21/2010 9/15/2010 9/14/2010 9/13/2010 9/2/2010 8/31/2010 8/27/2010 8/16/2010 8/13/2010 7/27/2010 7/27/2010 7/20/2010 7/19/2010 7/12/2010 6/29/2010 6/29/2010 6/29/2010 6/29/2010 6/25/2010 6/24/2010 6/23/2010 6/22/2010 6/22/2010 6/21/2010 6/19/2010 6/16/2010 6/15/2010

Holiday Sing-Off to be Held in Maximum Security Jail Banner Year For MCSO Drug Seizures Anthem Doctor Arrested by Deputies for Child Molestation Shopping with the Sheriff Sheriff's Office Receives Bloodhound Donation for K-9 Unit 14 More Officers Graduate From ICE Training Detention Officers Arrested for Felony Aggravated Assault Mall Patrol 2010 Kickoff Inmates to Receive Thanksgiving Meal at a Cost of $.08 to Tax Payers MCSO Sergeant Arrested for Theft Sheriff Swears in New Illegal Immigration Operations Posse Local Landscape Company Raided by Deputies Immigration Enforcement Since SB 1070 County Officials Wrong About Sheriff's Office Travel Expenditures 2010 MASH Fundraiser and the Improv Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Sends 14 Officers to Federal Immigration Training Deputies Detonate Suspicious Device From Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant10/12/2010 Sheriff's Office Raids Meat Packing Business Murder for Hire Plot Foiled Inmate Attempts Escape at Durango Jail Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Gets Straight A's From The DOJ U.S. Citizens Arrested For Human Smuggling: Were They The Target of Racial Profiling? Sheriff Strongly Opposed to Drug Legalization Movement Sheriff Arpaio Planning All Volunteer Armed Illegal Immigration Posse Sheriff's Office Launches New National Sex Offender Monitoring Program Sheriff Arpaio Continues to Enforce All Illegal Immigration Laws U.S. Department of Justice Files Lawsuit Against Sheriff Arpaio Sheriff Arpaio Responds to Reporter's Take on New Hollywood Film Sheriff's Office Responds to DOJ Title VI Sheriff Arpaio Reports Record Number of Cop Killers in His Jail Sheriff Returns To The Border Sheriff Arpaio Responds to Threats of Civil Disobedience Investigation Reveals Illegal Alien Working on U.S. Military Base Sheriff Preparing Tent City for SB 1070 Violators Search Suspended for Missing Hikers Sheriff Arpaio Will go to Kansas Sheriff's Office Will Make Financial Documents Available to County Auditors Deputies Arrest CVS Manager on Child Pornography Charges Sheriff Arpaio Offers Words of Comfort to Arizona Deputies Seize nearly $250k in Cash Worksite Raid Sends Employees into Dumpsters and Over Fences Sheriff's Office Slated for New Headquarters Arpaio and Thomas Send Letter to Romley Letter to County Manager David Smith Regarding Notices of Claim Arpaio and Thomas Demand Not One Penny Paid to County Claimants Sheriff Arpaio Will Host His Own Live TV Program on the Web "Dodging Daddies" Deadbeat Parent Round Up Underway MAN SENTENCED IN GRUESOME ANIMAL CRUELTY CASE Sheriff Announces 16th Crime Suppression

6/14/2010 6/12/2010 6/11/2010 6/10/2010 6/9/2010 6/8/2010 6/8/2010 6/4/2010 6/4/2010 5/25/2010 5/24/2010 5/21/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/18/2010 5/12/2010 5/11/2010 5/11/2010 5/6/2010 4/30/2010 4/29/2010 4/22/2010 4/22/2010 4/15/2010 4/14/2010 4/13/2010 4/12/2010 4/8/2010 4/7/2010 4/7/2010 4/1/2010 3/31/2010 3/23/2010 3/22/2010 3/19/2010 3/18/2010 3/11/2010 3/5/2010 3/3/2010 3/2/2010 3/1/2010 2/22/2010 2/20/2010 2/18/2010 2/17/2010 2/17/2010 2/16/2010 2/11/2010 2/11/2010

Sheriff Arpaio Booted From Speaking at National Convention Sizzler Steak House Stakeout Deputies Disrupt Heroin Ring in Fountain Hills Local Community and Danny's Family Show Support for Law Enforcement 40 Illegal Aliens Arrested Sheriff Arpaio Has Concerns About Federal Priorities Fallen Officer Benefit Carwash Jail Inmate Assaulted and in Serious Condition Deputies Serve Search Warrant at Burlington Coat Factory Deputies Continue to Arrest Smuggling Co-Conspirators Sheriff Arpaio Calls For Arizonans to Boycott Travel to Mexico Sheriff's Detectives Looking for Additional Victims of Sexual Assault Suspect MCSO Responds to Temporary County Attorney Deputies Raid Amerifab Business in Phoenix Interim County Attorney Initiates Policy Change on Immigration Enforcement Hindering Previous Efforts Sheriff Continues to Arrest Co-Conspirators Smuggler With Chicken Pox Sheriff's Office Response to Board of Supervisor's Subpoena Deputies Raid Phoenix Another Business Successful First Day on Crime Suppression Operation Sheriff Launches 15th Crime Suppression Operation Sheriff Urges Goveror to Sign Immigration Bill Sheriff Arpaio Urges Governor to Sign Immigration Bill Likely Appointment of Rick Romley Disappointing to Sheriff’s Office Sheriff's Office Ready to Enforce New Immigration Laws Illegal Aliens Arrested on Felony Smuggling Charges Baby Gabriel Mom Causing Problems in Jail Pedal Vision Popularity Increasing Charged in Cruelty Case for Killing Horses Human Smuggling Activity Concerning in Some Valley Neighborhoods Pedal Vision Deputies Have a Difficult Job Enforcing Immigration Laws Sheriff Arpaio Will Give College Speech Despite Security Concerns DC Protestors Will Not Deter Sheriff Arpaio Crime Suppression Operation Day 1 Numbers County-Wide Human Smuggling Operation Dept. of Justice to Look at Corruption Allegations in Maricopa County Immigration Arrests on the Rise Little League Baseball Fraud Human Smuggler Returns to U.S. Illegally/ Arrested for Smuggling Again Patrol Deputies Arrest Human Smugglers Sheriff seeks solution for pit bull problem Ariba's Mexican Grill Arrests Smurfers Arrested Response to Shiela Polk's Accusations 35 Illegal Aliens Arrested Murder Solved Deputy's Identity Stolen by Illegal Alien Deputy's Identity Stolen by Illegal Alien

2/10/2010 2/9/2010 2/3/2010 2/2/2010 2/1/2010 2/1/2010 1/27/2010 1/21/2010 1/20/2010 1/14/2010 1/7/2010 1/6/2010

Nationally Recognized Expert Comments on Sheriff's Illegal Immigration Enforcement Sheriff Responds to Possibility of Leaving Wells Fargo Need For Crime Supression Sheriff's Memorial Fund to Hold Benefit for Fallen Gilbert Officer Sheriff Arpaio Wins Court Ruling in Civil Rights Case Deputies Uncover ID Forgery Ring More Illegal Immigration Arrests and Future Expansion Plans Sheriff Arpaio Perplexed by ICE Secretary Statements Sheriff Warns Citizens of Storm Dangers Woman Sells Child for a Firearm Another Win for the Sheriff on Christmas Music Lawsuits "Pro-Texters"

MCSO PUBLISHED PRESS RELEASES 2009 12/31/2009 12/31/2009 12/29/2009 12/28/2009 12/21/2009 12/14/2009 12/4/2009 12/2/2009 12/2/2009 12/2/2009 12/2/2009 12/2/2009 12/2/2009 11/25/2009 11/23/2009 11/18/2009 11/16/2009 11/10/2009 11/3/2009 11/3/2009 10/29/2009 10/27/2009 10/27/2009 10/22/2009 10/21/2009 10/20/2009 10/19/2009 10/16/2009 10/8/2009 10/7/2009 10/6/2009 10/6/2009 10/1/2009 Undercover Alcohol Operation Nets Arrests of 18 Store Clerks Sheriff Cracks Down on Liquor Sales to Minors Fallen Officer Benefit Carwash Mall Patrol a Success Arpaio Book Club Christmas Music in the Jails Judge Donahoe's Past Record Inconsistent With Recent Ruling of Sheriff's Detention Officer Judicial Complaint Against Superior Court Judge Mundell Judicial Complaint Against Superior Court Judge Donahoe Chief Deputy Files Judicial Complaints Against Four Superior Court Judges Judicial Complaint Against Superior Court Judge Fields Judicial Complaint Against Superior Court Judge Baca Arpaio; "Traffic Stops Lead to Bigger Crimes" Thanksgiving Meal in Jail Seven Arrested in Connection With Anthem Armed Robbery 3 U.S. Soldiers Arrested During Crime Supression Sheriff Arpaio Launches 13th Crime Supression Traffic Stop Nets More Immigration Arrests Sheriff's Office Makes Animal Cruelty Arrests Sheriff's Office Presses on Enforcing Immigration Laws Lt Concerned About Sheriff's Security 32 More Illegal Aliens Arrested Serial Cat Killer Sheriff's Deputies Turn in ICE Credentials Sheriff's Deputies Will Continue to Use Illegal Immigration Indicators Federal Officials Conduct Surveillance of Sheriff Crime Supression Operation Results Sheriff Arpaio: Nothing Changes Cave Creek Signs Vandalized with "Kill Obama" Sheriff Continues Enforcement of Immigration Laws 2008 Audit of 287G Executive Summary Sheriff Arpaio Furious Over Curtailment of 287G Agreeement May 25 Article

10/1/2009 10/1/2009 9/29/2009 9/25/2009 9/23/2009 9/21/2009 9/18/2009 9/18/2009 9/17/2009 9/17/2009 9/16/2009 9/15/2009 9/14/2009 9/3/2009 9/1/2009 8/31/2009 8/28/2009 8/27/2009 8/25/2009 8/19/2009 8/18/2009 8/18/2009 8/14/2009 8/13/2009 8/11/2009 8/10/2009 8/5/2009 8/5/2009 8/4/2009 8/3/2009 7/31/2009 7/29/2009 7/29/2009 7/29/2009 7/28/2009 7/23/2009 7/22/2009 7/17/2009 7/16/2009 7/15/2009 7/14/2009 7/8/2009 7/7/2009 7/6/2009 7/2/2009 7/2/2009 7/1/2009 6/30/2009 6/29/2009 6/24/2009 6/24/2009 6/17/2009

Mundell letter Grandfather Arrested for Molestation 40 More Illegalls Arrested During Patrol Coolidge High School Teacher Arrested Chinese Illegal Aliens Arrested County Supervisor Don Stapley Arrested on 93 Felony Counts ACORN Subpoena Was Issued Fountain Hills Parents Cited for Their Children's Crimes Sheriff Subpoenas Records From ACORN Sheriff's Office Raids Berardi Enterprises Deputies Arrest Brothers for Interfering...Again Arpaio Continues Felony Crackdown; Deputies Arrest 37 in Five Hours Juvenile Inmates Awarded Traditional High School Diplomas for First Time Ever September 3rd Load Vehicle Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty Cave Creek Murder Suspects Arrested Arpaio Wins Important Legal Ruling Cave Creek Homicide "Persons of Interest" 24 Illegal Aliens Arrested Board of Supervisors Refuse to Put Bus into Service Board of Supervisors Refuse Sheriff's Bus For Service Horse trainer Arrested Again for Sexual Abuse Employees Called in Sick During Raid Sheriff's Deputies Raid Phoenix Based Business for 2nd Time in a Year Human Smuggling Deputies Nab Load Vehicle, Drop House News Brief; Detention Officer Arrested Feds Will Not Slow Sheriff's Enforcement of Illegal Immigration Laws Washington Times Editorial: ICE gags sheriff Washington Times Editorial: Politics on ICE Sweet 16 at Tent City Associated Press Article 52 More Illegal Aliens Arrested Attorney's Letter Arpaio's Attorney Blasts Napalitano for Conduct by Feds Cafe Raided by Sheriff's Office East Valley Crime Suppression Arpaio Lifts 4Th Avenue Jail Lockdown Federal Judge Recuses Herself From Arpaio Lawsuit Arpaio Donates Portion of Salary Suspect Arrested in Murder Case 71 Year Old Posseman Injured During Human Smuggling Interdiction Deputies Raid Mercado DC Attorney "DOJ Investigation Not Grounded in Facts" Large Scale Fight After Lockdown is Lifted Arpaio's Deputies Arrest 16 at Phoenix Drop House Cockfighting and Illegal Aliens Business Owner From Brazil Arrested for ID Theft Setting the Record Straight ... Bus Purchase Facts Sheriff Orders Lockdown Because of Racial Tension Sheriff's Office Arrests Animal Abuser Deputies Arrest Suspect Wanted in Guadalupe Child Molestation Case Arpaio Set to Meet With Al Sharpton

6/11/2009 6/9/2009 6/8/2009 6/2/2009 5/29/2009 5/22/2009 5/18/2009 5/15/2009 5/12/2009 5/7/2009 5/6/2009 5/5/2009 4/28/2009 4/23/2009 4/19/2009 4/18/2009 4/17/2009 4/16/2009 4/14/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009 4/3/2009 3/31/2009 3/25/2009 3/19/2009 3/18/2009 3/16/2009 3/11/2009 3/11/2009 3/10/2009 3/10/2009 3/3/2009 2/26/2009 2/25/2009 2/25/2009 2/24/2009 2/24/2009 2/14/2009 2/11/2009 2/9/2009 2/4/2009 2/3/2009 2/2/2009 1/30/2009 1/29/2009 1/28/2009 1/28/2009 1/27/2009 1/23/2009

First Ever Zero Cost Inmate Meal Sheriff Arpaio Now on Twitter No More Jail Time for DMX Assault on Detention Officer DOJ Politics Inmate Meal Condiments Jail Lockdown Ends Sheriff Locksdown Inmates on Hunger Strike Response to Judges’ Claims Reserve Deputy Foils Bank Robbery Detention Officer Arrested in Diva Case/ Sheriff's Deputies Make Illegal Alien Arrest Armed Volunteers May 5 Drop House Swine Flu Concerns West Valley Crime Crackdown Sheriff Had No Intention Of Attending Hearings Setting the Record Straight Sheriff Moves 900 Inmates Sheriff's Office Busts Drop House in Mesa Illegal Alien Earns $85k Per Year Letter to Sharpton Sheriff Writes Al Sharpton $1.6 Million Held Hostage 2 Traffic Stops, One Group of Illegal Aliens Arrested Conyers Calls NAACP Cops Support Arpaio 108 Arrests in 14 Days More Illegals Aliens Arrested in North valley 100 mph Chase of 14 year-old boy Employer Sanctions Investigation Cochrane Painting Arpaio/ Thomas Letter to Secret Service Sheriff Cintinues Enforcement Despite Investigation Notice Sheriff's Response to Mexican Consulate Press Release Sheriff Responds to Mexican Consulate General Animal Fighting Sheriff Continues to Enforce Immigration Laws Despite Call for Investigation Arpaio asks for Judge to Step Aside DMX Assaults Sheriff's Officer Conyers Letter Sheriff Writes Chairman Conyers Valentine Roundup Sheriff Serves Search Warrant on County Vendor DMX is Locked Down Sheriff's Deputies Arrest 67 Illegal Aliens in Thirteen Days Sheriff Moves Illegal Aliens to Tent City Teacher Sexually Assaults 14-Year-Old Student DMX to Serve 90 Days in Tent City Conrail is Derailed Sheriff Targets Scottsdale Business Sheriff Requests Review Inmates on Light Rail Letter to the Editor

1/16/2009 1/15/2009 1/14/2009 1/12/2009 1/8/2009 1/6/2009 1/4/2009

Inmates to watch Cardinals Game Homicide Rates Arpaio Meets With Guadalupe Mayor Detention Officer Arrested Sheriff's First Crime Suppression of 2009 Conan O'Brien Former Immigrant Swears in Sheriff

MCSO PUBLISHED PRESS RELEASES 2008 12/30/2008 12/17/2008 12/16/2008 12/16/2008 12/11/2008 12/11/2008 12/11/2008 12/10/2008 12/8/2008 12/5/2008 12/4/2008 11/25/2008 11/25/2008 11/24/2008 11/21/2008 11/20/2008 11/18/2008 11/17/2008 11/15/2008 11/7/2008 11/6/2008 11/5/2008 10/27/2008 10/26/2008 10/22/2008 10/22/2008 10/18/2008 10/16/2008 10/14/2008 9/26/2008 9/24/2008 9/23/2008 9/23/2008 9/18/2008 9/16/2008 9/11/2008 9/10/2008 9/9/2008 9/4/2008 8/27/2008 Posse Mall Patrol Holiday Music In The Jails News Release: More Arrests In Golfland Investigation Sheriff Shops With Children Inmate Charged for Meals Inmate Meals News Brief: Human Smuggling Arrests News Brief DMX Caught on the Lam DMX On the Lam Again Young Boys Kill Kitten Illegal Immigration Arrests Crime Bulletin Illegals Continue to Come DUI Enforcement News Release: First Hispanic Deputy Chief Promoted Deputies Arrest Former Mayor Candidate Maupin News Release: Illegal Immigration Arrests Crime Bulletin: Double Homicide News Brief: Arrest of Sexual Assault Suspect Illegal Immigration Donations News Release: Illegal Immigration Arrests News Release: Sheriff Wins 2008 News Brief: Laveen Homicide Solved Crime Bulletin: Laveen Homicide October 25, 2008 News Release: Sheriff's Jail System News Release: Illegal Immigration Abandoned Toddler News Release: Abandoned Illegal Immigrant Toddler News Release: Management Cleaning Control News Brief: Board of Supervisor's October 15th Meeting News Release: Arpaio and Andrew Thomas Collaboration On Lawsuits Reaps Results News Release: SHERIFF SLAMS DOOR ON ILLEGALS EMPLOYED AT CHANDLER DOOR COMPANY News Brief: Duke's Recovery News Brief September 23, 2008 News Brief: Homicide Arrests News Release: Candy Ban News Brief: Rapper DMX Extradited to Maricopa County Jail News Release: Gold Canyon Candle Company News Brief News Brief News Release: Artistic Land Management

8/26/2008 8/25/2008 8/25/2008 8/21/2008 8/19/2008 8/19/2008 8/15/2008 8/14/2008 8/13/2008 8/11/2008 8/7/2008 8/6/2008 8/6/2008 8/6/2008 8/3/2008 7/31/2008 7/29/2008 7/29/2008 7/23/2008 7/22/2008 7/16/2008 7/16/2008 7/15/2008 7/15/2008 7/9/2008 7/9/2008 7/8/2008 7/2/2008 7/1/2008 7/1/2008 6/28/2008 6/26/2008 6/24/2008 6/18/2008 6/13/2008 6/10/2008 6/9/2008 5/29/2008 5/27/2008 5/22/2008 5/21/2008 5/20/2008 5/19/2008 5/16/2008 5/15/2008 5/14/2008 5/9/2008 5/8/2008

News Brief: Pro-Illegal Immigration Activists Want Sheriff & Staff Evicted News Brief: Illegal Alien Sexually Victimizes Twelve-Year-Old Female News Release: Sheriff's Jail Immigration Holds News Brief: Illegal Immigration Warrant Arrests News Brief: Cave Creek Arrests News Brief: Crime Bulletin News Brief: Human Smuggling Operation Totals News Release News Release: Human Smuggling Operation News Brief: Animal Cruelty Investigation News Release: Violent Crime Down 10% In Unincorporated Maricopa News Release: Queen Creek Student Arrest News Brief: Queen Creek Student Arrest News Release: Arrests 08/07/08 News Release: Tent City Anniversary News Release: Sheriff's Office Targets Non-Permitted Food Cart Vendors Mayor's Allegation News Release: Mayor's False Allegation News Release: Sheriff's Human Smuggling Unit Arrests 20 More Felons News Release: Sheriff's Budget Letter to Pima County Administrator News Brief: Pima County - Garcia Letter News Brief: Mesa Crime Deterrence Operation News Release: Polgar Homicide News Brief: Protestors Expected in Tucson News Brief: Cave Creek Crime Suppression News Release: Cave Creek Crime Suppression News Release: Human Smuggling Arrests News Release: Another Court Victory News Brief: ALPHA Graduation News Brief: Mesa Crime Deterrence Operation Totals News Release: Mesa Crime Suppression News Release: Jury Verdicts News Release: Sheriff's Felony Human Smuggling Arrests Exceed 1,000 Missing Person Bulletin News Release: Golfland Release News Release: SUPREME COURT RULES IN ARPAIO’S FAVOR News Release: 18 More Illegal Aliens Captured Under State Law News Brief: Pusser Law Enforcement Award News Release: CITIZENS DONATE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR SHERIFF’S ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FIGHT News Release: Sheriff's HIDTA Taskforce Makes Large Methamphetamine Bust News Release: 63 More Illegal Aliens Captured In 24-Hours News Brief: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Human Smuggling Unit Arrests News Release: PEOPLE GIVING THEIR OWN MONEY FOR SHERIFF'S ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FIGHT News Release: Sheriff's Human Smuggling Unit Continues Operations News Brief News Release: DMX Indictment/Arrest News Brief: Mesa Drop House

5/2/2008 4/24/2008 4/24/2008 4/24/2008 4/17/2008 4/16/2008 4/16/2008 4/15/2008 4/14/2008 4/14/2008 4/13/2008 4/4/2008 4/3/2008 4/1/2008 3/31/2008 3/31/2008 3/29/2008 3/29/2008 3/28/2008 3/28/2008 3/27/2008 3/27/2008 3/21/2008 3/20/2008 3/17/2008 3/15/2008 3/12/2008 3/7/2008 3/7/2008 3/4/2008 2/27/2008 2/27/2008 2/27/2008 2/26/2008 2/6/2008 2/6/2008 2/6/2008 2/6/2008 2/6/2008 2/6/2008 2/6/2008 1/30/2008 1/30/2008 1/29/2008 1/24/2008 1/24/2008

News Release News Brief: Unusual Illegal Immigration Event News Brief: Fountain Hills Student Threat News Brief: 29 Arrested in Illegal Immigration Crackdown News Brief: Female Teen Victim of Sexual Assault Sheriff's Response to Mayor Gordon's Comments News Release: SHERIFF’S ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS CONTINUE News Release: Crystal Darkness News Brief: Sheriff's Prop. 100 Interviews Surpasses 62,000 News Release: SHERIFF’S ANIMAL CRUELTY INVESTIGATORS COME ACROSS A HEARTBREAKING CASE News Release: FORMER DRUG ADDICTS JOIN SHERIFF’S FEMALE CHAIN GANG New Release: SHERIFF’S OPERATION IN GUADALUPE RETURNS News Release: Guadalupe Crime Suppression Operation News Release: SHERIFF QUESTIONS WHY TEACHER ARRESTED FOR CHILD PORN IS RELEASED ON LOW BOND Letter to Frank Fairbanks, Phoenix City Manager News Release: Sheriff Outraged at Mayor's Comments News Brief: Crime Suppression Totals News Release" Earth Hour at Tent City News brief; Crime Bulletin News Brief: Bell Road Crime Suppression Patrols News Brief: Immigration Hotline Yields More Arrests News Release: Crime Suppression Operation Migrates North To Bell Road Sheriff's Budget In The Black News Release: North & Central Valley Business Cry For Sheriff's Help News Brief: St. Paddy's Day News Brief: Sheriff's Office Arrests Illegal Alien in Work Place News Release: Sheriff Investigates Employer Sanctions Violations News Brief: Sex Offender Community Notification Bulletin News Brief: Sex Offender Community Notification Bulletin News Brief: Animal Cruelty Arrests News Brief: Unidentified Traffic Fatality Victim News Brief: Missing Person News Release: Illegal Alien "Serious" Crime Escalating News Release: Appeals Court Rules Sheriff Runs The Jails Poisoned Puppy Community Notice-Sex Offender Community Notice-Sex Offender Community Notice-Sex Offender Community Notice-Sex Offender Community Notice-Sex Offender SHERIFF’S IMMIGRATION INTERDICTION UNIT ARRESTS 28 ILLEGAL ALIENS News Brief: Animal Abuse Kane News Release: DUI Chain Gang - Super Bowl News Release: Canadian Threat Conviction News Brief: Crime Bulletin News Release: Illegal Immigration Crackdown Nets 24 More Arrests Near Wickenburg

1/22/2008 1/19/2008 1/18/2008 1/17/2008 1/17/2008 1/16/2008 1/10/2008 1/10/2008 1/5/2008 1/5/2008 1/4/2008 1/3/2008 1/3/2008

News Release: Sheriff's Posse Resumes Central Phoenix Operation News Brief: Missing Person News Release: SHERIFF MOBILIZES POSSE IN CENTRAL PHOENIX News Brief: Cocaine Bust News Brief: Sheriff's Academy Graduation News Brief: Crime Bulletin News Brief: Media Advisory News Release: Broken Borders - Broken Justice News Release: Sheriff Continues Patrols Near Pruitt's Furniture Store News Release: Sheriff's Undercover Alcohol Operation Nets 21 Arrests News Release: Sheriff Investigates Businesses' Underage Alcohol Sale News Release: Illegal Immigration Hotline Receives Information on Employers Hiring Illegal Aliens News Brief: Crime Bulletin

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News Release: Sheriff's Illegal Immigration Fight Sheriff Office Responds to Critic's Misleading Comments News Brief: Sheriff’s Illegal Immigration Interdiction Unit Arrests 11 More Illegals News Release: Dog Abuse 110807 News Release: Illegal Immigration Crack Down News Brief: Media Advisory 119 TOTAL ARRESTS IN LESS THAN A News Release: Sheriff's Jail House Photo News Brief: Voodoo Vixen to Put Spell on Sheriff News Release: More Sheriff's Arrests Near Pruitt's Store News Release: Sheriff Wins Five Recent Jury Verdicts in a Row 24 Illegal Aliens Surrender to Sheriff's Jail News Brief 10/29/2007 National Geographic LOCKDOWN Program Features Sheriff's Office News Release: Arrested Illegals Provide Information to Sheriff's Deputies News Brief: Hate Crime 10/25/07 News Release: Sheriff's Office Responds to State Attorney General News Brief: Sheriff's Office Arrests Sexual Abuse Suspect News Release: Date: Sheriff Arpaio Responds to County Attorney Thomas’ Statement of Outrage News Brief: Sheriff Orders Deputies to Fountain Hills in Illegal Immigration Crack Down News Release: Sheriff Investigates Torture of Illegal Aliens News Release: Illegal Aliens Abused In West Phoenix Drop House News Brief: Sheriff's Deputies Identify Related Stash House On Same Street News Release: Sheriff's Office Investigates Kidnapping, Arrests Illegal Aliens Connected to Hostage Investigation News Release: Cronkrite-Eight Poll Shows Overwhelming Approval of Sheriff's Immigration Stance News Release: Sheriff Investigates Phoenix Day Laborer Complaints News Release: Operation Mercado 10/09/07 News Release: Queen Creek Day Laborers News Brief: Illegal immigration Hot Line Continues News Brief: Operation Northern Star 10/02/07 News Brief: Sheriff Completes Testimony in Canada News Brief: Crime Bulletin News Release: Operation Fugitive Lock Up News Brief: Sheriff's Office Responds to Cave Creek Illegal Immigration Hotline Tips Sheriff Wants Cops Willing to Fight Illegal Immigration News Release: Citizen's Tip Leads to Human Smuggling Operation News Brief: Sheriff Accepts AWOL Soldiers to Serve News Brief: Traffic Altercation Leads to Collision News Brief: If Passed, Sheriff's Office to Enforce Day Laborer Ordinance News Release: Seventeen Arrested in Illegal Immigration Crackdown News Release: MASH Open House & Adoption Event News Release: Animal Abuse Arrests 9/19/07 News Release: Sheriff's Mobile Illegal Immigration News Release: Sheriff"s Immigration Fight Expands

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News Brief: Sheriff's Office Arrests Twenty-One More Illegal Immigrants News Brief: Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police News Brief: Drop House Operation & Sheriff's Office News Release: Chandler K9 School Bus Driver Arrested in Molestation Sheriff Office Continues Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Sheriff Demands Cooperation from The Attorney General ILLEGAL ALIENS NOW BANNED FROM SHERIFF'S JAILS Arpaio’s Hotline Provides Intelligence Information ARPAIO OPENS HOTLINE FOR CITIZENS TO SHERIFF’S ANTI-HUMAN SMUGGLING UNIT INMATES FLOCK TO Sheriff’s Office Jails Valley Woman For Killing Puppies MOTION FOR NEW TRIAL IN $16.5 MILLION SUIT PATRIOTIC SONGS AND MARCHES WILL SERENADE INMATES Key to Oklahoma City ARPAIO WINS BACK GAMBLING CASE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT CONTINUES