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, 2012, 1(1), 167-170

ISSN N:2277-4459


Megha Govila

The purpose of this paper is to develop methods and systems for discovering models of objects an nd processes on the World Wide Web and for web-based systems that show adaptive performance. Web Minin ng integrates three parent areas: Data Mining (we use this term here also for the closely related areas of Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery), Internet technology and World Wide Web, and for the more recent Semantic Web.

Data Mining is a process that uses a variety of data analysis tools to discover patterns and relationships in data that may be used to make valid predictions, where as Web mining is an integrated technology in which several research fields are involved, such as data mining, computational linguistics, statistics, informatics and so on .Web mining techniques seek to extract knowledge from Web data. Web mining is a cross point of database, information retrieval and artificial intelligence. Currently, there is no agreement about Web mining yet. It needs more discussion among researchers in order to define what it is exactly. Meanwhile, the development of Web mining system will promote its research in turn[1]

diagram depicts generic 3-tier architecture for Data Mining. The first tier is the database tier where data and e metadata is prepared and stored. The second tie is called er Data Mining Application where the algorithm process ms the data and store the results in the database. The third tier is the Front-End layer, which facilitates the parameter p settings for Data Mining Application and visual lization of the results in interpretable form.


The technological objective in KDD process is to design architecture for Data Mining. In addition to the architecture, it is also intended to address the processrelated issues. It is assumed that the implementation of the Data Mining Technology would be a processing, memory and data intensive task as against one that requires continuous interaction with the database. It is also assumed that the Data Preparation (Data Extraction, Transformation, Cleansing and Loading) is outside the scope of the Data Mining architecture. To preserve the accuracy of the data mining results, the Data Preparation process must be addressed before the Data Mining process as explained in the earlier topic.The following 167

2.1. Database
It is not necessary that the Database tier is hosted on an RDBMS. It can be mixture of RDBMS and Files System or a file system only. E.g. the data fro source om systems may be staged on a files system and th loaded hen onto an RDBMS. The Database tier consists of various o layers. The data in these layers interface with multiple h systems based on the activities in which it pa articipates. Following diagram represents various layer in the rs Database tier.

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