Besides that. They also need first point the contact to address customer problems related to end user computing tools. this job will help me to get to know the IT industry and I choose it since I have interest in communicating with peoples and believe that I have good communicating skills and interpersonal which is most required in this job which i learned throughout course studies. I believe that this job position will a stepping stone for me as an entry level in working environment. Besides that. operating system. and services. interpersonal skills and judgement skills which means they must naturally enjoy talking to people and attending to their needs. An IT helpdesk analyst also need work on projects and recommends improvements on projects. knowing other languages will an advantage to be a helpdesk analyst. application and networks. they also must have strong communication skills. they also have to provide status updates to users as appropriate and assist with resolution and take steps to keep customers informed. A helpdesk analyst also must have good telephone etiquettes and possess good command of English language.HELPDESK ANALYST A person who provides technical support in any aspect on information system department such as computer hardware. They also should be able to work in shift since they might need to support foreign calls The basic responsibilities of an IT helpdesk analyst are to take calls or get requests by emails from customers and provide resolution over phone or by email to customer. 2 . The requirements to be helpdesk analyst are they must have degree in computer science or information technology.

approaches or conclusion to problems. Besides that I can get good earning and utilise my skills and knowledge. PL/SQL. Database administrator also requires having good time management where they should able to manage their own time and other as well. they should have depth knowledge of the latest trends in IT sector regarding new emerging technologies in the market. oracle databases. 3 . test and coordinates modifications to the systems and ensure the performance of the system. They also should be well versed in technologies such as windows. good coordination and can solve problems easily which means they able to identify strengths and weaknesses of solutions. They should identify user requirements. set up computer databases. The rapid growth in the volume of the sensitive data generated had made data integrity. and DB2 and so on. The responsibilities of a database administrator involve in database management systems software and ways to organise store data. add new users to the system and plans and coordinate security measures. They also should understands the platform on which database runs. I choose this job because of interest in networking and databases and suit my personality. integrity. TMS. This job will be a challenge to me as it requires a lot knowledge and patient. UNIX. security availability and performance. Besides that. backup systems and database security is important aspects of the job of database administrator. A good database administrator will have critical thinking. Informix. The requirements to be a database administrator are they must have Bsc degree in computer science or networking and equivalent.DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR A person who are responsible for logical and physical design of databases and normally for all aspects of their recoverability.

they also should able to lead the team to ensure smooth and efficient implementation of projects assigned. i believe this job will be a challenge for my ability and knowledge. This is one of my future planning jobs. Besides that. An It manager also must have strong leadership and team management and problem solving skills where they should have rapid reaction to problems as they arise so that they can finish project on time. information systems or equivalent.IT MANAGER A person who able to identify and implement new technologies to enhance the long term operational and strategic goals of an organization. 4 . planning and analytical skills which mean they should know to work and plan works and project with teams. They should create participative work environment. schedule and manage projects to meet deadline. An It manager also responsible to monitoring the performance to ensure that staffing for a project are on schedule and should able to manage multiple teams on a deployment effort. balancing the development needs of team members with the requirements of project. Besides that. By working in team i can learn to be more responsible and patient. Besides that. They also have excellent communication skills. An IT manager also must have organisational. The requirements to be a IT manager are they should have a degree in computer science. quality and budget requirements. The responsibilities of an IT manager are to plan. business writing and presentation skills. The reasons why I choose this job position are because i like to work in team and to be lead.

ASP. innovative and flexible Education: 2010 – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. 85000 Kulai Johor Jenny@hotmail. Java. INTI International University 2007 – Foundation in Information Technology. Interest: Net surfing. travelling. Taman Raffesia. Sekolah Tinggi Kulai Skills and Competences: Good communication skills and interpersonal skills Interested in group works.Net . managing people and team management Fluent in English. HTML.com 014-2275758 Objective: Seeking a job position to utilise my skills and ability in the Information Technology Industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful. reading Reference: Miss Saraswathy 5 . Malay and Tamil language Computer Skills: Microsoft office. C++. drawing. Jalan Raffesia 3.DEEPIKA SUBRAMANIAM No 212.INTI International University 2006 – STPM. adobe Dreamweaver. creative.

As requested.com.DEEPIKA SUBRAMANIAM No 212. Sincerely (Who is concern) 6 . interpersonal skill. With a BSc Hons degree in Computer Science. The opportunity presented in this listing is interesting and believe that my strong communication skill. 2. I also have experienced in learning and excelling at new technologies in IT industry as needed.com or my mobile phone 014 -2275758. Menara Citibank. Jalan Raffesia 3. The strength that I will possess for success in this position are that I will strive for continue excellence and will provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers 3. i have full understanding of the job position and will able to give the best. Thank you for your time and consideration. 165 Jln Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur 22/10/2010 Dear Mr Gilhooley. I am looking forward to speak with you sir about this job employment opportunity. I am enclosing my resumes and certification. Taman Raffesia. and education will make me a competitive candidate for this position. 85000 Kulai Johor Pantheon Malaysia Sdn Bhd(Pantheon Inc) Level 36. I am writing to apply for the IT helpdesk analyst position which advertised in Jobstreet. I can be reached anytime via email jenny@hotmail.

7 .

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