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Islamic studies

Term Report

Name: Talha Rizwan Students I.D: 2009-1-90-10016 Program: BBA (H) Section: A Course Name: Islamic Studies Course I.D: REL-101 Faculty: Syed Mehboob-ul-Hasan Dated: 8th, Dec, 09.

Last Sermon Of Holy Prophet

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Objective: To write a report on the lecture given at the topic of the

Last Sermon of the Holy Prophet.

The last sermon was presented by the Holy prophet (S.A.W) in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat at 9th Day of Dhul al Hajj 10th, Hijrah. In this sermon prophet directly address the Muslims. This sermon is prominent in the history as the last sermon of Holy Prophet.

Explanation Of First Part Of The Lecture

Declaration Of The Future Leadership:
In the last sermon, Muhammad (P.B.U.H) explicitly declares that after him the scholars will lead the Islamic society. Further he said that whatever he is explaining should be preached afterwards to the other Muslims. He also said that he is not aware whether he would ever be amongst the people or not.

Reminder Of Accountability:
Prophet reminds the Muslims that they are accountable before Allah at the judgment day. As, Allah have already said that nobody is free. So, all the Muslims should be prudent in their actions and deeds. And the Muslims should keep in mind that Allah is monitoring each and every action of them.

Last Sermon Of Holy Prophet

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Fulfillment Of Human Rights:

Prophet said that Muslims should belief that they are not natural, but they have been created and blessed by Allah. So, whatever they perform, they have to keep in mind that they are accountable. Prophet said that you have to take the life and property as the sacred trust and act accordingly.

Belief About The Life And The Property:

The life and property of Muslims and non-Muslims are both equally important. But, the difference is that the Muslims consider their lives and properties as the blessings of Allah. While non-Muslims take it as the part of the nature.

Violation Of Allahs Commandment:

It is the violation of Allahs commandment when you take some bodies life or property. Islam doesnt allow the violation of rights of Muslims or even non-Muslims. So, one should keep in mind that he is accountable before Allah at the judgment day. And nobody shall be forgone even the Muslims.

Return Of Entrusted Things:

Prophet also reminds the people of their responsibilities about the returning of the entrusted things to their rightful owners. It is obligatory to all the Muslims that the things or amount which entrust to them shall be return as it had been entrusted.

Last Sermon Of Holy Prophet

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Status Of Usury (Riba) In Islam:

Prophet reminds the Muslims that usury is considered to be un lawful in Islam. Therefore, no Muslim is allowed to do their businesses on the bases of Riba. And all the riba due to Abbas ibn al Muttalib shall henceforth be waived.

Assassinations In The Pre-Islamic Days:

The responsible of assassinations before Islam has been forgiven. Prophet himself put an example of it by forgiving the murderers of Rabiah ibn al Harith ibn Abd al Muttalib. Before the Islam and in the earlier days of Islam all the tribes were use to fight for their assassinated people to save the legacy of their tribe. And it is considered to be shameful to be quite on the murder of any tribe man. But prophet himself put a great example of forgiveness.

In the first part of the last sermon, Prophet mainly reminds the people that they are accountable for all their deeds and actions. Further he describes the solutions of different problems. In the first part prophet emphasizes more on the social issues which were prevailed at that time. In this sermon prophet also told the Muslims that what should be their belief in order to be different from nonMuslims. In this sermon prophet demonstrate great examples to eliminate the big social problems by forgiving the due riba and murders of his family. This sermon of holy prophet is an effective domain for the extraction of solutions in the daily life problems and the in big issues of Islamic society.

Last Sermon Of Holy Prophet

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