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The vice chairman of Asian Paints was clear about his strategies after the acquisitions. Asian Paints said the acquisition will be its largest outside India. the Middle East and Africa. Myanmar and Malaysia in the 1990s." Asian Paints said. A local workforce will make you understand operating environment and the consumer behaviour. Ashwin Dani. industrial and marine products. Dani had shut down three of the sub diaries and operating in markets that generate cash flows. Communication plays a key role during acquisition. the Middle East and the Caribbean. Barbados. Localization was the next step incorporated by the company to understand the local market. the largest paint manufacturer in India. but has not achieved a "significant presence in those countries. Of which emotional integration is the key. and will provide entry into high-growth markets in China and Southeast Asia. Jamaica. The company expanded its operations to China. They withdrew from markets that were stagnating. Asian Paints vice chairman and managing director. and Trinidad & Tobago.. and holds a major market position in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.000 metric tons of paint annually in domestic and export markets in Asia-Pacific. Next step is the integration of technology intellect and emotions..ASIAN PAINTS Introduction: BOMBAY . announced plans to acquire a controlling 50. Asian Paints said it sells more than 200. During the acquisition in order to eliminate negativity among the employees they spend time with employees and worked as a team. Overseas ventures require the acquisition of local talent for the success. Asian Paints said the acquisition will make it one of the top 10 manufacturers of decorative coatings worldwide. said the purchase is "in line with our vision of becoming a leading player in emerging markets. and will expand its operations to 23 countries.1% stake in Berger International Ltd. Next is implementing systems and process to make these operations effective. a Singapore-based coatings producer with operations in 11 countries in Asia.Asian Paints (India) Ltd. Malta. Berger International manufactures a variety of coatings." Berger International is reported to be the largest paint manufacturer in Bahrain. including protective. Review of the Case: Asian paints had 51% of shares of Berger International during the acquisition. TATA MOTORS .

To illustrate the effective management of the many challenges that acquirers face in successfully bidding for and acquiring targets. the objectives of this case are the following: 1. To evaluate the strategic interests of acquirers and targets and to examine how these interests affect the process and outcomes of an acquisition. Tata Motors had a tough time initially in acquiring Daewoo’s commercial vehicle segment. This strategic move of Kant changed Tata’s image. To illustrate a successful acquisition. international business and acquisitions. the case should be used after students have an understanding of strategy. 2. particularly European companies before the acquisition. Review of the Case: When compared to Asian Paints. overcoming a series of cultural and other barriers. In all of these contexts. Specifically. In a business policy. 4. In the discussion of issues relating to mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Tata Motors did not have a hard time in taking over Daewoo their credentials were good enough to win over the employees and trade unions in Daewoo. This case is appropriate for use in the following contexts: 1. Kant requested the head quarters of Tata groups to have Korean translated version of Tata Motors brochures. In order to get Daewoo’s attention. They did not have a great impression about Tata Motors .Introduction: The primary learning objective of this case is the evaluation of the factors that determine the success of an acquisition. undergraduate or executive level. along with the film with insights on Tata’s credentials legacy. Everyone from the governor to the mayor to the trade minister to the union leaders were happy with Tata motors and were eagerly waiting to meet Tata’s senior employee. 3. Daewoo had ten companies in their mind. When compared to the previous case. pamphlets. They did not have the credentials about Tata Motors. corporate strategy or international business course at the graduate. 2. To illustrate an uncommon situation of how an Indian firm acquired a firm in South Korea. In the discussion of issues related to market entry and international expansion. Tata Motors MD Mr. . 3. work culture and philosophy to attract Daewoo’s employees and the share holders.

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