Rules, Guidelines & Food Store Procedures

The Crisis Ministry is committed to helping to ease the hardships of poverty in our community by offering food and financial assistance. These are the Guidelines and Rules established by The Crisis Ministry’s Director of Food Services. If you are unable to abide by the Guidelines and Rules of The Crisis Ministry, you will be asked to leave.

Remember that what you hear or learn about clients while working is confidential. If you are caught relaying client information to someone other than STAFF (this does not mean volunteers) you will be asked to leave. Remember: what you see here, what you say here, what you hear here, let it stay here. The Crisis Ministry maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment in the workplace. Inappropriate behavior, conversations, or language (profanity, innuendo) will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary action and or termination. Respect yourself and others. A clean work environment is appreciated by all. Please note spills, debris or refuse on floors or other surfaces and clean accordingly. Make use of trash receptacles. NO UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ARE TO USE THE COMPUTERS. Permission to use computers is granted by the Executive Director or his designee. There is absolutely no use of drugs or alcohol in or about this building. If there is an odor of alcohol on a worker’s breath he/she will be asked to leave and not return. Food shopping for volunteers is to be done while the store is closed to the public. If that is not possible, then volunteers must shop at the close of a shopping day and in accordance with the Volunteer Shopping Policy posted in The Food Store. Taking food or beverages from this store without staff’s knowledge and permission is considered STEALING. Absolutely no food or beverages are to be removed from the shelves or consumed by a volunteer, unless he/she is given permission by staff. Anyone who disobeys this rule will be asked to leave and not return. The Crisis Ministry provides free parking while you are working, but you must return the parking pass so all volunteers may share in this privilege. There are times when the store may not be busy. If you prefer to stay engaged, please ask if there is something else you might do. Volunteers are not permitted to sit down in the client waiting areas, on check-out tables or at computer intake desks. Hospitality, dignity and preservation of choice is the foundation on which the Food Store is built. Always greet clients cordially. Speak to clients with respect and avoid entitlement phrases like “you get…” “your entitled to…” or “you can have…” instead use empowerment statements like “you are welcome to choose…” , “today we are offering…”or” you have a choice of…” and finally show the client that you appreciate their patronage by for example, thanking them for coming in or wishing them a good day.










I have read and understood these rules. Any questions have been answered and/or clarified. Signed __________________ Witnessed____________________ Date _________________

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