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Chitkara School Of Engineering And Technology Parminder Singh 21, Male, Indian F-7/210, Kashmir Avenue, Amritsar.

Phone: +918894538510

EDUCATION 10th I.C.S.E 12th C.B.S.E B.E CSOET Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Basant Avenue, Amritsar Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, GT Road, Amritsar Chitkara University, Baddi (H.P) 92% 2007 77% 2009 6.44 CGPA (Agg.)

TECHNICAL SKILLS Language Softwares OS Others : : : : C, C++, HTML, OpenCV, ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE LabView, Matlab, Eagle, Cadence, T-Spice, AVR-Studio Windows Vista, XP Microsoft Office, Open Office.

TRAINING AND PROJECTS -6 week Industrial Training at HP Noida(Advanced Robotics and Embedded Systems) (June-July 2011) Complete study of Atmega 128 Micro controller, Eagle Simulation Software, Stepper Motor, DC Motor, LED, PCBs circuit Designing. Project: -Password Controlled Bank Locker System.(under 6 week training) Password entered through keypad and processed by ATmega 16, if password is correct DC-Geared motor is used to open the door. -Line Follower Robot Line following robot, moving with respect to white line. Using 8051, IR emitters/Receivers. -Door Sensor IR Emitter and Receiver is used, if the connection is broken the alarm will be turned on. Made a Multi-touch Screen using waste glass by implementing image processing algorithms. Controlled the movement of car in NFS by making a circle on a white A4 size paper using image processing algorithms. Currently working on a project of NXP regarding development of a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithm for charging Li-ion batteries using Solar Energy. Currently working on an integrated project of designing a Quad-Copter based on LPC 1343 by NXP and working on How to implement image processing algorithms on the same.

ACHIEVEMENTS Won 3rd Prize ATHLETIC MEET (200 m) in 12th Grade. Won 1st Prize in Hand Ball Team at District Level. Won Silver Medal in Shot Putt , held on Sport Meet of Chitkara University. Scored 1st in Circuitrix event held in Technical Fest at Chitkara University, Rajpura(Pun.). Went to TURKEY on AIESEC Internship for 2 months and taught English to High School Students.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Organised Event at Technical Fest in Chitkara University (Baddi, H.P) Done Rapping at various Cultural Fest at different Universities. Participated in Play Competition held at Cultural Fest in Chitkara University, Rajpura. Won at Algorythm12 in a Street Play Competition held at Chitkara University, Baddi.

WORKSHOPS -Image processing conducted by Paranormal (IITians Groups) -Live Screening of the Microsoft Professional Development Conference 2010 -Organised a workshop in which I taught students about the new technologies , how to make multi-touch screens at home.

OTHER INFORMATION -Good Command over English, Hindi, Punjabi. Can converse in TURKISH as well. -Hobbies: Gymnastics, Social Work, Learning new things, reading, Studying COSMOLOGY Study THE LOST GOSPELS of BIBLE whenever I get free time.