Annals=ingles andatektha=elfico andeith (longmark)=elfico Autumn=ingles Beater (swordname)=ingles Beleg's bow=ingles

Birdland=ingles Binder (name of Mandos)=ingles Biting-Storm (dragon name)=ingles Black Foe=ingles Black Gulf=ingles Black-sword=ingles Blood-stain=ingles Blood-stained=ingles Blue Mountains=ingles Blue Towers=ingles Daybringer=ingles Deadly Nightshade=ingles Death (personified)=ingles Dread Demon=ingles Dread imprisoner=ingles Dread Imprisoner (Mandos)=ingles Dwarf-city=ingles *Dwarf-treasure=ingles Earth=ingles Earth-smith=ingles Earthbuilder (Aule)=ingles East=ingles East-march=ingles East-vale=ingles Elder Tree=ingles Elf (see also Elves)=ingles *Elf-Folk=ingles Elf-maid=ingles Elf-river=ingles Elvenhome=ingles [Elves who left Middle-earth]=ingles Elves who never left Middle-earth or began the march=ingles Emptyhand=ingles Everlasting Snow (= Oiolossë, Taniquetil)=ingles Fair Ones=ingles Far-seer=ingles Fenced Realm=ingles Foamflower=ingles Foe-hammer=ingles Forest of Brethil=ingles Longbeard=ingles Manwë's hall=ingles Master of Fate=ingles Melian, title of=ingles Middle-earth=ingles Midyear week=ingles mîr na Nauglin=elfico Moon=ingles Mountains of Lindon=ingles Music of the Ainur=ingles Night=ingles Northerland=ingles Northmen=ingles One-handed=ingles

Orient=ingles folde (Old English word)=ingles antiguo Fruit-giver=ingles gilith=elfico Gnome=ingles Gnomes=ingles God=ingles Great City=ingles Great Sea=ingles Green-elves=ingles Greenleaf=ingles Guarded Plain=ingles havathang=elfico Heart of hidden rock (Gondolin)=ingles High White Horn=ingles House of Finrod=ingles hyrned (old English: "horned")=ingles antiguo Imprisoner=ingles Iron-prison=ingles *Jewels of the Noldor (= Silmarils)=ingles Chasm of Ilmen=ingles King of Eagles=ingles King of Hithlum=ingles King of the Exciles=ingles King of Twilight=ingles Land of Pines=ingles Land of the Dead that Live=ingles Land of the Gnomes=ingles Loathly Land=ingles Long Walls=ingles Orion. day of=ingles Star-kingdom=ingles Starbeard=ingles Starfolk (Elves)=ingles Stone of the World=ingles Sun=ingles Sun-maiden=ingles . a name of=ingles Orc-name/Orc-warrior=ingles Peaks of Iron=ingles Pools of Twilight=ingles Power (= Vala)=ingles Redhorn=ingles River under Veil=ingles Ruddiface=ingles Ruddihorn=ingles Rushdown=ingles Sea-wing=ingles Seven Stars=ingles Shadow of Abomination=ingles Shadow of Fear=ingles Sharp-ears=ingles Sheen (= Moon)=ingles Sickle of the Gods=ingles Sickle of the Gods (constellation)=ingles silimarille=elfico Silver-mace=ingles Silver-rain=ingles Song of Creation=ingles South=ingles Spouses.

the Elvish names have a wholly different meaning)=in gles Great Bear (constellation)=ingles Firstborn ESE/ESET (but the form Estanesse [read Yestanesse? see FIRST] given he re is probably obsoleted by Minnónar in The War of the Jewels p. 403. sg. names of days 1-5=ingles Valian Year=ingles 100 Valian Years=ingles Wall's-end=ingles Walls of the World=ingles Wand of Death (swordname)=ingles Wand of Death (sword-name)=ingles Warrior of the Sky (a name of Orion)=ingles West-Beleriand=ingles West-dales=ingles West-march=ingles Wet Head=ingles Wet Head. wilwa=elfico winë (Old English word = friend)=ingles antiguo [-wine] (Old English ending in names = "friend")=ingles antiguo Wings of the Sea (name of Tuor's ship)=ingles Great Bear (constellation .) [Firstborn]=ingles . *Minnóna.Thither Lands=ingles Torment-slayer (Orc-warrior)=ingles tûn (Old English word)=ingles antiguo Vale of Black Horror=ingles Valian week. Wet-head=ingles wilma.

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