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Curriculum Vitae

Gemma Revill
An enthusiastic hard working journalism student looking to further her experience in the field

70 Headingley Avenue Headingley Leeds LS6 3EP Mobile: 07525255361 D.O.B: 07/03/1990 Email:

I am an enthusiastic and motivated third year journalism CAREER undergraduate with a passion for fashion journalism. I feel my OBJECTIVE experience within retail work before and during my studies has given me a lot of life skills relevant to a professional journalism career; including excellent time keeping and attendance, task prioritising and good people skills, which are essential when interviewing the general public. I am also incredibly passionate about writing and am prepared to put the hard work and effort that a job within the media requires. TRAINING AND - Training on professional radio suite. SKILLS - Experience working with final cut pro, editing videos. - Experience using professional video and sound recording equipment. - Module on media law, to avoid contempt of court or defamation in any work. - Module on Public Relations -Website making experience, online technology and online journalism modules. -Experience in TV broadcasting suite, using sound boards and vision mixers. - Lots of writing experience, a portfolio with samples of different work. - Module on Print Journalism giving me the skills to write good print articles. - BBC training on legalities in radio production. - BBC newsroom and radio suit training. WORK - Module on Magazine design taught me how to use the EXPERIENCE programme InDesign and put together a full magazine. - Multi skilled at using mac computers and their programmes as well as pcs. Work Experience at BBC Radio Nottingham experience at BBC Radio News Room Department. The placement system, researching From : 20-25 March 2011. I completed one week work Nottingham in the News included using the ENPS Editing

and ringing possible contacts to fact check and include in the show. Pre recording questions with guests and clipping them to feature in the early news show. Editing the sound files on the programme Radio Man. Also included going out gathering vox pops and conducting interviews. Editing them together in packages for the radio show. It also included writing teasers, tasters and cues for radio, what the presenter is going to say. Putting clips into the ENPS so they play after the cue. Also used the radio suit and recorded a news broadcast playing the audio clips and reading the news items. Mix Magazine From: May 2011 to Present


Since May of last year I have regularly written for the online portion of Mix Magazine, which is an online clubbing review and guide. I have written both reviews, and articles on clubs in and around Leeds and my home town of Nottingham. I have also written articles for online websites based around fashion and beauty, and as part of my second year online module I created a group blog and individual blog both of which were centred around fashion. These can be seen by visiting and Leeds Metropolitan University Currently in my first year of study, BA Hons Journalism

Modules Studied: News Sources, Research and Writing, The Media Environment, Print Journalism, Radio Journalism, Online Technology and Techniques, Digital Media, Media Law, Government and the Political Context in the UK (Economics), Television Journalism, Public Relations, Media Audiences, Online OTHER WORK Journalism and Design, Newsroom Practice and Shorthand. EXPERIENCE Redhill 6th Form Qualifications gained: AS Levels: Redhill Road History-D, Media-B, General Studies-B, Arnold Drama- C Nottingham A-Levels- English Lit- C, Media StudiesB, NG5 8GX Drama-C, General Studies- B Redhill Comprehensive Jaeger House of Fraser Leeds Advisor LS1 6BR GCSEs : 2 As , 7 Bs and 1 C . From May 2010 - Present Job title: Part Time Sales

A lot of responsibility involved, left alone a lot, running the shop INTERESTS floor on my own. Never absent from work since I started. Topshop September 2009 Nottingham From October 2008



Concession Manager for Manager the brand Rare

Job title: Full-Time Concession

Managing the concession e.g. ordering stock, reporting to head office, meeting targets, merchandising the stock, completing trade reports, training staff members. A lot of responsibility. I enjoy socialising with friends, writing articles to put in my portfolio, reading and watching films.

Annisa Suliman University lecturer Manager Telephone: 0113 812 3545 7250 Email:

Michelle Phillips Jaeger Concession Telephone: 0870 160 Email: