Peace Corps Principal Class B Cashier/AA duties and responsibilities 1.

As Class B Cashier, maintains the Imprest Fund in accordance with Peace Corps Manual, Foreign Affairs Manual, and RAMC Operations Manual procedures. (The Imprest Fund is a cash fund for small purchases, travel advances, and miscellaneous cash payments not to exceed $3000.00 per transaction). 2. Responsible for the receipt, disbursement, accountability, voucher examination, safekeeping, replenishment and processing of all cash transactions, currently within accountability level of $50,000.00 with Increase for Pre-Service Trainings up to $58,000. 3. Provides principle cashiering services for Pre-Service Training programs for an Average of 6 months per year. 4. Dealing with PCT’s family to accurate/make sure the bank accounts details for preparation of list for home-stay allowances distribution 5. Making payment of weekly walk around on PST period for PCT. 6. Dealing with bank manager’s for home-stay transfer 7. Writing letters to bank for home-stay transfer and making deposits in their accounts according to the list of distribution 8. Prepares, maintains and transmits in a timely manner to RAMC Paris and Peace Corps Washington all required cashiering documentation and reports. 9. Maintains cashier hours as required by the Country Director for an average of ten hours per week. And in case of emergency opened the cage with AO authorization for payment. 10. Prepares and requests for replenishments in USD and local currency based on the total of sub-vouchers submitted, completes Forms RAMC-365 showing the amount to be requested in replacement of the funds disbursed. 11. Conducts daily cash counts to determine discrepancies if any as well as monthly cash counts with APCD/Admin and sub-cashiers as needed and prepares cashiers monthly reconciliation statements for review by PC/Wash IFO and RAMC Paris. 12. Monitors cash flow to alert APCD/Admin and Country Director to either temporary or permanently need to request change in cash accountability to insure adequate supply for needs of post. 13. Processes all imprest fund receipts for purchases and/or services made in Mozambique for other Peace Corps country operations and transmits Advice of Charges with appropriate fiscal data. 14. Assist the APCD/Admin in hotel arrangements in accordance with PC Official Travel Authorizations. And if needed helps on making logistic for PCV and supervisors during the conference 15. Performs other fiscal, accounting or related tasks as may be required by the APCD/Admin. or Country Director. 16. Maintains accurate and up to date official for fiscal and cashier operations following Peace Corps’ Filing System Manual. 17. Prepare and reconcile travel voucher for staff and PCVs

18. Calculate and prepare documents for VAT reimbursement by the Ministry of Finance. Follows up on reimbursements. 19. Responsible for opening bank accounts for new staff, filling bank forms, writing letters and submitting them to local bank for new staff and PCV’s accounts. 20. Develops and maintains contacts with authorized local banks and financial institutions to ensure proper and adequate services are being provided to Peace Corps and advises on possible improvements and alternatives as needed; 21. Help on preparing training material on basic accounts and budget for PEPFAR VAST fund for PCV that needs help to demonstrate the communities how the money should be handled. 22. Train and assist the new staff on how to handle the cash advances amount for travel and how to prepare the proper forms justification (travel reimbursement voucher) 23. Prepare and charge the vehicle collection log for personal usages 24. Assist Program Assistance on cleaning the occasional money holder for small purchasing and utilities at Nampula office. And make sure that the money is sufficient for the operation and advice AO for increase if necessary. 25. Acts as a back up to the Volunteer Clerk on inputting data into the new Volunteer InCountry Allowance Odyssey Web Application. 26. As a Cashier Plus User, assists with obligations management in the Peace Corps Financial System FOR Post. 27. Assists with managing of the new Bar Code Reader software for inputting Property Inventory Information and control.

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