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Curriculum vitae for Joachim Samyn


er!onal "etail!
First Name: Last Name: #en$er% A$$re!!% "ate + lace of &irth Marital Statu!% /ationality% "river! Licen!e% Tele2hone num&er% Email a$$re!!% Mo&ile 2hone% Joachim Samyn Male Vel$&o!!traat '( ))** Roe!elare 1, may 1-)'( Roe!elare Sin.le 0el.ian 0 1Euro2ean / 0el.ian3 *41 22 '5 5' !amyn67oachim8.mail6com *,)5 5* )5 -9 htt2%//&e6lin:e$in6com/in/7oachim!amyn

2*1*;2*19 2**4;2**) 1---;2**4 1--9;1--In$u!trial ro$uct "e!i.n Portfolio% htt2%//7oachim6!co2!6&e A22lie$ Informatic! ; Soft=are mana.ement 0achelor's degree obtained Latin 1;Mathematic!3 rimary !chool <o=e!t Univer!ity 1Kortrijk3 >atho Univer!ity( $e2t6 V<TI 1Kortrijk3 In!titute >lein Seminarie 1Roeselare3 Civic School 1Oostnieuwkerke3!
"utch% @rench%!h% #erman% native fluently un$er!tan$in.( rea$in.( !2ea:in. an$ =ritin. very fluently un$er!tan$in.( rea$in.( !2ea:in. an$ =ritin. 1A 2ractical e?2erience3 &a!ic rofe!!ional e?2erience in teachin. an$ =ritin. $ocumentation rofe!!ional e?2erience in teachin. an$ =ritin. $ocumentation

Com2uter S:ill!
#oo$ >no=le$.e of SEA( SEB( SEM( Social Me$ia Mar:etin. Joomla( AS 6/ET( <TML( CSS( JavaScri2t( V06/ET MS Bffice Suite( B2en Bffice Suite( MS Cor:! Ja!c aint Sho2 ro )( A$o&e hoto!ho2( A$o&e Illu!trator( Macrome$ia Suite Siemen! /D )6*( 9"S Ma?( S:etch&oo: "e!i.n net=or:!( 2c technolo.y 0a!ic >no=le$.e % Autoca$

Curriculum vitae for Joachim Samyn


Cor: an$ ractical E?2erience

July6 2*19 ; re!ent /ov6 2*12 ; @e&6 2*19 Se2t6 2*12 ; June 2*19

@reelance Con!ultant at MaEouttan:! 0ollaert Teacher at CVB Avel.em Trainin. erio$ at Cartamun$i Turnhout

Ce& "e!i.n + "evelo2ment( SEB + SEM Critin. / $ra=in. of manual! + in!truction! A$ult e$ucation% hoto!ho2 &e.inner! an$ a$vance$ A &a!ic IT cour!e!% Internet( E?cel( Cor$ 666 2ro$uct $evelo2ment =ith iCar$!% lin:in. 2hy!ic car$! =ith the $i.ital =orl$ / $evelo2in. an$ te!tin. of .ame conce2t! / u!a&ility $e!i.n The!i!% FA &oar$ .ame that &ri$.e! the 2hy!ical =orl$ =ith a Smart "eviceG

Referee% Marco van <aaften

Bct6 2*11 ; re!ent

B=ner at SCB S

Au.u!t 2**) ; Au.u!t 2*1*

0u!ine!! Con!ultant at Centric IT Solution!

===6!co2!6&e #ra2hic "e!i.n hoto.ra2hy Ce& "evelo2ment + Mar:etin. Con!ultancy con!ultancy an$ 2ro7ect mana.ement concernin. ER Soft=are for &uil$in. in$u!try focu! on teachin.( !u22ort( 2ro7ect lea$in.( 2ro7ect 1time an$ &u$.et3 follo= u2

A2ril 2**) ; June 2**) Se26 2**' ; "ec6 2**'

Trainin. erio$ at H@ol:fe!tival "ranouterI ro7ect ELI"I at >AT<B Univer!ity

a$a2tation an$ e?2an!ion of the e?i!tin. AS 6/ET =e&!ite 1a$$in. interactive ma2( mu!ic !treamin.( e;tic:et( SMS Conte!t J3 reali!ation 12ro7ect lea$er3 of a !elf;$evelo2e$ i$ea for the u!e of the electronic i$entity car$ 1eI"3 in 0el.ium 1laureate of a com2etition &y the @lemi!h .overnment3

<o&&ie! an$ !2are time

Actively &u!y =ith mu!ic 12layin.( com2o!in.( J3 Intere!t in hi!tory( art( &oar$ .ame!( themin. an$ theme 2ar:!( noveltie! an$ technolo.y( mu!ea( forei.n culture! Voluntary =or: 12ac:in. .oo$! at relief action!( !u22ortin. con!truction =or:!( J3 1--4;2**4 "i2loma Mu!ical E$ucation% iano Ste$eli7:e Aca$emie voor MuEie: en Coor$ A$riaan Cillaert 1Roeselare3

Bther com2etencie! an$ 2ractical e?2erience!

#oo$ mathematical :no=le$.e 1@inali!t Junior Mathematic! Blym2ia$ 2**93 En7oye$ 2rivate e$ucation for !2ea:in. to a lar.e .rou2