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Business/Health Administration & Economics Graduate Program Course Syllabus: BA502 Business Fundamentals II

Course Description The goal of this course is to build upon and add to the foundation principles of business operations taught in Business Fundamentals I (BA500). This course introduces some of the analytical tools to help students understand the evaluation of financial data and economic conditions relative to the competitive environment. Course Objectives At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate competence in the following: Apply a variety of quantitative tools that can be applied within a practical applications context. Apply financial data analysis and valuation strategy within the framework of organization strategy. Interpret economic conditions that affect organizational behavior and strategy. Evaluate the holistic impact of strategic decisions within a simulated organizational environment.

Required Readings Business Week Magazine: A two-year subscription to Business Week Magazine is a requirement for all Arcadia MBA students.

Foundations Computer Simulation: Everyone should be registered for computer simulation and have completed the practice rounds. Online lecture notes, presentations and links as assigned. Communication Expectations E-mail response will be within 24 hours of receipt of inquiries. Grading feedback will be submitted within 7 days of due date.

Email and Blackboard We will be using e-mail and Blackboard throughout this course. Make certain your Arcadia University account is active and accessible. Check it routinely for announcements, course information, and assignment materials.

Competency Assessment You will have several opportunities to demonstrate your competencies in this course. Assignments will require you to show evidence of an understanding of concepts, an ability to think strategically in a simulated business environment, and communicating ideas and opinions effectively in both written and oral forms.
Assignment Management Briefings Final Stockholder Report Final Exam Lecture Assignments Total Due Date See Assignments Calendar Week 7 Week 7 Weeks 1 - 6 Points 115 172 288 575 1150

Grade Components Management Briefings 10% Final Stockholder Report 15% Final Exam 25% Weekly Assignments 50%

Management Briefings / Final Stockholder Briefing At the end of each round you will submit a one to two page Management Brief, which summarizes the previous rounds results and lists your decisions and expectations for the upcoming round. Each rounds management brief is due the Tuesday after the results for that round are posted. After you have completed the six simulation rounds, you will put together a final stockholder briefing. The final stockholder report should be eight to ten pages and will summarize your results for the six years. Final Exam In week seven, you will take a final exam covering the concepts we discussed in Quantitative Methods, Finance and Economics. The final exam will have both written and excel exercises. Weekly Assignments Assignments are designed to ensure you have a thorough understanding of basic concepts and to give you an opportunity to practice their applications. Assignments are worth 50% of your final grade.

Approximate Course Schedule Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7: Lecture Topics: Quantitative Methods Lecture Topics: Quantitative Methods Lecture Topics: Finance Lecture Topics: Finance Lecture Topics: Macroeconomics Lecture Topics: Microeconomics Final Exam

Policies and Procedures

Class meetings are regarded as business appointments and should not be missed. Prompt, regular attendance is required and will be considered in evaluating your performance in this class. One absence will drop your grade of a grade. Two absences will drop your grade one full grade (B to C). At the discretion of the Professor, excessive tardiness and/or leaving the room during class will be considered the equivalent of one or two absences. Editorial Format for Written Papers All written assignments are to follow the APA writing style guidelines for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Visit the following websites to and for guidelines. Late Assignments All Exams/Assignments will be due at their designated times except with prior approval from the instructor. If a student fails to get prior approval to be late for any requirement, there will be a penalty of at least half a grade (5 points). The maximum penalty will be a failure. The professor may, at her discretion, change the format of any assignment that is taken late. Academic Integrity Plagiarism is a serious offense. All of your words or ideas, or cite all relevant sources. Words or ideas that require citations include all hardcopy or electronic publications and all verbal or visual communication. Plagiarism is a serious issue that could lead to failure in this course and expulsion from Arcadia University. Student Handbook Please refer to your student handbook for all university. Once you are logged onto MyArcadia, click on the following cite: Technical Support For technical support contact Arcadia Helpdesk. Email: Phone: 215-572-2898