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Natural Kelp and

Sulfate of Potash
AGGRAND Natural Kelp and
Sulfate of Potash enhances
plant productivity by pro-
viding potassium, sulfur,
hormones and amino acids.
AGGRAND Natural Kelp
and Sulfate of Potash:
• Contains Icelandic kelp
concentrate, a source of
macro and micronutri-
ents, hormones and
amino acids.
• Contains natural sulfate of
potash, a balanced source of potassium
and sulfur, which is minimally processed
(no chlorine).
• Provides increased heat, cold and
drought tolerance.
• Decreases susceptibility to insect attack
and infection by disease-causing organisms.
• Aids in early plant growth and development.
• Promotes early ripening, improves quality
and extends shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.
• Aids in seed formation.
• Increases protein levels of grain and forage.
• Increases oil content of seed crops.
• Increases nitrogen-use efficiency.
• Ideal for banded soil applications –
promotes early growth and development
of vegetables and row crops.
• Specially formulated for foliar feeding of
tree crops, vegetables and row crops.
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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers
AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are a safe
and effective alternative to high analysis
chemical fertilizers. AGGRAND uses only
the highest-quality ingredients in its
products. Greenhouse and field experiments
are conducted to validate the use of these
ingredients. Then different fertilizer
formulations and rates are compared to
compute the optimum fertility for each plant
type. Finally, research is conducted to
compare AGGRAND fertilizer to competing
products. This allows AGGRAND to be
confident that it is manufacturing the best,
most effective liquid fertilizers in the
Homeowners, lawn care specialists and
commercial growers alike are recognizing the
importance of environmental responsibility
as they tend to their gardens, lawns and crops.
They understand that their homes, businesses
and farms will be judged according to the
appearance of their gardens, landscapes and
fields. They also want products that are safe
to use and perform well. As a result, more
and more homeowners, lawn care services,
turf managers and commercial growers are
turning to AGGRAND Natural Products.

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Natural Fertilizer
Natural Liquid Lime
Natural Organic Liquid Bonemeal
Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash - 1.877.290.0135
Natural Fertilizer
AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is
an all-purpose fertilizer for
flowers, houseplants, veg-
etables, fruits, lawns,
shrubs, trees and crops.
Natural Fertilizer:
• Stimulates soil
biological activity.
• Contains fish
solubles, a rich source of
nitrogen, phosphorus
and potassium.
• Contains Icelandic kelp
concentrate, a source
of micronutrients and stress-relieving
plant hormones.
• Contains bloodmeal and sulfate of potash
to boost nitrogen and potassium levels.
• Contains additional proprietary ingredi-
ents to chelate and release nutrients
making them readily available for plant
• Can be applied to soil and leaves to
promote maximum plant response.

AGGRAND Natural Products are

chemical products. AGGRAND products
With AGGRAND Natural P
is safe for your c
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Natural Organic
Liquid Bonemeal
AGGRAND Natural Organic
Liquid Bonemeal is an effec-
tive and convenient way to
supply your garden, flowers,
shrubs, trees and crops with
readily available phospho-
Organic Liquid Bonemeal:
• Ideal for soil and foliar
• Ideal for roses, all flower-
ing bulbs, vegetables,
trees and row crops.
• Provides readily available phosphorus and
calcium, which promote:
– prolific root growth
– vigorous blooming plants and large
vegetables and fruits
• An ideal top-dressing for your gardens and
flower beds.
• A necessity for watering-in transplants,
shrubs and trees.
• Ideal for banded applications – promotes
early growth and development of vegetables
and row crops.

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Liquid Lime
Liquid Lime is a readily
available source of cal-
cium and magnesium.
Liquid Lime:
• Is specially formulated
for foliar and root appli-
• Uses fine lime in
suspension which pen-
etrates easily around
roots and into leaves of
permanent plantings.
• Aids in uptake of other nutrients.
• Increases nitrogen use efficiency.
• Promotes green-up of lawns, pastures
and hay fields.
• Use along with AGGRAND Natural Fer-
tilizer 4-3-3 to supply additional calcium
on acidic soils.

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